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Default Re: My experiments with LPG and CNG

CNG is not available in Bangalore as of now.
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Default Re: My experiments with LPG and CNG

Guys I've just to. One fellow in town who said he has done a lot of Fiesta petrol conversions to cng with a sequential brc gas kit. If I get that done, then I can enjoy my Fiesta s and have a cheap cost of running too. Is it worth the risk?
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Default Re: My experiments with LPG and CNG

[MODS - I felt this is the best thread to clear my doubt.]

Brothers, I am facing a weird dilemma - Should I retain the cng kit or take it off?

I bought a used accent last year from a friend. It had an aftermerket cng kit installed but Cng was not endorsed on the RC. It had run 70K kms when I bought it. Car runs fine on cng.

My dilemma is - The car is used sparingly - twice a week. Less than 100 kms in a week. I feel I should remove the cng kit. That 70kg cylinder sitting in the boot - whenever I think about the rear suspension of the car, I feel bad. Plus since the car is nearing 80k kms now, so the thought of cng affecting engine life haunts me. The kit is like a dead weight for 5 to 6 days a week. Looking at my usage I feel cng can be sacrificed, if it aids the longevity of the car. Help me brothers. I am very confused.
Thank you

(at the time of purchase I didn't know that there's a time frame of one month to get the cng endorsed on the RC. Spoke to an agent he'll charge about 4.5K to get it endorsed -> new bill + vat + commission).
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Default Re: My experiments with LPG and CNG

Help Needed

Mods : Please move my post to appropriate forum/thread if required to do so.

I intend to buy a Ford Fiesta (Classic) Petrol version second hand vehicle -

I need the following advice

a. Should i go for the vehicle . I Intend to run it on LPG only
b. I have Ford Ikon already and it runs well on LPG , i mean power issues are there but i am more of a mileage guy.
c. If any one in the forum is using such vehicle please send me a pm/reply.

Appreciate the same. MODs do not delete this . Please route the query if it belongs else where. Thank you.
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Default Re: My experiments with LPG and CNG

My 55k run Santro has been experiencing this weird problem lately when running on CNG. It used to run just fine and very petrol-like (torquey) earlier but lately it seems I need to really push it in every gear to gain traction. Earlier I used to roll at 40 in the 5th gear but now even in the 3rd gear it seems as if the car is going no where. CNG users might relate this to when they're really short on gas or the tank is almost about to get empty - the exact same feeling but it happens even when I'm on a full tank of gas. I try flooring it in any gear and the car hesitates, jerks and shudders to move forward - it's as if the engine has gotten old and/or lazy over time!

I would like to add that I haven't got my car serviced since quite a while. So apart from the usual air filter cleaning that's going to happen soon what else do you guys think needs to be addressed?
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Default Re: My experiments with LPG and CNG

Hey guys, CNG pipeline is being distributed in HSR layout (Bangalore). Any clue when we would have CNG fuel stations for cars ?

Came across these news links :

If it's necessary/ helpful to file some online application requesting the same, then let's start filling out the forms en masse, such that they have an encouraging number from the feasibility study.
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