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arunphilip 25th May 2013 20:13

Re: Ford EcoSport : Official Review
Thank you - this review scratches one itch - "How is the EcoSport?". Now the final wait is for Ford to reveal the pricing. Back to the waiting game...

Berry 25th May 2013 20:14

Awesome review Vid ! Double thumbs up.

Questions : How is the 1.5 TDCi ? Fast enough to propel the bulk comfortably or feels sluggish, this is going to be a buying or rejecting point for me.

Sarvodaya 25th May 2013 20:15

Re: Ford EcoSport : Official Review
Finally, the most awaited Report. Thanks to GTO and Vid (other members behind the scene). The Ecosport looks good. Is the tilt and telescopic standard across the range? Only sore point is the nokia inspired dash. Instead they could have integrated a touch screen. Other small things missing are Light Sensor and Rain Sensor, a reverse camera. Strange Titanium (O) is not available in Auto Version. A diesel auto is sorely missed. Wonder why Auto companies are skipping a diesel auto. The A pillar is definitely thick . The final NAIL will be the price.

_raVan_ 25th May 2013 20:21

Re: Ford EcoSport : Official Review
Amazing review Vid! An excellent product from the Ford stables which comes in at the right time when Duster was running away with all the sales.

Really feel that Ford should think about recalibrating its steering and maybe include the option for auto retracting mirrors.

Also, although the company has claimed 18kmpl from its Ecoboost, can you provide the details of the mileage you achieved (for all the three engines)?

Looking forward to the pricing by Ford.

PrideRed 25th May 2013 20:23

Re: Ford EcoSport : Official Review
That was crisp and a detailed review Vid. Now that we have fair enough idea what the car is like fingers crossed about pricing. I have feeling that it aint gonna be cheap.may be some 50k cheaper than duster.
Some queries:
1.Never liked ford brakes,nice to hear that thy are reasonably good.Are they noisy?
2.By any chance you had access to lower variants?
3.The tyres look pretty narrow for the car.What is the best upgrade?

volkman10 25th May 2013 20:24

Re: Ford EcoSport : Official Review
Great review.

Autojunction speculates the launch date as June 11th.

Chillout 25th May 2013 20:25

Re: Ford EcoSport : Official Review
What a way to end a Saturday evening...a detailed practical review of Eco sport. I can ignore even the unresponsive steering at high speeds, but what turned me of was that it can strictly accommodate only 4 people. My gut feeling is that initially there will be good sales, but this will definitely not sell like hot cakes in the long run(no swift/dzire like nos...) ....I haven't driven the vehicle but have made up my mind to skip this and continue to drive my trusted Fiesta( over 5 yrs yet to replace even the battery)...

crazydave 25th May 2013 20:26

Re: Ford EcoSport : Official Review
Great review though hearing about the EPS was a downer! I can deal with the 4-person seating capacity, boot space etc. but dead steering on such a car is a big flaw.

Any insight on the mileage for the Ecoboost variant GTO/Vid?

Sheel 25th May 2013 20:29

Re: Ford EcoSport : Official Review
Indeed the most definitive Eco Sport review & the most comprehensive review on Team BHP. Sets a new bench mark for Official reviews.

Guys shall agree that quality takes time :)


Originally Posted by Berry (Post 3131513)
Questions : How is the 1.5 TDCi ? Fast enough to propel the bulk comfortably or feels sluggish, this is going to be a buying or rejecting point for me.

After using Ford's 1.4 D, performance is not an issue. Cars having the same figures can't run away & disappear.

I am more interested in that steering. And as per this review it is not for the enthusiast. I just wish Ford realizes this folly (after reading so many comments about it) & somehow corrects it.

Will it clear that divider if need be?


Originally Posted by Sebring
Any word on the quality of the music system, or did I miss it in the excitement?

Has a mention in the 3rd pic in this post

Whoever were a part of this review, take a bow :thumbs up

vasanthn21 25th May 2013 20:29

Re: Ford EcoSport : Official Review
Great review Vid, and ofcourse special thanks to GTO for the inpts to the review.

The is loaded with features and is defintiely tempting. It all boils down to the pricing now.

The major advantage Duster has over Ecosport is Space and Handling. If one regularly has 5 passengers in the car, Duster is the obvious choice. But, I guess the mini-SUV is typically an urban SUV and most prospective buyers might not find this a challenege.

I would like the top-end Diesel variant of Ecosport to be slighty lesser than the top-end version of 85PS diesel Duster. Keeping fingers crossed.

Correct me if I am wrong, but I feel Ecosport more or less competes with XUV in terms of features!

aaren 25th May 2013 20:30

Re: Ford EcoSport : Official Review
Man, the attention to details took my breath away !!! Am yet to finish reading the details review but can not help giving my 1st views Outstanding review. The fuel tank lid function is very similar to Honda Jazz. Jazz also does not have separate lever to open the fuel tank lid. With this in place, there is every possibility that I might go in for a combination of Honda Brio Auto for my wife and EcoSport for Self. Not immediately though. But definitely a possibility.

damager21 25th May 2013 20:30

Re: Ford EcoSport : Official Review
Thanks Vidyut for this wonderfully detailed review. It seems you have gone into the minutest of details to compile this together. In fact there are many new details which have come up like ORVMs turning backwards in case hit by someone, aft adjustment lever, press-clips for foot mat, etc.

I have following few questions
1. You mentioned A and D pillars create a blind spot. Is this a big flaw and does this make EcoSport prone to accidents? Does rear camera for parking make sense?
2. Are grab handles available in other variants of EcoSport?
3. If I am standing close to EcoSport at a shop with keys in my pocket, will keyless entry system work if someone was to try opening the doors and will that person manage to start the engine?
4. Fuel lid is linked to the car's central locking system and there is no separate release lever. Does that mean every time I unlock all the doors even fuel lid will open?
5. Is the boot lock also linked to central locking system?

Seems the central locking system could lead to safety issues and makes it prone to theft.

Good to know that interior quality has improved over dummy vehicles. I wish they could make that rear seat 3 inches wider, would have made a perfect buy. Even in city conditions you travel out with friends and colleagues for movies, lunch etc. Comfort for 5 people should have been a given.

shivasuma 25th May 2013 20:33

Re: Ford EcoSport : Official Review

Originally Posted by vasanthn21 (Post 3131528)
The major advantage Duster has over Ecosport is Space and Handling.

The major advantages of Duster are the space and ride. Handling is not a strength of the duster. I believe the Ecosport will be better at handling.

eagle_bush 25th May 2013 20:33

Re: Ford EcoSport : Official Review
Excellent review vid!

My hunt to replace the Indigo at home now becomes a little bit more tougher with the addition of the EcoSport in the list.

Appreciate the effort!

IronH4WK 25th May 2013 20:33

Re: Ford EcoSport : Official Review
excellent review Vid; loved 'em pictures too! :thumbs up

lot of the stuff in the EcoSport seems to have been thought out, but things like the bar behind the driver and front passenger sear sticks out like a sore thumb. btw, was that picture of you sitting at the back taken with the front passenger seat pushed all the way back?

a request - if you could put up a picture of the Eco next to a Duster, would kind give a perspective on the comparative size. still shaken by the picture on the forum with the Eco next to a Xylo and the Xylo looking like the Eco's mama :D

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