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Default Honda CBR 250R : Answers to some commonly asked questions for New Owners

Q. Ok, I've bought, what should I do now?
A. First, congratulations & welcome to the club; first & foremost thing you need to do is read the owner's manual thoroughly. Atleast get to know what're the contents covered in the owner's manual, even if you cannot remember everything

Q. Is the owner's manual available online in a downloadable format?
A. Yes, pls click this link

Q. Bored of reading manual; want to ride, what should I do?
A. Your owner's manual is the bible for CBR 250R, just follow the instructions provided for riding

Q. When I took the vehicle from delivery, there're some ODO clicked; was my CBR a test ride vehicle once? Shouldn't it show 0?
A. Ideally yes, but practically not; Very reason, they ride the bike to RTO for inspecting & applying registration. You're the best judge here for the fact that, calculate the distance from showroom to RTO & back; if there's anything super exceeding this number, then, your vehicle might've probably misused. Accept anything on reasonable run.

Here's another reason as why as one should not tamper with the speedo (Thanks Icemang)

Q. Could it be possible the dealer remove the ODO cable & reset to 0?
A. The speedo/odo readings come from rear wheel of CBR without cables through sensor attached to ECU. So its highly unlikely to tamper with ODO & even if they've to change the entire unit, its an expensive replacement.

Q. Can you explain overall features of my bike?
A. Your CBR 250R comes with 7 sensors (for ABS & 5 for STD), fuel injection (you don't have to turn ON/OFF the fuel knob & makes hard for fuel theft), digital speedo meter to show the speed of travel, ODO & one trip meter that gets reset for every 1000 Kms, digital clock, analog engine RPM meter, left right turn lights indicators, engine mal function switch, ABS malfunction light (for ABS), engine kill switch, storage space under rear seat, helmet lock wire, 9 piece toolkit, 60/55 DC headlight, 12 amps twin parking lamps, vehicle pass light switch, double over head camshaft (DOHC), 4 valves, O-Ring chain, rear tire hugger, rear grab rail, 5 position adjustable rear pro link mono suspension, 13 litres tank capacity with 10 litres usable (safe), 66/55 headlamps with full DC circuit.


Q. If there's no concept of reserve, how can I check my FE?
A. Use the full tank method...
1. Fill the fuel ONLY upto the level plate (the one you see inside the fuel tank & the fuel gun doesn't go beyond this point)
2. Reset your Trip meter to 0 (refer owner's manual on how to do it)
3. Keep riding until the fuel bar starts blinking
4. When you fill this time, fill it to the same level as mentioned in step 1 & note down the fuel consumption in litres
5. Note down your trip meter reading & divide it by fuel consumed to get the average fuel consumption (eg if trip meter reads 290 & fuel consumed is 9.14, then the FE is 290/9.14=31.72 Kmpl)

Q. What's the good startup & shutoff procedure? Can I switch off the bike at signals to save fuel?
A. If you care for your bike, then every time you start (not when the engine is operating at optimal temperatures) the engine, allow the engine to idle until the RPM falls down from 2K RPM, it doesn't take even 25 seconds. This will also help to lubricate the internals of the engine which is good; ride like you're breaking in the engine for first 1-2 Kms, by then the engine reaches optimal temperature after that start riding normally (not rip off). Its worth to switch off the engine at signals, if your wait time is more than 15-20 seconds. Stop the engine using the Engine kill switch & allow it remain in the OFF position (or ensure that the fan doesn't run when you switch to ON position as the fan draws power from battery). Switch to ON 3-5 second before you leave the signal & start the engine.

Q. Why does the RPM goes to 2K RPM & then falls down when left idle? Is this normal?
A. The bike is equipped with auto choke facility; hence everytime the bike is started there's more fuel let in by the ECU & hence the higher RPM; once the ECU learns that the bike is warm enough (not optimal operating temperature) the choke is cut off & hence the RPM falls down

Q. Should I get the services done only at the specified intervals or can I get it done earlier/later?
A. Read the service intervals carefully; they say every 6000 kms or Y days/month; so which ever falls first is the LAST opportunity. This means, you can get all your 3 services done NOT BEYOND the specified Kms or days. Anything within it is fine. You may also choose to pay for the service (which ofcourse costs barely few hundreds). But remember, getting it serviced too often (say like 3K kms) are waste; just get the vehicle serviced when you feel issues like hard gear shifts, loud clanks, engine running rough, too much vibrations. Do not leave any minor issues unattended unless you know repurcussions of such issues.

Q. Can I get my bike's 1st service done before 1000 Kms?
A. Yes you can; but wait to feel the roughness in engine; getting it done in 100-200 Kms or around 800 Kms are overkill. Getting it done at right time is more important.

Q. I'm going for my 1st/2nd/3rd service; what all should I keep in mind?
A. Have a look at the back of the respective service coupon, it'll give you a fair idea. Just let the mechanic know if you have any niggles, like fairing rattle, paint peel off from engine/silencer shield, etc & do insist that the issues are written to the job card.

Q. My run-in is mostly in rain. Does my chain get affected due to this?
A. Not much, but still, if you feel the chain is squeaking, then take it to ASC & get the chain lubed. Usually ASC don't charge on such things, but there're instances where they've quoted even ridiculous amounts. Also, take care of the chain when riding in rains by inspecting the chain for every 750-1000 Km thoroughly (and 1400-1500 on dry weather).

Q. Is it compulsory to change the oil filter for the 1st service?
A. Yes, it is very important to change to keep the engine clean from finer metal particles from the run-in. If possible change the engine oil & filter once before carrying out the 1000 Kms service, even if you've to pay for the nominal labour charges

Q. Can I change the idling speed?
A. Neither you nor the ASC can adjust the idling speed; its fixed

Q. What type of Petrol can I use? Can I use Petrol available on highways?
A. Understand very clearly that that RON defines the Octane rating of the fuel; as of now there're only 2 types of RON rated fuel available 91 & 97. 97 is available ONLY from BPCL & called Speed 97. Per law, all the oil companies manufacture & sell 91 RON fuel. It is fine to run the bike with 91 RON; using Speed 97 will only help to gain negligible amount of increase in smoothness & FE. You can fuel in from any good fuel station including highways.

Q. Despite using a good fuel I'm experiencing engine knocking
A. The issue is with riding style; shift down the gear & the knocking will disapper. Prolonged exposure of the engine to such knocking rides will leave the engine in expensive damage.

Q. Any other reason for engine knocking? 'Cause I'm an expert rider
A. Yes, another probability that we've experienced is BAD/ADULTERATED FUEL; typical symptom is the punch or the torque loss is clearly visible though nothing can be seen on the speedo (for instance, the speedo still shows 96 Kmph at 6th gear at 6K RPM). Try to religiously notice this after every refuel even if it's from your trusted fuel station.

Q. What're the available tool kit & how can I mount the helmet on my bike securely?
A. Pls see this post Thanks Sudeepnbr

Q. Does the bike have a Side Stand ON indicator
A. No

Q. Why doesn't my temperature bar go beyond 3?
A. This is quite normal & it is a good sign of happy & healthy engine; Pls see this post

Q. What is the run-in period or engine breaking?
A. A brand new engine out of the factory needs to be used in a specific riding guidelines during the first few hours/Kms of its use. The focus of breaking in an engine is on the contact between the piston & rings of the engine and the cylinder.

Q. How should I run in or carry out engine breaking?
A. Follow what is specified in the owner's manual; it says ride carefully & no sudden acceleration (or deceleration) for first 500 Kms. Just follow that

Q. Its confusing; so what's the max or min speed I should keep?
A. CBR 250R has a modern advanced engine that has slightly better run-in procedure than the conventional engine breaking methods; technically there's no upper limit on the speed, but ensure the engine is not overloaded. That said, a safe top speed might be about 115-120 Kmph on 6th gear.

