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Default Re: Honda BR-V : Official Review

Originally Posted by -xplora- View Post
The reason is simple. Honda does not have a Creta competitor. HR-V is miles ahead of Creta in almost every sense, you can check out HR-V 2016 reviews on youtube from UK / SEA. HR-V would be priced and pitted against Tucson.
I agree with you sir. I have gone through the HR-V 2016 official website and found that HR-V is leagues and leagues ahead of Creta. It may even go beyond Tucson, if it is launched as it is, in India.
So, Honda is so true that they can not price HR-V sensible in india.
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Default Re: Honda BR-V : Official Review

Originally Posted by captain.torque View Post
I have noticed that for some strange reason, car makers are moving the number plate housing on rear hatches of new SUV's downwards

Attachment 1510555
That was one of the first few things I noticed in BRV. I quite liked the paintbrush job, though basic, brings new look to the hatch.

On the review itself, a well-deserved five star, like any other TeamBHP reviews.

On the car, a big thumbs down. Honda has let go of so many opportunities to make it large
1. Why carry over the dead design from Mobilio, and that too, to so much that for the untrained eyes, it would look like a Mobilio with black cladding and new headlight units
2. The dimensions - rear overhang, overall length and small width - make it a wagon, not an SUV
3. Basic omissions that are called out in so many posts above - cruise control, reverse camera and sensors, HU, call controls on steering, driver arm rest, well, its long list.
4. At entry point of close to 10 lakhs in Pune and touching 15 for top end, why would I be interested in this over Duster / Creta / S-cross / Brezza? There is not even one + I can see for this question for BRV. If I was in a market for this to buy, I would not go to Honda showroom after reading this and other reviews.

All in all, to me, it looks like a shabby effort from Honda - I would still call it a Mobilio with bigger wheels and plastic cladding, that is no better (or worse) than a Live -> Liva Cross effort.

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Default Re: Honda BR-V : Official Review

More thoughts:

Regarding missing internal boot release:

Important find there Aditya!

Name:  hondabrv23.jpg
Views: 6690
Size:  63.7 KB

Sheesh! Does this mean I have to get out of the car and open the bootlid whenever I go to a shopping mall? I think I might have to just ask the guard to peek into the boot through the rear windshield!

Regarding missing AVN system with rear camera & front arm rest

Both these are dealer options and I intend to get them fitted immediately after PDI. Unfortunately, these two options add Rs. 40,000 to the on-road price (14.8 + 0.4 = Rs. 15.2 lacs for automatic). So when I take delivery of the car, it will hopefully look like this -

Honda BR-V : Official Review-pa270408.jpg

Honda BR-V : Official Review-p_20160525_160049_1_p.jpg

I'd like to think of this as what one goes through when they spec up an already overpriced BMW or Porsche with additional (expensive) options

Regarding additional cheap bits in the BR-V

Note that BR-V has low cost fixed grab handles, instead of spring loaded ones.

Name:  hondabrv15.jpg
Views: 6677
Size:  83.7 KB

The gear knob of the automatic variant's design quite bad. To me, it looks like OBELIX's MENHIR (inverted).

Name:  hondabrv09.jpg
Views: 6689
Size:  92.7 KB

Regarding the position of air intake

Name:  hondabrv02.jpg
Views: 6955
Size:  131.6 KB

Wow! Isn't this like having a cold air intake system in your car?

Regarding missing engine protector

Name:  hondabrv17.jpg
Views: 6588
Size:  103.6 KB

Not happy with this at all. I intend to get the engine protector floor panel of the diesel variant installed.

Originally Posted by CrAzY dRiVeR View Post

Advantage XUV -
- Diesel engine (BRV petrol CVT v/s XUV diesel AT).
- Lot more power and torque on tap, plus Aisin 6 speed AT. (2.2L diesel engine v/s 1.5L diesel)
- Much more spacious first and second rows.
- 2+3+2 seating compared to 2+2+2 of the BRV. However, boot space with all 3 rows folded is less.
- 7" touch screen infotainment system
- All wheel disc brakes
- Parking sensors
- Cruise control
- Electronic Stability Control, Hill Start Assist (Automatic)
- Automatic stuff like headlamps and wipers.

