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Default Audi Q3 : Official Review

The Audi Q3 has been launched in India at a price of between 26.21 - 31.49 lakhs (ex-Delhi).

What you'll like:

• Top-notch interior quality is the segment best, and noticeably superior to the BMW X1
• Competent diesel engine is mated to a quick, seamlessly shifting dual-clutch 7 speed gearbox
Quattro All-Wheel-Drive system offers leech-like levels of grip
• Effortless to drive, thanks to the light steering & compact dimensions
• Loaded to the gills with features, and then some
• 5 star safety rating & equipment (ESP, ABS, EBD, electronic diff lock, a multitude of airbags etc.)

What you won't:

• Over-assisted electric steering system. Stays light at highway speeds, feels vague too
• Stiff ride quality on bad & broken roads
• Limited rear seat space. The Q3 is best suited to 4 onboard (and not 5)
• Compact SUV, just like the X1. You could get bigger 7-seater SUVs for the same price
• Cheaper FWD variant is still some time away from launch
• Inconsistent sales & service experiences at Audi dealerships

The 2014 'Dynamic' variant:

Link to review

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Default Audi Q3 : Official Review

The Audi Q3 arrives at a time when India's appetite for SUVs remains insatiable. Witness how the BMW X1 frequently outsells some 30-lakh rupee sedans, or how the Mahindra XUV500 has swept the D1 segment off its feet, much to the dismay of same-price sedans. The Q3 then is an important product for Audi. Even without a compact SUV in its portfolio, Audi has overtaken Mercedes India in sales (2,269 over 2,130 units) for the January - March 2012 quarter. BMW is exactly 100 units ahead, and that's with their X1 compact SUV. There is a possibility that the Q3, and its expected volume, could just make Audi the No.1 luxury car marque in India. One thing is for certain; this fierce level of competition only makes things better for us, the car owner!

Audi's sedans got off to a very slow start in India. The A4, A6 (especially) & A8 simply couldn't match their German counterparts on the sales charts. The gargantuan Q7 SUV, on the other hand, built a large fan base, including the Bollywood folk. So much so that Audi's SUVs frequently outsold the brand's range of sedans.

Audi Q3 : Official Review-audi-q3.jpg

The Q3's design language is unmistakably Audi with clean, proportionate lines. From the rear, it resembles the other Q-line SUVs to such an extent that it's difficult to tell the Q3 from the Q5, when viewed at a distance. The side profile has a definite coupe inspiration that might appeal to the target customer base. There is none of the quirkiness that we see on the BMW X1, and a majority of you will agree that the Q3 is the better looking car. Equally, I must add that the Q3 is Audi's smallest SUV yet, and there's no getting away from the fact that it's a compact SUV (or rather, crossover). The footprint is small at 4.39 meters in length. Indeed, the Q3 is shorter than most of the sedans at this price point. If you are looking for substantial presence, consider the Fortuner, Pajero Sport or Endeavour instead. It is important to note that the Q3 is a 5-seater SUV, and not a 7-seater like some other 25 lakh SUVs. This Audi tips the scales at 1,585 kilos, which is heftier than the RWD German sedans, yet lighter than the Audi A4 AWD. The aluminium bonnet & tailgate are just two of several weight-saving measures adopted by the engineering team.

Audi Q3 : Official Review-audi-q3-comparo-sheet.png

Size comparison with the Q5! Not many will be able to tell the siblings apart from a distance, especially in the colour black:

The BMW X1 is based on the 3 series platform, but the Q3 isn't based on the A4. This Audi shares a platform with the Volkswagen Tiguan compact SUV instead. The initial batch of Q3s will be fully imported, brought in from Spain via the CBU route. An AWD layout is the only one on offer currently. There is no doubt that the AWD Q3 will be priced higher than the X1. In the next quarter, the Q3's local assembly will commence at the group's Aurangabad plant. A cheaper FWD variant will then be introduced in the marketplace. Audi needs the FWD variant, if the Q3 is to be priced at BMW X1 levels and compete with it for sales volume. The build quality of our CBU test vehicle was absolutely top notch, with no cause for complaint. Panel gaps were surgically precise and extremely tight. The paint job felt as good as expected for a car of this price. The doors did close with a feeling of lightness that is uncharacteristic of German cars, yet overall build strength felt on par with European competitors. Even with an abused media vehicle, I could not hear any squeaks or rattles when driving flat out on broken roads.