Q. Why only 6th? What about other gears?
A. In any gear, DO NOT lug the engine OR over rev the engine. Lugging is the state in which the engine runs on lower speed in higher gear & revving is viceversa. Run at adequate speed & optimal gear. This is only an example & not necessary to be followed...
Gear shift 1-2 at 4000-4500 RPM
2-3 at 4200-4700 RPM
3-4 at 4200-4700 RPM
4-5 at 5000-5700 RPM
5-6 at 5500-6200 RPM
and do a quick gear shift; this means, do not keep holding the clutch for longer time duration when shifting the gear.
Always can even rev the engine occasionally, but never EVER LUG the engine

Q. After shifting the gear the RPM falls back; why?
A. This is quite natural behaviour of any engine; nothing to worry

Q. Can I follow the motoman engine break in procedure?
A. Follow motoman, pathlaman whatever you want, but remember, the manufacturer knows their machine better than anyone else. Besides, if you want to claim warranty on your vehicle for some reasons, following these procedures may void the warranty, if found. Point - Use at your discreetion which is not adviced.

Q. In how many days should I complete the run-in?
A. Per the owner's manual, it is 1000 Kms or 30 days from the purchase date. 30 days is max cap, but you're welcome to do it in 2-3 days as well (its little riskier to complete in 1 day & strongly worded against)

Q. When should I change the engine oil?
A. Per the owner's manual it is at 1000 Kms; but through collective experience & knowledge it is better to change the engine oil the moment you feel the engine is little rough. Most importantly, you should change the engine oil ONLY when your engine is running at optimal temperature. This means, never change your engine oil when the engine is cold or not been run for quite sometime. Ride the bike for 5-6 Kms atleast & then change the engine oil.

Q. I hear there're better engine oils like Petronas, Motul, Shell, Castrol, can I use 10W-30 FS one among these?
A. Changing the engine oil might lead you to void the warranty, so think twice. But the answer would be, yes there're superior engine oil made by different manufacturers in the market than HMSI supplied one.
Yes - If you think you want to claim warranty, IF at all there's any expensive damage
No - If you think you can afford, IF at all there's any expensive damage

Q. Any experience with any other engine oil?
A. Yes with Motul 10W40 300V Factory line; costed about Rs 1660 for 2 liters. Here's my experience...
HMSI 10W30 Engine oil is what Honda supplies & recommends to use for CBR 250R, cost around Rs 556 per liter. I've used this engine oil right from 9980 Km all way up to 34537 Km & have used in extreme heat (read around 45+ degree in AP) with extremely fast riding & the engine oil proved good.

I started using Motul 300V Factory Line 10W40 from 34537 (as warranty expires) & it now reads 39075. The price of one liter of this engine oil was about Rs 830 & CBR consumes about 1.6-1.7 liter along with changing the engine oil filter.

In the last 4.5K+ km, the following are my observation...
1. The gear shifts are certainly smoother be it upshift or down shift
2. When the first gear is engaged there's no loud noise with that huge chain movement; it's butter smooth
3. The engine is noticeably smoother
4. Helps to reach engine operational temperature quite soon, though at this point I cannot confirm if the engine oil has lower boiling point compared to 10W30 HMSI engine oil.
5. I'm yet to test this engine oil in peak Summer in TN & AP, so I'm cannot confirm point #3 completely
6. There's no improvement or determent in the top speed or acceleration
7. I'm yet to check the life (longevity or true oil change interval) of the engine oil

My point is that, Motul 10W40 does almost the same job as that of HMSI 10W30, with improvements with engine being smooth & significant smoother on gear shifts. But Motul costs about 33% more per liter than the HMSI supplied 10W30 & it is certainly not value for the money.
Q. How can I identify if the engine is running rough?
A. It's easier said than done; for this one has to remember how the engine used to run earlier & keep it on a watch; try to complete the engine break in as soon as possible. The sooner you finish the better you can ride

Q. So after 1000 Kms can I start riding in 150 Kmph?
A. Well, its upto one's discretion; for a better, long engine life, always follow the gradual increase/decrease when accelerating/slowing down.

Q. So ideally I should never ride in T.W.O?
A. Well you SHOULD sometimes ride in T.W.O; remember too much or lacking of anything always leads to suffocation.

Q. So when should I ride in T.W.O?
A. Strict NO for the first 1000 Kms atleast; but after that, try occasional T.W.O or let's say REDLINE on every gear. Do this exercise on empty stretches for a distance of not more than 10-12 Kms

Q. Will REDLINING harm my engine?
A. Anything overdone yes will harm the engine. The number 10-12 Kms is only a ballpark figure; if you're experienced, try to listen to the engine through all senses & you'll notice a minor stress (which is hard to notice generally). That is the moment you'll need to stop the redlining

Q. Why can't I accelerate beyond certain RPM? Is this normal?
A. Perfectly normal. Accelerating beyond certain limit on RPM damages the engine temporarily or permanently & hence manufacturers have identified a safe RPM limit beyond which the ECU cuts off the fuel preventing any damages to the engine.

Q. The bike has more torque, can I shift from 1 to 3 or 3 to 5 etc?
A. Though there's no hard & fast rule, remember, this is a very very bad riding style; always follow linear gear shifts whether you're shifting up or down

Q. I don't feel the front brake are quite effective on my STD model; what should I do?
A. Yes, CBR STD has a little inadequate front brakes, at high speeds only, because of the design of the uneven piston sizes manufactured by BYBRE & the non sintered brake pads; to improvise this a little bit...
A. learn to ride at speeds optimal with respect to the right gear
B. learn to shift down the gears when reducing the speeds & refrain from holding the clutch when you're only applying the brake & not shifting the gear
C. switch to DOT4 brake oil from any reputed manufacturer

Q. What is this 2 piston, 3 piston on the caliper?
A. Pls see the below picture; the numbers you see 16 & 7 are the pistons inside the caliper making them 3 pistons. Both 16's get actuated when the front lever is engaged; the 7 gets engaged when the rear brake is engaged. This is C-ABS. If you exclude #7 from this caliper, that becomes the CBR STD

Q. I heard something about CBR 250R being recalled? What does that mean to me?
A. Please go through this post (Thanks Sudeepnbr)

Please register your vehicle with this link for replacement; the excerpts from the link says...

It has come to the Company’s notice that there may be a possibility of limited ineffectiveness in front brakes application in the standard variant of CBR 250R. But this concern does not impact the overall braking functionality and effectiveness of front and rear brakes under normal riding conditions.

As a responsible manufacturer, Honda will voluntarily replace the “Front Brake Master Cylinder Assembly” in your vehicle, irrespective to the Warranty status of the vehicle. We would like to request you to make an advance booking of your vehicle to avoid any inconvenience.

The problem will be resolved for all affected vehicles free of cost & doesn’t affect ABS equipped Honda CBR250R motorcycles.
Q. What can I expect in this recall?
Here's a small write-up as what one can expect...
Q - What're the parts that are replaced?
- The Master cylinder
- The piston that goes inside (spring, dust cover & the pushrod)
- 100 ml Dot 3 brake oil

Q - Why are they getting replaced?
- It looks like Honda received several complaints that the front brake gets jammed up & they've identified the issue with this kit & hence the replacement

Q - How long does this process take?
- The actual job doesn't take more than 30 minutes if done dedicated

Q - What does this job involved?
- Remove the front brake lever
- Remove the piston kit
- Remove the master cylinder from the connecting hose
- Attach the new master cylinder to the connecting hose
- Attach the piston kit between the brake lever & the master cylinder & tighten
- Bleed the drain bolt at the end of caliper kit & remove the airlock in the brake unit using the provided 100 ml DOT3 brake oil

Q - Can I experience a significant improvement in the braking?
- It's more of personal experience. I didn't experience anything better.

Q - Do I need to return my old parts?
- Yes, the old parts has to be returned

Q - Do they open a job card for this?
- Yes, it's mandatory to open a job card for this?

Q - Any other precautions to be taken?
- Do not allow the ASC to fill any other DOT3 brake oil from any other can. Use the DOT3 fluid from the can is provided along with the recall kit
- Call up & book an appointment with the ASC before you visit, otherwise you may be denied to get the work done immediately
- Ensure that the airlock is completely bleeded from the entire front brake assembly otherwise you're likely to experience sponginess in your braking. Take a short spin around & check the effectiveness of your front brake. Worst case, it has to be of the same stage before changing this M/C kit

Q - Can I use DOT4 instead of DOT3
- Yes, provided your ASC does that for you

Q - Is there any harm using DOT4 instead of DOT3
- No, it only improves the braking
Q. Can I switch to FS engine oil after my first service or is there any specific number of Kms before the change?
A. Yes you can start using FS from day 1

Q. What engine oil is to be used on CBR?
A. Don't worry on all these things; but for your knowledge, 10W-30 Fully Synthetic (FS) engine oil is to be used which will be available at your HMSI ASC. There are two types of 10W30 oil, GREY can which is mineral & BLACK can which is FS. Use the FS (Thanks hifisharu)

Q. How many litres of engine oil should I use?
A. Again, don't worry on all these, but for your knowledge, 1.4L w/o oil filter, 1.6L with engine oil filter & 1.9L when overhauling. Quantity doesn't actually matter, just ensure that the engine oil level is between the min & max mark found on the glass window of RHS of your motorcycle (clutch side) by mounting the bike on a paddock

Q. Where can I get a paddock?
Paddock should be available at any HMSI ASC; price...please check with them; they should cost approximately Rs 3200 or so.

