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Default Hamara Bajaj rides into its sunset

A whole generation grew up in the 60s, 70s and 80s, dreaming of owning it. Bajaj scooters, one of the aspirations of the Indian middle class for decades, will soon be part of history.

After selling scooters for over 50 years, Bajaj Auto, the company which developed a scooter market with its popular Hamara Bajaj campaign invoking trust and reliability, today said it is phasing out scooter production, keeping the focus on motorcycles.

The company, which came into existence in 1945 as Bachraj Trading Corporation Private Limited, said it will exit the scooter market because it doesn’t see much sense in it.

“The scooters did not sell according to our expectations. We are making hardly 1,000 scooters a month. If we have to be a motorcycle specialist, we have to make a sacrifice,” Bajaj Auto managing director Rajiv Bajaj told reporters in New Delhi at the launch of its 135-cc Pulsar.

Hamara Bajaj rides into its sunset
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Chetak was ofcourse counting its days, until BAJAJ decided to put it into sleep.

Hamara bajaj ad is still fresh in every indian's mind. On reading the news I could see a sunset in my dad's face

He still remembers the day when the agent asked him to pay a premium for early delivery for booked scooter. He went on with Lamby.

After 15 years he got his Chetak 12v electronics. It was like a dream come true for him.

I still curse my childhood brain for persuing dad to sell his lamby but atleast I am confident I will do what ever to protect the Chetak. A living legend.
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Sad to see such a vehicle go into the 'sunset' but one way I think it is a good thing for Bajaj.

But my first ride was a Bajaj , it was a great vehicle. It was handed down to me by my father. We hardly ever serviced the blessed vehicle and it kept running.
Think it was in my house for more than 15 years , serviced hardly 5 times.

I think the man we sold it to rode the scooter till about 2 years back , and when asked , he also never serviced it.

Why dont they make more of those kinds of vehicles nowadays ?
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We must admit that somethings definitely need to go. There is no point hanging on to something only for the nostalgic factor. For that one can buy a used one and maintain the same till end.

However the Bajaj Chetak is one legend in the Indian scooter scene. I am sure most of the families would have definitely owned one. My dad owned one too. I learned to ride on that. Which was later upgraded to a Vespa T5. To be honest I liked the T5 over the Chetak. However they made a swift exit soon after and Chetak was cosnsitent in the market.

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Sad to see them go. My first 2 wheeler was a super. So no more slanting to a side & kicking.
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Don't belive what the BAJAJ guys say.

I remember, a few years ago, Rahul Bajaj went to town saying that BAJAJ will be exiting the 100cc segment and that the future is with 125cc bikes, that PLATINA will be thier last 100cc model, blah blah

Then a few months down the line he ate his own words and now they have the DISCOVER 100.

They are shrewd businessmen first, the scooter will never die, watch this space
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Guys, Bajaj has stopped producing the Chetak since 2006. It is just stopping the production of their gearless scooter Krystal, which sold just 250 in November.

BTW, Bajaj wants to become World no. 1 in motorcycles sales! Which is very ambitious. Do you people think it's possible?

There's a gap of 5 million units between Honda and Bajaj!

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My first wheelie was on a chetak and it was 100% unintentional.
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Sad to hear that Bajaj Chetak scooters are heading for a halt.names after the famous horse of Rana Pratap,which was known for its energy and uninterrupted run,inspite of battle wounds..Chetak scooters are a simily to this legend.
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This is really sad, I can still remember the days when i started to learn 2Wheelers on this legend machine. More sad that i wasn't successful in trying to stop my dad from selling Chetak. This will definitely go into the books of the legend machines.

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Guys, the only Bajaj scooter that was a legend was the Chetak and it went out of production a couple of years ago. They are now about to discontinue their gear less models, which were worthless anyway.

I never liked the Chetak even in it's heydays, and never thought of buying one. But when it went out of production, wanted to buy it for the nostalgia. So got hold of a used one two years ago for Rs 2500/- But could never get used to it even after riding it around for three months, so got rid of it for Rs 2000/- and forgot all about it till I saw this thread!

But the ad jingle is evergreen in my memory!
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I think Bajaj is looking at the market ina wrong way. Bajaj has trouble selling 1000 units & just look at Honda. They just cant make enough of Activas!!!!!! So obviously, there is a market for gearless scooters !!!!!!!!!! It's just that Bajaj wants to concentrate at the bike market. The Kristal just cant hold a candle to the Activa,thats it.
In that sense Honda & Suzuki should concentrate on just bikes & not cars !!!!!!!

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Default Good Riddance

I would say good riddance. We may feel nostalgic but Bajaj peddled the same design till Honda forced them out of market with Activa. Just think about those poor brakes, back breaking shocks, tilt & kick strategy, lack of flat foot board.

They cannot sell them anymore, so are making this story of concentrating on just bikes. Mr.Bajaj had once announced that they would stop making 2 stroke auto rickshaws but never actually did that.
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Reading the news in the ET in morning brought back fond memories of my childhood. My dad at the start of his career in 196x had bought a Bajaj 150 which was one of the few original Vespa 150s that came into the market. It was with our family till about 1990s when my dad sold it off to a neighbour in Kanpur who also used it for quite sometime. Dad again bought a Chetak sometime in 1989 in black as the regular booking would have taken about 1.5 years. I learnt riding a 2 wheeler on that and it was with us without any problem till about 2001 when it was given off to one of our family friends.

Bajaj Chetak had become the ubiquitous symbol of Indian Middle Class till early 2000 when the title was taken over by M800. I still fondly remember the "Buland Bharat ki Buland Tasveer" Ad having a Chetak with stepney having "Chunnu Munnu te Papa di Gaddi".
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What happened to the release of Bajaj "BLADE"?. It was displayed in 2007 AutoExp (i guess). So, no more gearless scooters from bajaj ... I was very eager to buy "BLADE" if it launched..
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