The Audi Q3 has received a 5 star safety rating in the European NCAP tests.

A look at the Q3 in a more subtle body colour. This is the dark blue shade which could easily pass off as black. Paint & build quality are top notch:

Obvious inspiration from the '07 Cross Coupé concept car:

This white demo car wore some optional extras:

India-spec cars are equipped with headlamp washers. In Europe, it is mandatory to provide washers with Xenon lamps (to avoid any possibility of light scatter when dirt gets on the lenses). The lesser variants will get halogen headlamps, although LED daytime running lights (DRLs) are standard across the range:

The rain sensor. Sensitivity level can be adjusted via a switch on the wiper stalk:

Part sharing! Wipers are similar to those from other VW group cars. Even the placement (below the bonnet) for better aerodynamics & lower wind noise is identical. A certain procedure has to be followed to lift them up for cleaning & maintenance:

Non-convex driver side mirror has limited visibility. The other (LHS) mirror is convex and offers a far superior field of vision. The mirror's shape is similar to the Laura and Superb. Is it the same?

Aluminium-finish roof rails look classy and are standard equipment on all variants:

235/55 R17 Pirelli Scorpion tyres are a size wider than the 225 section rubber of the BMW X1. The additional cushioning from these non-runflat tyres is always felt. Expect the base variant with its 215/65 R16 tyres to offer even superior ride comfort:

LED tail-lamps go up with the tailgate. Luggage space is flexible. When required, the rear seat can be folded away to make for a flat cargo bay:

Meaty tailpipes and muffler look similar to the ones in the Yeti, part sharing?

Never, ever fill premium diesel in a German car. Regular diesel does just fine:

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Default Audi Q3 : Official Review

If you've been in an Audi before, you'll feel right at home in the Q3. The clean, simple design & layout are similar to other Audi cars, while most of the components are also shared with its siblings. The example I drove was an initial batch CBU, and the quality of material was absolutely topnotch. Fit & finish are on par with the Audi A4, which I consider to be the segment-best. Unlike the BMW X1, the cabin doesn't feel like it's built to a cost. A brown and beige combination is the only one available at the moment. I would have preferred black, at least as an option, but for a country known to be fascinated with beige, this is probably the more logical choice. The Q3 is equipped with dark-coloured carpets; a good thing in our dusty country!

The front seats go all the way back and, in that position, they have enough room to accommodate the tallest of occupants. The seats get full electric adjustment, although owners sharing the Q3 with family members will miss a memory function. Even the lumbar support is electrically adjustable for intensity and height. The seats are large in size and will easily hold XXL sized occupants. Seat compound is not too stiff, while the bolstering is comfortable and held me in place during hard cornering. The lower variants get faux-leather seats, while the top trim level gets real leather upholstery. Just like the tallboy cars, you walk into the Q3, making ingress / egress very easy. The seat height is just about right. You sit higher than in the BMW X1, and frontal / lateral visibility is pretty good. The compact exterior dimensions (by SUV standards) and super-light steering make the Q3 an easy drive in traffic conditions. Rearward visibility is restricted however, and you will need those parking sensors very often. Data provided by the MID is displayed on the 6.5 inch centre screen, as well as on the meter console. Steering-mounted controls for the MID are useful, to quickly toggle through data on the move. The MMI display pops out from the top of the dashboard. It's quite intuitive to use, I felt instantly comfortable with it and didn't see any need to refer to the owner's manual.

The transversely mounted engine releases more cabin space & things are better at the back than the BMW X1. Still, I wouldn't call the rear seat "spacious". The Q3 does have a higher, more practical seating arrangement than the X1, even though overall legroom is limited. You could get roomier SUVs & sedans for far lesser money. It's not an easy task to carry four 6-footers in the Q3 or X1 at all. The front seat-backs have hard plastics which cause further inconvenience to tall rear passengers. The rear seats are scooped in, and thus hold passengers in place during turns. I found the backrest angle a tad too upright for my taste; the X1 has a more reclined seating position for rear passengers. A center armrest is a shocking omission in a car of this price. Even the humble Maruti DZire gets a comfortable center armrest. Unlike what the roof-line might suggest, rear headroom wasn't an issue. And I'm tall by Indian standards (over 6 feet). Due to the narrow seat width, this car is strictly a 4 seater. The transmission hump on the floor is prominent, and the rear air-con vents intrude into the 5th passenger's knee space.

