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Thank you moralfibre for this detailed review on the Creta. Nice set of pictures too!

If someone is not looking specifically for an AWD, this is the car to pick. I can see Renault adopting quick measures to make Duster stand against the Creta.

I do not have a liking for these UVs (urban SUVs, to be precise) but the design language of Hyundai is drool worthy. IMO an SUV needs to boast of muscular design cues, big wheels, butch look and trusted underpinnings (built-to-last kind). For me, it is the Safari Storme (which isn't as exciting) or the XUV (way out of budget for AWD). Small size, or cars built with restriction for size (particularly for SUVs) aren't to my taste usually. As far as the masses go, Creta is just the right size of vehicle one would want for the B2B city drives (add to the fact that it comes with AT, Diesel). Feature list leaves a lot to be desired but design and quality seem to be more than adequate. Look at the Duster, its quality, brand name and base and price and dare you say that Creta is overpriced. S-Cross from Maruti looked like it would create a stir in the market, but it doesn't carry anything great except the DDiS 320. So, I think it is a clear win for Hyundai this time.
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Default Re: Hyundai Creta : Official Review

Excellent work, with some very close attention given to the minutest of details. Take a bow, Kiran & GTO!

Yes, the Creta does miss out on some must-have features, specially if you compare the car to other Hyundai offerings down the price range - ECM internal rear-view mirror, auto-folding/opening ORVMs, non-backlit driver door panel, speed-sensing door locking, DRLs, etc. For the price asked, Hyundai India should have provided most of these features on the top 2 trims of the Creta range at least.

But they must be commended on getting the basics and mechanicals of the Creta right - no compromise on engine size and power/torque outputs, a 6-speed AT which the Creta demanded (and the Verna clamors for, but still has to do with a 4-speed AT), no cutting corners with reduced engine sizes or trimming bumpers to duck under the 4m mark, fantastic build quality both inside and out, improved ride quality, excellent suspension and mature handling, and a dynamically better package overall than we have come to see from Hyundais of yore.

After the Grand i10, the Elite i20 and the Verna 4S, the Creta is a big example of where Hyundai engineering is headed. Customers can compromise on a few features here and there, as long as the car has it's basics right. Remember, the previous-gen Honda City sold well despite having virtually no features which were present in it's immediate competition back then.

And, unlike the official reviews before, this one comes late to the party but was well worth the wait and the patience. Kudos for yet another milestone in Team-BHP's regal history of providing official reviews which are packages of sheer brilliance!

Rated a thoroughly well-deserved 5 full stars!

Originally Posted by moralfibre View Post
Other Points:

• To know what an EcoSport owner thought of the Creta, click here.

• To know what a Yeti owner thought of the Creta, click here and here.
And to know what a City owner thought of the Creta, click here.

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Default Re: Hyundai Creta : Official Review

Impeccable review with my appreciation. I wondered how much the Team BHP review would add in addition to the reviews from several other media outlets given the wide coverage. This review's attention and depth of detail is very impressive.

The sat nav unit review was something I was looking forward to and it shows Hyundai's attention to engineering a product for India with India-specific details. Genuinely wish this is a lesson for other manufacturers to build products engineered for India considering the greater good for the Indian driver. It is often sad to see Indian variants severely feature stripped while the same manufacturer does better in other markets. While the product is priced at a premium, the effort by Hyundai to engineer a product well for India shows the brand maturing very quickly.

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Default Re: Hyundai Creta : Official Review

A preview thread with 1700+ posts, 3 well detailed ownership reports and still this official report manages to bring in several new perspectives of the Creta. I would like to quote Mr Rajinikanth here- "Naan late a vandalum, latesta thaan varuven" (Rough translation- Even if I come late, I will always come latest and greatest)

Same with this review. It has taken some time coming, but the result is outstanding. Thank you and great job done.

Was very interested to read the perspective on the missing small but significant things. Did not know about several of those. The detailed review of the AVN system especially the map features was another major plus.

Overall a good all round package. Hope they correct the variant mistakes and launch SX(O) Petrol MT and AT soon. But considering the weight, the mileage of a petrol AT will be a worry.

We are on the lookout for an SUV kind of vehicle in the 15L budget in the extended family and will not prefer to buy a Tata or Mahindra. So then this remains pretty much the only option especially since the preference is for AT.

