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Default Re: Tata Nano AMT (Automatic) : Official Review

Great review, been eyeing this car for wifey and ocassionaly for myself. City is becoming too cumbersome and big to drive in pathetic road conditions of bangalore.

The review makes me a tad uncomfortable going for this and deep within i think i would be better off picking the Alto instead. The upside though is that it will be her first car and i think she will be more comfortable with this then Alto.

Will go out for a weekend visit to both showrooms and probably pick one, but deep within i know i want this more then the alto, and practically enough i know i will end up buying the Alto.
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This is sure a cute car, and a tremendous value for money. For somebody looking for a second or third car to be used in the city, it ticks all the boxes.

Well put in a turbo charger, bump up the power to max it can get out of 800cc(I figure around 100bhp should be doable with modern tech), give discs and slightly bigger tires.

It can cost 1.5L more. But its going to be the fastest thing on roads, embarrassing even 20L+ sedans.
This turbo nano may exist, recall seeing one being tested on the Coimbatore race track last year.
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Default Re: Tata Nano AMT (Automatic) : Official Review

Originally Posted by Rahul Bhalgat View Post
. In the water logged areas, do you think that the water will enter the car, either from the bottom or from the sides?
Hi Rahul, I've driven the Nano through a flooded tunnel with water upto the bottom of the door, and there was no leaking. There is a beading on all doors that prevent such water entry. Tata has a wading track (which simulates a flooded tunnel) through which they do testing for these kind of leakages.
I would encourage you to buy one especially if its for your better half.

Originally Posted by GTO View Post
When stopping from those speeds, without the engine braking of a manual, these brakes are simply not up to the task. Tata should've upgraded the brakes for the Automatic.
So until they do, one could use the Auto mode in the city and the Manual mode on the highways?

Originally Posted by Amarkarthi View Post
I seriously regret that I spent money in buying Wego just a week back as work horse for the domestic chores for the family. I could've waited for the Nano AMT.
You mean the TVS Wego scooter? Sarcasm? ;-)

Personally, I still think the PR people at Tata need to improve their control on information. Today, while searching sites to find the pricing of the GenX, I came across a statement saying that "they are working on the 1 litre variant of the Nano, until then, they would like to blah blah" . So now I will be waiting for the 1 litre to come and not think about the just released GenX. This is exactly why I am not the owner of a Twist XT. When they released the Twist , the same year at the Auto Expo, they unveiled the GenX. So I convinced myself, that I'd wait for that to release. Now I'll be inclined to wait for the 1 litre.
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Default Re: Tata Nano AMT (Automatic) : Official Review

Why is the PETROL FILLER STILL Inside the Bonnet?!!

I remember the other 'coming soon..' thread showing a side filler. Sad to see this eye-sore still unanswered by Tata.!
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Default Re: Tata Nano AMT (Automatic) : Official Review

Dear Aditya

The Nano facelift is not only an extremely important one for Tata but is a potential winning one too.
If this clicks, it will breathe a fresh life to the Nano lifecycle!!

Of late, the facelifts have been more or less drab.
Somehow, the Nano transforms itself into a very "cuddly teddy bear" type cutie and love this.

The MID seems a additional bonus and looks decent for a budget car.
The introduction of a tacho would have made the set complete.

The removable boot is a great boon for small errands and now, it makes a lot of sense to the first type bike upgraders to seriously consider the Nano AMT.

Also, like GTO commented, the pricing was a surprise element and am pleasantly surprised at that.
Overall, happy with the product and equally happy with the way you have presented it.

A well deserved 5 stars!!

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Default Re: Tata Nano AMT (Automatic) : Official Review

Originally Posted by Aditya View Post
The Maruti Alto AMT is a far superior performer; it weighs about the same, yet has nearly twice the horsepower
Originally Posted by Aditya View Post
I haven't driven the Alto AMT, so I can't say much about it
I just thought of pointing out a bit of contradiction from your posts. Let me also state that I don't intend to start Alto v Nano war here.

Thanks for the review Aditya. Only thing missing is the small but significant things section seen in other reviews. From the point of view being a nano owner, I am happy that the fuel tank is bigger and the NVH is better and that the fit and finish is better.

Let me also point that my expereince of Nano ownership has been niggle free so far (touchwood), except for running repairs. Biggest niggle with Nano ownership is finding a reliable service manager in a crowded service centre, especially since three agencies have shut down in Delhi in the last 3 years.

