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Re: Tata Hexa : Official Review

Has this been shared before?

Not quite up to the legendary Safari Dicor advt, but not to far behind either. Getting their mojo back?
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Re: Tata Hexa : Official Review

Has anyone booked and got a delivery of the Hexa so far?
I am dead serious about having the XTA, but I'd like a first-hand buyer's review and opinion of the car. It's always satisfactory what a BHPian mentions which would be evident in I suppose the first fortnight of owning the vehicle.
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Re: Tata Hexa : Official Review

Originally Posted by lemedico View Post
Has anyone booked and got a delivery of the Hexa so far?
I believe the Dealerships have requested the allocations to TML a few days before the launch and the deliveries are expected to start by the end of this month for the first lot.

Also here is the OTR Price list for Hyderabad as provided by Concorde. I believe TCS (Tax Collected at Source) is mandatory for all vehicles exceeding Ex-showroom price of INR 10 lakhs irrespective of the mode of payment.
Attached Files
File Type: pdf 20170121012555-1.pdf (296.3 KB, 1135 views)

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Re: Tata Hexa : Official Review

A small clip shot during the test-drive of XT, We continued to checked its composure over bad terrain and checked the all round discs (like my storme )
the hexa did well! No drama anytime, and the occupants were insulated blissfully unaware.

IMHO, the alloys look sweet, as it rolls .The vehicle with its clean lines and wheel proportions looks elegant and classy despite its size, the Statesman indeed!
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Re: Tata Hexa : Official Review

TD'ed the Tata Hexa (XTA variant) today in Bangalore. My feedback:
- Ride and handling is very good, absolutely fantastic. And great pick-up!
- Interiors are very nice, only exception being the infotainment screen is a tad too small.
- No dead pedal in the manual variant XT
- Crucial: The driver seat fwd/backward adjustment rod is badly designed, in that one can seriously crush ones fingers if operating the rod by grabbing it close to the rod's edges.
- As someone else also noted, driver's left arm-rest is not ergonomic. Doesn't help much in being able to use it, maybe marginally usable when driver seat is pushed back max.
- I am nitpicking here, but just for completeness, I'll say this: The reliability of the plastics of the middle row's cup holder (the one that is built below the driver's left arm rest), looks suspect. Its push-to-lock/release looks like one that will fail fairly soon.
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Re: Tata Hexa : Official Review

Test drove the 4x2 XTA Automatic version today. Here are a few of my observations.

1) Ride:
The ride is brilliant. I took it over really bad stretches of road, which is more like no road areas with 6 full size occupants and all were very comfortable. There was no side to side rocking movement that my old Scorpio used to have. Even the top down movement is very controlled and the damping is excellent. The suspension never bottoms with a Thud. In some ways, I felt the ride quality better than even my Duster 4WD.

2) Handling:
The Hexa is a huge car and the steering is heavy at low speeds. In fact it is very heavy when you are turning the car around in a tight parking spot. It is definitely a hand full in the city, but out on the highway it is a comfortable cruiser. It is definitely not a nimble car that you can chuck in between lanes, it is meant for more sedate driving. I suppose I maybe too used to the chuck-ability of the Duster 4WD.

3) Interiors
I just loved the interior fit and finish. All top notch material used and design/comfort of the seats etc was The third row fairly comfortable for me (5'7 and mildly portly). The AC was very effective in all three rows. All three rows have their blowers. Good size door pockets.

There a couple of flaws/omissions though. There is no cubby holes in the front center console. Basically you will have to put your phone on the open tray about the dash or inside the compartment under the front arm rest. Both are not very convenient for the driver.

The middle captain chair doesn't double fold, They only lift out of the way and ingress to the third row through the sides is very hard for older people or someone in a sari. In the middle row, if you have the captain's chairs you can go through the gap in between the captain chairs, but if you have the bench seat in the middle row, then it is going to be hard to get to the third row. But once you are in the third row, it is fairly comfortable with the middle row pushed forward. The middle row has enough leg space for 6 footers even when it is pushed forward to make leg space for the third row passengers.

The third row doesn't fold flat even if you remove the headrests of the third row. This is a big issue, as the luggage will keep slipping towards the rear and tumble out when you open the hatch.

4) Drivetrain:
Overall the Engine/AT combo is good. I found the gearbox a bit lethargic when flooring the accelerator. The rpm goes up and there is an increase in noise without the corresponding increase in speed for a second or so before the vehicle picks up momentum.


This was a test car predominantly driven in city traffic and the mid showed average consumption of 7.8 kmpl . Not sure how many people can live with this mileage in the city. I am sure you will get about 10 on the highway though.

