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Old 27th December 2013, 21:36   #31
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Re: Free Jump starts & Battery help - Exide Batmobile, Mumbai (and other cities)

Hey guys,
I have used their services for my Honda Civic , the battery went dead without a warning.
I was in the parking lot of a mall, called these guys, they reached and replaced my battery in 50 mins flat.

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Old 6th February 2014, 20:02   #32
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Re: Free Jump starts & Battery help - Exide Batmobile, Mumbai (and other cities)

Used their service again today. Was stuck at Anand Vihar today on the highway on the rightmost lane.

Called them, they gave an estimate of around 35 mins, sat in the car till that time waving to others to not stop behind me, the car battery was such that the even blinkers were not working. Some people were cursing me for not putting blinkers on a stranded car. But could not do much as car battery wasn't pulling up blinkers.

They came, checked battery, gave a report and jumpstarted the car. Managed to get out of the place to the hyundai service center for battery & alternator testing.

Full marks to Exide for this service. The guys came in a white M800 Alto (the care was quite new)
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Old 2nd April 2014, 16:28   #33
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Re: Free Jump starts & Battery help - Exide Batmobile, Mumbai (and other cities)

Used their service last weekend.

My car (3rd gen City) was idling away for a good 2 weeks plus while I was away. It has the OEM SF Sonic battery which has been showing signs of wearing off every now and then. The two weeks of idle time was a perfect excuse for it to give away. Called the Bat-Mobile. Was promised that the technician would arrive in 30 min and that he did.

Prompt and professional service and they weren't pushing me to buy any battery although he did say that car battery is near the end of its time.

Curiously though the way he connected the live battery to my car beat every procedure for jump starting that I have read here or seen on you tube.
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Old 1st July 2014, 11:28   #34
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Re: Free Jump starts & Battery help - Exide Batmobile, Mumbai (and other cities)

Horrible service here in Hyderabad. Called them yesterday evening around 4 pm, they told they will send in morning. Now morning even after making many calls no one there till 11:30 am now. My car battery is down in apartment, i feel if car breakdown in city in Hyderabad, this Exide help is extremely unreliable.
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Old 31st July 2014, 14:17   #35
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Re: Free Jump starts & Battery help - Exide Batmobile, Mumbai (and other cities)

Called these guys last evening. Battery of my BMW 525i has been dead for over a week, and I was 90% sure if it was the battery but just to confirm I called these guys before purchasing a new battery. They came, tested the battery, jump started the car and confirmed the battery was weak. Tipped them and off they went! Great service, timely and professional. However, the guys seemed kind of uninterested in offering any solutions to the weak battery (I guess they knew that I knew I had to get a new battery anyways so they didn't bother trying to sell me anything)
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Old 30th November 2015, 18:18   #36
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Re: Free Jump starts & Battery help - Exide Batmobile, Mumbai (and other cities)

Called for their service last weekend when a guest had come home and his Swift refused to start. A technician came by in 45 minutes and verified that it was indeed a weak battery issue. He suggested that we replace the battery with a new Exide one. He called up the local area dealer and gave us a quote of 4200/- with exchange. I checked on and found that they were offering the same at 3650/-. So negotiated with him and settled for 4,000/-. Another technician from the local dealer came in 45 mins and replaced the battery in 5 minutes, prepared the the bill and the warranty and voila, the car was up and running

Batmobile person told me not to buy from as they would not be able to offer you service in case you face any issues during warranty period. Not sure how true that is. We went ahead with his local area dealer as we were assured that the replacement would be done in next 1 hour (and indeed it was done so). All in all, good experience.
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Old 28th April 2016, 23:50   #37
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just this week I had written about my battery on the "Amaron Batteries" thread, and was waiting for any reply so that I could soon get battery changed. I couldn't wait writing this latest experience.

