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Default TVS @ Auto Expo 2018

Big shoutout to Eddy for shooting these pictures & his coverage of the Auto Expo. Thanks for sharing, man!

TVS Motors was among the few 2-wheeler manufacturers who had a huge stall at the Auto Expo 2018:
TVS @ Auto Expo 2018-dsc_5566.jpg

The stall was well organized, well-lit and very colourful as well:
TVS @ Auto Expo 2018-dsc_5560.jpg

They even had a VR experience area:
TVS @ Auto Expo 2018-dsc_5563.jpg

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Default Re: TVS @ Auto Expo 2018

Moving on to the eye-catching stuff at the stall, TVS unveiled 3 concept 2-wheelers.
TVS Zeppelin
TVS Creon
TVS Apache RTR 200 Fi Ethanol

TVS Zeppelin

The Zeppelin concept is basically meant to be a performance cruiser. The bike has a nice old-school vibe and was one of the best-looking bikes at the stall. The rustic brown tank goes well with other matte black finishes on the bike:
TVS @ Auto Expo 2018-dsc_5494.jpg

The front features 41 mm USD fork and LED headlamp. It also gets an electronic speedometer, has online connectivity. See that round thing on the right side of the headlamp? that's an integrated HD camera for capturing your travels:
TVS @ Auto Expo 2018-dsc_5498.jpg

Looking at the side, this reminds me of the V-rod. The bike has a drag cruiser look to it. It rides on tubeless spoked alloys and has dual channel ABS as well. The rear gets a monoshock. The rear wheel gets a belt drive (again, like the Harley). The handle bars are lowered and has forward highway pegs. The bike is driven by a 220cc engine and gets a 1,200 W regenerative assist motor 48V Li-ion battery:
TVS @ Auto Expo 2018-dsc_5489.jpg

The engine is coupled with an integrated starter generator (ISG) which comes with an e-boost option. This starts the bike quicker by giving it an extra boost:
TVS @ Auto Expo 2018-dsc_5495.jpg

Although the exhaust has a nice matte black finish, it looks too plain and boring:
TVS @ Auto Expo 2018-dsc_5497.jpg

TVS Creon

The electric scooters are slowly but steadily starting to gain some ground in the Indian market. TVS displayed their concept named the Creon in a funky red and white shade. The Creon is pitted as a performance electric scooter which is claimed to do 0-60 km/h in under 5.1 seconds and has a range of 80 km:
TVS @ Auto Expo 2018-dsc_5508.jpg

The front features a plain red cowl with the mudguard finished in white. The headlamp is a small rectangular shaped slot in the middle:
TVS @ Auto Expo 2018-dsc_5509.jpg

The rear has a monoshock suspension which is placed at an angle similar to what we see in motorcycles. The tail is resembling more to a bike rather than a scooter. The scooter is built around an aluminium perimeter frame and has a single seat. A full-face helmet can be secured under the seat:
TVS @ Auto Expo 2018-dsc_5511.jpg

The motor has been placed just ahead of the rear wheel. Since this a performance scooter, it has 3 Li-ion batteries packed in the front footwell. These batteries would deliver 12 kW of power and are designed to deliver high charge per volume which helps in the compact sizing:
TVS @ Auto Expo 2018-dsc_5513.jpg

The Creon has fast charging and can charge 80% in 60 minutes:
TVS @ Auto Expo 2018-dsc_5516.jpg

TVS along with Intel have developed the connectivity technologies for the scooter. It gets a TFT screen which displays speed, battery charge, tachometer, trip meter and odometer. The scooter is app enabled and offers cloud connectivity as well:
TVS @ Auto Expo 2018-dsc_5519.jpg

The scooter has 3 riding modes, regenerative braking, park assist, GPS & navigation and geo-fencing:
TVS @ Auto Expo 2018-dsc_5524.jpg

A closer look at the minimalist LED headlamp:
TVS @ Auto Expo 2018-dsc_5527.jpg

The diamond cut alloy wheels are shod with TVS Remora tubeless tyres. Both wheels get disc brakes single channel ABS:
TVS @ Auto Expo 2018-dsc_5532.jpg

TVS Apache RTR 200 Fi Ethanol

Petrol is a combination of number of hydrocarbons. A common additive to petrol is Ethanol which helps in reducing emissions. It can also be used as an alternative fuel and that's what TVS has done with the Apache 200. Ethanol is non-toxic and biodegradable. It helps in the reduction of CO (Carbon monoxide), PM (particulate matter) and SO2 (sulphur di-oxide) emissions.

