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Default Re: Skoda Rapid : Test Drive & Review

Great review. Thanks.

Went to the show room late in the evening and had a look at the White Rapid show cased. First impressions:

1. The front does resemble the Fabia more than the Laura. I wish it had been the other way around. But its not too bad. Though subjective, as far as the front looks are concerned, I like the Vento more than the Rapid

2. The Side view is really good. Some how I could see a BMW 3 Series connection (towards the fender and the protruding black grill).

3. As mentioned in the review, the rear seat inclination could have had a bit more angle (slant). Looks a little straight. The rear comfort, space is no where close to the Honda City that I currently have,

4. Vento TDi Trendline Breeze Ex showroom price == Rapid TDi Ambition Ex show room price in Chennai (8.43L). On Road price of Rapid 4K less than Vento (9.72L Vs 9.68L)

5. Not much difference in the interiors between the Vento and the Rapid. Brown and Beige combo looks good. I like the Skoda steering better than the Vento's.

Having booked a Vento Trendline, will I cancel that booking and book a Rapid Ambition ? A Big YES. I get ABS, Driver Side Airbag and Keyless Entry. I have to buy a touch screen player outside as a compromise. Thats OK!
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Default Re: Skoda Rapid : Test Drive & Review

Good review! An also a real eye opener. I have never been a Skoda fanboy, but the recent moves by the company have come as a pleasant surprise. By launching an AT in the mid variant, they surely are thinking forward - a welcome move from the urban point of view. Driving thru NCR / Gurgaon traffic mess just got a bit easier!

The segment is really hotting up. But is the pricing mentioned on page 1 really the correct indicator? At Gurgaon the Honda City AT is typically available for around 9 - 9.24 lacs plus freebies. (Source: Pearl Honda) while the price shown here is 9.37 lacs ex-showroom!

Most Petrol cars nowadays are selling at a discount in the market, whereas being a fresh launch the Skoda would sell at the listed price itself for some time.

I am interested and am going to keenly watch this car's performance. Really willing to eat my hat if Skoda changes for the better. Now, if only they improve! Hope they are reading this!
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excellent review samurai & vid. you guys have eliminated the test drive process completely for me!!! i am not sure, maybe i missed it, could you shed some light as to how the ICE setup of the car is and also other creature comforts like the a/c cooling, etc.

guys have attached a few pdf's with further details like key equipment, variants & colors, price list, comprehensive equipment, technical description of the skoda rapid. hope this comes handy for people looking for more info on the skoda rapid. cheers.
Attached Files
File Type: pdf comprehensive equipment.pdf (68.5 KB, 1879 views)
File Type: pdf key equipment.pdf (42.1 KB, 1571 views)
File Type: xls Skoda Rapid Pricelist 16112011.xls (38.5 KB, 2614 views)
File Type: pdf technical description.pdf (53.7 KB, 1437 views)
File Type: pdf variants and colours.pdf (46.2 KB, 1711 views)

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Default Re: Skoda Rapid : Test Drive & Review

Excellent review, i really like the shape of the rapid compared to the hatch, its more proportionate and scale is more pleasing.

Samurai has high lightened a very valid point, driving a small pot AT car is a different ball game altogether. Before i got the Santro AT the automatics i have driven were all 2+ liter engines and they used to behave in a very different manner compared to the Santro AT which prefers a very light foot. Am very happy that its giving close to 11 kmpl in bangalore traffic also, with a light right foot

The absence of the silver garnish on the air vents, is it to prevent the reflection on the windshield also?
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Default Re: Skoda Rapid : Test Drive & Review

What an awesome review. Absolutely fantastic. You guys covered every bit of it. Thank you!

I've been waiting for this review after the initial reviews from other sites and channels. Wanted to hear the final verdict from TBHP and its a winner!

Absolutely loved the car, more than the Vento. And with the sensitive pricing the deal just got sweeter. Will be very interesting to see how it dents the sales of other cars in the segment including that of Vento. Also, as the other Skoda cars, looks like very solidly built.

If only the A.*.* horror stories are rectified, this should be the best selling in the segment, at least in the diesel cars.

Only sore point is the huge hump at the back seat. I wished it comfortably seated five adults. Will I book this car? A big yes, BUT, only after few months after seeing the initial reviews and inputs from the first movers.

One question from my end, how's the AC?
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Default Re: Skoda Rapid : Test Drive & Review

Did they not learn anything from Vento? No USB and no steering-mounted controls? Wonder when the "updated" version is going to come out.
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Default Re: Skoda Rapid : Test Drive & Review

Please tell me why will someone buy a Vento now. If the Rapid rides better, sounds quieter and is also available in the mid variant, how will the overpriced Vento compete with it.

How is the performance of the diesel Rapid when compared to the Vento. Are they at par? And how does their high speed handling compare? Body-roll, under-steer, grip, steering feedback etc.

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Default Re: Skoda Rapid : Test Drive & Review

Indeed a typical T BHP class review.
For guys like me on a look out for a car with open mind read confused with type/segment/ petrol or diesel dilemma/ new or pre owned, this adds another option.

