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Re: Honda Jazz : Official Review

Originally Posted by null View Post
This one is interesting. Media drive cars get Michelin shoes while the spare tire continues to remain MRF.

Do I smell fish here? Were they replaced specifically for the event to cut down on the NVH levels? Wonder how noisy it would be on these MRFs.
I think some spy pics of cars reaching dealers showed Michelin tyres. Yesterday some scoop pics showed Goodyear's so I don't think Honda is upto any mischief here.

Perhaps lower trims will get MRF.

Originally Posted by adimicra View Post
It is mostly on par with the I20 for the petrol version and slightly more for the diesel version. The top end VX is offering magic seats which the I20 does not have. May be the top variants are priced higher due to that.

I guess people are highlighting the negatives of the car while forgetting the positives like the space on offer which is unrivaled in the segment or the superb mileage of the diesel.
You do have a point that the Elite i20 VX doesn't offer magic seats or the Sat-nav system. So comparing the V variant of Jazz vs the i20 Asta results in pricing being very close.

But space isn't everything; else the Etios/Liva would be the best sellers. The Jazz has the space but loses a lot of features that give the feel good factor to a customer. Following features are big misses:

1. No rear AC vents
2. No front arm rest
3. No parking sensors
4. No telescopic steering
5. No cooled glove box
6. No smart entry with keyless go and start/stop button
7. Auto headlamps
8. Auto dimming IRVM

So just for the space you end up losing out on a lot of creature comforts. Price of the V and Asta are pretty close.

Moreover the interior quality and overall finish of the Elite i20 is easily a notch above the Jazz.

Secondly, Honda is charging 50 grand for the VX vs the V. The VX has magic seats and the 6.2" AVN over the V. 50K for the touchscreen and magic seats seems very high. 30K is what I was expecting.

In comparison Ford was charging 40K for leather seats and 4 additional airbags in the Ecosport.

Overall Honda have priced it sensibly and not out of the segment but with the amount of cuts seen on the Jazz I was expecting a shocker of a price.
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Re: Honda Jazz : Official Review

I'm extremely disappointed with what Honda has done to Jazz.
The Jazz is supposed to be a premium hatchback and even after spending close to 10 lakhs on road all you get is a list of compromises.
All the major USP of Jazz which made it successful in other Country's are either missing or restricted to top end.
  1. No Key-less entry go
  2. No Seat Belt height adjustment
  3. No Driver Armrest
  4. No DRLs
  5. No Parking Sensors
  6. Magic seats restricted to VX trim.
And the list goes on.

I think no matter which trim you decide to buy, there would be always that sinking feeling that you did not get all the features that the car should have had from day 1. Its like even if I buy the VX version, I will miss out on the three view rear view camera and also would have to suffer with those pathetic hanging AUX and USB cables in the glove box.

After this the Hyundai elite i20 suddenly seem like a VFM proposition.
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Re: Honda Jazz : Official Review

As always, brilliant review!! Rating a well deserved 5 stars.

To be honest, I was tracking the Jazz as a potential successor to my earlier ride ever since I saw the pictures and details from the Indian Auto Expo of Feb 2014. But since the launch date and details was not conclusive and I had to finalize my purchase before March '15, I went with VW Polo.

Now going through the exhaustive review and the pricing, do I feel that I should have waited? Did I miss out? - The Answer is no. I got my VW Polo Highline Petrol @ 8.15L OTR which was near my budget of 8.0L. Now with this budget I would have had to go with the SV trim of the Jazz. I feel, apart from ~100L additional boot space the Jazz does not offer more or even equal to what I get with the Polo. The 1.2L engines of both are the same, but I feel the VW 1.2 mil does a better job at low rpms. This I felt after Test Driving the Amaze. Also the ASS of VW has considerably improved compared to the earlier image, as I myself have experienced the better service.

Honestly, I feel a bit disappointed with the Jazz. The reason I had my hopes up was due to the equipment levels and better kitted variants sold abroad.

To sum it up, the New Jazz is definitely better priced than the old version. But if I were to be in the market, I would go with either Elite i20 - for the sheer features and premiumness, Swift - for the VFM & fun to drive factor or the Polo which I've already bought.
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Just tried my hand at the new Jazz, needless to say - underwhelmed. Some trivial take aways,

a. The rear bench doesn't have 60:40 split till VX variant. Up till V, it falls down as an entire bench. But it's not flat, as is the case with magic seat.

b. The AT and diesel variants get ABS+EBD, but dual airbags don't start till V variant.

c. Push the quarter panels, and it happily depresses. Not an assuring feeling at all.

d. The spare tire is steel.

e. S-AT doesn't get paddle shifters, it has an additional L in the gear box.

f. I am not trading my car for this. The wait continues. 😔
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Re: Honda Jazz : Official Review

As the rest here, I am disappointed with Honda's pricing strategy, which is far from VFM. But my heart is sold on this car.

I am looking closely at Honda Jazz S variant with a diesel soul (against Hyundai Elite i20 Magna) as our second car, entirely for city driving. The Jazz S variant has ABS+EBD in diesel and ready to shell out the 20k premium for Jazz S(against i20 Magna).

Well if everything works out, with Tafeta White Jazz S, tyres upgraded to 195/60R15 Michelin P3STs, Spoiler from VX variant(need to see how this can work out), Blackened out backside grill, I should be set.