Structurally, one thing they needed to work on is IRVM. Does it still shudder at high speed or have they improved on this?
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Default Re: Tata Nano AMT (Automatic) : Official Review

I guess they can't be more competitive with the pricing and this seems very apt! 3 to 3.5 Lacs for the Automatic makes it such an easier buy for people who just want a city runabout! And the quality overall seems much better too! Hope the sales boost up atleast now, since there is a possibility of the car's perception getting a change right now.
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Default Re: Tata Nano AMT (Automatic) : Official Review

Originally Posted by avingodb View Post
I just thought of pointing out a bit of contradiction from your posts.
The question Dr. Suraj asked was "Purely in terms of AMT". What we had talked about earlier was power to weight.
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Default Re: Tata Nano AMT (Automatic) : Official Review

Originally Posted by tsk1979 View Post
This is sure a cute car, and a tremendous value for money. For somebody looking for a second or third car to be used in the city, it ticks all the boxes.

However I see a missed opportunity here.
Tata should create a Xtreme variant of this vehicle.
How to do that?

Well put in a turbo charger, bump up the power to max it can get out of 800cc(I figure around 100bhp should be doable with modern tech), give discs and slightly bigger tires.
I genuinely like where this is going!
At one end we have the Tata Prima trucks racing and here we could have a min-track for the Nano !
Like those slush-fest of a race guys enjoy with their Kinetics.

I don't know about drifting, but if driven nicely the Nano can be quite a surprise!t
Are you thinking something like this?

Originally Posted by Aditya View Post
Thanks for the kind words.

Here's the full GenX Nano price list (ex-showroom, Delhi):
XE - Rs. 1,99,000
XM - Rs. 2,29,000
XT - Rs. 2,49,000
XMA - Rs. 2,69,000
XTA - Rs. 2,89,000

The manual is a lot of fun, but the AMT will be a better option in bumper to bumper traffic. That is the whole point of the AMT anyway.

I haven't driven the Alto AMT, so I can't say much about it.

As soon as we have the necessary information, we will put up a new sheet that will tell us the difference between the variants.
Thank you Aditya!
Just what I needed to know.
That the Manual is still as much fun as it was and not changed. Very honestly, as much as I am in LOVE with the AMT - how it looks (the console) and the thought of it - somehow I love driving this little fellow in Manual. It is really fun and peppy and with manual i have never faced problem with badly engineered steep slopes - the kinds that some shoddily built unplanned malls have.

Also, I would like to point out that - despite all the increase in features the manual version price has hardly changed!
I think someone at TML is purposely making sure that nothing is spoken about the manual version which is selling more or less at the same price as the previous version. Maybe to get rid of the ... (ahem) ... old image.

Why I mention this is because I hear a lot of people saying - see finally they increased the price to 3 lakhs. Without realising that there are versions available in the same price range as before and at 3L it is offering something that was never promised earlier (promise is a promise version).

Originally Posted by jessie007 View Post
The differences between mid (XMA) and top-end (XTA) Automatic variant are:

1) Music system
2) Power windows
3) Remote/central locking
4) Front fog lamps
5) Heater (A/C - cooling is there)
6) Black door handles vs body coloured
7) Colour co-ordinated ORVMs versus body-coloured on top-variant
8) Full versus half wheel cover
9) Roof beading
10) Roof mounted antenna
11) 12v charger
12) Cup holders in front console
13) Magazine holder in all doors

That is quite a lot of kit for just Rs 20k!
Indeed. This is seriously a lot of stuff for 20k.
But I guess there was a demand for such a version, BHPian @deetjohn asked for it right here.
Maybe TML is reading after-all.

Originally Posted by Rollingwheels26 View Post
Drift with that short wheel base and tall height ? I think instead it's better to put in a safety cage and hold a competition to see who can roll it over most number of times while taking sharp turns ?
Roll-cage 3D - reminded me of that game we used to play on the PC in the late 90's !

Again - it seems some enthusiasts would love the to have a Nano Cup !
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Default Re: Tata Nano AMT (Automatic) : Official Review

The uniqueness of Nano lies in its small engine only. If it were to have an 800 CC engine with a price difference of Rs 20k less than the equivalent Alto, it would lose its positioning (which to start with hasn't been great). Hardly anyone will buy a Nano with 1 L engine, as the whole purpose of having a small & convenient city runabout is fulfilled by a car with even a smaller engine. Not to forget that brand equity of Maruti Suzuki is far more than that of Tata Motors; and with little difference in the price of Nano and Alto, there would hardly be any buyers for a 1L Nano.