Advantage BRV -
- Keyless entry
- Alloy wheels
- Leather seats.
1) Which is better - CVT Vs 6 speed Torque convertor? That's debatable. Both have their strengths and weaknesses. BR-V CVT comes with paddle shifts. Add some brownie points for that.

2) Although, XUV 500 has rear disc brakes, I expect BR-V to stop much quicker than XUV 500 - mainly because of the weight disadvantage that XUV 500 has. XUV 500 weighs 1.8 tons while BR-V weighs 1.3 tons. However, drum brakes at the rear means its effectiveness will decrease when as the brakes get hotter with use - like when you are climbing down a hill.

3) Missing ESC in BR-V is very disappointing to me. Missing hill start assist, well, not so much. I can do without it.

4) I think I will miss cruise control, but not automatic wipers and headlamps. Is it 6:30 PM? Switch on the headlamps and drive. Is it raining? Switch on the wipers. How hard is that?

5) Add Rs. 35,000 to BR-V to get AVN system with reversing camera. But add 5k or 10k to XUV 500 W6 to get reversing camera, 40K for alloy wheels and 60K for leather seats.

6) BR-V is more city friendly than XUV 500 because of steering and dimensions. A friend of mine opted for Creta instead of XUV 500 just because Creta felt nice to drive in the city limits.

7) Expect BR-V to handle a lot better than XUV 500, mostly because of 500 kilo weight advantage.

Regarding the premium charged by Honda for BR-V Vs Mobilio:

Name:  156436.jpg
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Size:  78.4 KB

Just for a moment, assume that you have purchased the Honda Mobilio. You like the car, but not that happy with the looks. You see a "Honda Designs" store in your neighbourhood - like DC Design or Motomind Design store.

Just assume that you are getting the following for Rs. 2 Lacs -

1) SUV style exteriors with lots of stylized bits at the front and back
2) Better interiors with new dashboard and black interiors
3) 16 inch alloys and tyres
4) Projector headlamps
5) Engine start/stop button (useless feature according to me!)
6) Keyless entry (useful!)

I think changes to the chassis (slightly increased length and width, higher GC) has resulted in extra R&D expenses for road testing & safety testing. Hence, the higher than expected premium for the BR-V as against the Mobilio.

Originally Posted by captain.torque View Post

I am attaching an edited pic here (pardon my poor editing skills, I only know how to use paintbrush ) I would love to hear from other Bhpians as well, whether the edited car looks better or not.
Lose the chrome strip entirely.

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Default Re: Honda BR-V : Official Review

I want this car to fail miserably just like the mobilio, so that the imbeciles at the top of Honda management will finally put an end to this cost cutting, half baked , platform sharing, interior sharing nonsense approach once and for all. Then I suppose they would finally re think their strategy and start giving us some good cars.

You know I woudn't even have a problem if BRV was a 10-11 lakh on road car. But really? 15-16 lakhs for this?

Name:  hondabrv23.jpg
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I dont think so
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Default Re: Honda BR-V : Official Review

MODS- is there any talk of a BRV RS Version with touchscreen Bluetooth screen from City, Phone controls on steering and other goodies maybe a sport stitching, a camera and something else .

I seriously miss the touch screen and Bluetooth controls. A 6 lac rupee Hyundai offers it and its just a 6000/- rupee pioneer headunit upgrade.

If there was a BRV RS at 14.5 lacs ex-showroom, it will be a sure hit.
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Default Re: Honda BR-V : Official Review

The car which will be worst hit by the BR-V is Lodgy. More like a final nail in the coffin. A cost conscious buyer looking for 7 seats can go for the Ertiga. Those who can stretch a bit can go for the XUV. But if it comes down to Lodgy and the BR-V, a huge majority will go for the BR-V.

