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Re: Tata Hexa : Official Review

Most awaited review is finally out. I have been waiting for this very eagerly to decide between Storme or Hexa and wanted to have TD before booking. How did you make time to go into such detail with so less time? Commendable job. well deserved 5 star.
Tata must be appreciated for putting best foot forward with Hexa, there would still be some asks, some different point of views but fact remains that it is huge leap from Tata. Lot of people including me would wish that Hexa is huge success as this would heat up this segment completely which seems to be area of focus for every maker right now.

One feeling that i have not been able to shake is Hexa with all the +ves still has MPV looks. Who knows I might just have to reclaim my life.
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Re: Tata Hexa : Official Review

Excellent review. First of all one needa to congratulate Tata for the amount of hardwork they had done to make Hexa a quality product. Tata Hexa can definitely challenge the XUV if they price it sensibly. Since the AT misses out in some features Tata should price this a tad lower than XUV pricing and improve their After Sales and service.
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Re: Tata Hexa : Official Review

Some pictures from the ongoing Hexa experience in Gurugram . Source from TATA motors Twitter account.
Attached Thumbnails
Tata Hexa : Official Review-img_20161125_130017.jpg  

Tata Hexa : Official Review-img_20161125_130021.jpg  

Tata Hexa : Official Review-img_20161125_135251.jpg  

Tata Hexa : Official Review-img_20161125_135256.jpg  

Tata Hexa : Official Review-img_20161125_135304.jpg  

Tata Hexa : Official Review-img_20161125_140224.jpg  

Attached Images

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Re: Tata Hexa : Official Review

Fantastic review as usual. Always had a soft corner for Tata, may be because of the love I have towards Safari. The car has all elements to do well. It all now boils down to customer service, pricing and reliability.
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Re: Tata Hexa : Official Review

Just returned from the Experience event. I must say, it was a pretty well organized event. If you have booked a Hexa, go in and tell them at the check-in / registry counter that you have already booked a Hexa, and you will get priority treatment. The line to off-road the car is pretty long, but basic test drives are available to take the car around the block.

Also, they have pop-up (paid) food stalls from Karims, Burger King and a few others.

If there are any bhpians in NCR who have booked the Hexa, this is a great opportunity to go see the car up close. Dont forget to carry your booking slip with you. This is right next to the Crowne Plaza Leisure Valley.
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Re: Tata Hexa : Official Review

Live video from the Gurugram Hexa Experience course by Zigwheels:

Also, got info that they are conducting the video shoot for the Hexa in Jaipur presently.

The official 4-page Hexa brochure, received from a Facebook contact.

Tata Hexa : Official Review-1.jpg

Tata Hexa : Official Review-2.jpg

Tata Hexa : Official Review-3.jpg

Tata Hexa : Official Review-4.jpg

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Re: Tata Hexa : Official Review

Tata Motors has announced a new initiative, for the Hexa, called the ‘Hexa Experience Centre’. The event is spread over three days (November 25-27) and is being held at Gurugram, (EO Huda Gurgaon II, Sector 29). It aims to reach out to customers, along with their families, giving them an opportunity to indulge in a host of experiences from Tata Motors and other Tata brands. It also consists of a kids’ zone, a pet adoption zone and other activities.

Tata Hexa : Official Review-hexaexperience1.jpg

The Hexa Experience Centre has been designed for customers to get a first-hand experience of the Tata Hexa’s prowess on and off the road. The set-up is made up of an off-roading course, a customer lounge and a dining area. Customers also have the opportunity to book the vehicle at the venue, ahead of its launch in January 2017.

Tata Hexa : Official Review-hexaexperience2.jpg

The off-roading course of the Hexa Experience Centre has inclines, declines, side slopes, axle twisters and alternate rumblers. Visitors can also experience the Hexa, at the hands of a professional stunt driver.

Tata Hexa : Official Review-hexaexperience3.jpg

Similar set-ups are being planned in other metros and towns like Bangalore, Chennai and Hyderabad. Visitors and enthusiasts can log in to, to register for the Hexa Experience Drive. Spot registrations at the venue will be accepted as well.

Tata Hexa : Official Review-hexaexperience4.jpg

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Re: Tata Hexa : Official Review

Writing on the forum after a long time, I have always been a passive reader as there is so much of quality stuff to read and learn here. Thanks to the MODs and the contributing members.

Coming to HEXA review - rated 5 Star for the details-- for a 5 star car (hopefully).

My only concern is with TATA cars is that they dont seem to age gracefully. I mean if I were looking at a 10 year ownership of the car, most likely a Toyota or a Suzuki Car may age more gracefully then a TATA Car. Though many factors are responsible for this but one of the points that bothers me is the weight of the vehicle.

I would request experts to enlighten us on the gracefull aging of the Vehicles with high kerb weight. How well is HEXA likely to do in comparison with an Innova or any other vehicle of its class but less weight.

Also I understand that the entry level Luxury cars like Volvo, Merc n BMW weigh a lot more than their similar sized competition. Is it that high weight of the vehicle is not really a factor in how the car ages, it has more to do with the overall quality and brilliant paint job?
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Re: Tata Hexa : Official Review

Fantastic review, Rated 5 stars.