Q. Can I change my rear suspension setting?
A. Yes you can with the provided C kind of tool; turning clockwise from top is hardest & viceversa is softest. Ensure to do this from LHS of the bike. You're more encouraged to get this done at HMSI ASC if you're a first time user.

Q. I'm hearing a additional noise from the engine; what should I do?
A. Its more or like the noise from tappets, you'll need to check the valve clearance level & may need to change the SHIM accordingly. Visit your HMSI ASC. Please DO NOT keep riding with that sound as it is bound to leave the engine in a expensive damaged in course of time. It is not always the valve clearances, one member reported issues with timing chain too. So, the moment you hear something abnormal from your engine, please visit your nearest HMSI ASC.

Q. What is that SHIM thing I keep hearing?
A. Go through this post on Shim explained in nut shell (Thanks PSR Ji) or the official link or some more additional reading

Q. Does that mean can I or can I change the SHIM myself?
A. If (IF) you're able to get hold of SHIM from your ASC (It can be done depending upon your rapport with ASC or order through ebay), yes, you can do it by yourself. Pls see this article as how to get this done.

Q. I'm not feeling confident with my ASC can I change to a different ASC where I feel they're competent enough?
A. Yes

Q. I'm from so & so location, tell me some competent ASC in my locality?
A. Please note, these are the summary observed from owner's experience
Ananda Honda, Bangalore, Zabi & Ramu (Pretty decent folks)
Saphire Honda, Bangalore, Zeeshan
Vihaan Honda, Thane, Abdul
Om Sai Honda, Charkop, Kandivali, Sameer
Didar Honda, Chennai, Rajasekhar
JSP Honda, Chennai, Rajesh

Q. After repeatedly reporting the issues my ASC is not resolving my issues. How can I escalate the issue?
A. First talk to the supervisor, then to the CRM & then to the GM of the service center before shooting an email to

Q. What is the RED color pipe that is hanging beneath the mono suspension? Should I do anything?
A. A crankcase ventilation system is a way for gases to escape in a controlled manner from the crankcase; there's nothing to worry & every motorcycle has this. Just don't worry on this

Q. I feel there's a hole in my exhaust because I feel the exhaust throw beneath the vehicle in addition to rear
A. There's a small hole between the exhaust pipe & silencer. This is a provision for water to be vented out incase it gets through the silencer. This is normal.

Q. What is the air pressure to be maintained on the bike?
A. 29 for front & rear when riding Solo, 29/33 when riding with pillion. This information is available on the swing arm on the LHS (gear shift side); on cold temperatures

Q. What is tank pad? Do I need to use it? Will it affect anything?
A. It's purpose is to keep the belt buckles and zippers from scratching the paint immediately in front of the seat. It doesn't affect warranty, dynamics or anything for that matter. Ensure to use a high quality tank pad to prevent it from peeling off automatically from the tank or spoiling the paint. This is how it looks Thanks The Stig

Q. Where can I buy a reliable tank pad in India?
A. Though not advocating, these are some stores where one can buy anywhere in India - Planet DSG & Performance Racing Store

Q. Can I stick them myself or should I take my bike to Pune/Mumbai?
A. If you can ride a CBR 250R, then you can stick it yourself; stick the pad from bottom most position nearly touching the seat & move upwards

Q. Can I remove the front number plate myself?
A. Though not adviced, yes you can at your own risk of answerable to law. Pls see this post. (Thanks hifisharu)

Q. Is there a Daytime Running Light (DRL)?
A. No

Q. Can I ride with my parking lights turned ON? Is that violating the law? Will it drain my battery soon?
A. Yes you can ride with parking lights turned ON, its not law violation; ensure that you don't leave the bike unattended by turning ON the parking lights for prolonged periods (say more than 5-10 mins)

Q. The engine heat fries my thighs, what should I do?
A. Either get used to it or wear riding pants. As long as the temp bar on the console stays 3 or less, everything is fine

Q. I hear a minor tick tick sound after the engine is switched off after every ride. What's the problem?
A. Nothing; that's engine contraction sound found in any 4 stroke IC engine

Q. Does my bike have a open or closed loop fuel injection?
A. CBR has closed loop fuel injection; more about open & closed loop here

Q. My CBR is ABS equipped; can I change to any tire, any brand, any tread pattern or any size?
A. The stock size of rear is 140/70 R17; you can change to any brand, any tread pattern, but never change to any size other than the specified stock size for a very simple reason it leads to speedo error & in ABS it leads to poor braking. Be it ABS or STD, stick to OE size only.

Q. Are the Gear shift & Brake pedal adjustable?
A. Get in touch with your ASC for this. If you're a DIY person, then follow this post at discretion to adjust the gear shift pedal (Thanks thefastestindian)

The brake lever can also be adjusted as mentioned in this post or get in touch with your ASC (Thanks samarth14feb)

Q. Why's the speedo cable missing in the front?
A. CBR 250R is equipped with electronic sensor to guage the speed of the vehicle at the crankcase
(Thanks dreamseller)

Q. How good are the paint protectors, Teflon coating? Can I get it done?
A. Absolute worthless, unless you're getting paint protection film from 3M or Oxford U.K. Currently 3M PPF can be done at Bangalore.

Q. When doing a break-in the engine, how far can I ride in one day? And how much rest should I give to the engine?
A. There's no limit; you can run your engine even for 24 hours, just that give adequate rest, say about 5-10 min for every 50-75 kms.

Q. What're the benefits of CBR 250R club membership card?
A. Card entitles you to get some useless 5-10% discount vouchers at CCD, Naturals family saloon etc; it also entitles to get CBR spares with 5% discount for the 1st year from the date of purchase.

Q. Please shed some light on monsoon precautions
A. Keep your chain always lubed as open chains are prone to rust
- Keep your ignition, side lock & fuel tank cap always clean by spraying WD40 or equivalent (water repellent + light lube) unless you're happy to pay Rs 14000 + tax for ignition key set
- If you're a DIY person, wax the exteriors to repel water to an extent (though it gets dirty)
- Keep your tire pressure checked almost everyday as Conti's are well known to slip even in dry tarmac until they reach operational temperature. So in rains, they're more prone to skid

Q. I'm unable to lift my CBR after a fall, is that something that I need additional hand to help?
A. Pls do not try the conventional technique of lifting CBR 250R after a fall, its quite dangerous & one of the owner had spine issues after doing so. Instead follow this method when you lift heavy motorcycles (Thanks Bluevolt)

Questions on Touring in CBR 250R
Q. How easy or difficult is it to fit saddle bags/tank bags/tail bags?
A. See this post for tank bag (Thanks darkknight)
See this post for saddle bag (Thanks rachitkohli)
Pls await for tailbag from yours truly

Note - Friends, if you feel that any other points are to be added, feel free to add your pointers in this thread. Thanks.

