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Re: Maruti S-Cross : Official Review

Goodbye. It was good while it lasted. You have made me very cross, S Cross. See you in another life, another avatar.
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Re: Maruti S-Cross : Official Review

Originally Posted by sandygordon View Post

Now. What to do?
Should I buy a DDIS 200 @ 13L OTR?
or Go for the Creta 1.4 sx+ (14.6L OTR)
or Look at the Duster RXZ with 50 k discount (14L OTR)
SandyGordon, considering your mentioned choices and budget above, I would still recommend you go and check the new age XUV 5OO W4 variant (or W6, stretched).
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Originally Posted by Chillout View Post
I feel Maruti and Hyundai ganged up to increase the prices exhorbidantly and make this as a base for future launches. Now my last hope is the Aspire automatic. Even the rapid automatic looks like value for money with 0% interest offering now.
At this rate pls dont be surprised if Aspire is priced at 16L for it top variant

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Re: Maruti S-Cross : Official Review

So Suzuki is now is a premium manufacturer and how!

The S-Cross is indeed a good car but I would have been happy with the pricing if they top end model got the same equipment level as in Europe and rest of the world (6/7 airbags, ESP etc.). For what they offer in India, the pricing is a big-time bummer.

Now looking at the Creta and now the S-Cross, I do feel that the top-end Ecosport offers the best value in the small cross-over space.
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Re: Maruti S-Cross : Official Review

Originally Posted by KiloAlpha View Post
I had more or less made up my mind to buy the 1.6 Alpha. Until, that is, I saw the pricing. Forget being able to afford it or not, forget budget limits. The utter lack of VFM rules it out.
Today morning I was rehearsing my lines on how I am going to convince my wife for 1.6 Alpha (she rejected Storme earlier this month). Now I can't convince even myself for this car.
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Re: Maruti S-Cross : Official Review

While I also agree with most people that S Cross 200 is well priced, it is not good enough to attract customers, because it won't stand out in any aspect and people will have many other products to compare. 320 was the only way S Cross could have become popular. With this price, S Cross will never take off. Nexa can start selling other Maruti cars now itself.
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Re: Maruti S-Cross : Official Review

Disappointed with the pricing and S-Cross missed the golden opportunity to win over others. As per the pricing, approximately 1.3 Alpha will cost 13.5L OTR in Bangalore. Time to evaluate the booking and the B plan.
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Re: Maruti S-Cross : Official Review

DDiS200 - looks to be well priced for the kind of features, space and interior quality.
DDiS320 - Doesn't require any more explanation. 3L for extra 28bhp?!. So now we have Premium car from Maruti with a premium engine in a premium showroom @ premium pricing.

And what is the logic behind DDiS 200 Zeta @ Rs. 9,99,000/- for delhi only? When it crosses 10L in almost all other locations. They should have adjusted this price to make sure all locations are benefited from that extra tax.

So, now Duster, Creta, XUV500 are all looking VFM. Especially when we thought Duster and Creata are over priced.

Gone are those days when VFM was defined based on the money paid for the product I buy. Now its defined based on the money what I would have paid for another product.
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Re: Maruti S-Cross : Official Review

Originally Posted by PearlJam View Post
Let us not jump the gun here. I would rather wait for the team-bhp review. Remember that the S cross is 1250 Kgs, and is not at all light by any standards. Given the puny 1.3 for this segment, which in the Ciaz review itself was mentioned as "not a performer", I seriously doubt how the S Cross would drive at 145 Kgs more.
Till we actually drive it, you can get a good idea that this engine is acceptable by seeing the way it performs in the Ertiga. The Ertiga is similar weight to the S-cross and is no slouch. It's quite decent in terms of performance and even hauling 7 people. While it won't excite like the DDiS320, it will be perfectly acceptable.

Originally Posted by ashua View Post
The Ecosport facelift, due shortly, should reduce that feature gap. Ecosport facelift might also undergo a price increase which is a different matter. Space wise feel they are not miles apart. The bootspace is not very different (346ltr Vs 360ltr). Both will accommodate two in the back seat without issues but 3rd one will be un-comfortable. But the Ecosport height is what SCross does not have including the SUVish looks. So overall, Ecosport facelift can catchup fairly easily to the SCross but not the other way round.
I believe the S-cross has an upper hand when it comes to rear legroom and width. Going by the reviews the S-cross is even wider than the Creta at the rear which means a 3rd person will be more comfortable.