I find looks of Rapid better. When I TDed vento AT, I was pretty impressed with the suspension part. Since Rapid is claiming to be better on this front can I expect it to be of T Jet Class in ride and handling?

The base petrol would chase resale of some petrol sedans even further down.

How much is standard warranty? How upgrade friendly will the base model be?
Chances that diesel would be available off the shelf?

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Default Re: Skoda Rapid : Test Drive & Review

I feel Skoda has done a better job in making the rapid and Laura look related externally. The same can't be said about the Vw Vento and the Vw jetta. The high bonnet and similarly shaped boot lid matches with the Laura, while the Vento has only the front bumper matching with the Jetta.
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Default Re: Skoda Rapid : Test Drive & Review

Originally Posted by suman View Post
Great review guys! Do you feel that the top end variants are VFM, I would think not?
The mid variant is definitely VFM. But the top variant misses some of the taken for granted features like steering mounted audio controls, USB, bluetooth, etc.

Originally Posted by suman View Post
And I guess the rear floor hump was only to be expected.
That is something they should have avoided, after all this is no RWD vehicle.

Originally Posted by flyingkolors View Post
One question from my end, how's the AC?
We drove 400kms on a very sunny day, in Rajasthan. The climate control was left at 21C and we never had to fiddle with it. Very effective cooling.

All the photos posted so far were shot either in the morning or evening for best lighting condition. Here is one we shot in the afternoon under harsh sun.

Skoda Rapid : Test Drive & Review-pb046379.jpg

Skoda Rapid : Test Drive & Review-pb046380.jpg

Originally Posted by samabhi View Post
You guys had a chance to sit in the middle at the back?? How comfortable it is?
The hump in the middle is a major pain.

Originally Posted by thenomad View Post
The variant I looked at (petrol Elegance, manual) didn't have the under-hood damping, as mentioned in the review. Not sure if this is a dealer fitment (or) variant based.
The under-hood damping photo is shot on a petrol elegance manual.

Originally Posted by deetjohn View Post
When I test drove the Vento TDi, I didn't like it that much, save for the Torque monster engine. The NVH was horrible and the HL Diesel with ABS/ Airbags was just too expensive. The Skoda Rapid solves both these problems. The Ambition D at 8.3L is a great buy.
Two days before the Rapid test drive, Vidyut did test drive the Vento TDi in Bangalore, probably the same TD car as you tried. He was quite disappointed with it, he had similar opinion as you. The Rapid TDi was nothing like that.
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Default Re: Skoda Rapid : Test Drive & Review

Skoda has appointed new dealers in Kerala. So the A.S.S may improve.
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Default Re: Skoda Rapid : Test Drive & Review

Originally Posted by Skyline GT-R View Post
Skoda has appointed new dealers in Kerala. So the A.S.S may improve.
Thanks for the info. Any idea where these new locations are?
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Default Re: Skoda Rapid : Test Drive & Review

Skoda you can come out with whatever car you want in whatever category , As long as you dont get your A.S.S act together its not going to help. I would like to assume that the Skoda owners today are a much happy lot that we were back in the days. Coming to the car , its more of the same. And that interior design , talk abut cost saving. Every thing from a POLO to the superb have them.
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Default Re: Skoda Rapid : Test Drive & Review

Wonderful review guys, was waiting for this since very long.

Rapid seems seems to be better overall package, though basic features like USB/Pen Drive compatible music system, Parking sensors, Steering mounted controls, bluetooth etc are sorely missing even in top of the line Elegance variant. But on the flip side it has better ride and handling package and hoot to drive as compared to most of the competition including its own sibling.

You seemed to be impressed by the frugal nature of the engine, any figures to quote on mileage ?

Which color in your opinion looks best ?

Booked an Elegance (Cappucino Beige) one week back, eagerly awaiting for the delivery
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Default Re: Skoda Rapid : Test Drive & Review

Personally, I do not like mixed up design themes, which the Rapid too is suffering from - soft curves at the front and sharp edges at the rear. However, Rapid is not as jarring as say the Manza on this factor.

It will be interesting to camparo between petrol Rapid and Sunny.
Base variant: Sunny - 5.78l; Rapid - 6.75l
Mid variant: Sunny - 6.78l; Rapid - 7.09l
Top variant: Sunny - 7.68l; Rapid - 7.99l

The mid and top variants Rapid is Rs. 30k above the Sunny variants, while the base Rapid is above base Sunny by Rs. 97k.

For those whom safety is paramount, Sunny offers ABS, EBD, brake assist, driver side airbag, even for the base variant.

Mid and top Sunny gets steering mounted audio controls, music system with Aux (Rapid top only gets music system). Base Rapid gets central locking and power windows which the Base Sunny does not get.

Rapid interior looks more up-market and has a solid European build but ASC experience is generally doubted in the forum. Sunny comes with perceived Japanese reliability and generous space at the rear. Both petrol engines are noted for their lack of outright performance by the esteemed TBHP reviewers.

It is surprising that Rapid's ARAI figures are not available - usually car manufacturers use it as a plus point in the launch and promotion activities. Can we assume the Rapid's FE figures will be somewhat similar to Vento's?

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