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Default Re: Maruti Alto 800 : Official Review

I had a very bad experience with the Maruti's after sales service. I bought Alto 800 lxi on September 26th, 2017. My car went for first service on 22nd October. As per the schedule I got my engine oil changed at 1000 kms. I had trust on maruti's service so I didn't check much; but after driving around 800-900 kms when engine oil started turning a little dark I saw that engine oil is overfilled it was way beyond the maximum mark.

Maruti Alto 800 : Official Review-img_20171122_121945.jpg

I immediately called my service adviser and he asked me to bring car to the service center. He accepted that it is an overfill, so he called the mechanic who removed around 300 ml of overfilled engine oil.

Just after a few days of first service I was on my way to Delhi, when my car got hit by a car which had lost its control due to locked wheels.

Maruti Alto 800 : Official Review-inkedimg_20171029_110701_li.jpg

I gave my car for repairs to the dealer owned service center and body shop. I was told that it would take up to 10 days to get it repaired. But, even after 10 days there was no positive reply from their side. On the 17th day I got a message that it is repaired. I contacted my SA who told that wash and rubbing is pending so it will take another day. Next day, I personally visited bodyshop, but car was still in dust with all windows open. Same excuse was given that it will take an another day for wash and rubbing. They finally took around 3-4 more days to do that pending rubbing and washing of my car. I was delivered my car on the evening of 21st day. When I reached home the next day I saw the quality of rubbing and washing which took this much time. There was rubbing compound left on the newly painted panels, paint finish was dull on some areas.

Rubbing compound left on various panels.
Maruti Alto 800 : Official Review-img_20171121_115108.jpg

Maruti Alto 800 : Official Review-img_20171121_115114.jpg

Maruti Alto 800 : Official Review-img_20171121_115121.jpg

Maruti Alto 800 : Official Review-img_20171121_115131.jpg

Maruti Alto 800 : Official Review-img_20171121_115148.jpg

Maruti Alto 800 : Official Review-img_20171121_115154.jpg

Soiled interiors.
Maruti Alto 800 : Official Review-img_20171121_160641.jpg

dirty under-seat space.
Maruti Alto 800 : Official Review-img_20171123_131814.jpg

Next day I took my car for a ride and there was this sound coming from somewhere of a glass hitting metal. I inspected and found there was a beer bottle under front seat.

Maruti Alto 800 : Official Review-img_20171121_160538.jpg
Maruti Alto 800 : Official Review-img_20171121_160559.jpg

Same day I found that the base of my rear seat is not sitting properly. I found that the lock of seat is broken. Also I checked the bills and found there was this car perfume billed without asking me. I visited the service center next day and told them about beer bottle, broken lock, the poor finish of paint-job and the neither-needed-nor-delivered but billed perfume. On the beer bottle and rubbing compound issue, SA gave a confused expression and a smile . On the issue of broken seat lock he was not able to provide the matching lock, so the mechanic looked for any other Alto lying in their yard, took out the lock and fixed into mine. On the issue of perfume, SA arranged one perfume for me. There were other issues left such as a bent fuel neck pipe for which I was asked to leave the car again, which I promptly refused and got it fixed outside (FOC from my FNG). Recently, I found that there is a bulb missing in the tail-lamp assembly. Which I opened and found a used(turned black) bulb of different type was lying inside.
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Default Re: Maruti Alto 800 : Official Review

Originally Posted by Udit View Post
I had a very bad experience with the Maruti's after sales service.
Things have reached the nadir as far as some Maruti service centres are concerned. Remains of the rubbing compound and the dirty interiors can be attributed to sheer carelessness on the part of the service advisor whose duty it is to run a proper QC before handing the car over to the customer. The beer bottle, on the other hand, is a grim reminder of the ethical bankruptcy of the people who worked on your car.
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Default Re: Maruti Alto 800 : Official Review

I have cut out the Fog Lamps from the Alto K10 and pasted them on the Alto 800. Can anyone confirm if this transplant can actually be done.
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Default Re: Maruti Alto 800 : Official Review

Looks like MSIL's after sales service quality has dropped of-late. Gave my alto for a periodic service last month at Varun Motors, Vijayawada and got it back by the evening.

Took it for a small highway ride last week and to my shock the brakes were brawling and failed to give a good bite at 80 KMPH speed. Visited the nearest Maruti dealership and got it checked. I was horrified to learn that the brake pads were installed inside out, which brushed the disc very badly. Took the car to my primary dealer and even my service advisor was shocked at the sight of damaged disc. He then took the things seriously and promptly replaced the disc and pads.

Maruti Alto 800 : Official Review-disc.jpg
Disc surface grazed badly
Maruti Alto 800 : Official Review-damaged-pad.jpgMaruti Alto 800 : Official Review-comparo.jpg

Never expected this to happen with the largest 4 wheel seller in country!
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