Today evening I started from office along with friend, drove few kilometers and stopped to fill diesel at the Ghansoli bunk (Thane - Belapur road, next to McD). Now the car refused to start, and suddenly went complete dead! With help of bunk attendants, we tried 2-3 times by pushing & starting in gear, but it didnt start. Finally parked aside on the road, on my mobile searched for Amaron Helpline Number (1800 4254848) and called them. It took atleast 10 min hold (agents busy message on IVR), and I asked for jump-start service. The agent said no such service available (what!), and gave me a technician's number if he could assist. He inquired about vehicle make, battery year and gave excuse that it already weak and out of warranty etc, all these talks made no sense, and I blasted him that its pitiful Amaron not offering any jump-start service, even to their own customers!
I called the number, and actually he was a dealer, he said Amaron doesn't provide any such service, instead the dealers / franchisees are roped to assist, but since his office is closed at 7.30pm, he couldnt help!

Then I just remembered of Exide Bat Mobile, but number stored on my mobile was wrong/old. It took a bit to do another search on my mobile and I dialed "180018011111", the call was picked within 1 minute, Agent was courteous and noted all my details (vehicle # / color, mobile #, exact area) and assured me that technician will reach within 30 minutes. He didnt ask my battery make, wow !

Me and friend waited for 15-20 minutes, and a person on two-wheeler came, with battery-pack affixed on his scooter. He was courteous, and after few checks said that battery is charged, alternator seems well, but battery itself seems weak. Jump Started the vehicle and again tested few times for start/stop. He advised that battery is weak and best to replace soon. Didnt try to sell anything to me! He packed his tools, noted my details in a record book and was about to leave. I asked him about money, he denied about it, my friend was just zapped on such complimentary services by Exide. I still gave him some money, as he indeed help me in needy time. There was another number printed on his scooter, which should also work "18001035454" (I just saw on Exide website, this is the number mentioned)

Overall Im very annoyed with Amaron's services and really very happy by Exide's services & initiatives, even in such situations. I need to travel out of Mumbai tomorrow, and dont want to take any chance with weak battery. Tomorrow morning itself I will buy a new battery, and in all probabilities it will be Exide. Hats off to them, kudos.

latest update:
I had anyways planned to replace the battery, but today morning the vehicle didnt start. I called Exide Bat Service, but they denied service in my area (outside Mumbai region)!
I didnt have much choice, and on my Wego went for inquiry at a big Exide shop. The Exide price quoted was quite higher than Amaron, of similar specs, so I again purchased Amaron.
PS: I will update this purchase on the "Amaron Batteries" thread for ref.

@Mods - you may merge this post with my earlier one.

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Old 16th November 2018, 06:32   #38
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Re: Free Jump starts & Battery help - Exide Batmobile, Mumbai (and other cities)

Is this service still available? My battery is showing signs of weakening and it'll be 2 years since purchase of new car in 2 days. Usually batteries have a warranty period of 2 years complete warranty + 2 years pro rata warranty. Keeping this in mind do you suggest i visit the nearest Exide centre and claim replacement of battery. The way things are i am sure i'll have to replace the battery anytime in the next 30 days.

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Re: Free Jump starts & Battery help - Exide Batmobile, Mumbai (and other cities)

Request to Moderators,

Services like these must be pinned to a sub-thread somewhere like Emergency Contact Numbers list by BHPians or something.

I did not know about this service while my battery warranty was still in a 72 month warranty period!

The only glitch in the system is that they route the helpline number to the state where your phone is registered in i think. They should list all states' Helpiline numbers.
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Car Battery Replacement

Would like to share a pleasant experience, I had today ,with regard to replacement of my car battery.

My VW Jetta battery conked out just as I was approaching my house, in BTM 2nd stage. It was 3 years old. Tried logging into " doorstep service by Exide". OTP never came. And then I got a notification saying your call is closed.

Googled on Exide battery dealer closest to me and got this dealer-Battery Ocean. One, Jagadish answered within two rings, took down all the details and in exactly 20 minutes reached the location, with a brand new Exide battery. Checked the old battery, confirmed it was dead, fitted the new battery, wrote out the invoice, affixed the dealer stamp, gave the warranty card and I paid him by Gpay and the entire thing was over in a jiffy.
Never seen this kind of high class service. Absolutely professional and an extremely polite person. May his tribe increase. And may be, his Principals, Exide should learn a thing or two about service from Mr. Jagadish. 099860 38098..

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