I want to drive the manual 4x4 next to see how well it performs.
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Re: Tata Hexa : Official Review

We had a very good experience of Hexa with family on 15 Jan 2017 at Hexa Experience Center, BKC, Mumbai. We had both off-road and on-road experience.

Hats off to Tata for pulling off such a worthy competitor to Innova, XUV500 and Crysta now. Some immediate ticks that come to mind after experiencing it:
1. A long distance comfort tourer
2. A full-fledged family tourer with the middle bench option
3. Plenty of luggage storage space, absolutely unmatched boot space with all seats up
4. Plenty of power and torque on demand to tackle most of terrains
5. AWD option to take head on some of notorious terrains

If I was in market for a family long distance tourer that can take the family to most of places, lets say on Ladakh sojourn again and come out unscathed without a worry to tackle those terrains, it would be this one.

Having said that, there are definitely some plus and minuses that could be spotted at first glance and first short drive experience. I had a short drive of the MT AWD only at the center.

1. Power and torque seem good both on paper and on road too.
But, I am not sure how the delivery of the same is sorted out at different driving conditions in traffic.

Taking off from standstill at start or at signals thereafter, it seemed to lag a bit at takeoff. Maybe inertia for such a heavy behemoth? After takeoff, delivery was fantastic on tap on demand.

On straight roads, it will be difficult to judge now who could beat whom amongst Hexa, Crysta and XUV500.

The engine too doesn't make too much din compared to Crysta, though it makes its presence felt sometimes.

Definitely need to experience it again in longer relaxed drive and on many aspects.

2. Maneuverability is damn good too.
Especially speaking for such a heavy behemoth, once on prowl in heavy traffic, as experienced in the main curvy artery of BKC, it does make one forget what a heavy creature it is.

It was effortlessly sliding between the lanes through the gaps in that decently busy auto/taxi/bus/cars/2 wheelers traffic, which I deliberately experimented, again without making the weight felt. It did not make me feel much different from the Innova/Crysta.

Bottom-line, it is an extremely chuck-able in the daily heavy traffic, giving car like feel.

3. Body Roll is definitely felt.
There are a couple of decent curves on BKC road and I did deliberately try throwing it around the corners at speeds on the rightmost lane and the body weight and its roll could certainly be felt. One can imagine the speeds cannot be in 3 digits in that road in those corners but decently high. Even at the driver's place, I could feel the weight taking its roll, but not uncontrollable. The effect was even more at the rear bench where family was seated. This is where Innova/Crysta still keeps the lead. On the similar and more difficult JVLR Powai IIT downhill road towards Gandhi Nagar Flyover junction, I can throw the Innova without worry and it wouldn't make me feel anything, though a bit of roll may be felt in rear seats. A similar feeling I had while at it in XUV500 on this same road as Innova but bit less body roll than Hexa I guess, however, with under-steering felt.

4. Ground Clearance seems damn good.
Something that was already good is really good now as experienced in the off-road experience. Although Crysta and XUV500 could not be much behind in combination with their respective wheelbases.

5. Articulation is damn good.
Specially for such a heavy elephant that it looks like and a Van/CrossOver at that as experienced in the off-road experience. Sitting inside it does feel if one will topple but it keeps its cool and takes you through. XUV500 and Crysta will never be able to take on this. The 40 degress banking was something to experience near-toppling which though not related to articulation, XUV500 and Crysta may not match up.

6. Nice interiors.
Yes, they are definitely nice and make you feel good once inside and seems Tata has made all possible efforts to woo the market trend and with heavily laden features. Quite up there with Crysta and XUV500.

But, how good is the quality is something I am not sure having seen older Tatas.

Even after 11 years, the beige interiors of my Innova with a plain wet cloth wipe come out shining clean and neat, making it feel it is fresh out of showroom, especially dashboard and all surrounding panels; the carpet and the roof liners, however, do need some shampooing

7. Space and Comfort is very good.
Yup, feels to me like more than, let alone XUV500, but Crysta too in each row. This is whether you stretch legs in front row or middle row with the seats at their minimum or maximum positions either way. The under thigh support also is pretty good in both front and middle rows.

