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Did Mahindra outsource the design department to Lego toys?

I just can't seem to get rid of this question from my head. Because the major changes only seem to be the addition of building bricks like design inputs, both for the rear hatch door as the front bumper.

Interiors look good, but I'm not sure of the ergonomics. Overall, I'm quite sure I'll give this Scorpio a miss if I'm looking for a vehicle of this segment.
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Default Re: Mahindra Scorpio : Official Review

Overall the NG Scorpio is indeed a better vehicle and a very attractive proposition for someone with around 10 lakhs. It scores well over sedans in this price bracket and M&M has done well to put in more KIT and some jazzy stuff to attract both rural and urban folks who like such fitments/features in their vehicles ( especially when they have spent over 10 lakhs ).

As a Storme owner, these are my observations from the Scorpio ( some pluses and some minuses )

1) Styling - Looks good sometimes, looks overdone sometimes. So its a tough call. The Storme looks very sedate and well proportioned too for an SUV. Even the rear is quite compact. But M&M designers have definetly put in a lot of effort around the front end with that nicely detailed grille as well as well defined creases on the bonnet

2) Space - I was surprised to see in the spec sheet above, the Scorpio has a marginally higher wheel base than the Storme and still has lesser first and second row space !

Given the very narrow dash board, the space seems to be good at the front and may not have the issue that some tall drivers face while getting into the Storme. But this also means there is very little dash board space ( to keep stuff on top of it or within the glove box )

Am not sure why the seats in the Scorpio had to be so wide and resulting in being so close to the doors. This means

a) height adjustment controls are not accesible when the doors are closed
b) door pad space is very limited ( cant belive M&M hasnt even offered space for a bottle holder )

Even the tail gate has a LARGE storage pocket for 3rd row passengers in the Storme which the Scorpio seems to be missing

Middle row space in the Storme is unbeatable and this along with the quality of the seats ( contour, feel and quality ) adds to the comfort. Seat height is also slightly higher than the front row giving a commanding view

3) Seats - The Storme has slightly narrower seats ( as far as I can see from the pics here ) but the seats are extremely well contoured, the material is of very high quality and the cushioning is on the firm side helping long distance comfort

4) Dashboard

The Scorpio has a good colour scheme as well as a modern layout. The MID packs a lot of info which the Storme does not offer. The integrated music system is a definite plus over what the Storme offers. The steering wheel looks good. Quality of plastics seems to be far superior in the Storme with the top portion being soft touch.

5) Storme despite weighing more and putting out more power, returns similar FE as the Scorpio and better than an Innova which is substantially lighter. While many people here crib about the Storme's weight and how it should go on a "diet", the positive here is the FE not being impacted and it is no longer a slouch within city but definetly there is still some distance to cover to reach the refinement levels of the mhawk as well as the quick acceleration that i have seen Scorpio's manage which the Storme cant.

6) It would be good to know the handling characteristics of this vehicle. Probably a back to back comparo with the Storme would help. The Storme, I can say, is a very good handler. I have taken it at good speeds in corners ( in desolate roads ) and found it having very good grip despite the weight and the high center of gravity. Also the Storme does not pitch under hard braking like the earlier Safari used to.

Overall, the NG Scorpio is a step forward and should be welcomed well by the market and hopefully push Tata Motors to further upgrade the Storme
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Default Re: Mahindra Scorpio : Official Review

WOW. Simply superb unbiased review. Great to read. Covers almost all details. So many pictures and many with comments that indicate what the picture is about. Thanks for the pains taken. A wonderful highly technical review that sure deserves a Five Star rating. Thanks.
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Default Re: Mahindra Scorpio : Official Review

Mod Note : There are several spelling & grammatical errors in your posts. This negatively affects the forum experience for other readers.

Kindly ensure that you proof-read your posts prior to submission. Also, it would be a good idea to use spell-checkers.

Excellent review, easily the best and most comprehensive of other reviews around. The attention to details is fantastic.
Mahindra seems to have missed a trick here on the ride quality front.
Safari Storme will remain preferred choice for those putting their money on the ride quality and finesse.
Apart from that, i can see Scorpio numbers further improving on month on month charts.

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Default Re: Mahindra Scorpio : Official Review

Good to see that M&M have done away with the Walrus tooth on the grill and the horrible decals on the VLX variant.

