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Default Re: Datsun Go : Official Review

Thats the GO+.

Saw the Autocar drive on TV this week. At Jakarta if I remember correctly.

The Car is expected to priced really low!!!
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Default Re: Datsun Go : Official Review

Originally Posted by gowda79 View Post
Is there a refresh version of Datsun Go coming by this year end or 1st half of next year.

Few people in the market are spreading these rumours any update.
I don't think it's a rumour - we now have the answer a couple of posts below yours. It has to be the Datsun Go+ sub-4m 5+2 seater that is being readied for launch.

Originally Posted by -NUT-case View Post
Just got a glimpse of a car very similar to the Go. But the number plate seems to be in a diff location. Guess it is the Go+
It is indeed the Go+ being tested here. The rear bumper seems to offer just a little bit more protection to the hatch and tail lamps when compared to the Go.

It would be better if Datsun throw out the last row of "seats", add some much needed features, include safety features as optional and market this car as a low cost station wagon instead of passing it off as a "7-seater MPV".
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Default Re: Datsun Go : Official Review

A quick test drive of the Go+ later, I can say it is a worthy contender in terms of practicality. It scores over the Kwid by giving a 1.2L engine for the Kwid's 800cc.

However equipment levels and interior packaging is much worse than even the Nano. For basic creature comforts such as AC, Power steering and music system one has to start looking at least two to three variants up, and the base price of < 3L quickly loses its sheen. Also the dashboard design ensures an aftermarket music system will actually look aftermarket too.

So if you value practicality over looks, it might be an interesting buy. However if you want a better interior, please look elsewhere.
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Default Re: Datsun Go : Official Review

Rumour: Datsun GO might get a 1.0-litre engine

Datsun India is reportedly planning to replace the 1.2-litre engine that currently powers the Go hatchback with a 1.0-litre engine. The new 1.0-litre powerplant will be sourced from the Renault Kwid 1.0L, which is expected to be launched in the coming months.

Currently, the Datsun Go is powered by a 1.2-litre, three-cylinder engine that churns out 68 BHP and 104 Nm of torque. The Japanese automaker is now planning to replace this with a 1.0-litre, three-cylinder engine which will likely be rated at 65 BHP.

The major reason behind this decision to swap the Datsun Go's engine is the fact that the currently used 1.2-litre mill is an expensive unit, owing to the fact that it needs many imported components. On the other hand, the 1.0-litre engine made under the Renault-Nissan alliance boasts of high levels of localization, which will help Datsun to price the Go hatchback at a slightly more aggressive price tag.

But in order to plonk the new engine, Datsun will need to make some changes in the Go's engine bay, as the 1.0-litre engine was designed to be equipped with cars that are based on the CMF-A platform.

Source: Autocar India

Link to Team-BHP News

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Default Re: Datsun Go : Official Review

Go, RediGo, and Go+, now that's called as the exploitation of a concept to the fullest. If we put the sales number of these 3 cars along with Kwid about 6 months from now when the RediGo will stabilize its market share, put together these cars would be touching about 20K mark per month; which is a good news for the French-Japanese Duo while an alarm for MSIL to ensure even more VFM proposition for their first time customers through Alto.

What Renault-Datsun offer through these cars is good amount of real estate and a more powerful engine for the same kind of investment as Alto.

Also, both RediGo and Kwid are better designed in terms of road presence compared to the bland Alto.

If these companies are able to ensure after sale service closer to MSIL; even championing 1 product can bring in success and keep the cash register ringing.

Good strategy !
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Default Re: Datsun Go : Official Review

They could have put in a 2.0 ltr engine as well. Doesnt matter, nobody cares.

IMO the very concept of Datsun is flawed in India. This car would have sold a few if it was a Nissan.
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Default Review of TAXI cars from the BACKSEAT!!!

Hello Dear BHPians,

Now as a 19YR old I don't get the Opportunity or the time to test drive new cars and hence on my trip to Delhi this week and on the occasion of a couple of trips in Ola cabs I sought to write small reviews on the Cars that served as our cabs. ( This is not a review of Ola cab service but only of the cars )

The first car was a Datsun Go

As you sit into the car the first thing you notice is that the doors close with a hollow bang.

The seats are thin and lack support

Then what impresses you is the fact that the quality of the materials used in the things you see and touch like the door cards and the dashboard are more than acceptable.

Many parts in the interior have been taken from the common Nissan parts bin. Also the front passenger lacked a roof handle.

While sitting in the back seat you notice that the integrated headrests in the front seats are really wide and constrict the view of the back passenger.

The B-Pillar was completely bare.

The cabin was very spacious and the width of the cabin would even put some of the cars from a class above to shame
I don't know about higher variants but this one had really poor sound Insulation.
Lot of sound seemed to seep in from the boot section.
Even this lower most model had a digital tacho.
Ride seemed to be fine. The engine did not sound strained despite 4 people sitting in the car with me and my father being on the heavier side.

PIC 1-
The Dash. The DATSUN logo on the steering looks fab

PIC 2- Great Amount of headroom. I am 184CM high.

