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rajeevrs 8th November 2009 11:18

Need Anti rust Spray cans??? Anyone!!!!
Hi, I own a new apache, about three weeks old, Since I been living in chennai along the coastal region (ECR), I been facing with problems of Rust formation and salt deposits...I had anti rust on my CAR and no worries for two years now. This is my second bike, My first one was a pulsar 180 dts-i, and had to change the Exhaust once since corroded...This bike has been three weeks old ans saw the first corrosion on a nut alond ground conection for the starter...Anyone please helpme out if I can get any anti rust spray cans/ anti rust protection for it..Either getting it online or in chennai at stores...will be of great help...

mithun 8th November 2009 19:48

Do the anti-rust coating from the dealer or any other garage. That would prevent the rust if applied evenly & correctly.

Raccoon 9th November 2009 01:54

^^^What exactly is this anti rust coating they do? What do they use? Never heard about it for bikes. The only "coating" I'v heard them do is the so-called Teflon coating...

Personally, I use wax on some parts and wd40 on some parts to keep rust at bay on my bikes. Last time I was at the car workshop they were using a spray by 3 Bond. Anybody has any idea if it is better or where to get it? Have not been able to find it in any shop yet.

blackfire_9 10th November 2009 22:04

Hi there,

I have used RustLick on a couple of occasions & have been more than satisfied with it. Or you can simply grab a can of WD40. These products help remove rust ( at least till something like moderate rust) & act as water dispersants not allowing water to settle & cause rust formation.

Google up WD40 if you need more info on it. It has been in use since long :)

Take care.

Happy & safe riding,

Raccoon 11th November 2009 00:35

WD40 is fairly good at removing rust, but the problem is that both its rust inhibiting property and lubricating property don't last very long... esp. not when its out exposed to the elements. In fact its not a very good lubricator to being with... the rust inhibiting property is relatively better, I'd say. I hope there are better products out there... but none seem to be easily available.

Cyrus43 11th November 2009 00:45

Another thing you can do is buy a can of Bosny Clear coat and spray that.

Raj1008 11th November 2009 02:13

Krown works very well, but I dont know if you get it in India.

laluks 11th November 2009 06:51

try 3M 4way antirust and lubricant spray. Costs around 180ish

sgiitk 11th November 2009 07:47

There is a very famous penetrating oil called WD40. It is available from may paint shops, and also some hardware shops. It does have some anti-rust protective capabilities. There used to be (and may be still is) another product named Rustolene (both spray and cans). This is also excellent but a bit corrosive. After the clean up I will go for (if required) something like Clear Laquer.

vrprabhu 11th November 2009 12:52


Originally Posted by sgiitk (Post 1576267)
After the clean up I will go for (if required) something like Clear Laquer.

+1 to that. The battery terminals of my car was getting rusted - a couple of years ago. When I told the A.S.S. people, one of them came up with idea - cleaned it and applied some kind of painting / coating (blue in colour) - it is rust free for almost three years now. Since it is a nut that is rusted - the same should work.

mithun 13th November 2009 22:38


Originally Posted by laluks (Post 1576247)
try 3M 4way antirust and lubricant spray. Costs around 180ish

Any more info regarding this 3M product ?

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