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Re: Honda Jazz : Official Review

Excellent review as usual. I did a quick comparison between i20 elite and Jazz (ex showroom Delhi). Looks like pricing is on par with i20. I was expecting Jazz to undercut i20 since its a re-entry for jazz and i20 is already a blockbuster with unmatched value for money. I hope Jazz will not be another Mobilio in making after the initial euphoria dies down. At least they should have given all features of i20 like start stop button, keyless entry etc when they are charging such a premium for top end. Touch screen is something which even Renault Quid is going to have. I don't consider it as a big premium feature. Even i10 Grand provides start-stop button why not Jazz?

Also someone rightly pointed out in other thread, Honda targeted young urban customers, but has launched jazz with boring colour options


Petrol i-VTEC MT:
E grade: 5,30,900
S Grade: 5,94,000
SV Grade: 6,44,900,
V Grade: 6,79,900
VX Grade: 7,29,000

i20 Elite
Era : 530,476
Magna: 584,486
Sportz: 635,266
Sportz (O): 670,696
Asta : 693,547


Diesel i-DTEC MT:
E grade: 6,49,900
S Grade: 7,14,000
SV Grade: 7,64,900
V Grade: 8,09,900
VX Grade: 8,59,000

i20 Elite
Era : 641,644
Magna : 695,916
Sportz :750,184
Sportz(O) :782,535
Asta :805,495

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Re: Honda Jazz : Official Review

Brilliant review as usual. Thank you very much. Now I know every single thing about the Jazz.

Regarding the car itself. I felt a little underwhelmed as I read through. Nothing really stands out.
  • For the diesel, the 50-60K premium over the i20 seems a little too high considering the refinement and missing nice to have features. It is 12K more expensive than the GT TDI also.
  • The petrol MT seems to be priced reasonably well, but the lack of low end performance from the 1.2 is a negative. Still looks like this will be the variant the most in demand.
  • We talk about ATs gaining share. Strange to see that in the list of cars compared against, only the Jazz and Polo have an AT variant. CVT performance as expected. The V AT is ~60K cheaper than the Polo GT TSI. If they had a VX CVT, it would have been on par with the GT TSI which IMO is too much for what it offers. They should have had a VX CVT with the 1.5 from City, priced on par with the GT TSI. Maybe it will come in later.

Overall if I was in the market for a car in this segment today, diesel would be the i20 or the GT TDI, AT would be the GT TSI and for a petrol MT, maybe the Jazz (considering that the 1.2 in the i20 is also not a great performer)
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Re: Honda Jazz : Official Review

Thanks for the fantastic review Suhaas & Vid6639 - an expected and very well deserved 5 stars.

Although I drove the City 1.5 iDTEC one full week, last year, it is reassuring to note that this brings the best out of the Jazz (city driving and highway cruising) and therefore is on the top of my consideration.

Its really a pity that the 1.2 iVTEC fails to impress, and what with the brilliant 1.5 iVTEC in their kitty, Honda should have offered this in the Jazz, especially since they have priced the iDTEC considerably higher in comparison.

OT: If "comparable variants" in the S-Cross and Creta are priced approximately 1 lakh higher, respectively, I believe, we have a very very interesting situation in the offing. For starters, I'm keeping by booking open for now.

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Re: Honda Jazz : Official Review

Thanks for the exhaustive review! The car ticks many boxes and is priced almost on par with its chief competitor, the i20. Happy to know the good ride quality of this Honda.

I am curious to know the NVH levels of the petrol version, absence of rear wheel well cladding in a supposed premium hatch is shocking. Does that contribute to excessive road noise?

Also a humble request. Maybe we can list absence of vital safety features like ABS and front airbags in lower variants, in the 'What you wont like' section in future reviews, at least for premium cars like Jazz.

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Re: Honda Jazz : Official Review

Honda had a golden opportunity to get a stranglehold of the premium hatch market through aggressive pricing and they blew it big it time. Difficult to understand with such a high degree of localization, why is it costing so much?

My SA informed me that the CVT V version would cost between 8-8.5 Lacs on road. I highly doubt it.
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Re: Honda Jazz : Official Review

Fantastic Review Suhas and Vid.

Rating is a deserved 5 stars!!

A much awaited blockbuster from the Honda stables is out.
Though, it is a well stitched up car, cannot rue the fact that Honda has done precious little in disguising their inadequacies!!

Why a cover up for the start stop button and lock switch on the window consoles? This is a premium hatch car with the top version Diesel nudging almost a million!!

Also, the primer in the fuel hatch? Not done.

Otherwise, the car looks good though, am still not a fan of the mustache front end!

Elite i20 still looks the better of the two and having driven the 1.5 idtec, the Hyundai motor is a lot more refined.

It could dent the sales of the Amaze to a greater extent vs the Swift or the i20.
Just my observations.
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I don't know why Honda would price the VX variant at such a premium and then give a HU that is not integrated properly while taking away useful features (3 modes for the reverse camera and USB slots ).

