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islero 29th October 2005 20:54

Yeah, I know, I prefer 1024 its the perfect compromise.

lucky_lee 29th October 2005 22:46

I like working on jpegs with a res of 1024 or more...........

Vital Sign 29th October 2005 23:30

Now,guys try and post some work on the Mitsubishi Lancer..its one of the best cars to show ur skills upon.

kausu 30th October 2005 00:14


Originally Posted by islero
Ok thanks kausu, I am a little held up for the present, so I hope you dont mind waiting 3 or 4 days before I can do something, do you? :)

no dude thats allrite...u do it when eva u it is i have time till december! thanx alot bro!

chetanhanda 30th October 2005 10:47


Originally Posted by muni
But, chetan..your image wudnt lose out when saved in photoshop unless you have not set the proper settings of resolution at which you are saving.
Though, the pictures from the digital cameras would be big in size and resolution, they usually dont look professionally taken or impressive ( i mean the angles..the background ..the ambient lighting, relatively dirtier car etc etc)
Before someone actually posts the digital cam mages on this site, would suggest you to get the highest resolution picture( bigger size) from the google search (images page) and then tamper with the picture.
Hurry Home

but I have already searched google and I have given up..
I dont mind if the digi cam images are not prrofessionally taken.. I can always adjust the levels, sat, brightness...paint the details/contrast back into the image...
regarding the settings.. even If have the same settings as the original there will be loss as it is a inbuilt drawback of the jpg format

islero 21st November 2005 20:17

nice, clean work man. Keep it up!!!!

The vent on the hood/bonnet is a VERY good attempt, although it still looks a lil out of place......and I dont think it really suits the car, just my opinion.........

Otherwise, great job!!! Love thew wheels!!

PS: whats with the rear wheel arch? something about it......

Stratos 21st November 2005 20:27

Wheels are good though they look out of place in both the pics try puttin the new wheel exactly and accurately in the way the original wheel was and adjust its Colour, Contrast and Brightness according to the image.

Rudra Sen 21st November 2005 22:27

punka23, try to master the most important tool in Photoshop..PATH. Nothing comes close to this. :)

Edmund 23rd November 2005 01:54

guys how do you change the shade/colour of the car, im no PS expert so i ask!!!!

muni 23rd November 2005 08:13


Originally Posted by Edmund
guys how do you change the shade/colour of the car, im no PS expert so i ask!!!!

Use the selection tool and select the area which you want to change the shade and play with the RGB color settings or the CMYK whichever is available. Spend some time exploring and you will get a hang of it.

islero 23rd November 2005 15:48

there are no tyres seemingly in your car, the tyres are rather too low profile( and I thought I was a little extreme with the low-profile tyres in my chops!!).
Also, there is something wrong with their alignment. I suggest selecting the rear wheel, making it a seperate layer, and using the transform tool to align it in the proper angle. Same for the front wheel.


khaadu75 23rd November 2005 17:17

Hey, change the color to a HOT YELLOW .... pls !!1


lucky_lee 24th November 2005 19:18

hey whats with the front bumper???

revtech 24th November 2005 22:07

nice work punka but do something about those wheels man.they look totally out of proportion.


varun_patra 28th November 2005 02:39


Originally Posted by lucky_lee
Heres my swift. Complete with veilside type kits, intercooler and carbon fiber parts. Waiting for feedback from you guys.

gr8 work!!!!! THE car would look stunning in black . , it looks awesome in white .

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