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Piaggio @ Auto Expo 2018

Big shoutout to .anshuman for shooting these pictures & his coverage of the Auto Expo. Thanks for sharing, man!

The Piaggio stall had offerings from their Vespa, Aprilia and Moto Guzzi brands. The company unveiled the Aprilia Storm and launched the Aprilia SR 125 scooter at a price starting from Rs. 65,310 (ex showroom Pune).

It is similar to the larger SR 150, albeit with the 125cc engine:
Piaggio @ Auto Expo 2018-a1.jpg

It will also be available in the blue shade amongst others:
Piaggio @ Auto Expo 2018-img_20180208_1222422304x1728.jpg

The spec-sheet:
Piaggio @ Auto Expo 2018-a2.jpg

The company also showcased the Storm 125. It will be targeted towards youth with bright exterior colours, 12-inch wheels and a customisation option via optional accessories:
Piaggio @ Auto Expo 2018-s1.jpg

The black and red combo looks good. The scooter also gets front disk brakes, a 30mm telescopic front fork and a 125cc engine:
Piaggio @ Auto Expo 2018-s3.jpg

Piaggio @ Auto Expo 2018-s2.jpg

The Vespa Elettrica is an electric scooter from Vespa. The retro-styled scooter is finished in a silver colour and will get a 5.36 BHP / 200 Nm electric motor. The company claims a 100 km range before the batteries need to be replenished:
Piaggio @ Auto Expo 2018-img_20180208_1220182304x1728.jpg

The scooter gets blue highlights along the monocoque body, wheel and the seats. It also gets a 4.3-inch TFT colour display:
Piaggio @ Auto Expo 2018-img_20180208_1220242304x1728.jpg

Piaggio @ Auto Expo 2018-img_20180208_1220142304x1728.jpg

Two Vespa SXL 150 scooters were displayed in bright colours:
Piaggio @ Auto Expo 2018-img_20180208_1220582304x1728.jpg

The SXL 150 in red:
Piaggio @ Auto Expo 2018-img_20180208_1220372304x1728.jpg

The matte red with a short front windshield:
Piaggio @ Auto Expo 2018-img_20180208_1220412304x1728.jpg

The rear passenger gets no grab handle. Only a strap to hold on to:
Piaggio @ Auto Expo 2018-img_20180208_1220482304x1728.jpg

The matte yellow shade:
Piaggio @ Auto Expo 2018-img_20180208_1220551728x2304.jpg

The Vespa GTS Super 150 with liquid cooling was next:
Piaggio @ Auto Expo 2018-img_20180208_1221081728x2304.jpg

It's unmistakably a Vespa, but slightly bulged up in places - especially the rear:
Piaggio @ Auto Expo 2018-img_20180208_1221142304x1728.jpg

Large square tail lamp and two clear lens indicators at the back. It also gets a chrome grab handle:
Piaggio @ Auto Expo 2018-img_20180208_1221181728x2304.jpg

It gets ABS as well!
Piaggio @ Auto Expo 2018-img_20180208_1221052304x1728.jpg

Vespa Notte looks like the first-gen LX125 in an all-black avatar:
Piaggio @ Auto Expo 2018-img_20180208_1221292304x1728.jpg

Piaggio @ Auto Expo 2018-img_20180208_1221341728x2304.jpg

Piaggio @ Auto Expo 2018-img_20180208_1221402304x1728.jpg

Piaggio @ Auto Expo 2018-img_20180208_1221482304x1728.jpg

Piaggio @ Auto Expo 2018-img_20180208_1221252304x1728.jpg

Vespa Connected

The Piaggio Group also launched a mobile connectivity app at the Expo. It will be available on the Android and iOS platforms in the coming days. It can connect to the user's bike via either a manual entry or scanning a QR code to get bike related information and a panic alert feature:
Piaggio @ Auto Expo 2018-img_20180208_1222082304x1728.jpg

Owners will also be able to book service appointments, locate nearby service stations and petrol bunks. It is not yet known if all the existing vehicles will be able to take advantage of it or only the new vehicles with extra hardware can use the app:
Piaggio @ Auto Expo 2018-img_20180208_1222172304x1728.jpg

