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Re: Tata Hexa : Official Review

Wow! Finally the awaited review, Tata has done great job. I remember watching Hexa review on Autocar India, they were telling about the different drive modes and in background the manual gear lever was dancing like all Tata's shifter are supposed do.
Nevertheless great review
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Re: Tata Hexa : Official Review

Phew managed to read through the review today. This has been on the to-do list ever since the review was out could not do so due to busy week.

Excellent review as always. I inclined towards Etios diesel based on Vid6639's review, now this comes . while I am eyeing XUV500 for replacing our trusty work horse - 2009 Tavera with 200000 + KMS on the odo. Looks like waiting to see Hexa on the road will definitely be worthy.

Thanks for the review
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Re: Tata Hexa : Official Review

So overall liked the Hexa a lot today at the Off road Experience in Gurgaon. Took a long TD on the road to assert my satisfaction on the product. I took the XTA (top end automatic) variant for a spin with my family in the car. This is what I feel about the car. Overall I was supremely impressed.

Engine: The refinement is definitely lesser than its chief rival the Innova Crysta at higher revvs especially. This department nothing can beat Toyota at. The Hexa is super mute at Idle for a MUV. Little lag below 2000 rpm but then it pulls really well after that. The weight does become prominent at hard accelerations. But overall it is very livable with and will not be a let down at any time.

Gearbox: This was the 6 speed torque converter AT box which does duty in the Hexa. Shifts are really smooth and the shift times are really impressive be it downshift or upshift. It is waaaaaaay better than the Innova Crysta's auto box which takes generations to upshift or downshift (especially downshift under hard acceleration). The Sport mode does make things slightly sporty and there is noticeable difference in acceleration. It's no DSG quick but overall very nice. Even the Endeavour's gearbox is slow at kickdown in this regard.

Race car mode: I know this is a characteristic of the gearbox but it deserves a special mention. It is surreal. Basically hold the accelerator pedal for some seconds and it activates Race Car mode. What this does is it holds the gear for longer and actually reaches the red line easily. But what is more astonishing is the fact that the gearbox actually rev matches when downshifting. I'm sorry what? Rev Matching in a MUV? :O I was taken by surprise and boy this is the mode I started driving in all the time once I got it activated. :P

Handling: This 2tonne+ MUV is rather heavy and the weight feels really noticeable in hard cornering. But it grips really well and no body roll is felt as such. I took corners at speeds of 60-70 and no fuss. The wide tires do help at such times I guess. Steering is Hydraulic (as told by the person assisting as in the TD) and it felt good and precise. It was a tad heavy during U turns when full lock was needed.

Space and Comfort: I initially had my doubts on the ride looking at the 19" rims because no matter how good they look (and they do look very good), it will hamper ride but this is not the case. It rides superbly. I took it over some big bumps at good speeds. No issues. Potholes? What's that? Tackles potholes with utter disdain. Came away super impressed. Space is ample for everyone. I was in the 6 seater (captain seat) configuration. I was driven around first for a bit so I was in the middle row. The captain seat is so comfortable. But a little issue I found (some may appreciate it), the seat hugs you too much. It is comfortable but maybe too comfortable. Front seats have amazing support and its really comfortable. Took a spin of 45 mins and no discomfort experienced. Only grouse is that the seats should have been electrically powered at least the driver seat. The last row is quite nice. I am 5'8 (always wished I was little taller but anyways...) and I was quite comfortable with a lot of legroom left even with the middle row pushed forward (and they had a lot of space too) . But all said and done, the space and the ride is quite good. Sorted.

Infotainment: Took an extensive demo of the much discussed Harman Kardon Unit with JBL speakers and what not. In a word: Awesome. It was indeed good. The unit looks good but it is too small for the size of the car and that is disappointing. The touch responsiveness was very good. The sound quality was very good but I was expecting more ever since I heard the words "Harman" and "Kardon" and "JBL". I guess that's just me else it was good in this regard too.

The off road track was not very challenging (the Hexa is not a full blown 4x4 anyways) but I guess it could have been more tricky. The car did whatever was thrown at it with ease. Enjoyed the experience here also and more importantly, my mom and dad really enjoyed the experience.

So overall, I would say I am really keen on getting this vehicle. This seems like the apt replacement for our workhorse in the house, The Ertiga. My whole point of going today to the event was to let my parents get a feel of the car. They drove the TD car too (they drive only automatics) and my dad drove after 2.5 years and was instantly at home with the car. And my plan worked. They absolutely loved the car to bits. They are fully convinced.

Couple things tick my mind:
-Replacement costs for the 19" tires when they are due for a change.
-Resale value of the car. The Aria has disastrous resale value.

Overall today was a good day and had a lot of fun. Fingers Crossed that we can increase the sale of the Hexa by 1 more soon!

P.S Sorry only two pics that too from my Snapchat story. Just didnt strike me to take some pics. :(

Tata Hexa : Official Review-a1.jpeg

Tata Hexa : Official Review-whatsapp-image-20161127-15.53.46.jpeg

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The only issue here is pricing. If the Hexa is 21-22 OTR for the xta, that brings it dangerously close to the reigning SUV champ the endy trend, with the recent discounts.

I hope that tata will be smarter and keep at a safe distance from the endy 4x2 trend.