Secondly the boot space is actually not all that bad in the S-cross. This is because the S-cross has a low window line. Boot space is only calculated for the area below the parcel shelf which is why the volume is lesser but when you see the photos it looks much more. If your remove the shelf you get much more boot space as boot space is only calculated up to the window line. In case of Ecosport the boot area is tall but not deep. I would guess it will be easier to fit large suitcases in S-cross vs the Ecosport.

Also fuel efficiency is not the Ecosport's Forte. It will be lower than the S-cross DDiS200.

And Ford will now have a lot more buffer in pricing with the S-cross and Creta pricing being what they are. Just hope they don't get too greedy and bump up the price too much with the facelift.

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Re: Maruti S-Cross : Official Review

The pricing is totally a shocker. Now Creta looks value for Money. Even the Mahindra XUV500 looks like a super-value deal now.

Will S Cross become another Kizashi? Only time will tell.

There are a lot of people who put blind faith in Maruti. So S Cross will live, but may not find a lot of takers, may be 2000 units per month?
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Well, this (1.6 alpha) could have been my first Suzuki. Had gone Sunday to check it out. Took leave today as a test drive was planned.

Livid doesn't even begin to describe my state of mind.
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Re: Maruti S-Cross : Official Review

Originally Posted by rajeshsundaram View Post
Will S Cross become another Kizashi? Only time will tell.
It will not go the Kizashi way but will taste moderate success with the DDiS200 variant.

Anyways they seemed no interest in selling the 1.6 the feeling was there even when speaking to the RM's on 1.6, before the launch.
Hope Maruti might be localizing the 1.6 and launch it in Caiz, etc. and with a price correction to 1.6 S Cross.

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Re: Maruti S-Cross : Official Review

DDIS 200 is priced as per expectations.

I think some members were expecting it to undercut the Ciaz and the top end Alpha to come under 10L ex-showroom which was wishful thinking. How could have Maruti's premium car undercut the non-premium one?

Having said that, I still don't think the DDIS200 has much going for it. Sure, it has got good equipment list but it loses out on looks, lack of rear AC vents, smallish boot space. Add to that the extra weight of the S-cross, it's a no brainer that this car will not be a great performer with the DDIS200. It's a huge uphill task for Maruti and the Nexa experiment could be nipped in the bud.

The less said about the DDIS320, the better.
Personally, I don't think there have been a greater shock in this forum regards to the pricing of a car after the previous generation of the Honda Jazz.
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Re: Maruti S-Cross : Official Review

Not sure if this is an OT, but I get a feeling that with the kind of pricing MSIL has done for S-Cross, it has pushed itself to bring the Ertiga facelift earlier than planned. I don't think there will be too many S-Crosses flying off from the NEXA dealerships.

The DDiS200 is not offering much other than probably better interiors (perhaps even the width in the 2nd row) and exterior looks (which are again very subjective) that what the Ertiga is offering

And DDiS320 is strictly only for "MSIL enthusiasts"

It will only mean that MSIL will have to bring back focus on the models performing decently well.

It will be interesting to see the Jul/Aug/Sep sales threads to understand the market's response to these new launches

Quote from the Ertiga thread -->

Originally Posted by AutoIndian View Post
320 DDIS Ertiga could tempt many Innova buyers, true, but would MSIL be able to price it sensibly, I don't think so. Coming here after going through the pricing debacle of 320 DDIS on the S-Cross thread. The 320 DDIS is commanding a premium of 3 lakhs over the equivalent 200 DDIS. So a top end Ertiga ZDi costing 10.5 lacs onroad will go beyond 14 lacs OTR with the 320 DDIS engine. Till the time MSIL can start manufacturing the 320 DDIS locally, it will remain a distant dream.

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Re: Maruti S-Cross : Official Review

Its a No-Cross!! As I had said earlier, there is nothing special about S-cross to sell it in a special showroom. The only thing Indians consider special is the price not the showroom Instead of investing in those useless NEXA showrooms, Maruti should have sold the S-cross in their existing ones with lower prices. Last but not the least: There is no perfect girl, there is no perfect car

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