I have a speed alert buzzer in my Punto. About four years back, I had set it at 90 kph. For safety sake, slowly i kept lowering it, and now it is at 75 kph. Still I rarely hit that speed and haven't heard the buzzer in a long time.
The thing is, that even in a city like Delhi with wide roads and a plethora of flyovers and underpasses, there is so much traffic (atleast between 8 AM and 10 PM) that there is hardly anytime that so much power is required. What one really needs a small / convenient runabout for daily commute - thereby hogging less roadspace and reducing the carbon footprint at the same time. During office timings, I hardly see any vehicle with more than one person in it.

Although safety is one area where compromises cannot be made. Brakes / effective speed retardation is the most important requirement and Tata Motors should atleast offer front disc brake as an option. I have already mentioned int in the other Nano thread that [quote]:

Visited a showroom to see the Next Gen Tata Nano. Only the manual variant was on display, but the vehicle looked good overall. Quality was decent for an economical product. We are looking to buy the AMT variant. One thing that impressed me the most was the heft in both the bonnet and boot-lid. Both felt fairly strong and in my opinion were stronger than in the Alto, Eon & Dat Go. I left the bonnet from a good height and it slammed shut with a loud solid metallic noise, pointing to the amount of weight in the bonnet.

The doors on the other hand felt fairly light, though the Tata sales rep mentioned that an additional side impact beam has been added in the doors to improve safety. This is in addition to the extension of the front bumper to improve the crumple zone area. [Unquote]

I think Nano's power suffices for one or two people for a daily commute. I haven't test driven the vehicle, but feel that shortage of power / peppiness can be overcome by driving it in Sports mode only, with a slight penalty on fuel economy.

P.S. Have already booked an XTA variant for my wife - she choose Damson purple colour
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Default Re: Tata Nano AMT (Automatic) : Official Review

Will the AMT, when driven in manual mode, behave exactly like the manual version? Will it be better to drive since it's a five speed box as opposed to the four speed, pure manual? Can I redline in every gear?

If that's how it behaves then the problem with inclines could is taken care of easily.
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Default Re: Tata Nano AMT (Automatic) : Official Review

Thank you for a very comprehensive review.
It is heartening to see the interior improvements in this version of the nano.

What I simply cannot comprehend is, why would the TM management leave out a Disc brake in the AMT when they know that it would be used by a lot of newbie drivers? I am sure that given an option between choosing a stylish interior package and an engineering upgrade in the form of disc brakes and a stronger suspension set up, most buyers would opt for the latter.
Overall this looks like a very nice package, except the new bumper which seems to have been inspired from some amusement park ride. Once again, thank you for a great, unbiased review. I have shared this on facebook because it might help a few friends who have just started their career and are looking for a dependable and safe commuter car.
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Default Re: Tata Nano AMT (Automatic) : Official Review

I appreciate the commitment by Tata to this product. This is no match for the Alto, but Tata still persists on improving it.

I would have been happier if Tata would have given more focus on safety over the gadgets (bluetooth, et al.)
Does the new version have better sound damping - for the outsiders - or does it still sound like an auto rickshaw?

The best features of Nano that I really appreciate are:
1. The headlights - excellent for night driving
2. The AC - excellent for day driving.
3. Space for humans

The worst:
1. Only lap belts
2. Relatively inferior braking.
3. Noisy on the outside
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Originally Posted by GTO View Post

The Nano AMT might be sluggish, but it can still touch 80 kph (and over). When stopping from those speeds, without the engine braking of a manual, these brakes are simply not up to the task. Tata should've upgraded the brakes for the Automatic.
When decelerating from 80 kph in the Alto K10, for engine braking to at its best, I switched from D to M and kept downshifting using "M-".

There wasn't much of an issue but not comparable to the engine braking in a proper MT car.

What's your take?
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Default Re: Tata Nano AMT (Automatic) : Official Review

Thank you for an excellent, crisp yet fully explanatory review, Aditya! Rated it a full 5* as usual.

The Tata Nano is a charming little car, and its charm quotient has only gone up with every update it has received so far, although the pace of updates from Tata is slower than I would have liked.

The GenX Nano Twist Easy Shift makes great sense as an intelligent, no-nonsense urban runabout for many, especially in the well-loaded XTA guise. Small dimensions, an unbelievable 4m turning circle radius accompanied by a light EPS and a good 180mm / 190mm GC mean the car can be parked in places where no other car (other than the e2o) can dream of getting into!


