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islero 29th June 2006 19:53

Hey SRK,

Beautiful, clean job there, and by the looks of it, it will be a very effective and economical mod also.

The problem is that it just dosent look real enough.

But thats ok, cos anyways its justa design.

Keep em coming, mr future designer!!

HOTROD 21st July 2006 16:51

These 2 are my first tries on an Indica and Alto.It s not perfect but just tried.Please do comment

These 2 are my first tries on an Indica and Alto.It s not perfect but just tried.Please do comment

islero 21st July 2006 17:36

Hey jathinrao, sorry I didnt see the pics, its almost a month since u posted....

The first and third ones look really good, although you really need to be a little more neat in all your works. I love your ideas though, very ingenious.

You havent really done anything other than change the wheels on the Alto, so I shall say keep going at it, and do some more mods.

About the Indica, I think you have extended the normal sideskirt and rear bumper to form the new parts. The problem with this method is that the new bumpers have a lot of 'noise' (i.e graininess kinda thingy), which mars the chop. It is present, btu not that evident in your chop.
The wheel change is perfect, and it is a good choice of wheel for the Indica.

So, even for the Indica, I would say keep working at it, dont again start a new project all over again, finish these cars off first. You ve gone off to a good start in both.

Keep choppin, guys!!

razor4077 22nd October 2006 22:12

Here are a few modfiied Santro's.


scorp 1 23rd October 2006 12:07

Stratos, v12, islero -- guys you are really AWESOME !
Why don't you collaborate? I would love to join in too :)
Your work seems far better than people doing it in real life.
Stratos did you use just Photoshop and nothing else? I liked all your designs dude.
Does anyone knows about any 3D s/w for automobile design - and the required PC configuration? (to be used at home for an amateur designer - me!)

razor4077 25th October 2006 01:15

Another version of the Santro concept I posted above. This one is all-black, with partially blackened headlights (giving it a meaner look) and black rims.
Any feedback? :)


khanak 25th October 2006 10:44

i prefer the version where the headlights arent tampered with. also if you could incluide a vent in the centre portion of the bumper cos its looking too.....uhhm solid

khanak 25th October 2006 10:46

can anyone photoshop a black swift for me.....with a silver mini style roof, silver stripes going down the bonnet nd chrome wheels.

razor4077 25th October 2006 13:38

@khanak: thanks for the feedback. changed things around a bit based on it. lining the 2 versions up next to one another. to be honest, i have a weak spot for the black one!


captainsokhi 26th October 2006 14:05

nice work, razor4077
liked the black version of ur Santro.
keep up the good work ;)

@khanak: will surely give it a try...... :)

khanak 26th October 2006 16:20


Originally Posted by captainsokhi
@khanak: will surely give it a try...... :)

thanks a million bro

captainsokhi 26th October 2006 17:04

Hi khanak
welcome always bro.

Here is ur Black Swift with Chrome Alloys and Silver Strips on the bonnet and Silver Roof:

Hope u'll like it. :)

khanak 26th October 2006 17:20

hey!!! thanks a lot for tht

can u please paint the top of the doors silver too

also can the stripes on the hood be like the ones in the mini. i.e. a bit thinner
Sorry for all the trouble


captainsokhi 26th October 2006 18:20

no probs bro :)

Here is the edited version:

khanak 26th October 2006 18:36

Thanks a lot for tht..

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