The Apache RTR 200 Fi Ethanol that was displayed had a white paint with green decals:
TVS @ Auto Expo 2018-dsc_5503.jpg

The bike is aesthetically similar to the regular Apache RTR 200:
TVS @ Auto Expo 2018-dsc_5507.jpg

The motorcycle uses Ethanol as a fuel and has a twin-spray-twin-port EFI technology. Basically, what this does is that it ensures all the fuel is burnt efficiently to reduce emissions:
TVS @ Auto Expo 2018-dsc_5500.jpg

The rear cowl badging is the same as the regular Apache. The ethanol powered bike also makes the same power as the petrol-powered Apache. The E85 version makes 21 BHP @8,500 rpm and 18.1 Nm @ 7,000 rpm and has a claimed top speed of 129 km/h:
TVS @ Auto Expo 2018-dsc_5506.jpg

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Default Re: TVS @ Auto Expo 2018

The most awaited bike from the TVS stable last year. The Apache RR310 was launched in December last year. The final production version turned out to be very similar to the concept shown at the last auto expo (related thread). At the expo, TVS showcased the bike in both the colours:
TVS @ Auto Expo 2018-dsc_5382.jpg

The bike shares its underpinnings with the BMW G310R and is built around a trellis frame and has a kerb weight of 169.5 kg:
TVS @ Auto Expo 2018-dsc_5376.jpg

Looks mean in the red colour as well. It competes against the KTM RC 390 and the Kawasaki Ninja 300 in the Indian market. It gets an adjustable monoshock suspension at the rear and rides on Michelin Street Sport tyres measuring 110/70 R17 front and 150/60 R17 rear:
TVS @ Auto Expo 2018-dsc_5389.jpg

Powering the Apache RR310 is a 312.2cc, liquid-cooled, single-cylinder engine with a Bosch closed loop fuel injection system. The engine is reverse inclined and gets double overhead camshafts (DOHC) along with a hydraulic cam chain tensioner for lower maintenance. The engine delivers a peak output of 33.5 BHP @ 9,700 rpm and 27.3 Nm of torque @ 7,700 rpm and is paired with a 6-speed gearbox. TVS claims the Apache RR 310 will do 0-60 km/h in 2.92 seconds while 100 km/h comes up in 7.17 seconds. The claimed top speed of the bike is 160 km/h:
TVS @ Auto Expo 2018-dsc_5394.jpg

The turn indicators are mounted just above the number plate housing:
TVS @ Auto Expo 2018-dsc_5390.jpg

The rear tyre has a nice and big tyre hugger:
TVS @ Auto Expo 2018-dsc_5396.jpg

The rear gets 240-mm petal type disc brake and an average looking exhaust:
TVS @ Auto Expo 2018-dsc_5387.jpg

The front gets a 300 mm disc brake and 41-mm KYB upside-down front forks:
TVS @ Auto Expo 2018-dsc_5401.jpg

Other recent launches included these 2 scooters:
TVS @ Auto Expo 2018-dsc_5403.jpg

First up is the Ntorq 125 cc scooter which was launched at Rs. 58,750. The scooter is based on an under-bone type frame:
TVS @ Auto Expo 2018-dsc_5447.jpg

The front gets a V-shaped headlamp and integrated DRLs positioned on the front cowl. it also gets a dual tone front fender while the front cowl and handle bar housing have contrasting black trim:
TVS @ Auto Expo 2018-dsc_5449.jpg