You have to credit the Germans on safety; the 5th passenger also gets a proper 3 point seat-belt and an adjustable neck restraint (headrest).

Nearly all of the storage cubicles are felt lined. Front passengers get 2 cup holders, and there is a decent sized storage box below the center armrest. The door pockets are large & accommodating as well. On the flip side, there aren't any seat back pockets and the glove-box is limited in capacity too. The boot size is 460 liters; that's not extraordinary in any way and is about on par with most C-segment sedans. The rear seats do fold in a 60:40 ratio. They can also make way for a large, flat loading area of 1,365 liters.

Our test car had the standard Audi multimedia system. This 8-speaker stock audio sounds punchy, even with the bass level at the halfway mark. Sound quality was overall satisfactory, and I see few owners upgrading the multimedia system. In Goa's humid weather, the air-conditioner felt competent enough. With dual-zone climate control and rear air-con vents, I didn't find any reason to complain. Our test car had a panoramic sunroof which was putting a lot of extra load on the A/C (with the sunscreen pulled back).

Instrument cluster carries the familiar Audi look and is easy to read:

Center console with the fold-out 6.5 inch screen. Tastefully coordinated colours:

Standard DSG layout. Steering-mounted paddle shifters are available as an option:

The MMI screen displaying its various functional areas. No, it's not a touch screen:

Climate control system is intuitive to use. Front passengers get dual-zone climate control:

The multimedia system gets twin SD card slots, single CD and an iPod cable:

To hook your iPod up:

The parking aid is accurate and has a decent detection range. Higher variant gets front and rear sensors with audio + visual feedback:

Navigation option doesn't work in the India-spec cars. Audi must tie-up with a local map provider:

Quattro badge on the dashboard. India will only get the Quattro (AWD) variant for now. A 140 BHP FWD Q3 will be launched later this year:

Electro-mechanical Handbrake with "Auto" function is a boon in stop-go traffic. The parking brake switch is a push & pull type:

All interior lights are LEDs!

Invasion of the electronics, I say. The various warning lights decoded:

I looked everywhere, but still couldn't find any low quality bits. Medium-sized glovebox isn't accommodating:

The lower stalk is for the cruise control:

All 4 door pockets are huge, and can easily hold 1.5 liter bottles:

Tweeters placed on the rear doors:

Limited rear seat space:

The rear air-con vents:

Rear center armrest is sorely missed, especially in an automobile of this price:

Optional Panoramic sunroof. You can order it on the lower variant too. The huge sunroof gives an airy feel to an otherwise tight cabin:

Rear seat can be folded in a 60:40 split, or entirely to make way for a flat cargo bay:

Space saver spare tyre is restricted to 80 kph. That's a lot better than the BMW X1 which is ridiculously sold without a spare tyre in India!

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Default Audi Q3 : Official Review

Transversely mounted engine releases more cabin space:

The Audi Q3 is powered by a 2.0L TDI engine with 174 BHP on tap (@ 4,200 rpm) and 380 Nm of torque (@ 1,750 - 2,500 rpm). There is talk of the 2.0 TFSI petrol (211 BHP) coming later. IMHO, Audi shouldn't bother. Diesel is the fuel of choice for Indian SUV owners. Audi should instead get the 140 BHP Q3 FWD soon, which will be priced at a significantly lower price point.

After the Fiat 1.3L MJD engine, this 2.0L TDI is perhaps the most shared powerplant in India. Many VW group cars, including the Skoda Laura, Skoda Yeti, Skoda Superb, VW Jetta, VW Passat, Audi A4, Audi A6 and Audi Q5 use the engine in varying states of tune.

