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ICE, Accessories & Interiors : Rhyme & Rhythm (Colaba, Mumbai)

Service offered:

Interior & Exterior detailing
Auto accessories

What I like:

-If you think Cleanliness is next to Godliness then you should be a loyalist here

-His steam wash treatment for leather seats make it feel like knew- brings back the color, softness and smell

-Pay close attention to reaching every spot in the interior and leaving it spick and span

-Uses only high quality genuine and imported products.

What I don't like:

-Takes very long, sometimes an entire day for just interior cleaning.

-Exterior polish job could have been better, although I believe he has a new process in place.


On the higher side. Recommended for premium cars with leather seats.


Steam-wash treatment machine


-Sachin 98201-84442
-Near Colaba bus depot

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+1 to that.

They do audio as well.
got my system from them only
slightly pricey, but good work.
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+ 1:
We got our E270 done for him a couple of years ago. Fantastic job!!
We got an exterior and interior detailing which took 1.5 days. The work carried out was superb and the car looked better than when new!

His new process for the top of the line exterior detailing takes 1 day IIRC.


We paid Rs. 5500 then, and I am tempted to send our Fiesta to him to get her detailed.
Prices range from Rs. 2500 onwards.

What I didn't like:

When we got our E back, the interiors reeked of chemicals for a couple of days. Needed to keep the windows down.

Some accessories are a bit more expensive than buying from Opera House/Milan Subway, but quality is assured!
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Can certainly vouch for Sachin's quality, attention to detail and customer service. I've gotten my car's interior detailed twice (in the last year) from him. Here's some pictures right after Rhyme & Rhythm delivered my car (she was 4.5 years old at this point):

This time around, I asked him to get the exteriors waxed / polished too. Took 2 days, but the car came back looking like new.

More pictures & full interior detailing review over on this thread.
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Ext Detailing for the Swift

The Brothers at Rhyme N Rhythm are absolute professionals. Recently my Swift's bonnet was used as a scratch pad by some (dare i say) kids at our office parking. Being in Nariman point i went straight to the brothers and Rahul recommended an exterior detailing job. The time for the job was a whole day but believe me the wait so worth it. all the light scratches had been removed and the car's exteriors were as new.I paid a total of Rs2200 for it and feel it has been totally worth it.

to the brothers
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Just got a new ICE system installed from them, based on Sachin's recommendation.
What went in:
Basic Alpine HU CDE 100 UB: With Aux-In and USB
JBL 5*7 GTO Series speakers front and rear - He wanted to get 6*9 put, but I was dead against it as I didn't want any holes drilled.
JBL Wiring
MTX 12" Bass Tube - Forget the model number, but it doesn't require an amp.

Total came to some 34K with install.
Love the sound, and the quality of the install looks good as well. Attached pics.
There are a few scratches (there were some from before as well from when the mechanic had to open it up to service the A.C.) when they opened up the center console to get in the HU, but the rest looks stock, which is what I wanted.
Kudos to them! Sachin was very patient and helped me out a great deal in selecting the equipment.
Attached Thumbnails
ICE, Accessories & Interiors : Rhyme & Rhythm (Colaba, Mumbai)-dsc01191.jpg  

ICE, Accessories & Interiors : Rhyme & Rhythm (Colaba, Mumbai)-dsc01190.jpg  

ICE, Accessories & Interiors : Rhyme & Rhythm (Colaba, Mumbai)-dsc01195.jpg  

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Re: ICE, Accessories & Interiors : Rhyme & Rhythm (Colaba, Mumbai)

Needed to get my HIDs reinstalled and went to him since i was in that area.

My take:

- his men know their stuff. Did an exemplary job!
- took double the time to do it
- pricey. one and a half times that of opera house (noticed it while browsing his store- everything had price tags)
- I'd definitely go to him just to avail of his labour services if not for accessories.
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Re: ICE, Accessories & Interiors : Rhyme & Rhythm (Colaba, Mumbai)

It's car detailing week at my place! The Benz came back yesterday from R&R and it's looking brand new. Credit to Merc's aging well (atleast aesthetically ) and Sachin's awesome team. The Civic went in today; Sachin tells me white is a better colour as the post-detailing effect is more evident. Look forward to checking her out tomorrow evening. My best friend's Ikon will be detailed by R&R this weekend.

The Jeep is also being detailed as I post. But at a different place...only one man gets his hands on her : Ferdi (obviously, as he rebuilt the Jeep successfully).
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Re: ICE, Accessories & Interiors : Rhyme & Rhythm (Colaba, Mumbai)

Feeling slightly better after getting this done today.

Interior cleaning was a must after last weekend trip. Sachin's team (only one guy today as other one bunked happily) done a decent job.

Interior and exterior put together 5500/-.

Sorry for the pic quality. Used iPhone to capture.

ICE, Accessories & Interiors : Rhyme & Rhythm (Colaba, Mumbai)-img_0196.jpg
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Re: ICE, Accessories & Interiors : Rhyme & Rhythm (Colaba, Mumbai)

Went to Rhyme and Rhythm on a couple of days ago for a sound system installation. Very, very impressed.

Got JBL GTO 649 components for the front. (4.5k) and JBL GTO 949 (3.8k) ovals at the back with a bluetooth Pioneer HU (7.5 k), for the old Verna. Plus I got some sound insulation for the front speakers (1.5k) and a couple of spacers fitted.
Cost 18.2k for the whole install, which is not bad I feel. (Correct me if I'm wrong)

The quality of the install is absolutely phenomenal. All their workers have been working with them for ages and really know their stuff.
Since it was a Saturday though, there were a couple of other cars as well and they did take quite a long time to get it done. I reached their by 11 a.m and it was done by about 4:30 p.m. But for the kind of work that they do, it was completely worth it.

Rahul and Sachin are extremely well informed about their products and have a TON of patience to explain stuff to someone like me, who has a question about everything possible

Oh, and I love my new sound system. Though I do think I'll get an amp sometime soon.
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