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Default Honda CBR 250R : Answers to some commonly asked questions for New Owners - Part 2

Q. I'm in the process of changing my rear/front tire; can you lend some education please?
A. The front tire size is 110/70R17 & the rear is 140/70R17. One strong word of advice is...DO NOT change from the stock size for engineering reasons. Currently the tires are supplied by the following manufacturers...
Continental (Conti-Go), Dunlop (Dunlop) & MRF (ZapperQ)

(Thanks srivaatsav)
Chennai Mar 2012
Conti -- Rs 3350 + fitting charges (Singhvi tyres)

Conti -- Rs 2900 + free fittings (Apollo Zone)
Dunlop -- Rs 2700 + free fittings (Apollo Zone)
MRF(140/70 R17, ZapperQ) -- Rs 3300 + free fittings (Apollo Zone)

Conti -- Rs 2700 + free fittings (BM LAL)
Dunlop -- Rs 2600 + free fittings (BM LAL)

Conti -- Rs 3930 + free fitting (XL Tire Point [Stay off from this day robbers])

(Thanks appugodara)
Barmer, Rajasthan
Dunlop -- Rs.3100

(Thanks Rahul Rods Tewathia)
Delhi May 2012
Conti -- Rs 2300 (karol bagh; shop name not available)
PSD -- Cost Rs 4200 and after taking my conti go in 700 rs it will cost me 3500 rs

PUNE May 2012
ContiGo & Dunlop -- Rs.2900 with fittings (Lucky's Tyre Stop - Pune) (Updated May 2012)

(Thanks Metal_Maniac)
Mumbai - May 2012
Contigo -- Rs 2400 (Mira road- Baba tyres, Perfect Associates)
Dunlop Tuff grip -- Rs 2700 (Mira road- Baba tyres, Perfect Associates)
Dunlop Tuff grip -- Rs 2900 (AH helmets, Andheri [was 2750 about two weeks ago])
PSD -- Rs 3.5K to 4k but very few stock it now due to warranty and ISI issue (AH helmet can source it and stocked the PSD front)
MRF Zapper Q -- Around Rs 3.5K-4K; very rarely available

(Thanks Ratnakar)
Pune - Dec 2012
Dunlop Tuff grip -- Rs 2900 (incl tax + fitting)

Q. So should I buy a Dunlop, Pirelli, MRF or Conti?
A. Several members have reported bad experience with Conti & most of them have good opinion about Dunlop; If you can find Pirelli & afford for it, go for it, otherwise Dunlop. MRF is same or is slightly better than Conti for traction; however MRF is miles ahead in terms of fit, finish & quality. MRF was tested for over 10K km now.

One good alternative for the front tire is 110-70-17 (incidentally the same tire profile for Duke 200) from MRF which is RADIAL. This has been tested for over 10K km & has provided great job on wet, sandy, offroad & tarmac roads (wet & sandy were not intentional but helped mishaps)

Q. I'm unable to find Pirelli? Why is that?
A. About an year & half ago, Govt passed law stating that only ISI marked tires can be sold in this country; which clearly means, selling a tire without ISI mark (obviously imported ones) are considered illegal & hence it's hard to find them. Even if you do, it might be one from old stock.

Q. The manual says to do a wheel balancing during every service, but I don't have one in my locality. What're the consequences?
A. Practically there isn't any issues reported so far reported due to lack of wheel balancing with every service. But it is best to get it done for the very fact for smooth rides.

Q. How to identify the wear & tear on the brake pads?
A. This pic explains it all; same applies to rear also

Q. Is it possible to fit K&N, remapped ECU, full system exhaust or slip ons?
A. Akro, Yoshi, TB or LeoVi...just remember, per law, the exhaust note should be less than 91db; see the (stupidity) the law here - Superbikes too noisy for Mumbai cops!

Now that said, you could use a DB killer & go unnoticed, but the flip side is, its as good as stock

Now the other way is, get a static PC or piggy backs with stock exhaust to boost the power; or get a programmable one, replacement ECU & then a full blown exhaust system, now that's what I call kicking someone's *** . It also has a flip side... exorbitant cost.

Oh!!! and again, no matter what slip on you use, the BHP increase is going to be...just 1%, which is from 25 to 25.2 Bhp

Now all the above products are reliable, made by team of people who carry out R&D methodically over years with proven record over time...consistently; you can certainly see a bump in the performance on a dyno. But again, don't expect the bhp to flip from 25 to 52; the best you can expect a boost of 20-25% which is 30-32 Bhp & a top speed probably of 175 Kmph on speedo. If you look at the cost & most importantly RELIABILITY, you might as well it worthy?

Note - Pls go through this post before thinking about K&N - (Thanks PSR Ji)

Though on a different motorcycle, see the experience of another member here - (Thanks ROCKRZ). It doesn't mean every motorcycle that has K&N treatment is bound to suffer, but, just a warning as what you can ALSO expect on the flipside.

Q. I want to buy a radiator guard & its too expensive; pls show me how to make a DIY on radiator?
A. Pls see this post - CBR250r custom made Radiator Guard (Thanks samarth14feb)

Q. Can any one tell me how to trace the manufacturing year of CBR through chassis or engine number
A. Try the following for now, it might work as we're expecting collective feedback for confirmation
1. Locate the frame number of your vehicle; it's written on your RC book or paper (18 digits).
2. Note down the 9th & 10th character (both HAVE to be alphabets only & not any number) & decipher as follows...

9th character - A - January, B - February, C - March...M - December
10th character - A - 2010, B - 2011, C - 2012, D - 2013

Mine was FB, indicating June 2011, which is also right

Q. Where can I get tank pads in my city
A. Please check with friends/shops around your locality; however, good, quality tank pads are available from...
PlanetDSG : Motorcycle Riding Gear, Accessories, Apparel
Performance Racing Store

Place an order online & get them shipped to your door steps

Q. What is the best FE I can expect from my bike? And how do I obtain it?
A. Pls see this post (Thanks sayhi2sai)

Q. With the fuel bars on the meter console, I'm unable to determine my range; can you show me a traditional method using ODO?
A. These are some of the observations for over 22K on ODO
- The best FE is obtained when ridden around 80 Kmph; We got about 46 Kmpl
- It also matters how soon you get to 80 Kmph, do it gradually for maximum FE
- Never trust the FE bars on the meter console. They're mere electronics

Here's how the fuel vanishes when ridden in excessive of 140 Kmph
6th bar disappears around 24 Km
5th bar disappears around 72 Km
4th bar disappears around 165 Km
3rd bar disappears around 202 Km
Didn't take a note beyond this

Here's how the fuel vanishes when ridden between 96 Kmph-120 Kmph
6th bar disappears around 28 Km
5th bar disappears around 80 Km
4th bar disappears around 178 Km
3rd bar disappears around 223 Km
2nd bar disappears around 240 Km
Starts blinking around 264 Km

Here's how the fuel vanishes when ridden around 80 Kmph
6th bar disappears around 31 Km
5th bar disappears around 115 Km
4th bar disappears around 215 Km
3rd bar disappears around 345 Km
Didn't take a note beyond this
Note - The above is only a guideline observed on 2 CBR's (the one on 80 Kmph) & all other's are on personal observation. Though efforts has been taken to provide accurate figures, please use that as guidelines rather than depending on it completely.

Q. I've an ABS version of CBR, how can I improve my braking?
A. Pls see this post (Thanks sayhi2sai)

Q. Awesome, so can I use the ABS disc pads on my STD version of CBR?
A. Not possible; the ABS caliper kit is supplied by Nissin that has 3 pistons while the STD is made by Brembo (outside India)/Bybre (in India) that has only 2 pistons. So the brake pads are completely different & its not possible to retro fit

Q. Is it possible to retrofit the Nissin caliper kit from the C-ABS? I'm not too keen on the ABS, but for the 3-pot calliper?
A. Again, these kind of juggad work is not encouraged for the very reason, they void warranty. Here're some possibilities...
1. The draw back is that, there's an additional hose to the 3rd piston on the Nissin which cannot be tweaked on STD
2. There's a 3rd piston that might get actuated from the other hoses as there's an additional exit for the excess oil to flow back to a reservoir & back to master cylinder (ABS mechanism). This might yield in 3 piston getting engaged a little, however, the pistons will be unable to get back to their original position causing...JAM
3. There's also a possibility that the braking might improve because the surface area of ABS pads are more than the STD pads. So far none has reported saying anything constructively by replacing BYBRE with STD

Q. How can I improve my braking on STD version?
A. Use engine braking combined with regular braking for improved braking on STD version. Use DOT4 brake oil instead of DOT3, there's absolutely no harm. It was tested for over 16K & more until now.

