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Default re: Tata Tiago : Official Review

Excellent Review!
Appreciate the detailing of your review.

TATA's hard work on this car shows up. They have to extend their hard work in marketing and services. Such a beautiful car going down in sales is something which no one likes to see.
Comeon TATA see where are the flaws. Figure it out and get it to root cause. I am sure we can see good sales in coming months.
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Default re: Tata Tiago : Official Review

Originally Posted by NiInJa View Post
Opened and saw this new thread, told my wife not to talk to me for the next one hour !
Excellent review, I've been reading and watching a lot about the Zica but none of them impressed. The level of details is just amazing !

Coming to the car, well it does give me a complex. As a owner of Honda's Brio, the Zica has everything better than the Brio save for the engine ! I am one of those who appreciates how the manufacturer has built a car keeping in mind it's feel good factor and Tata has left no stone un-turned in this aspect.

I think this is the first level of engines which will be plonked in entry level cars, hence the three cylinders. For a manufacturer who is still trying to gain lost ground, I think they will keep the bigger engines for a segment higher than the Zica as Tata is planning more new models in future.

I expect Tata to price the car sensibly (i.e. Comparable to Wagon R/Celerio) and sincerely hope they improve the after sales service if they want to succeed with this one. If they price the car very close to Grand i10 or Swift, they are looking at a still-born product.
The effort put in Zica is commendable, however, I would stick with Brio for following reasons-
-Overall better build quality, its a good second car for sure if not first
-Better engine, sports dna
-Better power to weight ratio, lean and fat free, yet good NVH
-Better handling, sweet suspension not too soft or hard
-Feel good factor, less mental stress while driving
-Not too common on the road, exclusive

These days the price of Bells & Whistles like LED, Flip Key, Rain Sensing Wipers, Engine Start Button, etc., have significantly gone down. These gimmicks may distract a typical consumer but are not enough for an enthusiast to exclude Brio from the list. Just because i10 Grand has engine start button does not mean I will buy the car!

Honda has made many undisclosed tweaks recently to the car and for 5.4L on road you can get a V version with other freebies thrown in. The engine remains the most important component of a car, not the DRLs.

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Default re: Tata Tiago : Official Review

Wow, what a review guys, I am sure even the TATA folks must have gone through this review to gain some wonderful perspectives and new insights from a customers angle.

Just by looking at the pics, this car looks so much well built. The fit and finish, the lines and textures, all speak quality and attention to detail. I am sure the company folks are going through this thread, and I hope they see the positive reactions from our forum and take this positive energy through out their supply chain, from sourcing parts from vendors till all the way to their dealers. They have got the right product, price it well, sell it well, and keep this momentum for all the upcoming launches.

Great job TATA !!
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Default re: Tata Tiago : Official Review

Awesome review, thank you!

I'm quite glad that the first impressions of the Zica are positive; it gives Tata a fair chance to come back and compete in today's world with products in tune with today's market.

MODS: At the risk of being very demanding, could you please post the comparison with the Zica's competitors?

Eventually, it'll boil down to one thing: can the Zica be a segment leader? I wouldn't want it to end up playing second/third fiddle.

Here's rooting for Tata!
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Default re: Tata Tiago : Official Review

Wonderful review followed by lovely comments from the forum colleagues. The product has really come out well and I hope it will be picked up by customers as well. Few things

- The push pull type door locks are dated and do not find place in this otherwise chic looking machine (I know there was some technical issue but would have appreciated TML working on it instead of keeping it like this)

- Inconsistency in fit finish (panel gaps, issues with AC in the diesel mill, key hole difficulties are just the few)

- Missing engine guard (both in petrol and diesel). This cannot even qualify as cost cutting because TML has made investments in all the bells and whistles, they should have given it instead of making the ground visible from within the engine bay

- they should have stick to the name "Kite" instead of "Zica"

- I don't want to comment on engine options as MSIL is the only company which is not afraid of product overlap, others are. TML for one might want to keep "Bolt" away from "Zica" so no 4 pot was offered

- I am not able to understand why AMT has not been offered right from the launch when MSIL can manage for multiple cars, why TML is not able to get their share of AMT units?

- Further delay in launch? is KUV the reason? They should not have delayed the launch instead they should have launched it with aggressive pricing and secured bookings. They have good production facility in Gujarat which is not utilized. KUV may get first mover advantage and lock in bookings ! Wake up Tata - don't kill your efforts !


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Default re: Tata Tiago : Official Review

That's another note worthy efforts coming out of the Horizonext Strategy.

Honestly, I was pleasantly surprised to see this review so soon.
S2 and Vid, beautifully compiled and detailed.

