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Jupiter-<3-Cars 3rd July 2014 23:19

Selling an Access 125 & buying a sub-1lakh bike
Hi everyone,

A relative of mine has a Suzuki Access 125, 2008 model, and wants to sell it within the next few months. It has approximately 30,000km done (although the newish odo shows less than 5k km clap:). The scooter has relatively new tires (less than 10,000km), a new battery, well maintained engine (oil, filters, service, etc), and everything is in good working condition. The engine is in very good condition (gives about 40 km/l) and it accelerates quickly. The body is slightly scratched on the sides, but it not bad at all for a 6-7 year old vehicle. My question is, what would be a good price to sell this scooter at? I was thinking Rs 15-20k or so would be reasonable, but please recommend whatever you think is a good price.

My other question is about a new bike -- there are many options at around the 1 lakh range. The bike would have to be a sporty bike, and preferably with ABS. Fuel efficiency is not too much of a concern. As I see it currently, the only two options would be the TVS Apache RTR 180 ABS or buying a used Honda CBR 250 ABS for slightly more than a lakh.

Without ABS, there is the Bajaj Pulsar 200NS which seems good, all the other options with similar specs have much less power (eg. Yamaha FZ v2.0 FI) or are too expensive (eg. Yamaha R15 or Honda CBR 150).

I have been following the news and rumours and it seems that there are quite a few 200-250cc bikes coming out this year, so I was wondering -- would it make sense to wait for something else to come out, or go for something already available?

The RTR 180 ABS already comes close to Rs 95k OTR, so paying Rs 15-20k more and getting a much better bike (a sparingly used CBR 250 ABS) would be a worthwhile investment. However, this is all speculation at the moment and depends on a good used bike being available. I know the 200NS may outperform the RTR 180, but ABS was a strong point for him. It is sad that more bikes do not have this feature -- it seems like there are no bikes below 2 lakhs that have ABS except for the CBR and the Apache!


ani_meher 4th July 2014 07:44

Re: Selling an Access 125 & buying a sub-1lakh bike
You can consider new ZMR or ZMA as well. Good package at good price.

n_aditya 4th July 2014 09:29

Re: Selling an Access 125 & buying a sub-1lakh bike
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