The Q3 AWD has a gruff engine note on the outside, yet on the inside, refinement levels are good. The cabin is well insulated and there is none of the diesel humm at low revvs that we are used to hearing in VWs / Skodas powered by the same engine. It's only in the mid-range rpms that you hear some amount of diesel clatter. Compared to chief competitor BMW X1, the Audi Q3 feels a lot more refined. There is a considerable difference, especially when comparing NVH levels at idle.

This higher state of tune has power delivery that's a lot more peaky. The S-tronic transmission (dual-clutch) doesn't have a torque converter and thus, there is a distinct lag at low rpm. The X1 surely feels punchier at the low end. Anyone who has driven the VW-group DSGs will be familiar with the initial lag that I am talking about. After the initial lag, and past 1,500 rpm, performance is strong all the way to the redline. The mid-range is where this engine feels best; even in 7th gear, there is enough throttle response at higher speeds. The redline is marked at 4,500 rpm and the 2 liter diesel revvs close to 5,000 rpm without feeling strained. Still, the BMW 2.0L diesel is the revv-happier of the two. Audi claims a 0-100 time of 8.2 seconds, while top speed is rated at 212 kph. Just like the other TDI + DSG cars, the Q3 only requires light accelerator inputs to keep the pace. BMW owners might find the Q3's accelerator pedal to be too sensitive.

Name:  Audi Q3 Torque Curve.PNG
Views: 159314
Size:  94.8 KB

Typical of a dual-clutch gearbox (DSG), shift quality is seamless and without any interruption of power. Driven conservatively, the box upshifts at rpms as low as 1,400 - 1,500 rpm in D mode, maximising fuel economy. Although D mode is responsive enough for most, S mode is in a different league altogether. Not only does the box upshift at higher rpms, even the shift times are shorter. Gear changes in S mode are lightning quick, and completely devoid of jerks. As competent as DSG gearboxes are, they remain more expensive to buy & maintain. Their reliability has improved from the early days, but you still can't compare their durability to a conventional automatic transmission.

The electric parking brake (with Auto function) is standard on the Q3. If you ask me, this feature is a must-have in every automatic car. With Auto mode activated, the system automatically applies the parking brake whenever you come to a stop. There is no need to continuously keep your foot on the brake pedal, for instance, at a traffic signal. The second you tap the accelerator pedal, the parking brake is released and you are good to go. The Q3's ARAI rated fuel economy is 15.77 kpl. This is similar to most sedans from the price bracket, and is down to the Audi Q3's relatively light weight (by SUV standards) and 7-speed transmission. Internationally, this engine is a known workhorse, delivering consistently good fuel economy. The Q3 also has an automatic decoupling feature that kicks in during coasting, to help with better fuel efficiency and lower emissions. The Q3 also gets other fuel-saving technologies like a start-stop system, power saving alternator and regenerative braking.

Suspension comfort on good roads, or roads with smaller imperfections, is very absorbent and flat. This is the kind of suppleness that X1 owners can only dream about. Best part is - as the speed increases - the ride only gets better. This trait is typical of most European cars. On the downside, on bad & broken roads, the underlying stiffness and low profile tires show their ugly side. On poor stretches of tarmac, the Q3 starts getting uncomfortable. Large potholes can result in a bone jarring ride. It is almost impossible to keep up the pace on bad roads....roads that a humble Pajero manages in a far superior manner. The Q3 is equipped with a stiffer suspension to offset the height disadvantage, in its quest for superior dynamics.

The steering is a disappointment for enthusiasts seeking feel and feedback. This electric power steering is over-assisted and feels disconnected most of the time. Even my Skoda Laura has superior steering feel. For the mass market, the light steering might be a boon, especially when parking and navigating through urban traffic. Good part is, the steering has quick, sharp responses making it fun in the twisties. If only it weren't so light at highway speeds. Audi should have engineered the steering to weigh up more as the speedometer needle climbs.

Steering apart, the Q3 has a very sporty handling setup. Sure, it doesn't entertain like the RWD BMW X1, but still feels enthusiastic when attacking corners. The Quattro system grips the road as if super-glue were applied to the tyres. Even with the ESP turned off, it will be very difficult for average drivers to lose control. On the limit, the Q3 will develop understeer in a progressive, predictable manner. Road behaviour is closer to sedans than heavier SUVs, and you never really feel like you are driving a crossover SUV. Stability at speed is good (except for the light steering). This, along with a flat ride and refined engine, makes the Q3 mask high speeds very well.