Reasons being-
1. Honda badge.
2. Better looks.
3. Bragging rights of owning an 'SUV'

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Default Re: Honda BR-V : Official Review

Great review I find the SUV quite interesting. The Honda reliability and fuss-free ownership experience should compensate for the minor negatives. A great car from the Honda stable, IMO.
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Default Re: Honda BR-V : Official Review

NOTE: Added this information to the diesel's review.

Compared to the City diesel, the final drive ratio for the BR-V is 7.7% lower. Reason? Additional weight, including that of the 6th & 7th passengers.
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Default Re: Honda BR-V : Official Review

I have put down the features of comparison for the variants of BR-V and also a summary of the specifications.


Honda BR-V : Official Review-specifications.jpg


Honda BR-V : Official Review-features.jpg

Note: Click any picture to open a larger higher-resolution version in a new window / tab.

SOURCE: Honda BR-V Brochure
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Default Re: Honda BR-V : Official Review

Great Review! Deserves full 5 stars.

Regarding the car,
Well this is how I see it:

1. It is a HONDA period.
We personally have very good relationships with Whitefield Honda in Bangalore, and I know that they have never left us hanging.
I will never be worried, unlike buying from a brand like Skoda or even Renault ( after reading the recent Duster fiasco in Mumbai)
However, this is because my father has developed a great relationship with Honda A$$ over the last 15 years.
In general Honda A$$ will generally not make you lose your sleep.

2. It is priced steeply, but every manufacturer is doing that.
Look at the prices of Innova Crysta, Fortuner, Creta (for a 5 seater ordinary engine over a million rupees? ), S- Cross ( Though I love it, still for a 1.6 L, paying 15 lakh rupees? )
You get the trend.

Call me old school and argue about the engine doing a 120 kmph without a sweat, but for daily runabouts, I want a car which gives me VFM.
I hail from a middle class family, and I keep my cars for atleast 10 years, and they see the highway once in 3 months.
I really just want a car which can keep my family safe and also be convenient.
BRV comes with 5 star NCAP rating which is a big plus.
I don't care about the rash Innova taxi guy overtaking me, I can always hire him or some other cab if I want to put him in his place
So honestly, a price of 15 lakhs for a Honda automatic is not very bad in todays scenario.

3. Low Equipment level:
I agree a Reversing camera or at least sensors were necessary and also ESC, however apart from that I really don't see any other thing missing.
Skoda also provides low equipment level, but I don't see people making a fuss over it.

I finally would like to conclude by saying, it is a great addition to the Indian market. As a consumer for cheap SUVs ( Well cheaper than Fortuner - Endy), now I am really spoilt with choices, and ones that are actually worthy and RELIABLE.

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Default Re: Honda BR-V : Official Review

Excellent review as always. I saw the base variant on road and was impressed by the looks, only the wheels without any cover looked very bad.

For the cost conscious with bigger families (like me ) this car makes a lot of sense instead of Creta or Duster since it gives an extra row of seats.
As an owner of Honda Brio, I am not surprised by the cost cutting and panel gaps, its in their blood now.

If they really are selling this as a SUV, care to explain why there is no underbody cover with exposed oil filter, Honda ?
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Default Re: Honda BR-V : Official Review

Excellent review as usual. I am afraid I can't say the same for this MUV though. Although its immensely practical for people who are looking for a 7 seater, I find it lacking in desirability department, something which private buyers do give importance to.

Really hate the side profile with that window line kink - looks as if two halves of different cars have been pasted and they met at that kink. Looks good front dead front though. I wonder why Honda chose a 7 seater configuration instead of widening the car and making it a comfortable 5 seater. Was that a engineering limitation as they were using the Brio platform?

