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Re: Honda Jazz : Official Review

Simply fantastic review and great attention to detail! I'm glad to see the Jazz finally get launched after such a long wait. Honda's definitely done a good job with the pricing, and it's amazing to see how much more kit I would get for the 8 odd lakhs I paid for my Jazz Select back in 2010, had I bought the VX today.

However, this would be a rock solid proposition, had the Elite not been around. Here's my take as a Jazz owner.

Looks: The new Jazz certainly looks more funky, but I personally prefer the looks of the old car. Maybe the new design will grow on me. Overall, the Jazz always looked like a small MPV, but the bulky proportions on this one (especially with the small tyres) make it look a bit too van like for my liking. Not hard on the eyes, but nowhere near as stylish as the Elite.

Interior: Glad to say that it's still quirky, but so many avoidable omissions. Rear foot level vents, secondary glovebox, front passenger cup-holder, driver's vanity mirror all gone! Why didn't Honda at least offer an armrest with the automatic?

Apart from that, the fact that the magic seats are now a halo feature as opposed to a model USP, is ridiculous. Not to mention the fact that the automatic doesn't even get the option of all black interiors / magic seats. Space and utility are undoubtedly the biggest USPs, but I wonder if that's enough.

Engine: Always loved the 1.2L petrol, but I was hoping that they would at least offer some more power. The old one runs perfectly when you're driving solo, but with a passenger load, it's woeful. You have to give it the beans just to avoid stalling on a steep incline. I'm confident that the i-VTEC will be better than the Elite's Kappa 1.2, but wish the engine had more to offer at the lower end. The 1.4 diesel on the Elite is far better than the i-DTEC.

Ride Quality: Big win on this front by the looks of things. I'm definitely gonna drive the new one to see the difference.

Overall, Honda has definitely done enough to improve over the old one and catch up to the competition, but little to beat it. Given the choice today, my heart goes to the "H" and not the "H". The only reason to buy the Jazz over the Swift or Elite is the magnificent cabin space.

On a side note, I really wish Honda made good ads again, like the one below. The new TVC is so unimaginative.

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Re: Honda Jazz : Official Review

Thanks Suhaas for the detailed review. Jazz looks more practical with Honda try to make better VFM products. Buyers have another better options to choose from in the segment - a good competition to Hyundai's i20 offerings. However from design point of view, it cannot beat the i20. Price-wise, looks like Honda wants to prove a point on the brand by keeping it marginally higher, which, in the price sensive customer base, may go against Jazz.

Design-wise, loved the aggressive bold front on the new Jazz. The fog lamps could have been better designed to fill the space in the black backdrop. Excessive chrome on the batch looks out of fashion.
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Re: Honda Jazz : Official Review

Aux cables in the dash look ugly. Definitely not premium-hatch like. Also, when you open the dash, metal (screws) is visible all along the border - another eye-sore.

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Re: Honda Jazz : Official Review

Very nice review indeed. magic seats were one of the top 3 reasons I was considering this vehicle. But i dont think I can afford the top end. All they needed to do was provide magic seats which is the marketed USP of the car, to the V trim atleast. Honda didn't play it's strengths completely.
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Re: Honda Jazz : Official Review

The new Honda Jazz brochure
Attached Thumbnails
Honda Jazz : Official Review-1.png  

Honda Jazz : Official Review-2.png  

Honda Jazz : Official Review-3.png  

Honda Jazz : Official Review-4.png  

Honda Jazz : Official Review-5.png  

Honda Jazz : Official Review-6.png  

Honda Jazz : Official Review-7.png  

Honda Jazz : Official Review-8.png  

Honda Jazz : Official Review-9.png  

Honda Jazz : Official Review-10.png  

Honda Jazz : Official Review-11.png  

Honda Jazz : Official Review-12.png  

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Re: Honda Jazz : Official Review

Kudos for the detailed review on time @Suhaas

Originally Posted by suhaas307 View Post
... Surprisingly, while our Jazz rode on Michelins, the spare is an MRF. Maybe it got shuffled between the many media cars...

This one is interesting. Media drive cars get Michelin shoes while the spare tire continues to remain MRF.

Do I smell fish here? Were they replaced specifically for the event to cut down on the NVH levels? Wonder how noisy it would be on these MRFs.
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Re: Honda Jazz : Official Review

Mod Note : There are several spelling & grammatical errors in your posts. This negatively affects the forum experience for other readers.

Kindly ensure that you proof-read your posts prior to submission. Also, it would be a good idea to use a spell-checker.