Q. I see a small screw that seems to adjust the plate where the throttle cable ends; would that help me to adjust the idle RPM?
(Thanks samarth14feb)

A. One word - "STAY OFF" or "AT YOUR RISK"; this topic has been discussed; here're some advice as why it should not be touched (Thanks samarth14feb) (Thanks ashwinprakas) (Thanks ashwinprakas) (Thanks PSR Ji)

Q. Can I change the settings of the rear suspension? How do I do it? Will it void the warranty?

A. No it will not void the warranty even if you change the setting; 1 represents the softest setting & 5 represents the hardest. Use the semi "C" kind (#3 in the pic) of clamp provided in your tool kit & turn it anti clockwise for softer & clock wise for hardest setting. Do it from the left side (gear shift side) for a little easier effort

Q. What's the top speed in every gear?
A. **When the rev limiter cuts off, these are the observation on the speedo...
1 - 50 Kmph
2 - 79 Kmph
3 - 106 Kmph
4 - 127 Kmph*
5 - 142 Kmph
6 - Variable
* Still in the process of noting accurately
**That said, this is an observation with one CBR STD tested at three different occasion that appears to be straight

Q. How do I check the oil level on my engine?
A. Refer to Page 25 of Owner's manual that says to mount the motorcycle on a paddock (straight/upright position) & then inspect the glass window located below the engine (clutch cover casing)

Q. Pls post the prices of some spares?
A. Disclaimer - The listed below prices are without taxes & rounded off to approximate only
Small 7mm rivets - 10.70
Cowl, R, front side - 340
Front fenner - 512
Chain slider - 110 (Labour charges Rs 13)
Muffler cover - 470 (Labour Rs 13)
Prices in Bangalore inclusive of VAT (Thanks Sudeepnbr)
Front Sprocket = Rs 124.00
Chain = Rs 1119.08
Rear Sprocket = Rs 474.38
Prices in Bangalore inclusive of VAT (Thanks Sudeepnbr)
Consumables - 25
Rear disc pad (STD) - 598 (Labour Rs 65)
Front disc pad (STD) - 634 (Labour Rs 52)
10W30 Engine oil - 440 per liter (Labour Rs 35)
Engine oil filter - 227
Air filter - 197 (to be verified)
Rear View Mirror - Rs 405 (incl tax & Labour) [OM Sai & Venetian Honda] (Thanks harsh_66328)
Gear Lever - 635
Silencer heat shield - 640 (Thanks Dreamseller)
Note - This is not complete yet; posting whatever I've compiled so far; please do let me know additional points to be covered. Thanks

Note - Friends, if you feel that any other points are to be added, feel free to let me know & I can edit this post to put everything under one place with due credits given . Thanks.

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Default Honda CBR 250R : HMSI Authorized Service Center Reviews & Experience

My Wings Honda, Pune, Kothrud
Given my bike many times for different things .. Only good at the basic things like Chain lube/tight, engine oil change,washing bike etc etc but not good at all technically (Many Thanks - aman15; Source)
Verdict - 2.5/5

Rohan Honda, Mumbai Pune Road
Bike was delivered way before the promised delivery date; during delivery the work was not upto the mark, there were fair bit of issues which I had to resolve by investing time with them; Issue with steering coneset and a bit of wobble was attended by a young guy who was barely out of his teens as the actual technician had resigned; he took a hammer and screw driver to fix the steering issue and I went bersek; after complaining to the manager, they opened the whole steering assembly and fixed it; The young guy was good at work though he did everything else in a smooth manner as told and fixed the Oil filter and Oil change with handling of Fairing pretty well & and completed the basic things in 2 hours; no shim check though and also i was unwilling as my bike is running smooth; they were unable to fix the issue of bike stalling in between gear change early in the morning or in cold climate; they forgot to remove the cardboard protector which was used while washing my bike after the service & I had to remove it barely 300 m after I had left after the servicing; I think The ASC is unable to handle technical Issues and their workmanship is still lagging behind, what I really like is they are better than lot of ASC here in PUNE one notorious being Sterling Honda in PCMC. (Many Thanks; Source)
Verdict - 2.5/5

BU Bhandari Honda, Pune
They did not even perform the basic check. Changed oil and washed the bike. I had to ask the mechanic did you do this, did you this. When i inquired about the oil filter change, he said No. Agli service mein daalte na kya tension hai. I immediately went to the manager and showed him the back side of servicing coupon. It was clearly written there what all need to be done. How hard could it be to read it? I had to fight like i was asking them for special favors. Ignorant chaps! Above that my bike felt very rough, in fact it was better off before servicing. They asked me to leave the bike for 2 more days to check it thoroughly. I was like "sure" i am gonna. Went to Rohan honda on a fellow members advise and got issues fixed. (Many Thanks GT007; Source)
Verdict - 2/5

Pilot Honda, Mulund
CBR needed only a chain slider replacement & tightening the chain a little; called up Pilot Honda Mulund on a Saturday evening; had a nice discussion & went the next day after they'd given the appointment. When I went there, they didn't have chain slider; the guy at sales counter asked me to politely go to Sai Service Point Honda which is a little close to the 1.5 long Km bridge (sorry don't know the name of the place); after hearing that & the ordeal I had in finding Pilot Honda, there was no mood to get this issue even fixed. It was just the bottom of the slider that gave up, the top was still intact, so the work was not carried out & then proceeded. If they hadn't told the previous evening that they didn't have the part, it would've been better as it would've unnecessarily avoided going out in rain & that was despite telling very clearly as what work needs to be carried out. In the meanwhile, the ASC was not so big, probably enough to carry out 6-8 vehicle service at the same time. Good thing is they're opened even on Sunday. Their spares counter/shop is not so big either. Source)
Verdict - 2/5

Didar Honda, Egmore, Chennai
Good first service & completed it in 2.5-3 hours; changed clutch setting such that there was no free play. Changed it back to normal after asking; Had false gear problem at gear 5: not fixed although they said its fixed; Radiator not cleaned; Charged 1333 for first service. Actually I still haven't received my manual. So didn't have 1st service coupon, not sure what had to be done (Many Thanks Jay Tanwar; Source)
Verdict - 2.5/5

Better on sorting things other than general (issues you are pointing); but will last no longer than a month; they charge exorbitantly. Still they know how to fix issues but not a permanent solution (Many Thanks Karthic M; Source)
Verdict - 2.5/5

JSP Honda, Delivery - Ambattur & Service - Padipudhunagar, Chennai
Though I booked from Ambattur, had to take delivery from the JSP Honda Annanagar; they delivered my bike within the promised date; was informed to take delivery on 11-Nov-2011 but waited for 2 hours until me and my Dad blasted them & walked away without taking delivery; we were called over phone and apologized; we took the delivery very next day. JSP does basic servicing like changing oil and filter, lubing very well but when you point some problem they wont get that fixed or they will fix partially and they will introduce another new issue in your bike which u haven't experienced before; That too, will ask for more time than actually needed (they took a week to fix shim even that too not addressed properly); they don't have enough technical knowledge to sort out the issues you are pointing; they are better at sourcing spares than other ASC's (Many Thanks Karthic M; Source)
Verdict - 2.5/5

That said, JSP, Padiputhunagar & Didar Motors Egmore are the only 2 places in Chennai that has received positive feedback for servicing & transparency of service for CBR 250R.

Pressana Honda, Coimbatore
First service was uneventful except that I had to buy the oil filter from another dealer as my dealer didn't have it unstick.( Early days spare scare ) The mechanic did everything except valve clearance check as as per him bike was ok and as such they didn't have any shim available so I too didn't insist. Bike was smooth from before. But during this service I learned a good lesson by letting them wash my bike. Buggers damaged my radiator find, for which had a nice fight, then the supervisor himself spend good 1 he straightening the fins to satisfactory level. After that day I have never let the SVC wash my bike.

I had clocked 5800 when I took her for 2nd service. Bike was running fine except steering hard and some rattling from the right fairing and fairing alignment issue. The SVC rectified the steering issue but the CBR trained guy couldn't understand the alignment problem, so I didn't bang my head and spent one Sunday afternoon to get both the fairing alignment and rattling thing ok and they have not re-surfaced till now. Bike was running fine except that it had become a little rough after my 4K-15 day ride home and back. The servicing done as per the check list but again same story for the shims and valve clearance check. Shims were still not available so I too didn't insist on opening the head, as such there was no problem or sound or drop in performance of the bike.

