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Default Re: TVS patents hydrogen fuel cell-powered e-scooter

Originally Posted by nitro.1000bhp View Post
Not sure that's a very bright idea. When big companies are barely able to make ev batteries that don't go up in flames I can't begin to imagine the size of the explosion when small companies are allowed to play with a highly combustible fuel like hydrogen!!
I understand the safety concern.
However, a bigger part of my idea is that bigger petroleum companies will manufacture the Hydrogen Generators and sell it to the small businessmen.
This will ensure safety to a big degree as we'll only use licensed, tested machines. To satisfy vested interests of powerful corporate, at least this much must happen.
This will also ensure all round super-employment and development, but of course, wealth (& even power) will not be concentrated in a few hands.

As for allowing smaller businessmen to "play" with Hydrogen, I believe with proper licensing, planning, standards and a small business scale will ensure small incidents (if at all).
That's why I've mentioned a huge number of vendors per city, like 500-10,000, because each will be just a small shop, a small scale implementation, not even a petrol pump.

I'm more concerned about the vehicles, road users are likely to screw up more than professional, trained businessmen). Talking of which, businessmen training itself can be a new avenue for employment of trainers and teachers.

And no mass transit of Hydrogen. Remember, electricity travels in a low cost, hydrogen transit will be expensive and like you said, explosion costs will be even more..
This will be only for city commuters though. For highways and buses and trucks, there can be large scale hydrogen fatories in isolated places with less explosion/ accidental impact around the concerned highway area.

Of course all this is just a huge brainstorming discussion in all maturity, nothing more. I'm just a small city college professor, how can I imagine a full ready system?
A lot will be changed and improvised if at all the idea happens. I imagine we're getting around 20% of our ideas right, rest will change.
It will happen though, only if someone politically powerful actually wants to support the nation, and not just few big business houses...

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