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Old 8th September 2011, 16:20   #91
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Default Re: Honda Brio : Test Drive & Review

Originally Posted by .anshuman View Post
The A pillar does intrude into visibility but the low set ORVMs help, visibility is not bad at all. Better than most cab forward designs.
Thanks anshuman. Could you share more about the front quarter glass or the lack of it. There seem to be just black plastic in there.
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Default Re: Honda Brio : Test Drive & Review

So, finally the Brio is out - Honda joins the small car bandwagon.

I hope it is just me but I'm not exactly impressed by the rear - that is some weird design. Too wide a glass and awkwardly placed tail-lamps.

Isn't the gear knob shared with City too? And the centre console.

About the key chain, same with the City - Honda seems to believe one key is sufficient and the spare will be never used!

And a Honda that doesn't scrape speedbreakers - I'm all praise!

Looks wise - nothing inspiring to choose Brio over competition.

The engine - we'll have to ride it to feel it. Hoping it makes up for the looks.

By the way, any news on the equipment/feature list vis a vis all the variants - or is that info not out yet?
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Default Re: Honda Brio : Test Drive & Review

Thanks for the Review.
Looks like Brio is going to eat up on Astar and Wagon-R crowd.
Possible i10 ad Ritz too, provided it is priced sensibly.

Sorry to repeat but what is the launch date for Brio? I hope they can deliver vehicles on launch date.
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Old 8th September 2011, 17:23   #94
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Default Re: Honda Brio : Test Drive & Review

Super Review and very nice pictures to wrap it up!
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Default Re: Honda Brio : Test Drive & Review

I test drove the new Jazz a few days back, and the ride was very stiff. On bad roads in Bangalore (almost everywhere), it is very uncomfortable.
If Brio's suspension is even stiffer, it should be really uncomfortable in the city (at least in cities with bad roads!).
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Default Re: Honda Brio : Test Drive & Review

Great review of a much awaited car.

Originally Posted by GTO View Post
When I see the Brio, I see the effect of competition on Honda. Absolutely brilliant hatchback + solid mechanicals; I rate it right up there with the i10 & Swift on my list of petrol favourites. You donít need to spend big money to have fun, and the Brio proves it.
Attachment 606248
+1 to the note on competition. Honda was dragging it's feet and really needed a kick in the hindquarters to get it going. So this is the spiritual successor to the OHC a car that was a great driver but not exactly friendly to passengers.

An all out city car good for those occasional highway runs. And this might be the OHC's tuning successor as well.

Oooh but the rear design especially those taillights. In the concept the heavily flared wheel arches balance the tail light but in this production model it looks awkward. Here is a crude rendering on how I would have preferred it. Guys - photoshop finishing opportunities are hereby made available...

Honda Brio : Test Drive & Review-brio_rear.jpg

Attaboy Honda!
Drive on,
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Default Re: Honda Brio : Test Drive & Review

First is first. An excellent review.

I totally agree with you on the interiors. It does look posh. Except that gap where the metal smiles from inside the door. May be they thought it will be a new style?

Overall, its certainly a good package. Time to watch the chart now
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Default Re: Honda Brio : Test Drive & Review

Well, Thanks for the splendid report from Anshuman on the Brio. Well articulated on the exterior, interior and technical details of the car. Also, many thanks for GTO to give us a perspective on the segment that this car will be competing with.

Looks are very subjective, yes its definitely a fresh design just like the Micra, but time will tell how consumers will prefer to get accustomed to the rear end. I felt the front bonnet end had some great straight lines seen distintively in all Honda cars such as New Honda City, Jazz and probably even the CRV but somehow the rear end is a put off, but I guess the new concept cars from all manufacturers across the world will tend to lean towards futuristic design and Honda is miles ahead in their product design. Space management is the ultimate desire attribute for an Indian urban traveler and if the woman can also enjoy her ride to work/shopping/family chores, then is the best second car. Having said that, for another a lakh or more, the buyer will be tempted to pick up full blown city/highway traveler Jazz itself. Its a complete weekday/weekend mover. People will exercise deep thoughts here.

But somehow interior placements are fine but knobs/AC culverts are not modern, nevertheless interior package is neat for a sub 5lakh car. Is it petrol or diesel, that's the talking points nowadays. I expect i10 diesel to be launched soon, as well Hyundai have started offering good discounts on the 1.2 Kappa models anticipating Brio launch. New Swift is still sitting pretty despite 2-5 months waiting. I think to wait for 2months for a Swift petrol, its better to take off Brio if its readily available but the diesel fan will still wait until Liva Diesel comes with a mouth watering price.

Brio will not shoo away the seasoned Swift buyer, its still the model favorite car in India for urban/city/highway/bad roads. You re the Fuel and it will take you anywhere across India, I have my doubts on Brio, Liva, i10 except Polo and Punto.

Women will adore Brio more than Micra now......................
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Default Re: Honda Brio : Test Drive & Review

Excellent review, living up to the standards expected of TBhp.
The sales will be good as Honda is an aspirational brand for a lot of Indians, the ride quality and interior space be damned.
I would however worry about the rear hatch which can easily be damaged by a careless bump from the motorcyclists, APE autos etc. Then you cannot just do a simple dent/paint job but replace the hatch. Unless it is priced low (read cheap) we will end up seeing a lot of them being held up by duct tape. Also, any items you keep in will be visible which means you dont have to open it for checking at every shopping mall you visit (positive) but then a thief magnet where all the thief has to do is use a stone to break this open and do away with your valuables placed there.