8. Boot is damn spacious.
Much more than any other can carry in this segment with full family touring with all rows up.

9. Ergonomics ?!
There are a few things that bug me.
a. Seats are very comfortable but the Crysta-like and even my Innova-like I own you feeling is still not there for me. It has got to do with how they hug you or not and make your base seat nicely owning your seats. Feel pretty much there with XUV500.
b. Underthigh support though very good, feel could have been better atleast in middle row.
c. Middle row seat back reclination is very less unlike I can flatten my Innova seatback and be leisurely or even make a bed out of it sometimes for relaxation when needed.
d. 3rd row is spacious sure. But the underthigh support and seating seems a bit not up to mark with knees coming up compared to my Innova as I have sometimes travelled long distances in that row too.
e. 3rd row legs accomodations under middle row seat backs is cramped to say the least. It is difficult to adjust and be comfortable in there, unlike I can easily stretch both legs under middle row seats in my Innova and 3 people (body build and height appropriately considered) can comfortably put their foot down with decent under thigh support.
f. 3rd row seats don't recline and offer a fixed reclination which may or may not be comfortable for all sorts of people, rather I feel, they could have been a little more upright and could have been more comfortable to majority.
g. 3rd row seats not reclining and not being able to make a bit upright from their slant angle also means quite some volume of valuable boot space is made useless, although usable volume still tops others.
h. 3rd row seats don't fold down completely. The seats remain a bit slant even after folding down. These can be troublesome (or could get damaged) to host heavy airport suitcases. Innova has famous ditch, un-levelled floor after folding up the 3rd row seats.
i. Puny LCD screen size is a total eyesore, did not try how useful/usable it is though. That seems like a glaringly obvious negligence. It just makes it feel that way as soon as you get seated and look around. Even XUV500's screen looks nice in comparison.
j. Armrest and box is something doesn't appeal, seems a bit out of place unlike my spacious and comfortable Innova Armrest and box.

10. Finishing ?!
Guess, somethings Tata will not heed to look at finer bits still.
Though, overall a nice making, there are still some places which make you feel, why couldn't they just do it nice, forget extra-ordinary.
a. The dashboard lower parts and edges, the seat back finishings seem like afterthoughts and just slapped on for the sake of it. It is an eye sore especially the lowly quality seatback for the middle and 3rd row. The plastic quality is something has to be learnt from Toyota. Even our first gen Etios has not so great looking plastics, but the quality I can vouch for anytime, the Innova plastics are way above.
b. There are some hidden edges and really dangerous which if not take care of could be harmful. I could not take pics, but are the metallic edges supporting the weather strips on windows exposed? Because I did see and some unsuspecting handling you are bound to cut your hand. It is that bad.
c. There is place on door frame where I saw rough edges and it is similar situation at some other places. Although I cannot exactly recall now but maybe not harmful like above.

11. Pricing damn good.
Yup, after learning the pricing, it seems to beat all with what it offers. Earlier, I was told the top end will hover around 18L on-road Mumbai. But I would definitely want my vehicle not to make me lose peace of mind at the cost of low pricing, if at all it comes to that in future.

It really needs to be seen how well Tata can learn from Aria experience and give that much more confidence and pleasurable experience to the newbies.

I would sit on fence and see how many panels and components fall through and even if so, how good TASS proves itself before I can even think or advocate anybody.

Whatever, the package is seemingly tough, clad with go anywhere attitude and can be a solid bomb either way.

Some pics I could take:


Tata Hexa : Official Review-wp_20170115_010.jpg

Tata Hexa : Official Review-wp_20170115_008.jpg

Tata Hexa : Official Review-wp_20170115_011.jpg

Tata Hexa : Official Review-wp_20170115_041.jpg

Tata Hexa : Official Review-wp_20170115_042.jpg

Tata Hexa : Official Review-wp_20170115_047.jpg

Tata Hexa : Official Review-wp_20170115_049.jpg


Tata Hexa : Official Review-wp_20170115_012.jpg

Tata Hexa : Official Review-wp_20170115_014.jpg

Tata Hexa : Official Review-wp_20170115_018.jpg

Tata Hexa : Official Review-wp_20170115_022.jpg

Tata Hexa : Official Review-wp_20170115_023.jpg

Tata Hexa : Official Review-wp_20170115_024.jpg

Tata Hexa : Official Review-wp_20170115_025.jpg

Tata Hexa : Official Review-wp_20170115_027.jpg
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Re: Tata Hexa : Official Review

Originally Posted by abhi7013 View Post
Actually, it should be obvious rather than surprising! Specially to people who have booked 2 to 3 months in advance.

That HAS to be used as leverage to ask for discounts. Else, what would be the difference between us and the ones who come and book now after launch? Only thing being quicker delivery.
My booking is with Concorde (in fact in first 5 bookings from Concorde, Bangalore), I'll give a try with my SA tomorrow. If you can add me to your group of family Negotiating I can change the dealership to Prerana (I am assuming you are taking Hexa from Prerana)

Invoice from Concorde didnt' have transportation charges and registration charges was 2250.

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Re: Tata Hexa : Official Review

After a lot of contemplation have decided to drop the plan for Hexa. 20L on-road for a vehicle that has a 50/50 probability of success seems like too much of a gamble. I've also considered the scenario around Aria which was similar to the current situation. On first look I loved the Aria and wasn't happy that I'd bought my Safari just a few months prior. It had people excited similarly, but mid to long term it was a complete dud. I believe it would be fair to say that it was an absolute headache for the brave souls who took the leap of faith on the Aria. Having dealt with Tata for 8 years I can't justify to myself the cost of owning this vehicle.