What I like about the new Nano:

-> Looks cool, cute and charming! The new piano black bits, blackened headlamps and round front fog lamps add to this character.

-> I believe all the re-engineering for the hatch and strengthening of the structure should have made the Nano safer. Its weight has gone up a bit so well. This is a welcome thing, IMO. The rear bumper also looks much beefier than before.

-> The radiator has been relocated to the front. This should help in enhancing the heat transfer characteristics of the liquid-cooled engine.

-> The exhaust is now mounted to the left and is longer(?), which may help in softening the rather distinctive phad-phad-phad-phad exhaust note of the twin cylinder engine.

-> The fuel tank now holds 24 litres, when compared to only 15 litres earlier.

-> Exterior paint quality, fit-and-finish and interior trim quality are quite good for the price. It may be a basic car, but it doesn't look and feel low rent at all.

-> Space - loads of it for 4 well-fed adults, in such a tiny footprint. Quite comfortable too, with a powerful A/C, despite the large glass area and small engine.

-> It's the least expensive automatic gear shifting car in India, and perhaps the entire world!

-> It may be an entry-level car, but it still has got roof beadings, a decent "bulbed" door frame beading, and weather strips on the top part of the doors, twin gas struts for the hatch, two number plate lamps, 3 assist grips etc. Certain manufacturers can learn a thing or two from the Nano about not omitting essential stuff!

-> It's even got DTE, instantaneous fuel efficiency and average fuel efficiency read-out on the display. Take note, Hyundai! Every Hyundai car positioned below the Verna (from the Eon to the premium/cross hatches Elite i20 & i20 Active, including the Xcent compact sedan) lacks these.

-> At 3 lacs ex-showroom Chennai, the XTA is pretty well-loaded in terms of features - front fog lamps, front power windows, remote central locking, 12V socket, music system with 4 speakers, CD player & Bluetooth, not to mention A/C with heater, power steering & auto gear shift. Very good value for money!


What I don't like about the new Nano:

-> It looks like the additional weight and AMT box has made the Nano sluggish. A pity, considering that the earlier car was quite peppy for city drives. Power-to-weight ratio is not in the same league as other entry level cars now. At 765 kg for the XTA, the 624cc Nano is actually heavier than the 998cc Alto k10 AMT which weighs 755 kg (same as Nano XMA).

-> Brakes. Tata should have provided front discs on the auto variants.

-> While Tata have taken the trouble to improve the structural safety of the car, this has sadly not been accompanied by the inclusion of life-saving airbags. A wasted opportunity indeed! At least a driver airbag should have been provided on the XT & XTA variants.

-> An ECU-controlled engine immobiliser that allows the engine to be started only after authentication by an embedded chip in the key (similar to systems like Maruti Suzuki's i-CATS) should have been provided as standard.

-> A manual day-night IRVM and rear fog lamp are missing (they were present on earlier models of the Nano). I don't miss the rear fog lamp at all, but a day-night IRVM is a must have feature.

-> Like the front, 3-point ELR safety belts should have been provided at the rear as well, instead of those two fixed 2-point lap belts (which aren't as safe).


As far as automatics go, the other affordable options also happen to be AMTs (as expected).

The Alto k10 is priced at 4.1 lacs (ex-showroom Chennai). It isn't as spacious as the Nano, isn't available in VXi(O) trim level, lacks some features and gains some others, but it does get a very peppy engine with a very good power-to-weight ratio.

The Celerio has three AMT variants and is priced between 4.52 lacs and 5.08 lacs (ex-showroom Chennai). It may be the most expensive of this bunch, but it also has the least weaknesses. Celerio ZXi AMT does get the much needed driver's airbag among other goodies, but a ZXi(O) variant is still missed.

Among the Maruti Suzuki AMT cars, the airbag-equipped Celerio ZXi would be my pick, but its on-road price would be closer to 6 lac rupees in many cities.

That's where the Nano XTA makes a strong case for itself at around 3.5 lac rupees on-road in most cities. If only Tata had equipped it with front disc brakes, rear 3-point safety belts, a day-night IRVM and an engine immobiliser!

Still, I think the Nano XTA makes for a good car for the everyday home-office-home commute during peak hours, or as a family's second or third car meant for everyday urban trips.

I seriously hope the next round of updates by Tata Motors includes an all-electric Nano. Now that would be a serious game-changer, and just what Tata needs to do for the Nano to gain immense popularity worldwide!

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