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Oops sorry my fault as still rides carburated bikes .
Now becaming old for these Fi's.
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Today I had taken my bike out for the first time after I got the number.

Man the bike is a bliss to drive. I touched 50Kms only as the bike is still in the running in period. (Only 56kms done on Odo).

The feeling of driving the Pulsar 220 is something that I just cannot describe in words. The feeling is so different then the other bikes that I have driven.

I drove the bike for 50 kms in the day today to commute to my work place and back. All the motorist on the road were taking a second look on the bike as these are not been seen much on the road in mumbai yet.

I faced 1 small problem in the bike today and hence would be taking it to the service station too for the same. While driving I suddenly saw the tell tale light for Oil blinking. I could not tell the reason as to why the light came on. Hence I stopped the bike and shut down the engine and removed the keys. After 30 seconds I again restarted the bike and it started without any issue of the Oil Blinking. I am still not sure as to why that light came on and what made it disappear too but i will surely take the bike to the service personnel tomorrow.
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Originally Posted by BunnyPunia View Post
what is the craze with the pics when the bike is the same we have seen in mags/tv!
anyways, there is a p220 owner in pune who is using a k&n on his bike. the prob is that (as per him), the warnin light on the console comes up sometimes when he accelerates hard. i think the sensor does sense the extra amt of air being sucked in.
there shdnt be any harm as the sensors will adjust to the extra flow themselves.
When FI bikes/cars go to hills, the air becomes thin but the vehicles doesnt face any issues while operating coz the sensor adjust. Likewise, even with a k&n on, the sensors shall adjust.

as for tyres, you may have only one option : duros
I think after installing a K&N in a FI, to adjust the sensor, the battery has to be disconnected and reconnected, its basically like resetting the sensor. This will aide the sensor to adjust itself.

" aisa maine sunaa tha"
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kailashnj - hows your P 220 doing?
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hey guys,
m back t x bhp after a very very long break.. almoast a year! here r few pics of my bike. this was how it looked 4 months back. now th bikes in stock condition wit a k&n(r-220). i wanna know as to how i can re-jet my bike n thru whom in bangalore. pls help me out..
Attached Images
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no offense, but the front looks real ugly to me!
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Old 2nd October 2008, 23:15   #22
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Same here .. the Stock bike looks much much better ...

Was in Bangalore 3 weeks and happened to visit a shop called "Bik* W***d" on JC road to pick up headlight bulbs for my Machismo 500. There were a couple of guys talking to the shopkeeper .. One of them wanted to fit a K&N filter on his P200. He asked the Shopkeeper how it would sound .. The shopkeeper replied back that "It would sound like an RD350" !! I was pretty amused by this conversation !! Further the guy also wanted to fit a NOS unit on his bike !! The shopkeeper was atleast honest in telling him that fitting a NOS on a P200 wouldn't make much difference !!
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Old 3rd October 2008, 16:03   #23
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Din't know that there's a 220 thread running! Here are a few pics of my ride from here and there!

Chilling in the fog somewhere off Kolar on NH4, approx. 7AM Jan08
Pulsar 220-dsc031051.jpg

Voila all fog missing at 9.30AM
Pulsar 220-dsc031061.jpg

Going down for my second round up the Tirupati ghats! Feb08
Pulsar 220-dsc04034.jpg

220 Kms to Bengaluru!
Pulsar 220-dsc04174.jpg

Don't you ever screwup on me! Jaglamparai falls, Apr08
Pulsar 220-dsc04343.jpg

Moutain Dew, Yelagiri Hills, Apr08
Pulsar 220-dsc04425.jpg

Booootiphul roads, 30kms off Salem enroute to Yercaud, Jun08
Pulsar 220-dsc05390.jpg

Fog Hunters, Yercaud, Jun08
Pulsar 220-dsc05525.jpg

NICE Road hopping, Aug08
Pulsar 220-dsc05988.jpg

NOTE: Sorry for the large pics, this manage attachments does not allow me to switch between thumbnails and resize etc.
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Praful, nice shots
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Old 24th December 2008, 21:03   #25
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I am looking forward to change the tyres of my pulsar, can some one please guide me as to which tyres should I try. I am more interested in using the Yamaha's FZ16 rear tyre. Do you think that would be a direct fit on the bike as both share the same 17 inch rims.

If yes, are the FZ16 tyres available in the market adn what price?. Can you also suggest some other brands like Michelin and also approx cost.

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Old 25th December 2008, 10:56   #26
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Get zapper vyde 120/80 - 17 for more info pm prafultripathy he is currently running on these tyres.
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Old 5th January 2009, 15:52   #27
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the underseat exhaust looks good,from where did you get those? is there any change in the performance?
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