The side profile has sharp lines swooping upwards:
TVS @ Auto Expo 2018-dsc_5451.jpg

The scooter comes with a digital instrument cluster, which can be paired with a mobile phone using Bluetooth. It has features like SMS alert with auto reply, missed call alert, navigation assist, last parked location assist, phone signal and battery strength display and a rider's app with rider stats, lap timer, top-speed recorder and average speed indicator. The rider can configure it using three pre-sets - Street, Sport and Ride Stats:
TVS @ Auto Expo 2018-dsc_5468.jpg

The scooter rides on 12-inch alloy wheels shod with 100/80 section tyres at the front and 220 mm front disc brake. The rear gets 110/80 tyres and drum brakes:
TVS @ Auto Expo 2018-dsc_5455.jpg

The tail light is shaped like a shield and has a T-shaped LED light. The tail light is flanked by vent-like trim pieces with indicators placed below it. It has split rear grab handle and gets external fuel filler:
TVS @ Auto Expo 2018-dsc_5461.jpg

The exhaust can has an interesting design:
TVS @ Auto Expo 2018-dsc_5471.jpg

TVS Jupiter Classic Edition

The other launch from TVS last year was this classic edition of the Jupiter:
TVS @ Auto Expo 2018-dsc_5412.jpg

The classic edition comes with some cosmetic upgrades in a new 'Sunlit Ivory' body colour:
TVS @ Auto Expo 2018-dsc_5416.jpg

Chrome-finished mirrors and windshield on the classic edition were missing on the showcased vehicle:
TVS @ Auto Expo 2018-dsc_5414.jpg

The Jupiter classic has all metal body panels:
TVS @ Auto Expo 2018-dsc_5440.jpg

The front gets a telescopic suspension and a disc brake:
TVS @ Auto Expo 2018-dsc_5419.jpg

External fuel filling cap for the Jupiter:
TVS @ Auto Expo 2018-dsc_5435.jpg

The scooter is powered by a 109.7cc, single-cylinder, air-cooled engine that produces 7.9 BHP @ 7,500 rpm and 8 Nm of torque @ 5,500 rpm:
TVS @ Auto Expo 2018-dsc_5438.jpg

The handle dampeners are finished in chrome and the instrument cluster has different artwork than the regular Jupiter:
TVS @ Auto Expo 2018-dsc_5429.jpg

The classic edition has these dual-tone seat which look really nice. It also gets a chrome-finished rear seat grab handle with a cushioned backrest:
TVS @ Auto Expo 2018-dsc_5423.jpg

Dimensions and other specifications were displayed on the monitor:
TVS @ Auto Expo 2018-dsc_5410.jpg

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Default Re: TVS @ Auto Expo 2018

TVS also had the RTR 450 Dakar Rally bike on display. The bike has been jointly developed by TVS and Sherco Motorcycles:
TVS @ Auto Expo 2018-dsc_5534.jpg

That's an 18" aluminum rim with steel spokes. The rear has a massive 300 mm (13 inches) of travel range!
TVS @ Auto Expo 2018-dsc_5537.jpg

The cockpit of the rider provides information regarding the route and even the weather conditions:
TVS @ Auto Expo 2018-dsc_5539.jpg

The other bikes of the company's current line-up were also on display. Here's the Apache RTR 160:
TVS @ Auto Expo 2018-dsc_5542.jpg

The Apache RTR 180 in matte blue shade:
TVS @ Auto Expo 2018-dsc_5544.jpg

The Apache RTR 200 4V with ABS which was launched recently:
TVS @ Auto Expo 2018-dsc_5547.jpg

The Apache RTR 200 Fi4V with electronic fuel injection. The Apache series has started to become more like the Splendor series with so many variants:
TVS @ Auto Expo 2018-dsc_5549.jpg

