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Default Re: Premji Tyre Shop (Mahim, Mumbai)

I used the services of Premjis for Balancing alignment and rotation last week.

I found their service levels sub standard.

- There was no clear guidance on how to get the car to their showroom. The two different staff members were guiding the cars from different sides of the footpath and as a result someone who came earlier ended up being behind in the queue

- One of the staff members was not clear on how to do the wheel rotation. Guess he was new. But I had to ensure I was supervising and he had to be told to put the rear wheel in front

- Their pricing was not done correctly by the owner and I had to call the mechanic in to verify how much weights were put on each wheel. After that the bill had to be changed.

Overall I will rate their service as poor. This is the second time I am coming to their shop and think this will most probably be the last.

Previously (in 2010) I had gone to them for buying tyres for my Sierra. The tyres shown to me were more than 9 months old. Even then they asked me to pay the latest prices which had apparently been revised 1-2 days earlier. I told them I am willing to pay the new prices provided they get me newer tyres. Premjis did not seem too interested in making a sale. I ended up going to Yokohama tyres in Chembur where I got a better deal and better service.

This is one shop I do not intend to visit again.
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Default Re: Premji Tyre Shop (Mahim, Mumbai)

A few months back, I headed to Premji's with my alloys since the Manager at (the now defunct) Sanghi Motors / Vitesse at Raghuvanshi Mills recommended that I get the correct tyres fitted there.

I also knew that Premji's has been rated highly on this forum.

So I left the alloys for the tyre fitting and picked them up the next day.

Seemed like 'almost new' tyres were fitted. Had a distinct feeling they were exchange tyres that someone had left after going up a size. The rubber wasn't jet black, also the sprues, the dangly rubber bits were hardly there.

I let it pass. And no, it wasn't because I got a good deal on the price. Was too excited to see the alloys go on in place of the steel wheels.

While other work happened on the car, couldn't use the car and Sanghi kept complaining that the alloys must be faulty/bent/porous because air was leaking from two of them. And every 4-5 days they were going flat.

Finally got a chance to visit Premji's. And the next few points will explain why I'm not going back there again.

1. They tried to pry open the centre caps with a screw driver, instead of using the spanner tool to unscrew the wheel cap, and carefully remove the centre plate. My caps would have lost their threading if I hadn't been vigilant.

2. They obviously hadn't checked the wheels after fitting the tyres for leaks, because a light sanding of the inner edges let the rubber 'hold' the alloys better and the leaks were taken care of.

3. Asked me money to do this. When I pointed out that the alloys were fitted with new tyres and kept for pick up without checking, they backed down, but only after making a call to the manager.

4. They were fitting the bolts incorrectly. Instead of 1, 3, 2, 4 (opposite ends, so the bolts tighten correctly) they were making the rookie mistake of fitting them 1,2,3,4. The second tyre the same bad habit, and had to insist again.

5. They obviously hadn't marked which wheel or tyre came off from where.
Because on the way back, i noticed a pull to the right, which was not the case earlier. Now I have to get them aligned, obviously not at Premji's.

6. I went to the pump the next day and realised why the car was jumping about.
The tyres were inflated to 48, 52, 50, 50. Instead of the standard 30psi.

I am always willing to let go of 1 mistake, as it's a mistake, but multiple ones just show that they are careless and not bothered about the job they are doing.

Horrible experience. Negative 5 stars if possible.

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Default Re: Premji Tyre Shop (Mahim, Mumbai)

I have been a Premjis customer for 10+ years. Whenever I get a new car, I drive it straight from the dealer to Premji’s and swap the tires to new Michelin’s. Always get a professional and slightly more human touch there, especially when Sailesh is present.

Sharp, shrewd businessman but still someone who understands the value of a respectful and loyal customer.

This is why I will be driving our newly delivered Creta to him soon :-)

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