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Default Re: Hyundai Creta : Official Review

Originally Posted by moralfibre View Post
7" touchscreen ICE is bug-free (unlike the early HUs of the Mobilio & Ciaz). Hyundai got it right. The touchscreen is quite responsive. Buttons are big enough:
Superb Review ! Loved the pic showing the clip for visiting cards in the glove box - you guys have gone through the car with a microscope.

There is one other irritant that I thought you would have noticed apart from the "Agree" screen. All other Hyundai cars have Folder Up and Down buttons integrated into the HU which help you switch between between folders on an USB especially if you have a lot of them. In this HU it is very tedious - you have to select Media - Options - Folder which brings to the screen with all songs in current folder. You may have to scroll all the way up and Press on the Root to the display the folders in the USB. Again you have scroll, choose folder and then a song to start playing. Too much work/distraction if you are alone !

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Default Re: Hyundai Creta : Official Review

Excellent review there! As usual, great attention to details.
In many ways the car tries to be aligned to the Hyundai flagship Santa FE. The top variant especially looks to be great package. That said, whoever decided on the variants and feature-list might have done it on a late Friday evening; quite a joke indeed - for e.g.; the top variant get two rear headrest where as the one below gets three!
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Default Re: Hyundai Creta : Official Review

What a way to wind up a weekend, a perfect and detailed review. It doesn't get any better and kudos to the authors. This is mind blowing writing and capturing of details. It shows the passion and dedication to give the best.

Earlier I was thinking if I made the right decision of cancelling my booking, however after going through your review I feel ecstatic as I had cancelled the booking for the exact reasons that you had stated in the 'What you won't section'. But kudos to Hyundai they have definitely raised the standards of their fit and finish.


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Default Re: Hyundai Creta : Official Review

The Creta does look stunning in red and even the otherwise pale silver, looks good bringing out the juicy looking tail-lamps. The touchscreen on this is really a commendable effort attention to detail, response to touch, and functionality all make up for the poor display quality (which is saying a LOT) most other touchscreen units in cars like even the Laura, just feel unnecessary and I would imagine only attract more amateur buyers. Another nice bit is the well laid out floor for rear passengers (wonder if the central hump is as unobtrusive even on the AWD version available in other markets)

What is odd and frankly inexcusable, is the unnecessary little differences in variants and some missing features like the lack of coat hooks on the grab handles in top variants, lack of split folding rear seat in variants apart from the AT, missing isofix child seat mounts in variants apart from the AT, lack of a third headrest in variants apart from the AT, things like cruise control, vanity lights, telescoping steering adjustment, rear disc brakes, FE and DTE read outs are all conspicuous by their absence. Would have preferred any of these including just vanity lights or FE and DTE read-outs over that stupid "mood bar" over the ACC unit.

Now I know this isn't a big deal, but who the hell authorized using that ghastly brown shade on the key fob?? Looks absolutely horrendous IMO also and more importantly, I believe it is high time Hyundai started doing something about the steering in their cars. Sure their cars don't pitch and wallow all over the place like they used to and neither is the steering too light but overcoming those were commendable improvements on the face-lifted Verna. For all new cars like the Creta, it would be nice to have some interactive steering feel. The disconnected steering in their cars is still scary and leaves one feeling a little less confident in the car's capabilities which while it isn't covered in many reviews, is an important factor when on the limits of the car's capabilities or in emergency driving situations. When in a more communicative car, I feel confident that if need be, I can execute mid-corner directional changes or other demanding maneuvers. Things I absolutely fear being caught off-guard with when I'm driving something like a Hyundai. A shame considering their engines are absolutely sublime (as far as diesel motors go)

Overall a good effort by the company but as part of a new generation of their products, it is slightly dis-heartening to see them get too comfy with where they are and start to knock features off their cars. The time has come for the company to up their game. They started offering attractive cars with a sleuth of features and styling that appealed to the masses, now it is time to improve on the car itself

PS: just wanted to add a correction to the otherwise beautifully detailed review: the Creta does not come with HID headlamps in any variant.

