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While still at the light, let me say that my new standard has an amazing light. Te high beam is simply awesome.

But it comes with a catch, I am not sure about the technical term, however when you open the case on the side of the brake (LHS), there is a circular things in their (I have been calling it coil till now, is that alternator) has 6 wire windings in it.

Now in the new bike, the setup is done like 4-2. The four winded things goes to light and 2 goes to battery.

When I got this bike, I faced challenge with the charging of battery, and I took it to dealership. The mechanic over there very smartly changed the connections and the 4 thing went to battery and 2 to light. It resulted in good charging, however the light became dim. It was still manageable at low beams, however high beam was Pathetic.

Anyhow, was told to install the halogen lam that goes in LML NV, and it would improve the things, almost got it installed, however the bike has a setup like car, hence the NV bulb won't fit without modification. So postponed the plan.

Last week, I simply changed the connection back, and brought it back to stock condition. Have been doing longish rides after that, so the charging works fine, but light is simply amazing. What was bad earlier, is super fine now.

but the problem will arise again, if I have to spend some time in low revs, in high traffic conditions or jams. I guess then again the battery won't charge.
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The six wire windings are the coils and the circular thing the six coils are wound on is the stator. The part that rotates in the centre is, well, the rotor a.k.a. "magnet". The entire assembly is the alternator.
So, what I deduced from the "4-2" setup was right. I suggest you get the 2 coils checked out by an electrician. You don't have to get the chaincase opened up and the alternator removed. The coils can be checked for shorting using a multimeter, I think. The output voltage should also be adequate. The interchanging of the wires is clearly a 'jugaadu' approach. Don't stick to it. If the bike is in warranty, you should look at getting the alternator changed. Do check out the voltage regulator before that, though.
I don't the know how many coils are connected how in my bike's alternator. Mine is a 6 volt with three wires. Maybe I could do a DIY setup to power the headlamp off the alternator.
As for the LML NV bulb, I suggest you find out its wattage rating and get a halogen bulb of the same rating as that (or same rating as the stock bulb in your bike) compatible with your beam's holder. Again, it's an enhancement and will improve the light but it's not the solution to your problem.
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