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Stratos 19th October 2005 21:43

Ok Guys, I am putting up 2 pics. Has some errors as I had great difficulty modifying that smoooooooth front end of the Swift. Some may like it, some may not.
1st pic has Modifed headlights and 2nd is with the normal headlights. Give me your views on them.

manson 19th October 2005 23:17

love the wheels and prefer the one with stock lights. try and make the bumper a little sharper though, makes it look very toyish, out from a fairytale book.


navin 19th October 2005 23:22

Stratos, you are fantastic. God awsome. Are you a Pro at this stuff. I feel like an idiot.

manson 19th October 2005 23:25


Originally Posted by Rtech
Also, would love to see what a WHITE Swift would look like, as Maruti have thought it fit not to offer that colour in the market for some reason.

Man i wish they had introduced a white one as well, am a total sucker for white cars and it sucks to not own a white car.

a great lookingcar = white body, chrome mags and meaty rubber .. .. . . and yea jet black tints. a sober spoiler would be ok provided it suite the car.


Conan 19th October 2005 23:25

Great job there stratos, I liked the second blue swift.

twister 19th October 2005 23:49

hey stratos buddy!!! nice work.........btw i did a lil` decal work n some other stuff from my side.hope u dont mind :)

cheerz !!!!

Edmund 20th October 2005 02:11

Suzuki Swift Concept S!!!!
The big daddy of the Swift.....The Concept S....

Now im sure you've all seen the pictures..... but the car is mean an i thought ill post them anyway!!!!

It has 18" wheels and permanent 4WD!!!

All pictures courtsey : Suzuki Swift Concept S

revtech 20th October 2005 02:20

hey twister
like the decals they look good.i like what you have done to the head lights they really look good.

edmund.i dont really like the side look.but the mags look great... 18 incher !! wow.


zulfikar 20th October 2005 08:17

i like the concept s...

viper 20th October 2005 08:32

Hey Stratos,

Man you rock. Forget Arush, DC , RIO. Your work is kick ass. Now all you need is to tie up with someone to implement in real life. Thats when your efforts will come to life.

All the best buddy. I will surely give your design a shot if I buy either of the cars. Looking forward to your Baleno job.


PS - No offense to you Arush.

viper 20th October 2005 08:47

Hey Stratos Buddy,

How about showing a good rear with nice exhausts like the concept and a wilder paint job.


Viper cpics:

autopsyche 20th October 2005 14:18

Not photoshopped by me, but here is my idea of a modded swift.

The second orange one is an existing european bodykit. The black one is a photoshopped effect by some polish kid.



viper 20th October 2005 14:35

Hey arush,

they look wicked. Love the black one.


Stratos 20th October 2005 22:23

Here is another rear modification of the Swift. Has some errors :)

Your Views,

k_ajay 20th October 2005 23:50

Stratos, ur good... and those alloys and LP rubbers look HOT...... excellent job on that...

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