The Q3 is equipped with disc brakes on all 4 wheels, ABS, EBD and an emergency brake assist system. Pedal feel is well-calibrated, though marginally under assisted for my tastes. Braking performance on road was strong, stopping distances short, with the Q3 maintaining composure even under hard braking conditions. Brake fade was not an issue after continuously heavy usage on the twisties.

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Default Audi Q3 : Official Review

In the Rough:

The Audi Q3 has 170 mm of ground clearance. Though it's better than most German sedans, the clearance falls short of body-on-frame SUVs. Look closely at the pictures, and you'll notice the scraped bumper.

Thanks to the Quattro AWD system, the Q3 can manage the occasional muck, slush and sand. Just don't try any serious off-roading in one. I got an opportunity to drive the Q3 on man-made obstacles. It was amazing to see how the Quattro system splits power - within milliseconds - to the tyres with available traction. As expected, suspension travel & articulation are limited. The electronic systems work really hard to make progress off the road, but the Q3 still isn't a match to SUVs like the Toyota Fortuner or Mitsubishi Pajero in the rough.

Play it safe, not hard.

Disclaimer : Audi invited Team-BHP for the Q3 test-drive. They covered all the expenses for this driving event.

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Default Re: Audi Q3 : Official Review

Wonderful review, covered it all. Thanks for sharing this extremely analytical Q3 report with us, Anshuman. I'm rating your thread a well-deserved 5 stars. I've told you this before and will say it again : Your attention to detail is deeply respected.

I'm not a fan of compact SUVs, yet will agree that the Q3 completely owns the X1. The design (especially!!), interior quality, gearbox, space packaging and AWD are far superior to what the BMW has to offer. I've never been a fan of the X1's quirky styling or interior quality at all. After the design, the deal maker for me would be the spare wheel! What does BMW want its owners to do if they're stranded in the middle of a 600 kms drive to Goa, and no BMW dealership for 300 kms either direction? Absolutely ridiculous.

Someone from the family recently bought a Land Rover Freelander2 (against my recommendation) and I've always insisted that it's a very average product at an inflated price. For someone who is never going to offroad (who would in a 50 lakh SUV), what exactly does the Freelander2 offer over the Q3? On the other hand, I can think of a lot many ways in which the Q3 is superior to the Freelander. Wait till I forward this report to him.

As you have rightly stated, competition is a good thing, and will - at the end of the day - ensure that customer is KING! Never imagined Audi having a realistic shot at overtaking BMW so fast, but here it is. Talk of the underdog taking the chequered flag first. The game is on, and complacent Mercedes has no option but to watch from the sidelines. It's compact SUV is a lightyear away.

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Default Re: Audi Q3 : Official Review

Very nice review indeed. A pleasure to read as always!

Looks like there lots of part sharing in the VAG stable - quite a few things in the Q3 are Yeti-like from my perspective.

It looks like it is about 162mm longer than the Yeti overall.
And a bit shorter from ground to roofline. 10mm less GC but its width looks marginally more.

The spare tyre is only meant to get you to the nearest garage - not for use for long periods. Same as the Yeti.

Wonder how it will fare on my golf bag test. I guess it will just about fit the golf bag laterally but at an angle, which is more than can happen in my Yeti. (Considering that even in the Q5, the golf bag has to sit at a slight angle - it cannot fit absolutely straight.

But all in all it is a great looking car and I am sure it will whip the silly X1 hands down.

Wonder what the final on road pricing for the top end Quattro variant will be in Bangalore. Im guessing it wont leave much change from 40 lacs!

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Default Re: Audi Q3 : Official Review

Nice review ! Agree with GTO, Yes, the X1 does look a step lower and Audi has definetly raised the bar in the segment !

Audi service is on par with BMW in Bangalore atleast, (as per my experience since we own an A6 and 3 - series) Service advisors even answer the phone on holidays to answer any urgent queries.The only issue seems to be availability of spares, which sometimes takes weeks and months (seriously !) to arrive.