It all depends on pricing which I hope hexa will announce soon. I know of a few people who are buying other cars right now because they don't know dates and pricing of the Hexa and they are worried that tata will pull an Aria again price-wise.
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Originally Posted by theroadrunner View Post
When the Illuminati of TBHP have spoken so highly about the review, we as the newbies have very less to say!
Perfectly written Sir. I had the same experience when I had gone to enquire about Safari Storme. I had gone with the intent of buying after completing all my Car loan formalities with my bank but the treatment meted out really put me so off. I came back disheartened with service at Aadhya Motors opposite Lumbini Water Park Bengaluru(North). Earlier we had a Tata Indica v2 bought through Prerana Motors and was happy with the service there. I had gone to above said Aadhya Motors for he was just walkable distance from my home.Even TML on phone had recommended the dealer based on the proximity. Hope TML gives some tips to their dealers regarding service.

Leaving that aside TBHP, Tussi Great Ho. What a review sir! This re-ascertained my wait for your review. We want our manufacturers to come up with good vehicles of International standards and your review shows they are in their right endeavour.

Originally Posted by joe_antony View Post
I seriously doubt they can undercut XUV, if they do then its a steal. XUV still has better proportions and at least 50% of the people might think Hexa a people mover than an SUV. I also hope for a price cut on XUV to keep the competition heated up.
Sir, on the contrary Mahindra have increased their price of vehicles from October 2016. I was told about the same at their dealership and they have increased. XUV500 W10 AT which used to cost Rs 2290000 on road, Bengaluru is now costing nearly Rs 2350000.

Mod Note: Please format your post prior to posting.

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Re: Tata Hexa : Official Review

Wow, a full blown honest review of an equally promising car. I was instantly attracted to the car once the teasers started to come in. Hexa has everything going for it. The looks are butch, rides well, H&K system, sufficiently powered et al. Now, all depends on how Tata decides to price this. I really hope they do not get swayed by the positive reviews the car is getting and try to price it out of the competition.

That being said, IMHO this will like a "hot girlfriend" you want to marry but you are not ready to deal with the tantrums (frequent visit to SC, breakdowns, resale value, Tata's reliability) she may throw afterwards and settle with a more conservative approach (say an Innova or XUV500 for that matter) like an "arranged marriage" to be on safer side.

I really wish the car to do well. All the best to TATA.

PS: Tata is one Indian manufacturer which has really upped the ante and rolling out nice cars like Tiago, Hexa, Bolt..
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Re: Tata Hexa : Official Review

Well deserved 5 star Aditya and Vid6639 for this great review.
Tata Hexa will definitely prove itself to be a niche product from Tata stable. About ASS I am a happy customer of Tata since 2011 having Safari dicor with zero major issues faced so far. Hoping the price to be slightly less than XUV and hexa will be cruising on sales charts.
I am happy with 19 inch wheels too as they look really awesome and enhance the overall look of Hexa.
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This is one of the reviews I was eagerly waiting for and what a fantastic review this is. Well done to Mr Aditya and Vid6639 for their comprehensive review of the hexa. I reality appreciate the fact as how the access to the third row of seats is shown in a detailed manner. The pictures after absolutely perfect.
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Re: Tata Hexa : Official Review

Sorry, if this was posted earlier. But the Hexa micro site now shows both 6 and 7 seat options for the XT, the 4x4 XT and the XTA variants.
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Re: Tata Hexa : Official Review

Originally Posted by igp_79 View Post
Sorry, if this was posted earlier. But the Hexa micro site now shows both 6 and 7 seat options for the XT, the 4x4 XT and the XTA variants.
Nice to see this. I was hoping to get a 4x4 but as of now I have booked an XT 4x2 7 seater.

Today my sales rep called me to confirm the booking. He said he is putting the requisition to Tata. I wonder why after two weeks of me paying him the money he is doing the booking now. Also I eliminated the 4x4 because I needed a 7 seater if I had to go with such a car. Leaves me confused now.

On a side note I am a little concerned if the rumour on pricing takes it close to the price of XUV5OO. Then I might book another vehicle just to hedge the delivery time (most probably scross 1.6, dont ask why )

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Re: Tata Hexa : Official Review

Originally Posted by igp_79 View Post
Sorry, if this was posted earlier. But the Hexa micro site now shows both 6 and 7 seat options for the XT, the 4x4 XT and the XTA variants.
Yes even I checked that now both configurations are available.

I read in recent pages that there is a difference in quality between 6 and 7 seat versions. Did they have difference in the material used or in the way it has been stitched/packed ?

Apart from this why Tata didn't provide electric adjustment for driver seat. Last row flat folding we can surely ignore but I feel electric adjustment is a good to have feature and I miss that in safari as well.

Even XUV 5OO has it If I am not wrong, Is that system too costly?
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Re: Tata Hexa : Official Review

A very practical USP would have been a boot that is as big as the Crysta or bigger. However this is not the case. May be TATA can do something about it before deliveries begin? IMHO, many more people will consider the Hexa if this could be addressed.
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Re: Tata Hexa : Official Review

Official Hexa 2-page leaflet can be downloaded from here.

Tata Hexa : Official Review-1.jpg

Tata Hexa : Official Review-2.jpg

Tata Hexa : Official Review-3.jpg
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Re: Tata Hexa : Official Review

Originally Posted by RavenAvi View Post
Official Hexa 2-page leaflet can be downloaded from
No black? It would look great in black and many would opt for a black for such vehicle.
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Re: Tata Hexa : Official Review

Originally Posted by Guna View Post
No black? It would look great in black and many would opt for a black for such vehicle.
Both Arizona Blue and Sky Grey are looking black shade from a long sight. And I think that could be the reason not to bring Black in Hexa
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