I think people who are looking for a little more from their car than Ertiga and those who can't/won't go for more expensive 7 seaters or want a petrol car will look at BR-V. Sorry but to me this car looks like a 'jugaad' (Mobilio too).

Oh BTW can someone please teach Honda how to make a proper dead paddle
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Default Re: Honda BR-V : Official Review

Wonderful, in-depth review, adhering to the usual Team-BHP standards. Rated 5 stars.
I also liked the excellent animated gif for showing the various MID modes. It certainly is better than the collage of multiple images of the MID modes in previous reviews.

For some reason, the "Chief Competitors" section is not present in this review. Is the omission intentional?

Came across the news of a Brio facelift on the Brio thread, quoting the part that caught my attention here:

It will also borrow the Amaze's better-looking interiors, which look upmarket than the present-gen Brio, including the same dashboard which is shared with the Amaze and the BR-V.
Complete post here:

BR-V to share dashboard (and maybe interiors too? not clear from that post) with Brio.

All I can say is that BR-V's pricing looks very very optimistic to me. A buyer may compromise on either price or product, but a compromise on both becomes very difficult to justify. The car has many redeeming features, but it just seems like Honda did not make the effort to make it a great product, worthy of the Honda brand.
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Default Re: Honda BR-V : Official Review

Originally Posted by aptiwa View Post
Well I have 2 kids and I prefer them belted in their own seat. This car gives me the possibility of ferrying a few more adults as well.
As I said, depends on how often you want to ferry folks around. If it's 1+2+2, you're fine. If more, then you need the last row. Having said that, what is BRV offering over Ertiga is the question I posed in the end.

Originally Posted by aptiwa View Post
Err.. I think the law says no phone while driving. So, can't really complain!
Err... why are other manufacturers across the board offering this? Including Honda in the CITY which I have? I think you have discovered a major flaw in the law my friend!

Originally Posted by aptiwa View Post
I've heard this in many forums and frankly all MPV/SUV designs are more expensive to make. A similarly priced good sedan will anydays be a better equipped and premium model.
From ground up maybe yes. Not when you are based on a 5lac hatchback and you are a facelift of a failed venture (read: Mobilio).

Originally Posted by aptiwa View Post
Does seem like the good old days when we had to get these done on our own. Now where is that friend returning from the USA...
With you comment on the phone and this one, I don't want to comment further. Are you a senior citizen by chance? If yes, I take back my comments! Otherwise I have no comments!

Originally Posted by aptiwa View Post
You just might found the best solution here. Zoomcar is there for you.
Bang on! We agree for once!

Originally Posted by aptiwa View Post
You're correct. But if perceived value for money was everything, none of the premium brands (Honda & Toyota included) would ever sell in India.
Honda ain't premium no more. Please read various posts and official reviews of the Honda's since last year.

Originally Posted by aptiwa View Post
Agree fully and for someone with these needs, worth it's price.
2 lacs for 7 (?) seats?

Originally Posted by aptiwa View Post
Let's not forget that the Honda badge and reliability has value that can't be measured in plain rupees. Maruti sells more than everyone else combined primarily on the strength of it's badge. Toyota charges obscene money for it's Innova and we happily pay because we feel it's still worth it.
Disagree - Maruti and Toyota sell because of quality in product and after sales. Pl read the Honda City niggles thread and you will understand.

Originally Posted by aptiwa View Post
Honda did this with the 1st and 2nd gen Honda City and did that till Verna and Vento started making big dents. But with the diesel it's back to the top again.
As many folks have pointed out, with the quality issues out in the public domain, this trend might not continue once the new Verna is launched next year. Ciaz has been extremely close for past 3 months by the way.
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Default Re: Honda BR-V : Official Review

What does that Headunit do for Telephony exactly ??

Just play the call over the car"s speakers?!! How does one connect /disconnect a call?

p.s: Just look at the MASSIVE interest this thread has generated, full day gone & 4 pg long !
pun intended .

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