I own a Storme 2013 model with about 40k Kms done. I had test driven the Aria extensively before I bought the Storme and had really liked the car for its ride quality and comfort.

The Hexa seems a very competent product. My only disappointment is that TATA has not managed to reduce the weight of the car and also the turning radius which they managed to do with the Storme (over the Safari).

The Storme experience has been good so far with no niggles. So, that does gives me confidence about the Hexa. It will be on my list when I am in the market again - hopefully in a couple of years
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Re: Tata Hexa : Official Review

A Zigwheels forum user shares his experience:

Shifting into rough road mode, we let it plough through the sand and the all-wheel drive system kicked it quite efficiently - power is distributed in a 60:40 (rear-front) bias.

Despite the large 19-inch wheels, the bumps are barely felt in the cabin. The traction control kicks in to transfer power between axles. It also allows for limited slip between wheels on the same axle.

This one ramp had rollers on one side and a fixed ramp on the other. A situation like this would normally get other normal 4x4s to keep spinning their wheels, but here, power is given to the wheel that has more traction.
Tata Hexa : Official Review-image_9972.jpg

Tata Hexa : Official Review-image_9975.jpg

Tata Hexa : Official Review-image_9969.jpg

Tata Hexa : Official Review-image_9974.jpg

Tata Hexa : Official Review-image_9970.jpg
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Re: Tata Hexa : Official Review

Have received info that most TD cars will reach nationwide dealerships by next Tuesday, and calls for TDs will be made to customers from Monday onwards. (some of you might have already got the call)

One surprising bit of news is that these batches of TD cars will have MTs as well, in addition to ATs. Which means that Tata has fast-tracked MT cars' dispatches too.

I really hope they had enough time to tweak the low-end response of the Hexa, as per the feedback they had received.

Also, one image of the Hexa at night from the Gurugram event, showing the rear tail lamp section in action:

Tata Hexa : Official Review-cyk9uyiucailmfa.jpg

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Re: Tata Hexa : Official Review

I happened to be at the Hexa Experience Center today. Arrived at around 1pm and it was full of people. When I first saw the car I was like its huge! Since I had booked an XT 4x2 we also got a lot of coupons for snacks and lunch. Gave my name for a test drive but the list was so long that we were told to wait for over an hour. Atleast they could have had something for the ones who had booked the car. Anyways went to the offroading section. Gave my name for the ride but had to wait for another 15-20 mins. Told the manager that we have booked the car and neither we are going to get a test drive nor you are letting us into the vehicle (she was letting go the ones who were coming after us too). Quite the fashion in this part of the country I believe. After this rest was very upbeat and nice.

The cars interiors were beyond my expectations. The front doors were real heavy and the seat, well it was literally a sofa! 5 stars for the interiors. The screen looked small though. The steering didnt have rake and reach and that could have been corrected. I tried to play around with everything as much as possible in the passenger seat. The driver took us across rumblers, a 400mm water filled ditch, three ramps made of different configurations and other such obstacles. Three of us were mighty impressed since we have no knowledge of such vehicles.

Later on I checked the cars sound system another 5 star. In this thread or the other I read that the 7 seater configuration's middle row has shabby seating, not at all in my opinion. There is a major flaw in the design of the second row handrest though and someone will surely spill his drinks.

Overall now I am certain we will buy this unless the pricing plays a spoil sport.

When I left the center then I got a call for a test drive. My sales advisor was also there and he said anyways he will be arranging a long test drive for us very soon.

Tata I hope you are reading this. You have a winner on your hands. I hope you have a nice pricing and an exceptional after sales service. Perhaps this is the key to redemption

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Re: Tata Hexa : Official Review

For T-BHPians residing in Mumbai - the Tata Hexa is on display at the Infiniti Mall.

Tomorrow being a Sunday, it would be best if you can pay them a visit to check the Hexa out in person.

Tata Hexa : Official Review-15156815_1174983462583823_5838184374885443516_o.jpg

Tata Hexa : Official Review-15202657_1174983412583828_8282870713956646854_n.jpg

Tata Hexa : Official Review-15167486_1174983769250459_4480513020624840422_o.jpg

Tata Hexa : Official Review-15195862_1174983562583813_4803105734099861751_o.jpg

Amit Bagui @ Facebook
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Thanks @ravenavi I just checked it out. The car is absolutely a marvel! Can't wait to check out how she drives too. I'm unable to attach pictures thru the app right now, will do once home.

The experience too was very well done, they had setup a starbucks center too, which made us an interesting new flavour of mocha cream with chocolate; that with the staff who too well versed and explained all the features, my mom and wife too came with me and all their questions and doubts were answered diligently.

I liked this interaction with Tata, and im just waiting to get my hands on her.

Kudos to the tata team in a job well done, (let me not jump the gun too much - hope the pricing is an icing on the cake!)
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I haven't seen such an extensive campaign in the auto industry in the recent times. Probably M&M took similar efforts for the XUV. The max most car makers do would be TVC. Kudos to the marketing team at Tata. I wish this spending pays off.
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