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Default Average experience

My wife and I took my German princess to the 3M Car Care dealership in Andheri W. I had taken a prior appointment, and had a good feeling about the manager Parag. We had to wait for a few minutes because he was attending to another customer. We looked around the workshop, and saw mostly luxury cars. In fact if it weren't for an Ertiga, my Polo would have felt very out of place.

We bought the Polo in June last year, and have been guilty of completely neglecting its upkeep. It hadn't received any attention other than the daily car wash. There were white hard water stains in every crevice, the alloys were really dirty, and the body had swirl marks galore. After taking a look, Parag recommended the Paint Sealant program. At Rs 5,800, it would have burnt a smallish hole in my wallet, so I opted for Powershine New. It burnt a hole too, but a slightly smaller one at Rs. 4,200. He also gave us a small demo on the hood which left us suitably impressed.

We dropped the car at 1 pm, and Parag said it would be ready by 5 pm. So the two of us walked down to the nearby Infinity Mall for lunch and a movie (and what a waste of 700 bucks was 'Holiday'). We were done by 6 pm, and Parag called to say that the car is ready. So we went down in eager anticipation, since he had promised us that she would be in showroom condition.

They say expectation leads to disappointment, and they say so for a reason. We were five feet away from the car when we realized that 3M does car detailing without attention to, um, detail. So here goes:
  1. The alloys were far from clean. The circular slots where the bolts go were all dirty.
  2. The chrome on the VW badge (both front and back) was not clean. I had expected them to be gleaming. The hard water stains were also not all gone.
  3. The area around the door handles was really dirty. When I suggested that they pull back the handles and clean, Parag looked at me as if I was a genius. Not very inspiring.
  4. The space between the beading and the window glass was not clean. I could still see dried bird poo.
  5. The honeycomb grill in between the front fog lamps was also not clean.
  6. There was dirty spots at a number of places on the body.

The only silver lining is that Parag personally supervised a group of 3 "boys" who addressed all the above points. But it ended up taking more than half an hour, and my wife started grumbling, "What were they doing in the five hours that they had the car for?"

One last observation: Given our experience, any customer oriented manager would have made some effort to make amends, be it a discount or a voucher for the next time. There was no such effort. So not surprisingly, I am NOT going back. A new dealership has opened at SEEPZ. It is bigger and much closer to my place. Based on the reviews, I am going to give it a shot.
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Default Re: Professional Car Detailing - 3M Car Care (Andheri West)

The under body anti rust coating under my wife's Brio was showing signs of peeling. Thus Sunday afternoon was spent at 3M. Although there's a new 3M opened in SEEPZ because of the franchisee level agreement the under body touch up cannot be done anywhere expect the original franchisee store.

First things - the Andheri West center has moved from its old location (in Lakshmi Industrial Estate) to a new place further down the road. The new place is close to Lotus Petrol Pump. Landmark - Besides Gujarati Samaj Hall next to IOC Pump.

The new place is smaller than the old one and has a very claustrophobic appearance. Layout of working bays isnt good. Every time a car needs to go to the wash bay, 3 other cars needs to be moved and squeeze parked to make space.

During my time there, I saw a 3-series, a Superb and a Accord getting their works done but not without constant moving around like a jigsaw puzzle.

Work quality has been at par (atleast for me - I know a lot of workers there by their first name). Attention to detail, though was lacking perhaps over worked on Sunday!!
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Default Re: Professional Car Detailing - 3M Car Care (Andheri West)

First impression is last impression

Called them twice to know when can I get the car for underbody treatment. Both times the person on the opposite side told me he is busy with client and he will call me back
Never got a call back.

Would prefer to go to someone else rather then the busy guys at 3m andheri west
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Default Re: Professional Car Detailing - 3M Car Care (Andheri West)

Originally Posted by rikhav View Post
....Would prefer to go to someone else rather then the busy guys at 3m andheri west
Would you want to try Motoshines at Sakinaka? The thread in this section talks high of them. I have done washing there and am happy too. Give me a shout if you come there; I stay & work very close by.

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Default Re: Professional Car Detailing - 3M Car Care (Andheri West)

Has anyone tried this place called DRM Car Care near Star Bazaar, Link road, Andheri (W). I've had a horrid experience with 3M & the guys at DRM are a young bunch who are enthusiastic about cars & cleaning. It is in collaboration with Wurth so I'm assuming they're good. If anyone has any experiences, please do share!
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Default Re: Professional Car Detailing - 3M Car Care (Andheri West)

Not a fan of 3M since quite some time now, After getting to know their bad feedbacks from many people, I thought of giving this one a try, My car was dirty & i had an hours time in hand & i spotted the 3M,

Decided to just get the foam wash done, The total facility was EMPTY! & i strongly mentioned to the Manager there that i am one of those guys who likes to get everything done in the most detailed way possible, Told him to specifically clean some areas which i knew was very dirty, he assured me for the same and asked me 45 minutes of time to get it done for 850 RS for Exterior Foam wash & interior Vacuming! (This does not include engine bay cleaning).

I left to a nearby place with a friend and got a call in about 1 hour that my car is ready, I went back only to see my car was parked on the road side and the total car had dust over it, I mean good thick layer of dust! Seems the car was standing out for good 10-20 minutes.

Upon closer inspection ALL the areas that i have mentioned which was to be cleaned properly, NOTHING WAS! The front grill, Places near the Alloys, Tips, Everything was still covered in MUD. I moved my finger over all those places and gave a mouthful to everyone there.

Apparently they were visited by 4 more cars after mine so to accommodate them they had parked my car out after the wash!

Professional Car Detailing - 3M Car Care (Andheri West)-img_9812.jpg

After i gave them a mouthful they acted as if they listened to me and started moving their hands.

Professional Car Detailing - 3M Car Care (Andheri West)-img_9813.jpg

Honestly i went there with low hopes and came out with even a worst result! That too when there was no other car in their facility for work!

Doubt there is any 3M branches with good reviews left. AVOID this one guys! Simply lazy guys.
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