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Re: Honda Jazz : Official Review

Brilliant review - rated 5 stars! When Honda released the City (1st gen in India) way back in the 90s, it was a premium car which oozed quality - and ever since then Honda has been associated with brilliant quality while Maruti and Hyundai were more VFM cars.

Today, with Hyundai's Elite i20, Verna and Elantra - they have taught Honda a lesson or two in absolutely brilliant pricing and quality - with no compromise whatsoever! Kudos to Hyundai for this.

Coming to the latest Honda Jazz, it is sad to see the dummy buttons and the dead pedal How can they even do that?? Even though the outgoing version was over priced, it was a premium hatchback. Comparing this model with the Elite i20, it looks inferior. IMO, this model is a dud.
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Re: Honda Jazz : Official Review

Now that is what I'd like to call a "Jazzy" review

Superb coverage! I just wish the car was as good as the review.

Somehow, I don't think the Jazz will even come close to becoming the sales phenomenon Honda wish it to be.

Sure there will be an initial surge, as normally there is, but I believe it's gonna die down soon enough.

The premium hatches in India as of now? The Polo & the elite i20.
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Re: Honda Jazz : Official Review

Very well laid down detailed review, Suhaas. My feeling has now gone down the slope for Jazz being a much valued proposition as compared to Elite I20.

I20 Scores a full 10 on all parameters hands down, Sorry Honda "Disappointing stuff"
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Re: Honda Jazz : Official Review

Much awaited review. This came at a time when everybody was expecting competitive pricing from Honda.

Well comparing with i20 , only the E and S diesels make some sense from the pricing and equipment front. The good thing is they have ABS as standard on diesel models which might make more sense for people on budget looking for a premium diesel hatch as i20 only offers ABS from sportz onwards. Apart from these 2 models, i20 beats jazz hands down.

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Re: Honda Jazz : Official Review

Thanks for the review.
Looks like the reaction in Team BHP is highly negative. A rough guesstimate tells me that more than 90% of the opinions are negative.

It is mostly on par with the I20 for the petrol version and slightly more for the diesel version. The top end VX is offering magic seats which the I20 does not have. May be the top variants are priced higher due to that.

I guess people are highlighting the negatives of the car while forgetting the positives like the space on offer which is unrivaled in the segment or the superb mileage of the diesel.

I agree that Honda should have provided at least flat folding seats and the 60:40 split seats in the 'V' variant along with adjustable headrests.

Apart from 1 or 2 cost-cutting measures, I think Honda has done a very good job with the new Jazz. Let's see how the market reacts.
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Re: Honda Jazz : Official Review

Post deleted by the Team-BHP Support : Please do NOT post messages that add little or no informational value to the thread. We need your co-operation to maintain the quality of this forum.

Please read our rules before proceeding any further. We request you to post ONLY when you have something substantial to add to a discussion.

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Re: Honda Jazz : Official Review

Nice review as always Guy's

Jazz is good but still i think it will not sell like hot cakes in market. Following things are against it.

1 Design is like mini van type or like mini Innova, which is not liked by all people. Though its a hatch it doesn't look like one. I know few people who don't like this design & prefers normal hatches like Swift, i20 etc.
2 Honda brand name. There are still lots of people who thinks that Honda is not a common man's brand and their service & spare costs are much higher when compared to likes of Maruti, Tata, Hyundai. This restricts from selling it in large numbers.
3 The new Jazz is more or less same including looks, size, name etc as the previous model for most of the people. Previous generation Jazz was a flop so its tough for Honda to gain confidence of people & sell new Jazz.

Overall nice effort by Honda. But if i have to buy one for myself, i will choose Elite i20 though, to be very honest. Looks more classy than Jazz.

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Re: Honda Jazz : Official Review

The Jazzy is back and how. Thank you Suhas for the review. I remember reading your Goa travelogue.

Still cannot comprehend the exclusion of the Magic Seats in the lower variants. More importantly leaving out the fantastic Red, Blue and Yellow colours which are offered internationally. Come on Honda...Orange!! Seriously?? Also why no top end for the Auto! Having read & seen all the reviews, the heart is still not sold. With the erstwhile Jazz it was the price and this time the variants. It misses out on something, tugged the heart yet couldn't take it away! But hey, am asking for too much then.
Also, too much negativity on the forum. Stop cribbing for crissake people!!

One of the best hatchbacks sold globally is finally here. It finally rides well, has fantastic interior packaging, space and legendary Honda reliability. It blows away its toady looking rivals with those aggressive looks. Simply go for it people! Coming from a very troublesome Hyundai past this baby is loaded to take on its rivals with elan! Put in a little more and scoop the VX trims.

Like Honda says,' Nothing else is a Jazz. '

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