Some of my inferences:
  • The "egg" shape is gone and a very Ford inspired design is a welcome change.
  • As you guys have rightly pointed out, the rear does look a lot like the Figo hatch.
  • The faults in design, fit and finish are not many. Its actually nit picking to point them out.
  • The Speedo console looks similar to the Zest/Bolt and that is a good thing. Very classy.
  • The fact that the temperature gauge is retained is a
  • The 1.05 l seems underpowered on paper. Ideally, a 4 pot engine would have made a very strong case for the Zica.
  • I do not really know if this will be a success or a mediocre performer but what I do know for sure is Tata has put in extra efforts. These shows in a big way.
  • Very good to see HK putting in a lot of inputs for its superlative SQ in the little hatch. 8 speakers will be "boom" "boom" for a car of this dimension. I bet Vid would have loved listening to one of my favourite tracks-Metallica's "Nothing Else Matters" on the system
  • Zest should have been a successful model and is capable of 2X its current sales. Bolt initial pricing disaster sealed its fate.
  • Colour options looks palatable though I prefer the piano black to the body colour accents near the AC consoles.
  • Pricing will be competitive and Tata will go for the kill.
All the very best for a good product. Hope you can now seal the 5th position and claim it for yourself for long!!

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Default re: Tata Tiago : Official Review

Originally Posted by carwatcher View Post
One thing I particularly appreciate about this review is that it is very timely, Baleno review came very late.
Don't want to take the thread off-topic, but just one post.

If we get the car on time and enough time with the car, our reviews will be released as per standard timelines.

At the media drive, we had barely 8 hours with the Baleno. We finally got our hands on the Baleno a few weeks after it was launched.

We won't publish an incomplete review. Sometimes, the situation is out of our control.
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Default re: Tata Tiago : Official Review

This is a worthy replacement for my aging Spark.... I will definately consider this when the I plan to replace it.

Overall a very good review. The real test of the car would be after release when we do a test rides and then a feedbacks on servicing start coming up.

Till then lets hope Tata gets the success they deserve on this car.
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Default re: Tata Tiago : Official Review

Ever since I moved to India, I've only been reading Team BHP reviews of vehicles. I'm a stickler for attention to detail but Team BHP takes it to a whole new level. Amazing! Keep those reviews coming.

I really want this car to succeed for Tata. They have shown through the Bolt and the Zest that their quality, design and engineering has substantially improved. Hopefully this car will bring Tata's on par with other OEMs. Pricing will definitely be critical to this success too.

If they could pull a 'Hyundai' that would be simply amazing.
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Default re: Tata Tiago : Official Review

Another superb effort from TATA! The car looks nice and seem to be well built. Will the masses run to grab one - will have to wait and see. It definitely needs some additional marketing + "soaps" to move off the floor, in addition to a brilliant pricing.

Am a bit disappointed to read the reviews about the petrol variant. May be, TATA needs to put some insane efforts to get a very good petrol engine which can easily hold up with the K-Series / Kappa engines. With so much hue & cry over pollution, petrol market will definitely start appealing more & more and TATA should be equipped to handle such a situation.
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Default re: Tata Tiago : Official Review

That's a great detailed review. well deserved 5 stars..

Thats s good improvement that tata has made. Hope they price it right and market it well.
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Default re: Tata Tiago : Official Review

Awesome! Automobile magazines should learn from Team-BHP how to do reviews. I have stopped buying automags for years now after getting used to TBHP!
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Default re: Tata Tiago : Official Review

Thanks for the brilliant/detailed review.

There are a lot of expectations from the Zica, there are still a lot of customers who feels it to be just another Tata Car.

Another brilliant offering Bolt missed to hit the target. Trust Tata does their best to change their image with the new Zica.

The feature loaded Zica is surely a must watch out car for sure, need to see how Harman Kardon works, never heard that play before.
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Default re: Tata Tiago : Official Review

Amazing review.
Zica surely is a winner. I've always admired the Bolt, Zest and the Storme from TATA, and now the Zica, TATA hs moved a log way ahead and in a positive way.
This car is nowhere behind the competition and is sure shot better in many areas than other segment cars.
I really hope the Zica sells. Bolt and Zest, being such great products didn't sell well, but I really wish the Zica stars rolling.
People still have that negative perception about TATA, and I'm doing my best to change that among my friends and family circle.

Kudos TATA. Awesome job. Proud to be an Indian !!
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Default re: Tata Tiago : Official Review

Everytime I read a Team BHP review, I'm awestruck by the amount of detail! You guys one-up the previous review EVERY time! Kudos to you, rating this thread 5 stars.

The car looks great - Tata with Bolt and Zest really showed that they are improving their quality and attention to detail. With Zica, they have upped the ante and given us a quality car. Kudos to them. Hopefully this is priced and marketed well, it will take the market by storm.
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