Product (RED) Vespa. Part of the proceeds will go towards the global fund fighting against AIDS:
Piaggio @ Auto Expo 2018-img_20180208_1222302304x1728.jpg

Piaggio @ Auto Expo 2018-img_20180208_1222262304x1728.jpg

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Re: Piaggio @ Auto Expo 2018

The 2017 Moto GP bike on display:
Piaggio @ Auto Expo 2018-img_20180208_1222562304x1728.jpg

The SR 150 Race in a red, green and white livery:
Piaggio @ Auto Expo 2018-img_20180208_1223202304x1728.jpg

Piaggio @ Auto Expo 2018-img_20180208_1223152304x1728.jpg

The regular SR 150 was also nearby:
Piaggio @ Auto Expo 2018-img_20180208_1223352304x1728.jpg

Piaggio @ Auto Expo 2018-img_20180208_1223312304x1728.jpg

The SR 150 - Carbon SE is a limited edition that gets external panels in a carbon-fibre finish:
Piaggio @ Auto Expo 2018-img_20180208_1225541728x2304.jpg

Piaggio @ Auto Expo 2018-img_20180208_1225492304x1728.jpg

The Moto Guzzi V9 Bobber was also displayed:
Piaggio @ Auto Expo 2018-img_20180208_1224072304x1728.jpg

Piaggio @ Auto Expo 2018-img_20180208_1223462304x1728.jpg

Piaggio @ Auto Expo 2018-img_20180208_1224241728x2304.jpg

Piaggio @ Auto Expo 2018-img_20180208_1223432304x1728.jpg

The Moto Guzzi Eldorado:
Piaggio @ Auto Expo 2018-img_20180208_1224402304x1728.jpg

The Eldorado gets a longitudinally mounted 1,400 cc 90-degree V2 engine:
Piaggio @ Auto Expo 2018-img_20180208_1224432304x1728.jpg

The liquid cooled motor makes 95 BHP @ 6,500 rpm and 121 Nm @ 3,000 rpm and power the rear wheels using a shaft drive:
Piaggio @ Auto Expo 2018-img_20180208_1224472304x1728.jpg

It gets a pin-stripe pattern on the tank and the side covers:
Piaggio @ Auto Expo 2018-img_20180208_1224512304x1728.jpg

It gets a chrome fuel lid and handle bar. Single pod houses the instrument cluster:
Piaggio @ Auto Expo 2018-img_20180208_1224552304x1728.jpg

The analogue tachometer sits outside the circular digital display that shows the speed as well as other information:
Piaggio @ Auto Expo 2018-img_20180208_1225292304x1728.jpg

Chrome bits look tastefully done; pin-stripe pattern continues on the rear fender:
Piaggio @ Auto Expo 2018-img_20180208_1225081728x2304.jpg

In international markets, its a popular highway cruiser:
Piaggio @ Auto Expo 2018-img_20180208_1225162304x1728.jpg

The spread-winged eagle motif is in honour of the founding member's aviator-friend who was killed on a test flight:
Piaggio @ Auto Expo 2018-img_20180208_1225232304x1728.jpg

Piaggio @ Auto Expo 2018-img_20180208_1224322304x1728.jpg

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Re: Piaggio @ Auto Expo 2018

The Aprilia RSV4 RF was showcased as well:
Piaggio @ Auto Expo 2018-img_20180208_1226342304x1728.jpg

Piaggio @ Auto Expo 2018-img_20180208_1226392304x1728.jpg

It gets a inverted, 43mm Ohlins front fork with fully adjustable spring pre load, hydraulic compression and rebound damping. Dual 330mm disk brakes and Brembo callipers handle braking duties:
Piaggio @ Auto Expo 2018-img_20180208_1226432304x1728.jpg

The rear suspension is a double braced aluminium frame with an Ohlins TTX monoshock with piggyback. It gets fully adjustable preload, wheelbase, compression and rebound:
Piaggio @ Auto Expo 2018-img_20180208_1226562304x1728.jpg

