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Default An Excellent Guide on Riding Safe !

XBHP and Ceat have recently put up what i would consider an excellent and detailed resource for safe motorbike riding.

It has been broken up section by section :
  • Mind Riding
  • Counter Steering
  • Turning
  • Blind Spot
  • Target Fixation
  • Riding in the Rain
  • Night Riding
  • Group Riding
  • Riding through Snow and Ice
  • The Wind Chill Factor
  • Long Distance Riding
  • Riding Gear
  • Superbiking in India
  • Take the Pledge
  • Braking
  • Discuss Safety on xBhp
I haven't yet read through the whole thing, but from what i saw there was some good advice and interesting diagrams. A great initiative

LINK : The Art of Safe Riding

Heres a sample from the site :

Target Fixation

'Fixating' on something means not being able to take your attention (your eyes, for example) away from it. In the case of riding motorcycles, this leads to the phenomena wherein we tend to take our motorcycles in the direction we are looking. This is usually described with an example familiar to all -- that if you see a pothole in the street ahead of you and don't take your eyes off it, you are likely to hit it. Things actually get a lot more serious than hitting potholes when on the road. An oncoming truck, a crashed car, a fallen tree or a dog lying dead on the road could replace the pothole. Don't look at the oncoming truck/tree/pothole; work out your escape route to the left or right of the danger and fixate on this path instead.

An Excellent Guide on Riding Safe !-targetfixation_diag1.jpg

... read more here
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Excellent site by XBHP & Ceat.
I really like this: "RULE ZERO: ALWAYS WEAR A HELMET"
Just hoping that the site/contents reaches the masses!

Forwarding the link to my colleagues at work too!
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great article rehaan..just read a part of it as im going out.I will read the entire thing when i get back.

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Really good stuff.

Appreciate the compilers taking time out for this. Kudos.
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Wow, this is beautiful - well written too....

Am forwarding this to friends in office!!
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Superbly written for Bikers,Wannabes and all.. Glued to it
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What an amazing writeup.Thanks Rehan for bringing it to our notice.I have forwarded it to all my biker friends!
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Default Good Site


This site was like attending a refresher course after a long long time.

Rehan, thanks for bringing it to our attention.

Best Regards & Ride Safe

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very useful. definitely worth a read.
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Wonderful post and must read for all the bikers! Thanks Rehaan!!
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excellent effort!! really interesting, informative and useful practical information. A must for every serious bike rider
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Originally Posted by madhkris View Post
excellent effort!! really interesting, informative and useful practical information. A must for every serious bike rider
It is generally good, but it seems to be more adapted to western traffic conditions than Indian. For example, the advise on turning

Turning: The Art of Safe Riding

is likely to get you killed on an Indian road, where overtaking on a curve is considered normal. For a biker, the only safe way to take a blind turn is (a) to stick to the extreme left of the road, and (b) be as slow as is necessary to remain on the extreme left of the road! Even being at the centre of your own lane in a blind turn is dangerous, as it is likely to be occupied by an SUV overtaking a Truck in the oncoming traffic.
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For those really intent on learning the correct techniques in a scientific manner as opposed to the machismo style of "crash and learn" prevalent in India, here is a must read . Please read right down to the bottom where the real stuff lies :

Riding a motorcycle safely

For people with still greater enthusiasm and desire to learn all about "counter-steering" , "delayed apex" , "double apexing", "continuously tightening curves", "phased braking", controlling a slide, riding through oil/gravel/sand, deciphering standing vehicles, and reading the animals sitting by the roadside.
it is a must to read :Proficient motorcylcing - The Ultimate guide to riding well by David L Hough.
It is an old publication but mind you it is still very informative. About 200 pages.
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Default Re: An Excellent Guide on Riding Safe !

With the advent of ever faster bikes, the art of riding motorcycle safely is more relevant today than it was anytime earlier. So it was a pleasant surprise to dig out this gem of a topic and push it up to the front so that more riders could benefit and ride safe.
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Default Re: An Excellent Guide on Riding Safe !

I wish there are far more lurkers reading this article compared to all articles on car driving, our city streets are full of maniac riders with absolutely no regard or thought given to safe riding!

right from the time I've learned to ride (14 years ago), proud to say that there has only been 1 light accident that I've encountered. No skidding, nothing! Needless to mention, there was 1 accident that i experienced while learning to ride but not after that. Riding includes all types of highways as well as dirt tracks and city roads.

I do have a document folder with me that I plan to upload once I am able to find. As I said, I really wish that there needs maximum flow of information on safe riding to all lurkers, causing a chain reaction to reach all the maniac riders on our city streets everywhere! The document that I am referring has tips on all aspects (similar to the one shared here) and it is shared in PDFs.
Anticipatory riding has become so much important with the more powerful bikes in place but city roads and design remaining the same for the sedate driving style of late '90s!
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