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vis-racing 19th September 2008 21:51

Shogun - water seeping into the engine
Hi All, I have this very weird problem. Every time i send my bike for a water wash .. Somehow water seeps into the engine. This further causes the engine oil to become soapy white in color.

is this normal in all shoguns.. Need your advice on this.

SunnyBoi 19th September 2008 23:39

Check the oil filler cap. thats the only place where water can seep in.

Raccoon 20th September 2008 00:41

It certainly does NOT happen in my Shogun!

Do you mean it gets into the transmission oil? Yes, the oil filler cap would be the 1st suspect. If there was some other opening, you would probably find oil seeping out of there... so you could check for that too.

dinar 20th September 2008 01:37

Water will enter the engine through the oil filler cap or the engine breather hole.

2StrokeJunkie 20th September 2008 14:42

^ spot on dinar. get an O ring onto ur oil filler cap. change ur gearbox oil . check ur breather hole and connect a pipe to it.

vis-racing 22nd September 2008 23:31

Thanks Guys, Will try this, And post the update.

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