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The King is back and what a way to do it. Excellent pricing by Honda. I just hope they stick to these prices for sometime now and not just end up making these introductory prices like many other car makers. Foreseeing a lot of Honda citys on the road again.

Did Honda say that these are introductory prices and applicable for a few months?

Great pricing!

Must say that its a very good pricing !!! Kudos to Honda for that. This looks killer for Vento, Sunny & specially for Verna. I am sure it will sell like hot cakes. Hope Honda will not increase prices in near future. Base 2 variants of petrol are really well priced which will get them large volumes for sure. I like the SMT model the most. It will be most VFM model with most of the necessary features including the safety features. Considering ongoing hikes in diesel prices, i am sure Honda will get good business for petrol models also.

But why petrol model is immediately not available? This is really bad strategy Honda. People should not be kept waiting for it. Seeing this pricing, i am eagerly waiting for upcoming Jazz now. Hope it will be 1-1.2 Lacs cheaper than this. If it really is, then it will also sell in great volumes. Now Honda needs to back up their sales by manufacturing more & more cars. Cant keep producing limited cars. You just cant keep people waiting for months for their favorite car. Come on Honda, go for it, go for the KILL clap:


Originally Posted by joslicx (Post 3337967)
Agree. City V CVT @9.9L would have been really nice. 9.9 sticker price also means road tax savings for states like KA. VX CVT is going to touch 14L here!

Not just KA but TN also. I believe AP and MH also have a higher road tax slab above the 10L mark.

The additional features in the VX are largely a waste, such as the sunroof which is not of much use in Indian conditions. The SV spec is underwhelming, without even integrated ICE. City V CVT @ 9.99L would have largely matched Vento TSI on features at the same price, which would have made it a straight contest between TSI+DSG versus CVT+better service/reliability.

If the VX had additional airbags it would have been truly worth it. But Honda has neatly side-stepped the task of developing a supply chain for side and curtain airbags. Honda probably does not find it cost effective to develop such a supply chain for small volumes. Note that Hyundai and Ford export cars from India, and they need to have these in place for their export models, which is probably why one finds even sub-10L Hyundai and Ford models offering variants with 6 airbags.

At current prices, I for one would prefer the Vento TSI over City VX CVT. Its a straight saving of ~ 1.7L OTR in TN (given the 15% slab for the City VX CVT) which can provide a good buffer against any reliability issues with the Vento's gearbox. And one gets to experience the technically advanced TSI+DSG combo as well.

ACI has done a comparo between City VX CVT and Vento TSI, (though they have the pricing wrong of the City VX CVT model)

Excellent Pricing I would say. I believe the waiting periods will shoot now on. Most affected cars will be Eco-Sport, New Fiesta and Verna.


Originally Posted by ishaanranderia (Post 3337944)
Good pricing and its going to be a sure shot winner, those looking to buy the CVT will feel short changed by the lack of the CVT on the V variant, they will have to spend an additional lakh for the VX because the V variant looks quite complete in the specs as compared to the SV


Originally Posted by joslicx (Post 3337967)
Agree. City V CVT @9.9L would have been really nice. 9.9 sticker price also means road tax savings for states like KA. VX CVT is going to touch 14L here!

Following are the additions to VX CVT when compared to SV CVT.

alloy wheel
chrome outer & inner door handles
turn indicator on ORVM
Door switch panel with silver finish
advanced integrated audio with 5" screen
CD player
3 accessory sockets instead of 1
speed volume compensation (SVC)
Leather seat
leather door lining insert
leather wrapped steering wheel
leather wrapped gear knob
leather front armrest
seat back pocket
button start stop
rear parking camera
Electrically foldable ORVM
Keyless trunk opening
Rear reading light
Map light
front fog lamp

Features i am not keen on - sunroof, button start/stop, chrome outer & inner door handles, Door switch panel with silver finish, Rear reading light, Map light

Features i need - alloywheel (can get a bettor one from market), rear parking camera

Features I would prefer but not mandatory - leather upgrade (Leather seat, leather door lining insert, leather wrapped steering wheel, leather wrapped gear knob, leather front armrest, seat back pocket), ICE (advanced integrated audio with 5" screen, CD player, tweeters).

Features i can not buy - turn indicator on ORVM, Electrically foldable ORVM, 1 accessory socket instead of 3, speed volume compensation (SVC), Keyless trunk opening, front fog lamp

I think it is not worth paying 2 lacs more (on road considering extra tax in bangalore for >10lac cars) for the features i need. I may opt for SV CVT.

I will be delighted if they offered V CVT as a variant.

Excellent pricing by Honda & sleepless nights to Verna & Vento.

Get ready to see waiting periods on yet another product in a market which is struggling to get out of economic slowdown (atleast till their new facility is up & running)

I wish they would have provided passenger airbag from the base variant itself.

Visited the Honda Showroom and had a look at the New City in Stockyard.
Its Amazing

Ex Showroom Price in Hyderabad

Fuel Type : Diesel

E : 8,83,500
S : 9,46,500
Sv: 9,89,500
V : 10,04,500
Vx: 11,03,600

I Guess we need to add another 1.5L (approx) for OTR




Originally Posted by RavenAvi (Post 3337321)
Sorry guys.

Looks like there was a goof-up in the print of the official Honda invitation sent to the Motoroids people, and upon my subsequent enquiry with them, they accepted the error.

Mods, kindly delete my earlier post (quoted above). Thanks in advance!

Not a goof up. Motoroids' invite is for the Mumbai launch. Honda's standard media practice is to follow up the Delhi launch with a Mumbai launch next day to accommodate Mumbai media.




Originally Posted by RavenAvi (Post 3337935)
From the Official Brochure:

Variants and their distinguishing features.

Attachment 1187807

As per the attachment, it suggest that base version of petrol also has ABS with EBD. Can anybody confirm this?


As per the attachment, it suggest that base version of petrol also has ABS with EBD. Can anybody confirm this?
Yes the Honda City has always had ABS and Airbags right from the base version . In the 4th Generation however the base version has 1 Airbag instead of 2 in the 3rd Generation.

Still a fantastic price and value.

Eagerly awaiting Delhi Team-BHPians comments about if some thing has been done to reduce Engine Noise levels as felt from cabin, subsequent to Road Test by Team BHP in December.

Alloy wheel available as accessory looks better than stock.

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