Im pretty sure BMW is going to have a tough time in this segment unless they think of something fast. The only saving grace could be the entry level X1 on price.

OT - Completely agree with GTO on the quality of Land/Range Rovers. Even the Range Rover vogue has inconsistent quality. Exterior plastics fade quickly and even the leather inside on the seats and door pads starts fraying early.
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Default Re: Audi Q3 : Official Review

Great review anshuman!!
Audi India has repeatedly mentioned that this isnt a direct competitor for the X1. Im guessing that means the price is definitely going to be way higher and around the 40 lakhs mark! Which is extremely pricey for a compact SUV!

The volvo xc60 is also near that price range! But then again volvo don't really care about selling cars in India. Would make an interesting comparison with the Q3 though.

Also, does the fully loaded Q3 come with memory seats?
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Default Re: Audi Q3 : Official Review

Having driven X1, I agree with GTO about interiors looking at the Q3 pics it looks superior. The X1 drive is nice but its little heavy driving. And not does not give a luxury feel inside the cabin as a BMW should. We can feel every undulation on the road and above all no spare tyre for Indian roads is a joke.

All said and done had to book a Fortuner. Now thinking should i wait. Absolutely adore the Q3. just hope it is priced right. if it is X1 prices for 2 wheel version, Audi will overtake BMW this year in sales.
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Default Re: Audi Q3 : Official Review

- If X1 looks like Om Puri, the Q3 looks like Boman Irani - a lot easier on the eye. However, it is sad that Audi has changed their design direction. They used to make cars that looked understated and classy. But now they make cars that look flashy and bling.

- The interiors are a pleasant surprise. They actually look a bit BMWesque, especially with the wood finish and lower part of the center console.

- Why do 80% of the SUV road tests mention Ride Quality under "What you won't like" or "Against" or "Cons"? Is there an engineering issue with creating a SUV with good ride quality?

- Length of the car @ 4.38 metres is perfect size for our conditions.

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Default Re: Audi Q3 : Official Review

Excellent review there Anshuman! More detailed than I have seen anywhere else so far. Looking forward to the same being launched stateside soon as well.
Am surprised that Audi let the car be put through that obstacle course, obviously no one is going to buy this baby for offroad driving. This is a pure soft roader that can handle some slush or snow when it has to.
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Default Re: Audi Q3 : Official Review

Superb review!
The Audi will go head on against the X1, and might even sway a few potential CR-V and Outlander buyers as well. I for one, wouldn't mind the Q3 over the A4 as well, due to the better interiors - my opinion, better engine, and design! Plus Quattro and a few exciting options to boast of as well.
I think it is a much better bet for those urban SUV users, who would buy a Fortuner or a Endeavour - especially those who will never go off-roading, or use the last row of seats. The rear seat will be a let down however, but then again, you have people being driven around in BMW 3 series as well - just for the brand!
Waiting for the pricing information as well!
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Default Re: Audi Q3 : Official Review

Nice review & 5 stars! However in the ORVM pic, I noticed a light (?) on the right bottom corner. Is that a puddle lamp? Or something else?

Never imagined Audi taking the game this far & looks like they are going to beat BMW [total sales numbers] easily with this launch!

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Default Re: Audi Q3 : Official Review

Without a price sticker, I can't decide if this baby Audi Q is a good choice. Let's see the following two scenarios-
  1. 24 lac for base model- Bye bye BMW X1 from market. Even Toyota Fortuner will sweat since Q3 looks a lot like Q5, Fortuner's on-road presence will be challenged (assuming people care more for brand + on-road presence than reliability and low maintenance at this budget). Sweat deal for enthusiastic drivers as well.
  2. 28 lac for base model- Bad pricing. Still would sell among common man. But few people like me would jump for Volvo XC60 worth 34 lac for base model, because it beats even X3 and Q5 in terms of on-road ride quality, comfort and safety.
*All prices ex-showroom in case someone got excited

Originally Posted by GTO View Post
For someone who is never going to offroad (who would in a 50 lakh SUV), what exactly does the Freelander2 offer over the Q3?
Yikes. That's some waste of money for an SUV with all pros with off-road behavior and all cons with on-road behavior.
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