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Originally Posted by Sam Kapasi View Post
from that hard seat.
IIRC, the RX 100 had one of the widest and softest seats ever at that time. After sitting on an RX , the KB and CD 100 seats were pure torture for one's behind. Even now , not many bikes pamper your behind like the RX 100 once did
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i am sobbing .....
that's the bike in which i learn t to drive
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Damn - I have a lump in my throat from reading this.

Why are you selling speakers, you abominable salesman?
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Thanks for sharing your emotions with us Sam Baba.
Still having my first love CD100 with me but dont have any of my old GF to share my feelings, rest other bikes sold as nothing is permanent in life, everything comes with its own expiry date whether things or relations, any thing which comes in life is going to leave us one day.
We can maximize their tenure with us but cant retaing them for ever and thats the reality of life.
Enough of Philisophy and good news is i am restoring one 1985 RD , will put up pics very soon and hoping that my kid will retain my love as long as he loves me.
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Old 24th February 2008, 19:37   #20
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Sam, that really brought back memories from my life..
I dunno how you do it, but your posts are the best..
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Ah yes the RX story, was waiting for this one too!! Well written as usual yetisan.

Should get my brothers to read this, they dont value my RX at all. Ran her around without oil even
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Damn, you are the last person who I expected to be a biker. I too was a proud owner of an RX (12th std) that I loved to death. In fact its the only vehicle that I remember the number, KA-03 J7904. The bike made me feel like superman when I rode it. Sadly I had to let it go when I moved out of the country.
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Old 24th February 2008, 19:45   #23
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Finally i can find neutral.
which is a big help
stalling in the middle of the road and getting dirty looks from carwallahs ( i.e) people like me!!, will now be consigned to history.

I better get a different helmet tho. My racing helmet is too snug a fit to ride around all day with.

Btw Sam i had a few pillion rides on that as well.
remember one ride to Akram battery??
I think both of us jumped 3 feet when he shorted the terminal to show us how charged the damn thing was.
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Thank you for appreciating my post. I wrote it so you could feel the way I did.

In fact last night itself I had to call TheOne® to tell her about the whole thing. She just heard me out quietly. I suppose she was smiling.

This morning I just knew I had to write about it. Get it out, share it with this crazy bunch of friends who love cars and bikes. Who would understand better. Thanks guys. I mean it.
And Revvhead, thank you for doing this.
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Hey Sam baba,

a real heart tugging flashback account from you.It touched a nerve somewhere. Shed a tear myself...remembered my own bike days and the grand time I had on my bike with and w/o the "one". What one 'felt' while reading your account can't be expressed in words..

Dunno why remembered this song "Purani Jeans aur Guitar..mohalle ki woh chhat aur mere yaar" - reminiscing the good old bike days during college..

Thank you & God bless..
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Saaaaaaaaam, you made me cry.

I miss my black RX100. I WANT IT BACK. RIGHT NOW.

I too literally lived on it. She was a beauty (with brains). I had to sell it a few years ago which me and my wife regret now.

I miss the RX Power.

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Old 24th February 2008, 21:09   #27
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Nice account of your RX memories Sam!

When I was a kid RX 100 was my dream bike, but by the time I got a job & could afford one, production of RX 100 was stopped! :(
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Old 24th February 2008, 21:22   #28
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Cool account of your memories. I've too felt nostalgic many times but this is the best put account in words!
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I have a Rx100 (second hand) now which my dad gifted to me when i got admission into engineering college.... Its bike of my emotion and dream. I was the only proud owner of Rx100 in my friends circle. My friends use to admire at me everytime i arrive college in my Rx100, the unique sound it makes wow... During my college days i suffered a lot to maintain the bike (of course fuel bill) with the pocket money i had... and despite several pressures from family i never traded for another bike. i used to lock it up at home and take bus / sometime walk.

Then I went out of station for my post graduation... but made sure that the bike is not sold at any situation. Today I have started earning and my family owns car. I still hold the bike, i had done complete servicing and painted it a new last year. me and my dad changed several bikes then but always had this rx100 with us and even now.

Even today i have this bike in excellent condition, at times take to office. There are people who are ready to pay me 25k too for this bike as it is a well maintained one... But how can i give a bike which lived my dream, all my good and bad timesand my emotions.
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another crazy passionate

sam dude we seriously need to get all your yetiblogs published.

damn its so sent reading it on the net, imagine reading it in a book with a hot cup of coffee.
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