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Re: Honda Jazz : Official Review

Originally Posted by drmohitg View Post
Other than the AT option. I find the elite i20 a better package in almost every aspect right from the exterior looks to the interior layout and features. The biggest USP of Jazz in form of magic seats has also been now made into a luxury feature and provided only with the top end variant. Why? If not for the lack of AT box, I will pick the i20 over this.
I second that. I hope Hyundai brings the i20 AT as soon as possible. I am disappointed by the lack of magic seats and ordinary back seats in this 'Premium hatchback'. All this cost cutting and 1L+ difference just for the CVT box!!
They should have at least given the CVT some additional goodies considering the premium they are charging on it.

For all those who would like the centre armrest and the rear parking sensors, they are listed as official accessories for the Honda Jazz(see here: I also like the look of the accessory alloys compared to the stock ones. Maybe Honda ought to start offering the rear Magic seats as an accessory?

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Re: Honda Jazz : Official Review

Originally Posted by methecupid View Post

b. The AT and diesel variants get ABS+EBD, but dual airbags don't start till V variant.
I guess there is some confusion with the Airbags. The brochure does show that Dual Airbags are offered from SV trim level. Correct me if I'm wrong.
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Re: Honda Jazz : Official Review

I just called up Whitefield Honda and Dakshin Honda in Bangalore to ask about the on road pricing of the Jazz. They still dont have the breakup but both have committed to getting the final numbers tomorrow.

Whitefield Honda is asking for Rs 51,000 for booking which is completely refundable if I cancel later. Waiting period varied from 1 month to 1 1/2 months depending on who I spoke to on the phone.

We are looking for an automatic hatchback and held off booking the Polo GT TSI because of the impending arrival of the Jazz. The GT is a lovely little car, with little unfortunately being the key word. I love the engine of the GT but would prefer the space of a Jazz in the real world. When Im paying so much for a Jazz, the lack of parking sensors and an armrest and keyless entry do annoy me but I can live with it.

While the magic seats arent available with the CVT, it honestly makes no difference to me. I probably have folded down the rear seats of my Punto once in the last 4 years. Similarly I dont think too many of the regular non automobile enthusiast crowd are going to rue the missing magic seats. I doubt most of them would even know about it in the first place.
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Re: Honda Jazz : Official Review

I was looking forward a lot to the launch of this car. But first the Elite i20 and then the info about the to-be-launched Creta took away my interest for Jazz. I would have still gone for Jazz if it had either provided a 1.5 petrol automatic with all safety features or a less-noisy 1.5 diesel automatic, again, with all safety features. I am personally ok with not having some comforts like engine start-stop button or audio controls on steering. but safety features and good and painless drive-ability are important.

After reading this I think Hyundai should release a refreshed version of Elite i20 before Diwali and provide autobox with both petrol and diesel with all safety features. Between that and autobox laden Creta, Jazz will never find a sizable market here.
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Re: Honda Jazz : Official Review

I didn't see any mention of Horns, is it Brio like which hardly helps?
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Re: Honda Jazz : Official Review

A wonderfully explained review it is. Will there be a possibility to directly replace the regular seats of the V version with the Magic seats? Fixing wise the base frames for both seats look similar.
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Re: Honda Jazz : Official Review

Very nice and detailed review, many thanks!
Looks like Honda is charging a premium over i20 for what is slightly a notch below in quality(than i20s) cannot be comprehended
Honda was what Hyundai is today sometime back worldwide.
If not for the handling problem of Hyundai's I would have bought the Elite i20 by now. Looks like I have to wait longer.

God bless competition.. Good luck Honda!
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Re: Honda Jazz : Official Review

How funny! The Honda Jazz ad says "It doesn't have one thing, it has everything". I guess one such thing it doesn't have is a Start/Stop button
Honda is now trying to become Maruti Suzuki with low build/less features & more sales/high profits. This Jazz is no way near the international one with cost cutting in most places. The Elite i20 is more VFM than this.
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Re: Honda Jazz : Official Review

Following are the accessories available as add on. I wish Honda had offered Jazz a bit more aggressive price, one could have spent more money on the accessories.

Honda Jazz : Official Review-1.png
Honda Jazz : Official Review-2.png
Honda Jazz : Official Review-3.png

I like this front grill a lot
Honda Jazz : Official Review-4.png
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Re: Honda Jazz : Official Review

Originally Posted by Vid6639 View Post

1. No rear AC vents
2. No front arm rest
3. No parking sensors
4. No telescopic steering
5. No cooled glove box
6. No smart entry with keyless go and start/stop button
7. Auto headlamps
8. Auto dimming IRVM
Coming from a prospective buyer( I own a Liva ), someone who loves to drive, and is a student of design, this is how I see it.

1. Rear AC vents: Don't matter if the main cooling is sufficient. Rear AC vents are more of an after thought than necessary design.

2. Front Arm Rest: Check the Honda catalogue, Honda is giving it as an accessory. But yes for some its an absolute must. For the aam junta, its perfectly fine.

3. Parking sensors: Yes they should have given it as standard but many better after market ones are available. Thats the routine.

4. No telescopic steering: Again a very debatable question, majority of the cars sold here do not have it. I personally am not able to use one, but hey it doesn't matter! I still drive, right?

5. No cooled glove box: I have it in the Liva and till date I haven't used it. Nearing 10000 kms now.

6. Keyless/Smart entry: I assume they have given it but should have given the start stop button.

7. Auto headlamps & IRVMs: Again doesn't matter. I seldom find many friends not even bothering to acknowledge that such features do exist on their cars. A very Batmobile-ish feature, gets little notice.

Either way lets not forget, the Jazz was the only car to be featured in the Wards Automotive top ten list of Best Interiors. Why don't any of the rivals get a complete flat loading boot? Because the manufacturers don't see a need, and that is exactly when people should start adopting good design. Right now thats just a fraction of the population who don't see a need.

I think its about time.
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