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anjan_c2007 13th June 2019 17:52

Are most e-scooters weird & wacky looking?
Of the e-scooters sold in our markets since the past just more than one decade, a majority a wierd and wacky looking. In the earlier days most of these were imported from China, where these would have been designed. These looks have stayed on since the past decade and some of these are getting even more wierd and wackier over the years. A few of these are copy cat designs of some existing popular models of scooters, but lacking in the fit and finish departments.

The looks and aesthetics of a majority of these are a total turn-off. Since the government was talking of a deadline in future to make manufacturing these compulsory, to replace fossil fuel powered bikes and scooters below 150 cc engine displacement, many of us were bewildered as to how these e-mini monsters would fit in on our roadscape.

As a rule, the fit and finish of most of these are below par. Perhaps the Chinese designs have taken roots in this sunrise industry. As we move closer towards accepting these as a way of commuting, we can only hope that the "Design Gods" take our call and give us better looking e- scooters and not e-mini monsters. Monsters because some have "devil like" looking headlights !

An American pop group's name "Arrested Development" (1988 till now) fits in snugly to some of these e-mini monsters !

We sadly miss comments by Late Mr Dilip Bam who would have added punch to the debate.

Some of the e-scooters available:-

The oldest one:-

The range :-

Slightly acceptable but still wacky looks dominate !

Another one:-

Yet another :-

jalsa777 13th June 2019 17:59

re: Are most e-scooters weird & wacky looking?
All of these scooters are of Chinese origin. They come in CKD form and are just assembled in India with little or no modificaiton. And that modification is restricted to providing a battery kill switch for ARAI regulations. They even do that in the ugliest way possible by sticking a MCB under the seat!
These scooters were designed for the Chinese market where the consumer demand seems to be different than what one expects in India.

Ather Energy is the only company which currently has scooters on sale which are Designed in India and Designed for India. Hero electric seems to be using an Indian body on one of its models, but the underpinnings are still Chinese.

There are other companies which are attempting to design something for India, but they have not launched yet.

anjan_c2007 13th June 2019 23:40

re: Are most e-scooters weird & wacky looking?
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A few samples for our perusal.

Attachment 1884815

Attachment 1884816

Attachment 1884817

Attachment 1884818

Attachment 1884819

Attachment 1884820

Attachment 1884821

Attachment 1884822

Attachment 1884824

Wondering as to how the TVS Jupiter has landed in this august company (above image) ?

Attachment 1884825

Attachment 1884826

ashwinprakas 14th June 2019 00:51

re: Are most e-scooters weird & wacky looking?
Not a day goes by when I'd not think the same, but I'm just too scared to ask questions lest they shun me with weightlessness and efficiency talk.

RIP Dilip Bam.

GTO 14th June 2019 08:19

Re: Are most e-scooters weird & wacky looking?
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Agreed with Jalsa. There are good-looking e-scooters around the world, but India is flooded by Chinese products. China isn't exactly the last word in design & aesthetics.

Even as a car-guy who knows little about 2-wheelers, I find the Ather to be pretty good-looking:
Attachment 1884909


Originally Posted by ashwinprakas (Post 4604327)
RIP Dilip Bam.

A good time to revisit this thread.

majumon 14th June 2019 12:52

Re: Are most e-scooters weird & wacky looking?

Originally Posted by GTO (Post 4604368)
I find the Ather to be pretty good-looking:

I agree with the looks as well as had the chance to ride it yesterday, I really liked it, has a reverse drive for easy removal from crowded parking areas and crawls at 3km /hr, it has a sports mode too and all are touch screen basis. Also provide disc brakes front and rear.

braindead 15th June 2019 00:14

Re: Are most e-scooters weird & wacky looking?
I like that electric scooter makers are trying something new. Scooters have been looking more-or-less the same for a decade now. Some will get it wrong, and some like Ather will get it right.

It is a good thing that some are trying fresh approach to building scooters to go with the new tech.

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