The exhaust is on the right side. The bike gets aids like traction control, wheelie control, launch control, a quick shifter, cornering ABS and cruise control:
Piaggio @ Auto Expo 2018-img_20180208_1226592304x1728.jpg

The bike gets a TFT display with smartphone connectivity:
Piaggio @ Auto Expo 2018-img_20180208_1227042304x1728.jpg

The rear tyre is a massive 200/55R17:
Piaggio @ Auto Expo 2018-img_20180208_1227142304x1728.jpg

The spec-sheet:
Piaggio @ Auto Expo 2018-img_20180208_1226282304x1728.jpg

The Aprilia Tuono V4 1100 Factory was next:
Piaggio @ Auto Expo 2018-img_20180208_1227252304x1728.jpg

Piaggio @ Auto Expo 2018-img_20180208_1227322304x1728.jpg

The Tuono V4 develops 173 BHP @ 11,000 rpm and 121 Nm @ 9,000 rpm:
Piaggio @ Auto Expo 2018-img_20180208_1227372304x1728.jpg

The rear gets slim LED brake lights and clean lens turn indicators:
Piaggio @ Auto Expo 2018-img_20180208_1227411728x2304.jpg

It gets an aluminium swing arm and a suspension similar to the RSV4:
Piaggio @ Auto Expo 2018-img_20180208_1227492304x1728.jpg

Piaggio @ Auto Expo 2018-img_20180208_1227182304x1728.jpg

The Aprilia Dorsoduro 900 is an off-road bike with long travel suspension:
Piaggio @ Auto Expo 2018-img_20180208_1228032304x1728.jpg

The 900cc engine develops 94 BHP @ 8,750 rpm and 90 Nm @ 6,500 rpm:
Piaggio @ Auto Expo 2018-img_20180208_1228082304x1728.jpg

The detailed specs can be found here:
Piaggio @ Auto Expo 2018-img_20180208_1227572304x1728.jpg

The Aprilia Shiver 900 uses the same state of tune as the Dorsoduro:
Piaggio @ Auto Expo 2018-img_20180208_1228162304x1728.jpg

The front gets a combinational headlight with LED and halogen lights. It also gets a 4.3-inch, full-colour, TFT console:
Piaggio @ Auto Expo 2018-img_20180208_1228212304x1728.jpg

Funky under seat dual-exhaust get silver caps at the ends:
Piaggio @ Auto Expo 2018-img_20180208_1228302304x1728.jpg

Piaggio @ Auto Expo 2018-img_20180208_1228112304x1728.jpg

The smaller Aprilia Tuono 150 was also present:
Piaggio @ Auto Expo 2018-img_20180208_1229442304x1728.jpg

The 18 BHP / 14 Nm bike is finished in a red, black and silver livery:
Piaggio @ Auto Expo 2018-img_20180208_1229492304x1728.jpg

Detailed specs:
Piaggio @ Auto Expo 2018-img_20180208_1229372304x1728.jpg

Next up is the Aprilia RS 150:
Piaggio @ Auto Expo 2018-img_20180208_1230251728x2304.jpg

When launched, it could go against the likes of the Yamaha R15. It comes equipped with ABS and a quick shifter as standard:
Piaggio @ Auto Expo 2018-img_20180208_1230092304x1728.jpg

Piaggio @ Auto Expo 2018-img_20180208_1230152304x1728.jpg

Piaggio @ Auto Expo 2018-img_20180208_1230022304x1728.jpg

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Re: Piaggio @ Auto Expo 2018

Thread moved out from the Assembly Line. Thanks for sharing!
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Re: Piaggio @ Auto Expo 2018

The Vespa photos are the only show pics to have commanded a second look from me. Really great timeless look! Beautiful!

And this is high praise indeed from me, as I don't have any wish to own a two-wheeler ever, and I don't think that even a BMW would really grab my attention in the street.
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Re: Piaggio @ Auto Expo 2018

Wow those cute little Vespa's look great!
The color palette is very well chosen to standout in the crowd, kudos to the Italian timeless design
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