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raj_5004 12th March 2010 10:20

Art leather/Genuine leather Seats in Mumbai
Hello Mods, I know there is a thread running on art leather covers here but if you notice, that thread is 95% about dealers based in bangalore. infact many queries about mumbai dealers (including mine) have been left unanswered. So i though to open this thread in an attempt to help my mumbai based fellows to know about dealers in mumbai.

When i had to search for art leather covers for my scorpio, in a extensive research in google & T-BHP, i found there are not many reputed dealers in mumbai like bangalore. infact mumbai market is not open to art leather seat covers like bangalore. maybe you can blame mumbai's hot & humid climate for that.

whatever the reason maybe, those who are searching for leather seats in mumbai, i will post some info what i have collected during my search.

Leather seats are of 2 types- Genuine leather & artificial leather (also known as art leather). Art leather is available in 2 materials- PU & PVC. Avoid PVC. Though it is cheaper, it gets hot very soon & has other harmful disadvantages.

Here are your options-

* For Genuine leather:

1) Stanley boutique- this is the best choice if you want genuine leather. Price can be in the range of 40-50k for a sedan.

Address & other details- :: Welcome to Stanley Boutique ::

* For Art leather:

1) G Sport- G sport has 2 dealers in mumbai. One is "Chowksi motors" in Milan subway & other is "G Sport" in andheri.

I got my seat covers done from andheri. they have alloys & bull bars from g sport too. Their website is still under construction. They have all the materials & seat cover designs on display.

Some more additional info about G sport-

They have 3 choices in Art Leather (all PU leather)
  1. Signet (least expensive and thinnest) - thickness is 0.7mm
  2. Luster (thicker with a cotton padding) - thickness is 1.5mm
  3. Europa (most expensive)
More leather covers with designs is available at a fraction more cost. they had all the designs on a brochure & also pics of the designs fitted on various cars, for you to judge how that design will look in your car.

Cost is Rs. 5500 for signet for a hatchback. It costed me Rs. 11k for lustre for a 7 seater scorpio for all the seat covers, arm rests & door trims.

The Steering Wheel/gear knob/handbrake is hand-stitched, genuine leather.

The ready made covers are ordered from bangalore & will arrive in 5 days to mumbai. they will be put over the existing fabric seats & then they fix the seat covers by using steel hooks to give a tight fitting. they use copper rods for contours instead of iron rods used by local dealers. this gives the seats flexibility.

Warranty is 2 years.

Contact Mr. chetan at 9320091919 for anderi's g sport.

2) Ryder leather- their boutique is in bandra. they have some impressive designs & you can even choose from various fittings & different stitching patterns. more info here- Ryder Leather Upholstery

their basic range starts at 17k.

3) Orchis design- They are basically into car interiors along with leather seats. more info available here- Dress Up Your Automotive Interior with Orchis Designers

their PU leather range starts at 14k & "cheap" leather is available for 6-8k.

4) Autoformindia- They are quite cheap & from what i have heard are good too. their range starts at 6.5k but i am unaware of where their shop is in mumbai. but numbers and address is given over here- Autoformindia

5) Local dealers- The same (almost) material i am getting from g sport for 11k for my scorpio, i was getting for 8k from local dealers in mulund. but i was unsure about the quality of their stitching & workmanship.

Another option now available - Few days back, i came to know that even bhpian ramie deals with leather brands like Stanley-Ovion-Haiton-Trust Leather, so mumbaikars have more options now!


If anybody has more info about shops in mumbai, please add your valuable inputs over here.

GTO 12th March 2010 16:27

Outstanding compilation & info there, Raj. Rating thread 5 stars!

I think GSport is a rather good VFM option. Have seen it in several of my friends cars; liked the quality and seems durable too.