If they've also taken care of the following things [cross-posting from the W105 thread], then it would go a long way in making the ownership a smooth one:

1. Quality of rubber components - door beadings, the spiral rubber covers for the power window wires, the rubber brake light switch under the brake pedal etc - that deteriorate a bit too fast.
2. Quality of suspension bushes, which was pathetic in the outgoing version [hopefully the PU bushes in the new version would remedy this problem a little bit].
3. Glove box closing without having to wrestle with it.
4. Power window motors conking off.
5. Headlight fogging due to really fine cracks in the glass, even if you don't meet with any accident.
6. Water splashing on the windshield if you go through a puddle - admittedly, it's lesser than what it was in the 2.6 Crde, but is still there in the outgoing 2.2 mHawk.
7. ASCs giving out misleading info regarding propeller shaft not needing any periodic greasing.
8. The ridiculously short service interval of 5000 kms [which seems to have been taken care of in this version]
9. AC Filter not given in the base variant.
10. Last, but not the least, the infamous slave cylinder problem:


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Default Re: Mahindra Scorpio : Official Review

Nice detailed review Well deserved 5 stars.

Anyone planning to buy the NG scorpio would definitely gravitate towards XUV/Safari Storme.

If given a choice I would choose XUV W6 at any point of time due to list of features available, space, design at the price point of a S8 or S10.
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Default Re: Mahindra Scorpio : Official Review

Excellent review, the car looks 10 per cent better in darker shades than in the lighter ones, but it still looks ugly(I have been a cult Scoprio fan, primarily for the way it looked, not any more!).

I just noticed that the Front Left and Front Right door pads are different! Why Mahindra? Why? I like the design with the black grab handle better!

An ergonomic issue that still hasn't been taken care of is that IMHO the driver and the front passenger are too close to the, it makes me feel like I am almost out of the car, not a very pleasant feeling, I should add!
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Default Re: Mahindra Scorpio : Official Review

Originally Posted by S2!!! View Post

The air-conditioner does a great job of cooling the cabin. On a hot afternoon with that large glass area, the air-con kept us comfortable, including those on the 3rd row. The climate control has a 'lo' setting, after which it's 17.5 degrees and up.
Hi S2!!! / GTO,

Is there a 3rd row AC vent like the Xylo / XUV / Innova?

If no, which blowers serve the third row passenger? Is the centre AC Vent sufficient to reach the third row? Should we add the roof blower accessory to the third row. I was honestly expecting one, but i dont think we seem to have one.
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Default Re: Mahindra Scorpio : Official Review

An awesome review.
Well detailed, comprehensive and precise; much deserving for the new gen horse from the Mahindra stable.

Happy to note that Scorpio took forth many features from the XUV and bettered them in some.

I still don't understand what that "grab handle like" looking thing is for?
Or did I miss the elaboration on that part in the review?
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Default Re: Mahindra Scorpio : Official Review

This has got to be the mother of all reviews. Very comprehensive and granular. 5 Stars for sure!!

The car looks much better than the outgoing version, except that yuck looking huge ugly stickering on the tail gate. And some things like not being able to adjust the seat height when the doors are closed are unforgivable.
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Default Re: Mahindra Scorpio : Official Review

When the Storme was launched, everyone agreed that it was miles ahead of its predecessor but a lost opportunity.

With the Scorpio, Mahindra has not just lost the opportunity but also failed to raise the bar akin to what Tata Motors managed to do. Indeed this seems like a half-baked, quickly-pushed-out refresh.

I did test drive the S-10 variant (which was on display at an IT company next to mine) and was told it costs 14.68L on-road in BLR. The XUV-W6 is cheaper to buy (with the current discounts). Cannot think of any reason why you would still go for the S-10, unless you are a big Scorpio fan or have real off-roading requirements.

Just did not seem like a 15L vehicle. No wow factor (except the engine of course). Lacking in space. Too many rough edges. Everyone bashes Tata Motors of not keeping up pace with the times, but the Storme and the Zest are proofs of their ability to raise their bar. Mahindra, time to catch up.
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Default Re: Mahindra Scorpio : Official Review

Interesting new avatar of an old favorite across the country. I wish Mahindra brings out the AT version without too much delay, and across more than one variant. That would complete the Scorpio portfolio.
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Default Re: Mahindra Scorpio : Official Review

Excellent review!!
Saw the machine in real. It has got a Prado kind of stance from the front. Looks less of flab and more of chiseled body.
Just as the toy car rear, M&M did over do the mhawk badging around the indicator.
The silvered tail lamps add to that noisy rear.A simple all red casing was better like that in the old gen Fortuner. Alas, but to compete means to copy the latest.
Over all it feels the design team was not that much in sync and each wanted to ensure his design elements stood out loud rather than the total.
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Default Re: Mahindra Scorpio : Official Review

Good review, as always. Scorpio was an iconic car for Mahindra, they should have at least a good quality control over the manufacturing process. The car looks amazing though.
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Default Re: Mahindra Scorpio : Official Review

Thinking from Mahindra's angle, they have made the right move with new Scorpio. Even after many years of existence, earlier model was selling in good numbers. So only thing Mahindra had (wanted) to do was to freshen up the looks, give some additional features and try to address some of the common complaints. And I believe Mahindra has honestly tried and succeeded in meeting most of the expectations from its target consumers. I like the new model and feel that this one will succeed.
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