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Default Re: Hyundai Creta : Official Review

Meanwhile a phone conversation between Chung Mong-koo and Bo shin seo
Chung : Go and find out Moralfibre and GTO.
Bo : What happened?
Chung : These are the kind of guys you should be worried of, not Maruti. GO AND MAKE THEM AN OFFER THEY CAN'T RESIST!
You guys should be really worried! The kind of reviews you bring out,will spend chills down any spine! If I were a car maker I would do anything to make it perfect. Take a bow !
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Default Re: Hyundai Creta : Official Review

Great review here, I guess it's the most anticipated one.

I think Hyundai have deliberately removed features as they are not present in competition (Yeah, I'm looking at the Renault and Nissan twins) And why in the name of the lord have they jumbled up the variants so badly?
No top end petrol, no top end diesel AT, so 60:40 split seats in top-end diesel. I can't comprehend what they were thinking while planning the variants.

Also, no AWD is a bummer.

There is a huge list of features missing, but the most shocking to me is power windows switches with no illumination. Guess what, our '06 Getz has it. And we do have spring loaded grab handles too.

We still haven't found the perfect product in the segment, but the Creta is simply better than it's competition. Upto Honda to bring Vezel here.

Regarding the price: ACI's reviewer mentioned that Hyundai promised that maintenance costs will be lower for the Creta, which is thing that is left to be seen a few years down the line.

Not that it is the direct cause: But Renault-Nissan is sent into a limp mode and are downsizing. The Duster sure will fall steeply.

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Default Re: Hyundai Creta : Official Review

Originally Posted by moralfibre View Post

If there is one area in which Hyundai has messed up - and I mean royally messed up - it's the features. What has traditionally been a Hyundai strength is strangely a weak spot in such an important product. As things stand today, Hyundai can give you segment-leading equipment levels in a 6 lakh Grand i10 & 8 lakh Elite i20, but it's unable to in the 15 lakh Creta.
This cutting-off-features strategy isadopted my many of the car manufacturers. Drop a few features in top variant, for the same premium price at launch. The car would sell like hot cakes disregarding the price, due to the freshness of the product. One or two years later, when the sales drops down, the manufacturer provides the same features which were dropped earlier, in an all new upgraded version, at a premium of about a lakh. This renews the customer’s interest in the product and the annual report of the manufacturer looks great!!

This is evident especially with the i10, i20, polo, vento and rapid.

I’m pretty sure most of the features missing of the Creta would be introduced in a mid-cycle refresh with a price hike.

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Default Re: Hyundai Creta : Official Review

Hyundai lost at least 3 customers that I know because the AT is not offered in the top end version. Big mistake.
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Default Re: Hyundai Creta : Official Review

Originally Posted by kumar2007 View Post
Hyundai lost at least 3 customers that I know because the AT is not offered in the top end version. Big mistake.
Make that 4 customers. I've had the first-gen i20 for 6 years now and would love to stay with Hyundai. I was eagerly waiting to upgrade to a Creta Auto, but the lack of a top-end AT is what's turning me away.

I wouldn't mind an AT Elite i20, but that doesn't seem to be in the cards either. I'm now thinking of the XUV automatic, if at all it launches in the near future.
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Default Re: Hyundai Creta : Official Review

Excellent Review. I did move away from Creta due to price but still breathing heavy when I see it on the road. This review just adds fuel to fire. A fitting review for a scorching product. Rated 5 star.
Any plans for review of 1.4 Engine? Duster review had both 85 and 110, would be great if 1.4 is compared against 1.6 in this review.
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Default Re: Hyundai Creta : Official Review

Wow, this made my Sunday! I was just wondering in the afternoon about when our Official review would be out. Stepped out, came back, logged in and voila! After all, 100+ pages is really too much for any 'preview'.
Rated the review an obvious 5 stars.
I am a customer currently shopping in the sub 15 lakh segment. After experiencing both the Verna and Creta, here is why I think the Creta is worth the extra $$ over its sedan sibling:
  • Extra ground clearance
  • Much more comfortable back seat. I felt the underthigh support made the difference, along with a higher seating position.
  • Touchscreen infotainment system
  • Drool worthy 17 inchers
  • Superior ride quality and handling. The Creta felt much more planted and unfazed by pot holes
  • Predominantly black interiors. Totally subjective, but I wouldn't mind paying extra
  • Superior road presence
  • Adjustable rear headrests and spring loaded grab handles. Trivial, but as they say, god lies in the details
  • Much more practical boot. We desprately needed a way to transport bicycles and other large items. You can forget about that in the Verna, whose rear seat does not even fold.
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