The dash is a hit or miss design. I for one prefer HPS to EPS because it gives better feel.

There certainly will be a first of sorts in this car, where you will have to wax the interior as well (door pockets!)
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Default Re: Honda Brio : Test Drive & Review

Superb review, Anshuman and GTO. Rated the thread 5 stars. I think with Brio, Honda is going to hit the sweet spot for a near perfect City Hatch. Many others have mentioned the +ves and the -ves and so am not going to dwell on them. Very good to see Honda maintaining visible quality levels unlike the 'T' badge. I also feel that if it had a tall boy stance, it would have become the most preferred car for the ladies.

Liva Petrol probably will become more of a relic pretty soon. And Maruti with its problems at Manesar plant is going to have its hands full. That leaves Brio, i10 with probably Santro and the H800 from Hyundai in the same bracket.
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Default Re: Honda Brio : Test Drive & Review

Originally Posted by Daewood View Post
How do you say it is an easy flick for the thieves, when all cars have a glass at the rear?

Regarding privacy you can't see what's in the boot if sunfilm is pasted, and the car's interiors are darker than the external environment.
Its because most of the Honda Brio have rear parcel tray, In case you put your valuable below it, its well hidden. In the case of brio I did not find the usual side rails in boot compartment to even buy and put a parcel tray from outside!!!! Indeed a valid concern point. Even Beat has a shelf tray with similar Boot Size.

Great Review Indeed. Congratulation for another Scintillating review to T-BHP team. You guys are sensational, I haven't bought a car magazine in Months!!!!!

Although I am a fan of new age design, but only if this is well integrated. The Rear Door had it been properly designed would have passed the Tail Light. See the Gap from End of rear dear and start of the tail light. Quirky to Me. The Glass door completely showing the inside valuables and No Parcel Shelf is a big concern for me. I can't even think of parking it in a public parking lot without getting jittery about my valuables, no place to hide anything at all, especially my laptop. Have seen/Heard enough instances where Window glass was broken to steal laptops. If it is visible it can go in minutes.

From out-side design wise I would still Rate the Chevy 'Beat' and 'I10' as much better designed vehicle compared to Brio. Flow of Lines and rear door, windows, Boot Gate and integration is superb in both.

Inside Layout though remains a well thought out but still instruments give a retro feel with so many outdated instrument type (AC Air circulation). Saving Grace is the two-coloured theme here with Good mix of Beige Interiors. I would love this car if I am a driver or a co-passenger, Definitely not if I am in Rear.
First the poking rear-side of Driver and Passenger seat which Adds to quirkiness and a sense of claustrophobia for Rear seat passengers. But thankfully the rear seats are better than A-Star and more in the league of i10, Ritz and Beat class. Rear Power Window Switch, well an obvious cost savings. I am surprised Honda Engineers couldn't think a better type of power window switch. This is used in dated designs, I believe I saw in some vehicle of the type Tavera.

Lack of good Ride Quality is compared to competitors will not gel well with customers. I think Honda needs to improve on it pretty soon.

This Car looks like will start from a price point where Beat & Figo diesels starts at but for all the practical comparison purposes it can be compared only with A-Star, i10, Beat, WagonR and maximum with ritz.

It is the dimension and not price what decides the segment which car sits in. Swift, i20, Liva, Fabia, Polo, Punto are way out of Brio's League as far as I am concerned, Though I do not have a iota of doubt that it would rather be priced closer to swift, Polo and Punto's starting range purely because of Straight-'H's brand value in India. For me probably I can live with Brio's higher price point than its actual segment (a-Star and company) but there are few obvious shortcomings with the car which is the reason i would still pick a Jazz over this.

All in all great vehicle for people who are willing to pay premium for Quality and Honda Badge, to me there wont be many in this segment and honda will find it really tough fight in this segment if priced it north of Swift.

Last edited by .anshuman : 9th September 2011 at 20:43. Reason: We discourage short forms of car names, it definitely takes less time to type BUT more time to read. Thanks
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Default Re: Honda Brio : Test Drive & Review

The Brio has displaced Ritz at-least in 1 category for sure. And that is Rear end quirkiness. While nowhere other than the rear, the design is bad but simply does not have the same euphoria like the other Hondas (Jazz/City/Civc). I did not like the dashboard design as well. The interiors dont look to be of great quality at-least in pics (Same with Polo). But expect it to be good when seen in person.

So it finally boils down to pricing. Pricing the top end version close to 6 might not be a good idea. Better keep it a bit less.

I understand Brio has got an extremely good engine/transmission and is also highly agile with a quick steering. But considering the handling (not ride) what is your pick out of Swift, Figo & Brio?
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Default Re: Honda Brio : Test Drive & Review

thanks anshuman for the helpful review!! unbiased and clear review will help alot of people looking to buy a small Honda car!

i just hope that honda will train their service center technicians on how to handle customers, coz i have had a bitter experiance
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Default Re: Honda Brio : Test Drive & Review

I dont know why but this car reminds me of the original Maruti 800. The original one, and not the one that became the bestseller. I foresee a lot of youngsters buying this car, although i dont see many family minded buyers picking one up. Its not an 'Uncles Car' if you know what i mean. The I10, Wagon R, Polo and Swift manage the best of both worlds.
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Default Re: Honda Brio : Test Drive & Review

gr8 job anshu and GTO
wonderful review
if Honda price it right they have a winner on their hands
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