I took her for third service at 8.1 k on the odo. Tell the mechanic and the supervisor about a peculiar sound coming from the engine head area (at times); they asked to leave the bike to be collected the next day. Next day when I go bike is ready. I ask the mechanic about what all he has done , he tells me the jobs carried out....oil change, filter change, chain clean etc etc but misses the valve clearance and what he did for the sound. On probing he tells the valve clearance has been checked and it is ok, I suspect as the area around the head seems untouched. I lost my cool and called for the supervisor and make him hear the sound and he agreed there is some odd noise. But he felt it may be shims or may be the camshaft roller bearing at fault. Which obviously they didn't have in stock. A order is placed for the same and I am still waiting for the same for the head to be opened and checked.

This is the only time the SVC tried to play smart with me, especially the mechanic, which at the end leaves a bad taste in the complete experience. Though the mechanic I would say is good in his work and has good experience. May be he didn't want to do some extra work fault at supervisory level I would say.

Overall it has been a positive experience I would still say as unlike many other dealers guys here accept problems and listen to you, and the service head updates the order status regularly & will recommend the dealer to someone. (Many Thanks Techfreak; Source)
Verdict - 4/5

Sapphire Honda, JP Nagar, Bangalore
They are pretty good at servicing. The best part is that they allow the customer to go to the bay and see the work being done and speak to the mechanic. The mechanic over there is very polite and a knowledgeable person. (Many Thanks Sudeepnbr; Source)
Verdict - 3.5/5

The servicing is very good just because of the particular mechanic named Zeeshan. He's one knowledgeable and sincere in his job. Till date there was no need to take back to the ASC for any complaint for the job which they have done. But nowadays Bangalore is crowded with too many CBR's so that they do the work which we pinpoint. For that reason we can't blame them because of huge rush (Many Thanks Binoy; Source)
Verdict - 3.5/5

Absolute Honda, Mahipalpur, New Delhi
Though my presence was allowed while the bike was getting serviced, the mechanic insisted that I should wait at the lounge. While lubing the chain, the mechanic did not even clean the chain off water and directly applied the lube. Even after I insisted to do so, he replied this is how rest of the CBR's were serviced.

I complained the same to the owner of the showroom and he promised to give a feedback to the guy and next service would be fine. (Many Thanks Sid85; Source)
Verdict - 2/5

ASC - Not Specified, Jalandhar, Punjab
No expert technicians; not even a paddock to use for servicing a bike; your issues will always persist, waste of money & its better to service bike some where out of your local city (Many Thanks ZMRMOD; Source)
Verdict - 2/5

Note - Friends, if you feel that any other points are to be added, feel free to let me know & I can edit this post to put everything under one place with due credits given . Thanks.

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Default Honda CBR 250R : Answers to some commonly asked questions

Had put this on the other forum (xBhp); posting it here again for the sake of benefits to members here...

Q. Compare Ninja 250R Vs CBR 250R in short
A. Both cannot be compared as both offers two different variety in 250cc segment; both are superior in their own way. If Ninja 250R yields less FE & has excellent top speed, then CBR has better FE & less top end compared to Ninja 250R

Q. Other than the price difference & top speed, where does CBR score over Ninja?
A. FE, good RVM's, lower maintenance cost, wide spread ASC, VFM, good offroader, has pass light, modern technology. Here's the list of 18 patents that Honda has filed with respect to CBR 250R

Q. Other than the price difference where does Ninja score over CBR?
A. Top speed, world's best selling 250cc motorcycle, good customer service, better quality, less niggling issues, Highway king of 250, has DRL

Read additional reviews on Ninja 250 or CBR250R? from a xBhpian JAKRAP

Q. What is the top speed of CBR?
A. On any given day & condition it can do 135-137 Kmph (without crouching). Anything above this speed are on favourable conditions. However few have experienced upto 170 solo & 146 pillion on speedo. Just to shut all the controversies, this is what the bike has done - (Thanks thefastestindian)

Q. Can I smoke out cars?
A. Depends on 3 things; what car, how expert you're with the bike & what kind of person is driving the car; in a nutshell, yes, it has some serious power to smoke out most hatches.

Q. But internet reviews & Youtube videos show more than 150; are you guys more in expertise than they are?
A. How authentic are those posts? They claim a stock, how do you know they aren't modded? Anyway you believe what you want; its better to be less optimistic & get exactly or more than what you expected rather than disappointments & regrets.

Q. Alright, what is the cruising speed?
A. It depends what you want to call as cruising speed; it can keep doing 120/7500, 130/8100 or 135/8400 RPM all day

Q. Well right...but...can you add some numbers on cruising?
A. At 6th gear, here's the RPM/Kmph on speedo
5000/80, 6000/96, 7000/112, 7500/120, 8000/128, 8500/136, 9000/144; Math is simple, RPM/100*1.6. If its 5000 RPM, then its 50mph, 8000 RPM is 80mph

Q. Can I use CBR 250R as a weekend ride or for daily use?
A. No hard & fast rule; all depends on the moolah. Whether you ride 5 Kms or 50 Kms a day, you need to fill in fuel & service accordingly; running goes up cost goes up.

Q. On a weekend group ride, can I keep up with a Ninja 250R?
A. Well think about this - What happens when Rossi rides a Ninja 250R & you ride a 600rr? Who's first to finish the checker flag?

Q. Does CBR have DRL (Daylight Running Light)
A. No

Q. I heard C250R's engine is not smooth as CBR 150R; is that true?
A. Well, if smooth engine is your priority, then opt for CBR 150R; point is, 150R's engine construction is bucket type valves compared to the traditional rocker arms in CBR 250R, so naturally 150R will be smoother. Pls don't compare a 150cc segment to this one or even R15 for that matter. C250R's engine has more grunt due to the high torque it develops due to its 55mm stroke; but for sure its way smoother for its single cylinder class.

Q. Should I use regular fuel or premium fuel? Do I get premium fuel on highways?
A. Per the current BS3/4 standards, RON 91 is the fuel standard available in the entire country on all good fuel station where they're not adulterated. RON 91 is just fine with CBR, using Speed 97 from BPCL is negligibly better. More about RON here & here (Thanks PSR Ji)

Q. What about the fuel from SHELL?
A. Well what about it? It's 91 RON too & their premium fuel is also 91 RON just that it has additives like rust protection

Q. What is the FE?
A. Depends on riding style. Most people get about 30/31 Kmpl on speeds around 115-120 Kmph; lower speeds give you more FE; again, this is based on riding skills too.

Q. What is the fuel tank capacity? We need more fuel in reserve in FI engine isn't it? How much is it?
A. Around 13 litres for full tank; Yes so as to cool the fuel pump & submerged; 3 litres in reserve

Q. So usable is 10 litres & how much does a full tank yield in highway?
A. You can expect a safe range between 250-275 Kms on excessive speeds; however several owner's have posted their range to be 300 Kms on sane high speeds.

Q. Hello...your math is wrong; 275/10 is only 27.5 Kmpl
A. Well, that is the worst FE with Throttle.Wide.Open; if you ride sane high speeds (speeds around 130ish & remember the point on how fast you get there), your FE goes up to 290 Kms range.

Q. Is that 3 litres to be maintained in strict? What happens if I use a little here & there?
A. No hard & fast rule for the 3 litres; but remember, you empty the tank, you fry the fuel pump & land up in expensive repairs that may or may not be covered under warranty for negligence.

Q. What? There's no reserve knob? What is the indication for refueling?
A. The meter console (Thanks Sheel) has fuel indicator bar; more bars indicate more fuel & blinking single bar indicates refuel; these symptoms are for a lazy rider.

Q. Is it difficult to read the meter console when riding?
A. Ridiculously easy to read the speed, fuel guage & temperature bar, take about a second or so to read the time & ODO on very high speeds; lower the speeds everything is easy.

Q. What is your take on vibrations?
A. For a single cylinder 250cc, the vibrations are ok, but its upto one, how they want to take it. There's a noticable vibration even at idle which is 1500 (+-100) RPM. Optimally more speed & less vibes are felt between 120-126 Kmph. It sure doesn't vibrate to make you go numb or push you down

Q. Is rattling a common problem with CBR?
A. Not really unless one rides carefully; going fast is different from how fast you get there; if you ride like there's no time, then you'll have to spend time & $$$ on fixing the rattles. If you're little careful on how fast you get to the max, then the rattles & loose fairings are bound to occur on long intervals.

