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Gizmokid 25th May 2013 18:49

Re: Ford EcoSport : Official Review
Haven't even read it yet, but boy, if the first few paragraphs are anything to go by, this is the best review ever, of any Indian car!
I have followed each & every review of the ecosport over the last several days, and nothing comes even close to the details & finesse. GTO & Vid6639, you guys simply rock!

The only major concern from the car is the steering. How bad is it? Worse than the Verna? Between the Duster & Ecosport, which one inspires more confidence?

bageherath 25th May 2013 18:50

Re: Ford EcoSport : Official Review
Wow...Thanks Vid, for such a nice and in detailed review available for Ecosport till now.

Also heard that Diesel has better handling than the pertol one.

I am waiting for Deloitte to start the booking process.

Thanks in advance.

xoom 25th May 2013 19:07

Re: Ford EcoSport : Official Review
Excellent Review - amazing attention to detail. Surely worth the wait!

While I'm not really in the market for a car, the Ecosport is really enticing - especially the 124BHP Ecoboost variant!

nurni76 25th May 2013 19:08

Thanks for a comprehensive review. It was definitely worth the wait. I happened to see the Ecosport in flesh last week and to me clearly it is a wannabe SUV. It is just about a little bigger than a Figo and much smaller than a Duster. What works in its favour is the good design and fantastic front grill which gives it a futuristic look. Personally if I were in the market for an SuV I wouldn't look at this.

CARDEEP 25th May 2013 19:14

Re: Ford EcoSport : Official Review
Wow... another marvelous review after the F-Type yesterday... continuing the trend especially since Storme. Kudos to Vidyut & GTO (sorry I can't recall your first name).

You guys have covered ever nook & corner of the SUV, & reported on almost everything in detail. Hats off to you guys... TBHP Rocks.

Couple of things from my side:

1. Ford cars can easily accommodate tallest of the drivers, & I have observed the same in older Fiesta as well. One of my friends, has the car & is 6'4" tall as compared to my 10" short height. He can easily set the driver's seat to his height & same is the case with me when I get the chance.

2. The interiors are identical to new Fiesta, & I am not a fan of the Nokia inspired Dash. BTW, did I miss your comments on the rear seat head rests. Are they as intrusive as in the sedan or bit better?

3. reported that this will be launched on 11 Jun... Can you confirm the same? I marked a PM to GTO, but guess it was too late, so could not be covered here.

Thanx again... rated 5-stars.

hrman 25th May 2013 19:28

Re: Ford EcoSport : Official Review
Awesome report Vidyut. Everything is covered in full detail.

I'm some how not pleased with the ECOsport's passenger carrying capacity.
In an Indian market where space sells, it would have made sense to have a better design to fit in a fifth passenger comfortably.
But a great package overall. Liked the quality of the interiors from the photos. Looks better than the Duster IMHO. And the SYNC technology is a first in this segment. Would be nice to use.

Would be interesting to see how it is priced, especially the eco-boost engine, since the price gap per litre is now reducing between petrol and diesel.

grules 25th May 2013 19:30

Re: Ford EcoSport : Official Review
Excellent review with great attention to details. I would say worth the wait.

Couple of questions:
1. Does the emergency assist use GPS coordinates from phone or does it have an inbuilt GPS module?
2. Do the lower trims get grab handles?

Rated well deserved 5 stars.

amansanc 25th May 2013 19:39

Re: Ford EcoSport : Official Review
Amazing review of an amazing car. This simply is the most anticipated car of the year. Many of my friends and relatives have delayed their decision to buy the Renault Duster in order to check out the Ford Ecosport.

:OT - What do you do to earn a living VID6639 that you got so much time to compile such a brilliant review :D

DrPriyankT 25th May 2013 19:40

Excellent review Vid!! I am at loss of words to complement you on this masterpiece of a review, other reviews of the eco sport I have read elsewhere are paani kam chai in front of this review.
Ford seems to have given a good product and it all now depends on the pricing. Ford certainly has the first mover advantage in this segment of sub 4 meter SUVs( No offence, but I am not including the Rio into consideration). Maruti, Hyundai, Honda, and VW are surely going to introduce competition for the Ecosport in a couple of years and that is surely going to make this new segment lively. If Ford is smart, they can make full advantage of their position of being the first in the market, price it right and see this car fly of the shelves, before the competition bring in their cars.

shivasuma 25th May 2013 19:46

Re: Ford EcoSport : Official Review
Superb review. Two things that I don't like about Ecosport.