Has Stanley's pricing increased of late? I thought they were in the 30K ballpark. I wouldn't spend 50K on the leather seats of a <10 lakh rupee car, while cars costing over that figure are equipped with leather seats as standard (most of them). I'm afraid Stanley may be pricing itself out of the market.

raj_5004 12th March 2010 18:42

thanks GTO. the pricing i mentioned about stanley was because a friend of mine has got his dzire done by stanley with full leather which includes the door trims, gear lever cover, steering wheel & handbrake. that costed him around 42k.

other leather options may turn out to be cheaper. also, i have read that a guy got his fabia done entirely in nappa leather (the most expensive) for 80k!!! unbelievable!

however, i cannot give an exact idea of stanley's pricing as i have never visited their boutique as they dont offer art leather & i did not have the budget for genuine leather.

yes, G Sport is a very good & budget friendly brand. infact, after seeing their leather quality, stitching & workmanship, i feel its worth the price although you are paying about 2k for the brand value.

About stanley, i feel its the merc of leather seats! it a fact that their leather & quality is the best in the business. many may find it ridiculously expensive but then that the price to pay for exclusivity.

in fact, i personally dont find it worth to spend more than 10k for seat covers. but then every individual has his own thinking & budget.

manishkapadia 12th March 2010 18:49

I paid 30k For Stanley Full leather for just seats + Door trims in ANHC last month.
At 40-50k even i would start thinking if its worth .

yogi1771 12th March 2010 22:49

G Sport also deal in genuine leather.

raj_5004 12th March 2010 22:59

@ yogi: as far as i know, G Sport does not deal in genuine leather. They are only into art leather, atleast in mumbai & most probably elsewhere too.

yogi1771 12th March 2010 23:30

No raj they deal in genuine leather,I know the owner of G Sport in Mumbai(Andheri).

prince85 13th March 2010 09:47


Originally Posted by raj_5004 (Post 1779798)

however, i cannot give an exact idea of stanley's pricing as i have never visited their boutique as they dont offer art leather & i did not have the budget for genuine leather.


IIRC, Stanley do offer art leather covers as well. I had got a quotation of 12k for art leather seat covers from stanley boutique, andheri for my i10 a month back.:)

raj_5004 14th March 2010 18:29

here is G sport's website-

Safin 17th March 2010 01:01

Iam currently in search of Art-Leather Seat Cover for my i20. Budget about 5-6k.

My friend had gone to Sion-Koliwada yesterday, so i asked him to just check rates of Seat covers there. He got a quote for Autoform Seatcovers Rs.4500 for the Covers and their usual clip fitting and Rs.800 for Extra Stitch fitting.

Is this a good price?

ramie2400 17th March 2010 01:08

Safin in your budget you can get Haiton,they come pre-stitched for i20 and several other cars from their chennai based company,inspite of being Art Leather they are of very good quality,fit and finishing,the only thing you would need is getting it skin fit professionally which would cost you atleast 600-1000bucks extra :)

Safin 17th March 2010 15:18

Are Haiton Seat Covers available in Mumbai? I thought they were a Chennai Based company.

Anyways have dropped a mail on the address given here.

aargee 18th March 2010 10:48

@Safin - Let me know if you need any help, I got their reference through Mission_Safari who is experienced with them; the pic of his work is posted here -

raj_5004 18th March 2010 19:30

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Finally i got my seat covers done in G sport today. It costed me 11k for my 7 seater scorpio which included seat covers & door trims. i chose the intermediate quality of leather called luster. g sport offers signet, luster & europa in art leather.

the workmanship was very good & i am pleased with the quality. it took them 6 hours to fit the covers & i am happy with the fitting.

here are the pics (thats adi.shenoy in the third pic!)-

adishenoy 18th March 2010 21:05

Gsport has done an excellent job on Rajeev's Scorpio. It took 6 hours (totally worth it) to get the seat covers done. The rear seat armrest was a pain to fit back. To sum it all up I'll give Gsport 8/10 when it comes to the quality, finish and workmanship.

And thats me in the third pic (you got my handle wrong again)

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