Q. I read a lot about quality issues, bike not looking big, rusting, paint peels, rusted coneset, loose fairings, tire issues, engine seizure & visible weld marks (if you've read that) what's your take on it?
A. You probably are not spending much time reading the latest reviews; all these issues have been taken care. Even if it does, they're replacable under warranty which is 2 years or 32K kms which is second highest (Karizma which is 40000 Kms or 3 years Thanks Above_All) on any motorcycle in India.

[b]Q. Can I extend my warranty?
A. Yes, extended warranty is available with the dealer for a very nominal price. Ask your dealership clearly before booking the bike. More information here. Thanks mantrig, team-bhp

Q. CBR is not as flickable as R15 is this true?
A. Yes it is; if you want flickable machine, then R15 is best; however, the flickable riding style was built on the R-15 & is always relative. There's no point comparing 2 bikes from 2 different segments, either change the riding style or don't upgrade.

Q. Should I buy a STD or C-ABS?
A. If you can spend the additional 30K, go for C-ABS, its worthy

Q. I never ride on wet roads, is C-ABS still better than STD?
A. Yes; the 3 pot C-ABS is better than 2-pot STD

Q. What is the life of brake pad on CBR?
A. It depends primarily on how much brakes are applied; there're users who've reported a pad life change as low as 3-4K Kms & as high as over 14K Kms

Q. I hear the brakes aren't that great on STD
A. Yes, combined with the lack of bit in the front & soft front suspension, the brakes aren't that sharp. Better opt for C-ABS

Q. Can I buy a STD & fix the ABS later
A. No; even if possible, don't do it

Q. How is Honda's ASC?
A. Most of them sucks a big time; build a positive rapport with them if you want some personalized attention

Q. Does my CBR get serviced along with Activa?
A. Yes & no; Yes when there's no sufficient space at your ASC; No because, HMSI has instructed every ASC to build a separate bay area with tool kit for servicing CBR. All newly upcoming ASC's & few existing are getting equipped themselves for servicing CBR

Q. I hear Honda ASC doesn't stock up adequate spares, is that true?
A. It depends on the city, ASC & what spares one is looking for. While it is true that some of the ASCs don't stock up adequate, but most ASC's in tier I & II cities stock up basic spares for regular servicing

Q. The horn is not loud
A. No matter how loud is your horn, you cannot change people's attitude on road; either improve your riding skills. Remember improving your riding skills is better than improving your honking skills

Q. I hear that the suspensions are very soft & not good for cornering, is that true?
A. CBR 250R is not a track machine; if you want to improve cornering skills, buy R15 or Ninja 250R. That said, CBR 250R is close to sports touring; the softest setting, though is little bumpy, is best suited on heavy potholed roads.

Q. I hear that Conti-Go tires have lots of issues
A. Yes, there were cut marks appearing on the tires on the first batch, but Conti-Go has fixed them on the newer batch bikes. Those tires can be replaced under warranty.

Q. What if I get the cut marks on tire?
A. The dealer HAS to replace it for you under warranty from the tire manufacturer & you'll have to pay it on pro-rata basis

Q. Does CBR 250R have tubeless tires?
A. Yes

Q. What is the benefit? How about handling puncture?
A. Slow air leaks & easy to fix air loss in case of puncture as wheels don't need to be removed

Q. How long does the tires last?
A. The stock tire should last about 14-15K kms for rear; however, not many have changed their stock tire so far, so its hard to even range

Q. Can I fill Nitrogen?
A. Whatever

Q. How comfortable is the forward slanting riding position?
A. Its quite comfortable; get used to it & you'll love it

Q. Does Ninja 250R & CBR 250R have the same riding posture?
A. Theoretically no as CBR's have 1 degree upward from Ninja; practically, there's no difference.

Q. Will I develop back pain & wrist pain?
A. First of all, one of the basics on motorcycling is to remain fit, if you're not physically fit enough, one is bound to develop all physical issues even with Honda Goldwing. To answer it straight, if you're not used to forward leaning riding posture, yes, you're bound to develop wrist pain for first few 100 Kms. But there're people who've taken CBR to length & breadth of this country.

Q. Can I raise the handle bar?
A. Yes you can; fellow xBhpian icemang has done it. See this post - Honda CBR 250R

Q. The exhaust note is not up to the mark
A. Whose mark?

Q. Can I take CBR to Leh/Ladakh
A. Fellow xBhpian Kurtrules have taken it to Leh/Ladakh - The Leh Marathon!. The only limitation is you

Q. Ok, its a city bike, nice on highways, how good is it to do off-roading too?
A. Comfortably; you can even jump over a wall, the only limitation is you

Q. Is it a good bike for stunting?
A. No one has tried it so far or posted their experience on this; you're welcome to try & pls don't forget to share you experience

Q. I hear that the radiator often gets lot of dirt when ridden in rains, what can I do?
A. Nothing or clean up; or extend the fenner with a plastic sheet for about 2 inches in the bottom or make a radiator cover like this. Fellow xBhpian Metal_Maniac did a simple DIY that can be found here or Mad_Biker's DIY here

Q. What is the service cost?
A. Oil filter around Rs 250; Engine 10W-30 FS Rs 550 per litre, you'll need 1.5 lts; disc pads Rs 600 (STD) & 2K (ABS); any regular usage, it doesn't cost more than 2-3K per paid service

Q. What is the service interval?
A. Per manual, every 6000 Kms or 6 months; in real time, 4500-5000 Kms or 6 months.

Q. I've parking problem & security issues
A. Shopping for Xena Disc Alarm lock (for Ninja 250R) on eBay - : The Global Indian Biking Community : The Global Indian Biking Community - View Single Post - The Complete xBhp Review : KTM 200 Baby Duke Mega Review
Honda CBR 250R

Q. Are there any side boxes available for CBR?
A. Look here (Thanks appugodara)

Q. You quite say easily to take a test ride, but the bike at dealership is worse, how can I make a call?
A. There're multiple dealership in your city; if you're in a lower tire city, quite obvious you only have one dealership; if you're serious about your purchase, approach the Manager of the showroom, talk to them polite, tell them how serious is your purchase & ask them to give you a bike in good condition for test ride on a convenient day. If they still don't budge, shoot an email to HMSI customer care. If all this fails, ask for a test ride from any xBhpian. Quite obvious that your reputation depends for such things.

Q. Do I need any special training to ride the bike?
A. No; not really. But its good if you train yourself

Q. Can I buy a CBR 250R as my first bike?
A. Yes, get yourself equipped & spend more time understanding the bike

Q. Sounds fantastic, now help me with color
A. For now there're only 3 colors, RED, BLACK & HRC. RED is quite common & fast moving, BLACK is very attractive to both eyes & dust. Few call HRC as ambulance color, go for it if you like. Its all personal choice

Q. I need a loan for the bike, what's the procedure?
A. Your best bet it to move your lazy butt & approach the bank. The more you spend time, the better deal you work out. Anyway, to begin with you'll need address proof, photo, photo identity proofs, 6-12 months bank account statement.

Q. How about fixing a HID, loud exhaust, increase the top speed, upsize the tire, replacement ECU, make it 33 Bhp
A. Dude...put your money on good quality riding gear, ride it for a while until the warranty expires & then think about mods. Most the bike first.

Q. How good is the O-Ring chain?
Q. Do I need to buy a paddock, maintain the chain myself?
Q. The front fenner is
Q. What is the run-in I should follow Moto man or as per owner's manual?
Q. Can I fit a 12V adapter?

A. Dude...just go buy the bike, don't keep worrying on these things!!!

Q. Should I buy a Duke or CBR
Q. Isn't the RE 500 offering the same or more power than C250R?

A. Its up to you what you want to buy; fully faired sports bike (C250R) or naked looking bike D200/RE 500; RE is classified more of thumper than naked/sport bike & an established touring motorcycle.

Q. Wait a minute; what is the crap about touring, street looking, sport tourer, track machine? Why're you confusing further?
A. This one explains all in one nutshell!!!

a. Moped; b. Scooter; c. High end Scooter/Scooterette; d. Tourer; e. Cruiser; f. Dirt bike; g. Dirt/Stunting bike; h. SBK

Q. How comfortable is this bike?
Q. I'm 5.xx, 6.xx weight Y, is it comfortable for me?
Q. How easy is it to ride in a bumper to bumper traffic?