The TVS Sport:
TVS @ Auto Expo 2018-dsc_5552.jpg

The Star City+ with dual tone exterior:
TVS @ Auto Expo 2018-dsc_5553.jpg

The TVS Victor:
TVS @ Auto Expo 2018-dsc_5554.jpg

The TVS Jupiter:
TVS @ Auto Expo 2018-dsc_5558.jpg

The Zest 110:
TVS @ Auto Expo 2018-dsc_5556.jpg

The Scooty Pep+:
TVS @ Auto Expo 2018-dsc_5557.jpg

The Dazz was showcased at the 2016 Auto Expo as well:
TVS @ Auto Expo 2018-dsc_5555.jpg

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Default Re: TVS @ Auto Expo 2018

Thread moved out from the Assembly Line. Thanks for sharing!
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Default Re: TVS @ Auto Expo 2018

Much awaited! Thanks.

TVS put up a brilliant show at the Expo. Totally unexpected, and second probably only to TATA as far as making Indian motoring proud.

Starting with the Zeppelin concept. Truly well rounded for a concept and I see no reason why it should not make it production. Someone on Team-Bhp commented earlier that Zepellin is Dominar effect, but the way I see it - Dominar should have been Pulsar 400. And the Zepellin is what a Dominar should have been, if it were from Bajaj.

Looks like a power cruiser with enough elements to appeal to both the traditional and modern camps. Would not need "Haathi math paalo" ads if this were to enter production, with the right specs and price. I'm not expecting belt drive and the electric assist to make it to production.

Then came their showstopper which was the Creon electric scooter. Yet another concept done just right IMO- the design is just right and looks a perfect blend of reality and future. Hope it makes to production soon.

NTorq 125 launched just before the Expo was another good launch. The scooter looks very competitive, has good specs and features all at a VFM pricetag. RR310 is still fresh and quite a looker as well.

Overall, a great Expo for TVS and hope for more action from them soon.
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Default Re: TVS @ Auto Expo 2018

I am happy to see that TVS finally is getting mature in its designs. My first bike bought with my money was Ind-Suzuki and most of my family members have been regular buyers of TVS. I always respected their engineering but always felt that on design front they were conservative compared to Bajaj. Among all the products displayed, the Zeppelin and the Creon seem to be well rounded - except that Creon has a motorcycle type of back! N-Torq seem to be fairly mature. How come they are not showcasing their TVS King - 3 wheeler? I had hoped that they would take it to next higher level from where the 3 wheelers are - but I guess it's just a money spinner for all the makers! As ever, Team-BHP does an A-class job of any review! Kudos to the team!
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Default Re: TVS @ Auto Expo 2018

TVS has really come of age in the Indian 2-wheeler scenario with the launch of Apache RR 310 and with this two new concepts - Zeppelin and Creon, they will take the game forward, if they are launched. The Zeppelin is really a stunner and TVS is quick to design the concept seeing that there is a vacant space in the Performance Cruiser segment (RE Thunderbird notwithstanding) in India and should bring this to market asap to tap the potential of this segment.
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Thumbs up Re: TVS @ Auto Expo 2018

The Zeppelin concept is amazing!
Apache RR 310 in red looks awesome!
The Jupiter Classic edition is cool!

I wish they would have used a different name for the New Victor, I somehow cannot associate the current version look with the good old first generation Victor.
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Default Re: TVS @ Auto Expo 2018

The concept of a performance cruiser looks amazing. Zeppelin looks like a serious attempt by TVS in Cruiser motorcycle segment. Come on TVS, get it out of the concept and make it a final product, the market is ready ( & ripe) for this amazing motorcycle.
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Default Re: TVS @ Auto Expo 2018

Originally Posted by SJM1214 View Post
The concept of a performance cruiser looks amazing. Zeppelin looks like a serious attempt by TVS in Cruiser motorcycle segment. Come on TVS, get it out of the concept and make it a final product, the market is ready ( & ripe) for this amazing motorcycle.
True. Instead of playing around with a new 220cc motor (and thus ending up with comparisons to the Avenger), they should just plonk the 310cc engine into this! Engine is ready (Unless they have an agreement with BMW limited the number and type of bikes it can be used on!), and the bike looks almost production spec, except small details.

Hope to see the test vehicles on the road soon.
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