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24x7 City & Highway Driver Service : (Mumbai)

Services Offered:
  • Temporary drivers for day, night and highway commuting.
What I like:
  • Well-trained drivers. Familiarity with hatchbacks as well as luxury sedans. They know their way around Mumbai too.
  • Bluetag entertains "last minute" calls. We've requested a driver at 0900 hours and he was at our place in an hour.
  • Reliable service. Never faced a cancellation.
  • SAFE driving @ night after clubbing. Superb alternative to PHD.
  • Cheaper than PHD.
  • Can pay them via online bank deposit.
What I don't like:
  • The odd below-average driver can still slip through their system (though they take complaints seriously and will send a replacement ASAP).
  • You need to give them sufficient notice for late night drivers.
Pricing: Rs. 500 for 8 hours (City) and Rs. 750 per day (Outstation). Rs. 50 per extra hour.

Speciality / USP: Also offers full-time contract drivers.

My experience with them: Several temporary drivers over the last month (as our full-time guy quit).

Contact Information

- Name of the contact person: Anyone from customer service
- Phone numbers: 02264230505 / 02232250505
- Cell Numbers: 9768480003 / 9773352159 / 9322643419 / 9969406179
- Postal Address: Anywhere in Mumbai
- Website :

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Re: 24x7 City & Highway Driver Service : (Mumbai)

Hi, I just hired a driver for a day (8 hours) yesterday to ferry my family across town in our Etios for a family function. Being a weekday, I was not available to drive, and with the "bharat bandh", cab availability was uncertain. Hence the decision hire a temp-driver for the day.

Experience was as follows:

  1. Called them @ 9 AM and they managed to find a driver even with last-min request. Driver reached promptly by the promised time - i.e. 10.30 AM.
  2. Driver was polite and well behaved
  3. Cheaper than PHD - Rs. 500 vs. Rs. 650

  1. Very poor driving skills, a complete disaster. Stalling the car on slopes, jerking it on every other gear change, harsh braking, not familiar with wiper & ac controls. Could not even park without outside directions!
  2. Was just not comfy changing gears - seems that he drove in 2nd & 3rd gears for extended periods. I shudder to think of the stress to the engine; fuel-economy would've gone for a toss as well.
  3. On being questioned, claimed that he had only driven vans, goods-carriers and Qualis/jeeps - claimed to not be familiar with sedans. But given that a Qualis handles pretty close to a sedan, my guess is he was just a new / untrained driver.

I'm quite disappointed that they would send a total novice who couldn't handle the car. If they couldn't find a proper driver on short-notice, they should've simply said so.

Since this was a one-off experience, + cutting some slack for the last-minute request and especially in light of GTOs longer-term experience with them, I'm giving bluetag the benefit of doubt and not rating them right now. Maybe I'll give them another chance to prove themselves in the future.

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Re: 24x7 City & Highway Driver Service : (Mumbai)

Had a bad experience with them. Sent them a note of enquiry day before but received no call or confirmation. Called them yesterday couple of hours before i needed them, the guy who picked up the phone said he would call back in 10 mins, but never called and then stopped answering the phone completely. I wouldnt trust them.
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Re: 24x7 City & Highway Driver Service : (Mumbai)

Dear members,

I have voted not recommended in this poll. I am describing my experience with this organization. I leave it upon the readers discretion to judge.

This incident is more than 6 months old.

I came across this site when browsing through WIAA website. I had been searching for a good driver for my ageing father since 6 months without success. So, I called on 2 of the listed numbers from the bluetag website, one of which was out of service and other wasn't answered. With diminished hope, I decided to give one last try on another number, which was picked up by a man claiming to be the owner of the site. I told him that I was looking out for a driver on a contract basis, and if I found the driver to be good, I was willing to give one year contract immediately.

We fixed up a meeting at my home. He arrived a little late. No problem, so we sit and ask him the terms of the contract, and also requested him to provide an experienced person. His rates were actually lower than what we normally pay to our drivers, so I was happy with the quote. But, then onwards things took a U turn.

My father told him very clearly that he will give the one year contract after a trial period of one month. Money will be paid by us irrespective whether we liked the driver or not, BUT it will be paid at the end of one month. NO ADVANCE payment from our side. Now, this person (the one who claimed to be the owner, I forget his name now) was not very comfortable with this arrangement. He requested for an advance of one month, which was politely declined by us stating that he already knew where we lived and where my father works; so he had to have faith in us. Plus, what if he just refuses to send the driver one fine day if he took an advance? We always had paid our previous drivers (who came on a trial basis) at the end of the month, even if we didn't feel comfortable with them.
Now, this gentleman stated that his website had been given a recognition by the famed team-bhp website. I hadn't heard of this forum back then, so I told him that I don't go by anyone's opinion. I judge on basis of my own experience. Now, this gentle man started telling us that he is the head of the biggest union of drivers in Bombay. That he has contacts in customs and octroi departments. He said, that he has the drivers at his mercy. If we reported any misbehavior of the driver, he would be punished etc. etc. He said that even the who's who of bombay kneel down to him when they require drivers for their fancy parties or when they want something cleared from the octroi naka's and customs.
I am from a middle class family. My father is a self made man. So you can imagine that by now we (I and my father) both were not impressed by this talk. I don't like union involvement at any stage (personal opinion). He requested us to support him because we hail from the same community. My father requested him to leave our home and told him not to call back. (The same community had never helped my father when he was struggling with his life. Plus, we do not encourage such petty regional politics). We support a man if we think he is good. My father has helped out people from other communities and our own selflessly, ONLY if he thought that the said person was good and showed the desire to learn. We are Indians first.

I received an sms 2 days later from him which stated that he had a good deal for us, and that we should call him and talk in 'private'. Needless to say, I didn't call him. The last thing I wanted to get involved with is a union.


P.S. We found a good driver after 3 months of searching. We are paying him slightly higher, but he is very good.

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