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jaisha8 5th July 2009 20:20

Yamaha RX100 - Still in great demand
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Though I bought second hand Yamaha RX 100, only in 2000, I used to ride it during my college days and also while going to work. My father actually owned a Hero Honda CD100 in 1993 and I used to take it
to work and daily on the way exchange it with my colleague’s Yamaha RX 100 as I always loved riding it.
It is a known fact that the mileage output is just around 40 kmpl, but it is the sheer pleasure of riding that forced me to give away our Hero Honda and buy a second hand 1995 model RX-100 despite all the new bikes in the market. I bought this bike and completely changed the look of it and today it looks brand new as a newly launched Yamaha RX-100. But again, I didn’t have to do anything on the mechanical parts , only on the outer appearance..
When I take my bike out, many times I have noticed people turn there head towards me as the bike passes by and also some people pointing towards my bike to show others!! Some have even asked if Yamaha has re-launched the RX-100 and also if I am interested in selling this. Once a guy offered Rs.30000 to sell this bike to him and I rejected his offer.
It is a family bike as well as a sporty one. The bike is reliable and you can take it anywhere and drive long distances without a hiccup. This is a first bike with ’ZERO’ maintanence, I should say. Since 2000, I have never taken it to the workshop for any major repairs (Touch wood)The recent bikes are so out of shape with the protruding tanks and high seats on the back side. It is very difficult to take your family and also difficult to balance when you are slowing down at signals in midst of heavy traffic. On this bike, the maneuverability is excellent and even anyone who is riding a bike for the first time can ride it at one go
It truly rules the roads even today compared to the Pulzars, Karizmas etc., which is no way near to this beautiful, elegant and powerful bike. Though a two stroke engine with 99cc & 11.6 bhp engines, it is equally powerful to the aforesaid bikes with a higher engine capacity and higher CCs.
Every year we have bike races in our town and I see that 90% of these bikes are Yamaha RX-100’s and maybe some Suzuki’s as well. I haven’t seen any Pulzars/ Karizmas in these races.
I would say that anyone from the age 18 to 80 can ride this bike without any problem. My dad who is 65 now, still rides it and looks smart when he goes on that, as if he was 20/25.
I wish that Escorts re-launches this bike again as I am sure that even today’s youth would prefer this Model to the other new models. This bike is in great demand in Kerala now and still boys come asking me if I am willing to sell my bike...

prince_pervez 5th July 2009 23:28

@jaisha8, your bike is very appealing and very well maintained.
Just a few suggestions. How about keeping it completely stock.
The side dikky (if not an absolute necessity), get OEM mirrors, remove the pink thingies and headlight cap.
Some museum might want it for a lakh when you are 80 years old.
Yes I know a few guys who like maintaining and polishing this bike.
Will they sell it. I think not.

ph03n!x 5th July 2009 23:41

Its a bike quite a few of us grew up with- I still remember the school/ college time RX100 vs Shogun debates, bets n races :)

@jaisha8- the 3rd pic without the box looks the best, also get rid of the 'cap' on the head light ;)

MexXxentric 6th July 2009 00:58

the evergreen byke
RX100 will certainly have a place in everyone's college life memories in one way or other.
Its fill it, forget it nature, brisk acceleration, engine note and low maintenance&repair costs made it popular among college boys.

Its popularity and fanfare is evident overseas.
Don't be surprised to find RX100s buzzing around in UAE traffic. Those are not driven by pizza boys, but professionals who still retain the RX fever.

Well maintained RXs still fetch a fortune.

rranjith_kum 6th July 2009 03:43

Wow, I m absolutely hypnotized by your bike, what a well maintained one !! I really envy you, in fact I always wanted to buy one just for those occasional week end runs which can free my senses. RX 100, the bike in which I learnt. Man !! I want to steal your ride stupid:

I think you are trying to mention the motocross races that happen in and around Kerala, I have seen two of them and they almost blew my minds off. Infact truly RX100 were the preferetti for those sharp turns and the instant accelerations.

jango 6th July 2009 09:40

I am still enjoying my RX-100 which i picked up back in 1994. I have so far clocked around 1.8L Kms on it with just 2 engine overhauls being done so far. The RX is definitely a reliable bike with zero maintenance and i am still enjoying the ride as i used to when i picked it up initially.

WanderNomad 7th July 2009 01:04

Lovely and well maintained bike. As Pervez said please keep it stock and let that headlight cap go. Plssss!

hillram 7th July 2009 01:20

Indeed it is a very well maintained RX 100 i have seen.But never seen a side box attached to an RX 100.

deepclutch 7th July 2009 02:56


I wish that Escorts re-launches this bike again as I am sure that even today’s youth would prefer this Model to the other new models. This bike is in great demand in Kerala now and still boys come asking me if I am willing to sell my bike...
It is not possible now.2 strokers are blanket accused for being noisy and polluting although there are corporations which develops 2 stroke engines which are efficient(orbital corp).
Yes ,I owned a 1994 Yamaha RX100 with the same colour.sold it out early 2002 IIRC.
Bullets,RX100s are in high demand in kerala.for that matter ,there are mechanics and enthusiasts who searches neighbouring states for old bullets.

For RX100 ,RD350 et al ,there is no second coming.yeah ,sadly.

jaisha8 7th July 2009 13:27


Originally Posted by WanderNomad (Post 1373401)
Lovely and well maintained bike. As Pervez said please keep it stock and let that headlight cap go. Plssss!

First of all thanks to everyone for your compliments. As suggested by Pervez & yourself, I shall remove the head cap. It was a new trend some years back so I put it. I still take my yamaha while going shopping with my wife and this box (dicky) is very useful to carry stuff. So I will have to keep it till such time.

kannan666 7th July 2009 13:56

Nice bike Jaisha8 ! I still have my original RX100 which I bought way back in 1987 and I still love riding it around ! It has done close to 1.6L kms to date and I still havent rebored it ! Still share and cherish a lot of great memories with it !

m_upreti 7th July 2009 14:12

Excellent bike Jaisha8. RX100 is one of the best bikes ever produced here. I still remember the college days wheelies on it. No regular bike can match the raw power and punch that it packs.

Gordon 7th July 2009 14:27

We've recently rebuilt two bikes: 1984 Enfield and 1988 Yamaha RX100. Amount of spares for both bikes have been immense. Both bikes have been soaked in the rain for more than five days. In fact, the Yamaha had more than this share.

Yet, there is ABSOLUTELY NO rust on the Yamaha. Not a single spot of rust was noticed ANYWHERE. Whereas the Enfield rusted in a couple of places in a much shorter period of time.

jaisha8 21st February 2010 18:26

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Recently I had a very bad experience giving my bike to my cousin. One day my cousin borrowed it for going somewhere urgently, the oil level was low and I advised him to fill in the oil. He had gone for a long trip and never filled in the oil and due to this the engine got seized on the way. Somehow he bought the bike back on an auto rickshaw. I was so heart broken to see the condition of my bike and swore in my heart that I would never ever give my bike to anyone else ever if someone is dying. So I got the complete engine work done at a cost of Rs.5000/-. I told the mechanic (a close friend) to change what all was necessary as he had opened the engine. Now it is really running very fine. But no one ever is going to get even a ride on my bike.
Ad of Yamaha RX100.

kannan666 22nd February 2010 19:24

Did you get the engine rebored also ?

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