PIC 3 The quality of door card plastic is above acceptable

PIC 4 Constricted view of the rear passengers

[Next review coming soon. BTW how can you add text between the pics??]
Attached Thumbnails
Datsun Go : Official Review-img_20160622_112511371_hdr.jpg  

Datsun Go : Official Review-img_20160622_112228721_hdr.jpg  

Datsun Go : Official Review-img_20160622_112308382.jpg  

Datsun Go : Official Review-img_20160622_112216164_hdr.jpg  

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Default Re: Datsun Go : Official Review

I happened to drive my neighbours most basic GO yesterday. I actually liked it.

Nothing to worry about, it is more solid than an 800, quite pepper and pretty decent handling. Brakes lacked some feel though.

It would be the kind of first car, I would buy for my daughter had it not been for the lack of safety equipment.
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Default Re: Datsun Go : Official Review

Looks like a stock clearance in works?

Datsun Go : Official
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Default Re: Datsun Go : Official Review

So, as per the new product brochure, attached with this reply, the new Go has an added length by 3mm from 3785mm to 3788mm, while the width has increased by 1mm to 1636mm (from 1635mm), the height has increased by 17mm to 1507mm (from 1490mm), while at 2450mm the wheelbase remains identical, the ground clearance has increased by 10mm to 180mm (from 170mm).

Also, I do not know if these are actual changes or just a change in nomenclature for the same thing, but the Suspension at front is now McPherson Strut with Lower Transverse Link (previous version had MacPherson Strut with Double Pivot Lower Arm) and at the rear is now Twist Beam Suspension with Coil Spring (previous version had H-Type Torsion Beam). I do not know if this will change the way this vehicle drives or not, but I hope it is an improvement because of the increased Ground Clearance and addition of a 14" Alloy Wheel with 10mm wider rubber.

The mileage has decreased from 20.1KMPL to 19.83KMPL in the newer version, maybe due to the additional weight increase [Kerb Weight of 769Kgs in the pre-facelift version (as per Team-BHP Official Car Review (Datsun GO+ : Official Review)), and 846Kgs in the new facelifted version(as per the new brochure)], while the engine power and torque values remain the same.

The addition of Dual Airbags, ABS with EBD and BA is a very welcome change. Hope the added weight of the car is because of added metal for Crash Test Safety and this model won't get a 0 Star in Global NCAP rating.
Attached Files
File Type: pdf Datsun Go MY2018 e-Brochure.pdf (3.11 MB, 176 views)
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Default Re: Datsun Go : Official Review

The official accessories list of the new Go is out. Attached below...
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Default Re: Datsun Go : Official Review

Originally Posted by ajmat View Post
I happened to drive my neighbours most basic GO yesterday. I actually liked it.

Nothing to worry about, it is more solid than an 800, quite pepper and pretty decent handling. Brakes lacked some feel though.

It would be the kind of first car, I would buy for my daughter had it not been for the lack of safety equipment.
The Datsun Go, Go+ and Renault Kwid always struck me as ideal “little city runabouts” in today’s world (of course with the necessary safety equipment).
Somehow these cars (and the A Star too, when it was still alive) evoke in me the same kind of feeling I used to get in the 1980’s whenever I saw a Maruti 800 and the Plain Dolphin and the Dolphin Station Wagon.
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Default Re: Datsun Go : Official Review

Go CVT review. Should be a no nonsense city beater car.
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Default Re: Datsun Go : Official Review

Originally Posted by PrideRed View Post
Go CVT review. Should be a no nonsense city beater car.
Surely has what it takes to be one. Someone in some big car companies of India (one that was threatened in particular) surely got tactics right by getting this car specifically targeted as "unsafe" some years back. (Purely my suspicion.) The Go had all things in place to take the segment leader car head on & beat it all ends up. Power, space, driveability & ease of maintenance. If it wasn't for that undue negative PR - it would have done better so far. Why I say undue? Because cars built equally inferior are being sold 10k a month all over the place (I have one too).

I hope the UNIQUE CVT puts new life into this car. In a bunch of AMTs a much refined CVT might give entry level customers a taste of far superior driving experience. Interesting to watch how its treated. Sadly - the dealer & service network is wafer thin & entry level customers want that peace of mind. This needs a lot of money spent on marketing too. People have ignored the brand altogether. Datsun doesn't even appear in shortlists of potential customers.
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Default Datsun Go and Go+ BS6 listed on website

Datsun has listed the BS6 versions of the Go and Go+ on its official website.

Datsun Go : Official

Both the Datsun GO and GO+ will be offered in five variants - D, A, A (O), T and T (O). Both cars come with a hexagonal chrome grille and bumpers with integrated LED daytime running lights. The cars ride on 14-inch dual-tone alloy wheels.

Datsun Go : Official

Both cars are powered by a BS6-compliant 1.2-litre, 3-cylinder petrol engine which produces 67 BHP and 104 Nm. The engine is paired with a 5-speed manual transmission. The 1.2-litre engine paired with a CVT produces 76 BHP and 104 Nm.

The Datsun GO and GO+ come equipped with a list of safety features including dual front airbags, rear parking sensors, ABS with EBD and brake assist, vehicle dynamic control and seat belt reminder.

Link to Team-BHP News
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