I was looking at the VX variant for its better comfort for the rear passengers vis a vis the Asta Elite I20, but the minor things like no proper dead pedal, no start-stop button and the poorly integrated HU are making me sceptical , the Elite I20 has all the comforts for the driver and the Jazz seems to be more comfortable for the passengers.

I have been waiting for this review to make my purchase decision and it hasn't disappointed . Rated 5 stars.

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Re: Honda Jazz : Official Review

Nice review. Pricing is a dampener.

CVT (V) is priced too high. It is comparable to GT TSI (not sure if it is actually higher). I own a GT TSI and was looking to replace the other M800 with Jazz. But Pricing is not that great.

I get Turbo charged engine, Super quick DSG Gear Box, Solid build, Reach, height adjustable steering, and so much more. Yeah the rear space is not that great, but the car is just too good to drive. Even the after sales service seems to be getting better.

So Why would I pay the same amount for Jazz. Having two GTs sounds weird though.

One has not even considered Ford Ecosport which is another great car. Clearly existence of Amaze has messed with Honda's pricing strategy.
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Re: Honda Jazz : Official Review

Excellent review.

I am not surprised that Jazz is being pitched against the mighty i20 (at least in terms of pricing).

Honda has kept enough margin to accommodate the Re. 1 insurance offer that will come just around Dussera.

However I fail to understand why the Honda diesel is so noisy compare to the engine from Fiat or the one from Hyundai.
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Re: Honda Jazz : Official Review

Fantastic review .Great attention to detail.
Rated it 5 stars.

1 thing, I would wish teambhp to add in all their reviews going forward is the crash test rating. I know since most of the manufacturers are not disclosing the ratings it makes no sense, but in that case teambhp can simply mention 'Crash rating Not available'.

Wherever the rating is available Teambhp can mention it in the review (if possible in advantage/disadvantage bullet points section).

Since many manufactures are looking at Teambhp very seriously this can further force them to disclose the crash ratings for their Indian variants. Additionally it will also help awareness amongst many uninformed non member readers too.

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Re: Honda Jazz : Official Review

I think Honda has missed the trick once again. Too many small bits and pieces are missing. Poorer rear seats, no magic option, no seat back pockets even in the V variant are unpardonable. That said, I agree that the lower pegged 5inch ICE looks way better than the rather thoughtless and ungainly 6inch version in the VX variant and whats with those dangling wires!

The top end diesel variant on the other hand is priced way too high. Even the Polo GT TDi is cheaper inspite of being better looking, better built and better driving with enough equipments in the standard list. The diesel pricing makes everyone else in the class including i20, Swift Diesel and Fiat Punto Evo look like bargains. Not impressed. At that price I would have liked absolutely no compromises being made. The diesel pricing is also very close to EcoSport's, a much better options if you ask me.
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Re: Honda Jazz : Official Review

Thank you for the brilliant review Suhaas... Honda had a winner at their hand, if i20 Elite wouldn't have been in the picture. I am surprised that few of the common features from a "Premium Hatch-Back" Segment are missing in the Jazz, especially, when they were already present in the City. (central lock-unlock, Start-Stop & Driver Arm-Rest)

For sometime while reading, I thought has Honda made a dummy car, considering two to three dummy buttons I saw in the pictures. not expected in a 10 lac worth car at-least. I remember having those in my Estilo 5 years ago.

The good part is that the car comes with an Auto tyranny now. Even the pricing is killer thus enabling Honda to rake up some decent numbers this time.

But if I would have been in the market to buy a premium hatch, my first option to put my money would be the Polo GT or the Hyundai Elite i20 from VFM perspective and on the Jazz only from the Honda reliability perspective.

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Re: Honda Jazz : Official Review

Excellent and detailed review as always. And great timing too for the review to come up live following the official launch. I am somehow left a tad bit disappointed with the car or may be the hype built up around it had become a little too much.

Other than the AT option. I find the elite i20 a better package in almost every aspect right from the exterior looks to the interior layout and features. The biggest USP of Jazz in form of magic seats has also been now made into a luxury feature and provided only with the top end variant. Why? If not for the lack of AT box, I will pick the i20 over this.
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Re: Honda Jazz : Official Review

Brilliant review Suhaas and Vidyut!
The repositioning of brand Honda seems to have impacted the Jazz as well, and cannot really blame the manufacturer for listening to market dynamics. Happy that Honda did not water it down too much in the name of making it VFM. It's a good looking car and expects this to do pretty good numbers. And looks like they did a good job with pricing too!
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Re: Honda Jazz : Official Review

Today I went to Linkway honda to check out the car. I would say one thing is that Elite I20 is much more better package. Take it the looks, features, Price , Premium Quality...Hyundai Elite I20 is way too better.

I don't mind Honda charging premium for it's car but if you are charging more, at least make the car similar to the international version.

No doubt Honda is good in terms of reliability but now Hyundai is 2nd after Maruti in terms of Sales & Service. Their cars are now much better then what they were earlier.

Sorry to say but I would never even think of Jazz because current generation cars needs to have all the features.

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