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Ather open-sources it's Proprietary Patented Connector to other OEMs

Today Ather CEO Tarun Mehta announced on twitter that Ather will open-source it's Proprietary Patented Connector to other OEMs
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It was also announced on their Forum too.
Opening up our proprietary fast-charging connector for other OEMs to drive faster adoption of EVs
Hey folks!

Ather has been at the forefront of enabling fast charging in EV 2 wheelers for the last few years. Today, there is no fast charging/connector standard in the Indian market that is suitable for 2 wheeler use. We strongly believe that the future of mobility in the electric 2 wheeler space would be built on fast charging for non-commercial use cases, rather than battery swapping.

Hence we developed a proprietary charging and connector standard, based on the IEC6219601 with the following requirements:

A single connector for fast public charging (DC) and EVSE charging with an onboard charger (AC), for both slow and fast charging.
CAN 2.0 communication, Control pilot and Proximity Pilot to establish communication between the scooter and the charger, for a seamless and safe experience while fast charging.
Small size for use in light EVs
Low cost enabling usage in economy vehicles
This standard & connector is currently in use across 200+ Ather Grid points in India and has been rigorously tested in various conditions across India.

Were glad to see the larger auto industry rally around fast charging, and want to enable other OEMs to leverage the charging standards and subsequently the wide Ather Grid network across India. Ultimately, this would help tackle range anxiety and bring interoperability in fast charging standards in India for light EVs, leading to more fast charging options across the country.

And towards helping accelerate faster transition to electric, were opening up our State-of-the-Art Proprietary Patented Connector to other OEMs who are looking to collaborate on fast charging, to avoid multiple standards and to bring in interoperability in the light EV fast-charging space. Any OEM who leverages the connector and the standard would be able to use Ather Grid locations, and Ather scooters can be charged at charging networks which integrate the standard. As more OEMs integrate these standards, the entire ecosystem benefits, fast-tracking EV adoption in India.

This is a wonderful move IMO. If this is adopted by more and more OEMs, it'll be a huge benefit for all the EV owners. The customer will benefit from this because of a wider charging network availability. The OEMs can setup a bigger charging network faster with the same budget for a smaller charging network with unique chargers

Below is how the charger connector of Ather looks like right now. Its a proprietary charger that builds on the existing CCS2 type adaptor.

Ather open-sources it's Proprietary Patented Connector to other OEMs-20190304_090244.jpg

Ather open-sources it's Proprietary Patented Connector to other OEMs-img20190127wa0046.jpg

Some of the globally used charger types for EVs are as below. almost all of them are for cars and we do not really have any two wheeler specific standard.
Ather open-sources it's Proprietary Patented Connector to other OEMs-882b299c493e420282b730f5d36ac7ce.jpeg

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Re: Ather open-sources it's Proprietary Patented Connector to other OEMs

Whoever makes an adaptable universal adapter, wins the market!!
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Re: Ather open-sources it's Proprietary Patented Connector to other OEMs

Not sure if this is the right thread. EVs charging capability has always been a concern along with the infrastructure the company has at the moment.

But, my other concern is - companies are marching towards fast charging capability to reduce overall time taken to charge a vehicle. Considering this method, wont batteries be under immense pressure to absorb the load of fast charging voltages? Won’t it cause them to heat or even explode? Please take a look at this post. Engineering an automobile was sophisticated at one point. With EV’s, there’s more & more players in the market which would be a bane than a boon in terms of reliability or durability of these products to the consumers.
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