A. None of us are that expert to asses the analyze the comfort level with height & weight nor anyone knows astrology for that matter; just get out of the couch, approach your nearest dealer & request for a test ride.

Q. D200 makes the same output as that of C250R, isn't D200 superior?
A. Again wrong comparison on segments because both bikes serves different purpose altogether.

Q. On what criteria should I opt Duke or CBR?
A. Buy DUKE if, you were like to short strokes & fast revving engines; more of street looking bike, love stiffer suspension. Opt for CBR if you love more of relaxed top speeds; sports bike; soft suspension which is suited on potholed roads. For more on KTM Duke 200, pls refer DUKE 200 ownership reviews.

Q CBR 150R makes top speed of 145 from internet sources & you say C250R makes almost the same speeds, so why C250R?
A. Choice is yours; but remember, C250R is a different segment; comparing C150R with R15 makes perfect sense. If internet sources say CBR 150R does 145, the same internet sources say 250R does 170. Better way is to try out someone bike, if you're so skeptical about top speeds.

Q. I've a question on CBR 250R that's not here
A. Feel free to ask

Note - Friends, if you feel that any other points are to be added, feel free to add your pointers in this thread. Thanks.

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Default re: Honda CBR 250R : Answers to some commonly asked questions

great compilation bro,so many references and spot on comments.Very informative and nice that you have done this exercise as so many doubts are cleared in one shot.
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Default re: Honda CBR 250R : Answers to some commonly asked questions

I am glad you posted it here,if someone looking for detailed info on CBR 250R will land up here, he will thank you from the bottom of his heart.

Finding this info on other bhp forum is next to impossible in the sea of posts (I was tempted to say useless).

PS: Just for records I am yet to buy this bike, I need to compete a certain milestone prior to getting my hands on this.

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Default re: Honda CBR 250R : Answers to some commonly asked questions

Many thanks for this superb comparison. One thing I want to point out is that I had taken my Apache RTR180 to Leh. I never had back problems but sure I had a swollen thumb and sore wrist. Reason- Because of the bent forward position every time your front tyre hits a pothole or a projecting rock/stone your handlebar directly transfers this to your wrist which is already pre-loaded with some part of your body weight because of the bent forward position. So regarding riding position I would suggest a Honda Unicorn or a GS150R or all 100cc bikes. And its not that the above things only happen in Leh. Wherever there are bad roads your wrist will pain as described above.
So its not that it all depends upon a riders physical fitness alone but it also depends upon the riding/seating position of a bike.
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Default re: Honda CBR 250R : Answers to some commonly asked questions

@aargee : Wonderful compilation. Kudos to you for compiling this information together! (Rated 5 star).

I really think, we should have similar "T-BHP Official" threads for all cars/bikes.
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Default re: Honda CBR 250R : Answers to some commonly asked questions

Originally Posted by aargee View Post
Q. How about fixing a HID, loud exhaust, increase the top speed, upsize the tire, replacement ECU, make it 33 Bhp
A. Dude...put your money on good quality riding gear, ride it for a while until the warranty expires & then think about mods. Most the bike first.

Q. How good is the O-Ring chain?
Q. Do I need to buy a paddock, maintain the chain myself?
Q. The front fenner is
Q. What is the run-in I should follow Moto man or as per owner's manual?
Q. Can I fit a 12V adapter?

A. Dude...just go buy the bike, don't keep worrying on these things!!!
Overall a great compilation, but with all due respect, I think these questions quoted above should not be dismissed off like that. It is of practical use to know if the bike comes with a main stand or provision for one, or not. The most common answer is "sportbikes like CBR1000RR and R-1 don't have main stands either, will you decide not to buy one because of that" isn't helpful and totally accurate since, the CBR1100XX did have a main stand, and some other sport-tourers still do. Pure sportbikes don't , only to save weight but some owners might still want the option to fit one. Ditto with HID, it's useful to know how good the electrical susbsystem is, for HID or high watt compatibility. P220s have been reported where the BCU makes HID operation inconsistent. Perhaps some bikes come with 12V charging points ( in India only a few scooters , but elsewhere some bikes do have charging points. )
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Default Re: Honda CBR 250R : Answers to some commonly asked questions

Originally Posted by aargee View Post
Q. What is the top speed of CBR?
A. On any given day & condition it can do 135-137 Kmph (without crouching). Anything above this speed are on favourable conditions. However few have experienced upto 170 solo & 146 pillion on speedo. Just to shut all the controversies, this is what the bike has done - (courtesy thefastestindian)
Doc Arn has done some 2500kms in some 36 odd hours, without stops if I may add. No issues reported. (Calcutta-Nagpur-Bombay)

Q. CBR is not as flickable as R15 is this true?
A. Yes it is; if you want flickable machine, then R15 is best; however, the flickable riding style was built on the R-15 & is always relative. There's no point comparing 2 bikes from 2 different segments, either change the riding style or don't upgrade.
Suspension & wheelbase.

You win in off-road & bad road. Loose a bit on corners (& braking if I may add)

Mine, Vaibhav & Doc's bike along with maybe few others are early '11 manufactured (mine is March '11) and touch-wood no issues to report.
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Default Re: Honda CBR 250R : Answers to some commonly asked questions

Originally Posted by aargee View Post
Q. Can I smoke out cars?
A. Depends on 3 things; what car, how expert you're with the bike & what kind of person is driving the car; in a nutshell, yes, it has some serious power to smoke out most hatches.
Why not just quote the 0-60 and 0-100 times? People can figure out which cars can be smoked?

Originally Posted by aargee View Post
Q. D200 makes the same output as that of C250R, isn't D200 superior?
A. Again wrong comparison on segments because both bikes serves different purpose altogether.
Majority of the people (esp young) are buying these bikes for style, power and performance.
From that point of view, it serves the same purpose.

Although the CBR is more comfortable as a touring bike, it becomes v.difficult to justify its price after the arrival of the D200. Even harder to justify against the new Pulsar200.

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Default Re: Honda CBR 250R : Answers to some commonly asked questions

Great compilation and a great thanks to aargee for putting up this on TBHP.

CBR250R has made news for all good reasons and is surely an eyecatcher. People do compare it with R15 and Ninja250, but I feel it is a segment between these two. I mean if you are hell bound on buying a Ninja and know what it means to own a Ninja, I bet you will never wanna buy a CBR250R. R15 and CBR250R get comparable only because of the nearness of the price tag. If you can extend your budget, you might liketo buy a CBR. Of course now with the introduction of CBR150R, competition has heated up.

But nonetheless, an FAQ on bikes like these is just great. You always don't need a review, just a few questions before making up your mind.
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Default Re: Honda CBR 250R : Answers to some commonly asked questions

Awesome job, Aargee! Missed out on this one on xbhp.

A genuine question though, since I have had awful luck on procuring a test-ride bike - I am 5'4, and an ex-R15 owner. Is it manageable, or too high?
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Default Re: Honda CBR 250R : Answers to some commonly asked questions

Originally Posted by aargee View Post

Q. What is the top speed of CBR?
A. On any given day & condition it can do 135-137 Kmph (without crouching). Anything above this speed are on favourable conditions. However few have experienced upto 170 solo & 146 pillion on speedo. Just to shut all the controversies, this is what the bike has done - (courtesy thefastestindian)

Did some really good speeds the other day and the needle was still climbing but I spotted a car nearly 50 miles away so slowed down . My guess is that the speeds are dependent on rider weight, skill and other conditions.

Another thing I really liked was its stability in crosswinds. Between Wayanad and Mysore, encountered rather stiff crosswinds and my friend was really struggling to keep his RTR going above 60. I on the otherhand was going over 90 without issues except that my neck was fighting hard to keep my head erect so you can guess winds must have been pretty strong.

Pretty impressive on the part of bike considering I am really new to biking(my first bike and just completed 2500kms)

Last edited by n_aditya : 9th April 2012 at 11:47. Reason: please avoid quoting high speed figures unless on a closed circuit/track/road
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Default Re: Honda CBR 250R : Answers to some commonly asked questions

In case anyone has the workshop manual soft copy and wants prices of some of the spares, refer to the attached pic; my bill for the repairs on my steed.
Attached Thumbnails
Honda CBR 250R : Answers to some commonly asked questions-accident-bill.jpg  

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