1.] No electrically foldable mirrors. Desperately needed in the cities, especially in narrow lanes.
2.] The steering.It might be easier in the city, but I would prefer a fiesta-like feedback. Please Ford, please re-calibrate it. Don't do a Hyundai.

I have observed that people are expecting duster-like space in a 4M psuedo-SUV. Thats just ridiculous. If you are looking for SUV-like space buy a SUV. Ecosport will do fine for people looking for hatch-like dimensions and higher GC. I recently had a chance to drive my sister-in-law's duster for about 300kms. The ride is superb. But apart from that nothing impressed me. I will check out how the eco-sport feels and then decide if I would want to trade in my I20. Fords have always had superb seating in the front and spot on driving ergonomics. But if you are on the heavier side then it might be a little uncomfortable. I would always prefer handling over ride.

Some questions to Vid, is the steering something like the Jetta (well-weighted but no feedback)? How about compared to I20? Any pricing indication by Ford? The success of this car depends on the pricing.


ulhas.ahirrao 25th May 2013 19:55

Re: Ford EcoSport : Official Review
Great review, read all of it in one sitting! Great job done as always! The car looks phenomenal and loaded with features. My hands have already started itching for it!


Originally Posted by Vid6639 (Post 3131319)
Other Points:

Credit where it's due : The Quanto is indeed a superbly packaged sub-4 meter SUV. The Mahindra has spacious 1st & 2nd seat rows, can accommodate 5 healthy adults without a fuss and you get to choose from a 3rd row of seats or that massive 690 liter boot.

stupid: Sorry is this a typo or am I missing something?

DrPriyankT 25th May 2013 19:57

Re: Ford EcoSport : Official Review
Excellent review Vid!! I am at loss of words to compliment you pi n this excellent review, other reviews of the Ecosport I have read are Paani Kam Chai in front of your masterpiece. I am amazed by your attention to details in the review.
Coming back to the Ecosport, Ford seems to have a nice product for us. More importantly they have the first mover advantage in the new sub 4 meter SUV segment. If Ford wants to make hay while the sun shines on them, they need to price it well to see their competent product fly from the showrooms. Honda, Maruti, VW, and Hyundai have their own SUVs in the pipeline for launch in the next 2-3 years which will hot up the competition. Ford better price it right or else they have another Fiesta in their hands.

Sebring 25th May 2013 20:04

Re: Ford EcoSport : Official Review
Definitive review! No doubt about it. Hats off to your passion guys. Any word on the quality of the music system, or did I miss it in the excitement?

sansvk 25th May 2013 20:05

Re: Ford EcoSport : Official Review
Great review, well worth the wait. Lot of finer points that were missed in other reports and reviews on the Ecosport. For me its seems like a natural upgrade from a Figo to the Ecosport. I am interested in the 1.5AT or the 1.5 Diesel.
1) Not many reviews have mentioned about the thick pillars, in tight city conditions its a problem.
2) The news on the handling is good, I like the stiffer setup, but the steering feel is a shocker, a let down. I know a few people who have driven the Figo complaining that steering not being light at parking speeds and its quite heavy at higher speeds. The Ecosport seems perfect for the above said drivers.
3) 362L bootspace for the Ecosport is good enough for a weeks trip for 4 people, With the Figo's 284L I have managed it and its quite adequate.
4) Boot opener on the key is really a feature I would miss. Do the doors autolock at a certain speed?
5) Service interval is perfect. I have visted the Ford Service 3 times in the last 3 years, unlike others wherein you visit them every 6months.
6) Tiptronic with the Autobox is Icing on the cake if priced well.

risga 25th May 2013 20:05

Re: Ford EcoSport : Official Review
Thanks Guys!! This is the most detailed and comprehensive review I have come across. The wait has been worth it. Believe, you me, I have practically read/ seen all the reviews posted by various forums/ Auto mags, TV shows.

My thoughts:
  1. Folding RVMs should have been a feature. They provided this in the Fiesta.
  2. Comments related to "Steering" have been mixed from various reviewers. There have been a few reviewers who even said it is perfect. So, I guess each of us need to form our own view while test-driving
  3. I am not a fan of LHD configuration for indicator/ wiper stalks. Perhaps it just needs getting used to. Could somebody clarify, because I read somewhere else, that the stalks are of electronic type, i.e. do not physically move.
  4. I have been postponing my car purchase for nearly 6 months because of Ecosport. Ultimate dilemma remains - Ecosport or a Sedan.

I guess only pricing holds the key to the success or failure. Also, no idea why Ford has still not announced the launch date. Most announce the date atleast 2 weeks in advance. So, my guess this will only happen in 2nd half of June. :Frustrati

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