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adit1329 2nd December 2005 22:34

Stratos, the Swift looks neat...Maybe you could do a swift with a stripe like the Mini. Also, I have a request.. could you please do up a Black Baleno with Balck Alloys and chrome trim on the alloys?? Like the one the Getz has on the BHP site???

adit1329 2nd December 2005 22:44


Originally Posted by varun_patra
gr8 work!!!!! THE car would look stunning in black . , it looks awesome in white .

Hey Varun, neat job...Could you do something with a black Baleno with black alloys and a chrome trim??

lucky_lee 2nd December 2005 23:22

Thanks everyone for the critique and encouragement.Cant work on any new mod currently as my exams are going on..
More mods coming up after exams so stay "tuned" guys.

SRK 17th December 2005 14:45

Guys my entry into this segment. Anyone who wants their cars,(even buses & tempos will do)modified can pm me .But now i am studing for my 12th exams so it will take some time till then enjoy some of my creations:-
1- Swift_Cool


SRK 17th December 2005 14:54

A limited edition Maruti 800 [i hope maruti sees my creation (so i can sell my designs and earn some money) lol.]
If anyone wants thier car to be looking like a limited edition i'll do the job(and yes its free for teambhpians,lol) :-

turbo_lover 17th December 2005 15:42

how about a 2dr swift spyder ?
can anyone come up with something like that ?

revtech 17th December 2005 15:43

varun_patra your swift looks amazing.keep it up man.

hey SRK nice stuff man.i really like the white swift.


angelfire 8th January 2006 16:32

hey varun...neat job man....great texture on the bonnet.....

kpzen 9th January 2006 08:59

Great work
thats my ride completely designed by a fellow t-bhpian... Guess who..???

furioussphinx 16th March 2006 12:59

I just loooove the Swift concept S, now folks, is it possible to cosmetically transform our local normal swift to this babe?

SRK 17th March 2006 09:18

Yes,anything is possible today with new technology and instruments and many professional guys out there,but the work will be a little expensive,as you need to convert you car from 4 to 2 door.Make the pillars strong to support the roof and the door.And many more modifications.

islero 17th March 2006 14:48


Originally Posted by turbo_lover
how about a 2dr swift spyder ?
can anyone come up with something like that ?

Dude, how come you completley missed my previous design......Im sad.....I posted it soo long ago.....

Black version......

karthik247 17th March 2006 14:51


Just one word...WOW. Ur Zen looks way cool now. Try implementing these these ;)

buzzin_hornets 17th March 2006 15:26

wow amazin work guys! clap: must say ull r really talented.. keep those designs comin!!!!..


pdev29 17th March 2006 16:12


Originally Posted by Edmund
The big daddy of the Swift.....The Concept S....

Now im sure you've all seen the pictures..... but the car is mean an i thought ill post them anyway!!!!

It has 18" wheels and permanent 4WD!!!

All pictures courtsey : Suzuki Swift Concept S

you rock man its awsome

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