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Rtech 18th October 2005 17:57

Calling all the Photoshop Experts!
The Swift is one car that begs to be modded. And I know we got some great photoshop "artists" here. So, put the two of those together and we should be able to see some great looking Swift's!

Also, would love to see what a WHITE Swift would look like, as Maruti have thought it fit not to offer that colour in the market for some reason.

shuvc 18th October 2005 18:04

And also some cheap/diy ideas on improving the much maligned Baleno-rear please !

v12 18th October 2005 18:16

jkdas 18th October 2005 18:20

nice one. saw the dc modified? white/black one?

Stratos 18th October 2005 18:23

Gimme some time Rtech. Hope to put one soon!

Stratos 18th October 2005 18:25

In the mean time here is what I had made once

Neel 18th October 2005 19:09

could i see one with a soft top or no top....i think it will look great...

ananthkamath 18th October 2005 19:32

How about a replica of the 60s Mini-cooper that won the 1964 Monte Carlo Rally?

normally_crazy 18th October 2005 21:38

I would love if some one could PS the rear of the swift ! i find the rear pretty ungainly and huge for a car of its size....Stratos lets see you work on the rear of something atleast now !

revtech 18th October 2005 23:07

hey V 12 i like that picture.yeah looking forward to see what stratos does and also try to so somthing about the baleno too.waiting...


navin 19th October 2005 10:13

that would be nice. a version that looks like the soft top morris minor or mini or even the 1999 beatle.

Rtech 19th October 2005 11:24

Hey V12/Stratos, good stuff man.

1 request. Could you put up a pure white car with the wheels stratos has on his swift pickup?

navin 19th October 2005 16:24

V12 and Stratos. You guys are geniuses. I am impressed.

Stratos 19th October 2005 18:41

Ok Rtech, Is this what you requested?

normally_crazy 19th October 2005 20:01

Stratos Boy !! thats an awesome piece of work there ! looks quite simply amazing in white !

can u PS a Swift with fatter tyres at the rear to compnsate for that fat back side of it ?

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