Now it will be more time with the Safari for myself and a new exec sedan for the family. I hope my cancellation makes a tiny contribution to initiating some introspection at TML. And to the brave souls who take the plunge on the Hexa... Cheers! :-)
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Originally Posted by Black_Beast View Post
My booking is with Concorde (in fact in first 5 bookings from Concorde, Bangalore), I'll give a try with my SA tomorrow. If you can add me to your group of family Negotiating I can change the dealership to Prerana (I am assuming you are taking Hexa from Prerana)

Invoice from Concorde didnt' have transportation charges and registration charges was 2250.
What was the final on road price that was given to you from concord?
Also, please bear in mind, the cost of the car is what it actually is at the time of delivery.
Looking at the waiting periods of 8 to 10 weeks, the pricing may be higher then if not the same. But, obviously, they wouldn't change the prices within 2 or 3 months from launch!
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Booked the XMA in Cochin. 18.5 lakhs OTR. On a different note, seems like post-launch the marketing for the hexa has come to a zilch. Every alternate day I see full page print advertisements for the ignis with heavy presence on TV too. Not seeing anything of the sort from TATA except for some print ads offering discounts on their Nano, Bolt etc. Their TVC is nowhere to be seen after the launch.
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Re: Tata Hexa : Official Review

Did a test drive @ Aadya today - was in the showroom to invest 22 big ones.

TD experience - Disappointed
Car - double disappointed

TD - XTA was the only model in sight

1. Poorly staffed to attend to the prospective customers
2. Less knowledgeable of the car - first impression ironically is significant
3. When during TD - car wasn't clean - remember, you are selling something premium
4. TD distance - 2 Kms. The driver drives one way 1 KM & I drive the other KM. The merry go round wheel in my village allows me to experience the fun for full 10 minutes.
5. These totally put me off & i do not even remember seeing that small infotainment screem

Car -

Ergonomics - I have been able to find that magical position to utilize the hand rest. I am of a very short frame - 5'6".
Egress - when getting out of the driver seat, did not find very comfortable. I do not wear bell bottoms & the first time i was exiting, the bottom of my jeans got into the the channel where the seats slides - do not know how this happened. The next time, when i wanted to replicate this, i found the cushion of the seat pressing into the seat body frame. I could replicate this every time.
Left Passenger foot well - this is a Joke. What are the guys expecting??? Sit criss crossed??? If you get bored, there is a strange protrusion to the left of the trannie - you may hang in your right leg for a change. This will give you a feeling of sitting on a charpai (the dhaba table) & smoke hookah.
Rear leg room - Did not feel great for my height
3rd row leg room - Had to stretch my right leg in the aisle & left wan't comfortable (haven't experienced other front facing 3rd row cars to compare)

I found Pratap Bose's tweet very intimidating, it reads as "INDIA! You asked us for an outstanding product, you've got it, you asked us for a killer price, you've got that too! Now what's your excuse!" Dude - 20+ big ones & every nut in the car counts.

Been driving Safari for the past 8 years & perhaps i am only nitpicking everything that i want it improved in the eyes of a Safari. It is much possible that i could have turned a blind eye to the million other niceties in the Hexa. Hell, even the family ones started comparing with the Safari.

I have decided to take another TD with a balanced mind sometime end of this month, when these folks have a manual 4x4 available for TD.

PS: When i casually told the SA that Hexa perhaps might not cut through & i could settle down for a VX4x4, he mentioned that TM has stopped production of Safari's to push this Hexa genius.

Disclaimer - these are my personal views as experienced. It is highly possible that your experiences will be just the opposite.

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Originally Posted by mobydick1983 View Post
Booked the XMA in Cochin. 18.5 lakhs OTR. On a different note, seems like post-launch the marketing for the hexa has come to a zilch. Every alternate day I see full page print advertisements for the ignis with heavy presence on TV too. Not seeing anything of the sort from TATA except for some print ads offering discounts on their Nano, Bolt etc. Their TVC is nowhere to be seen after the launch.
18.5? That seems excessive. Can you list the breakup?

I checked out the prices today, XMA on road is 17,20,270. This at RF motors. 14,99,000 + 70,220 (insurance) + 150,900 (road tax) + 150 (temp registration).

On-road Kochi prices -

XE: 14,12,116
XM: 16,12,835
XMA: 17,20,270
XT: 19,82,151
XTA: 21,29,960
XT (4x4): 21,40,688
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Re: Tata Hexa : Official Review

Originally Posted by m3_07 View Post
Did a test drive @ Aadya today - was in the showroom to invest 22 big ones.

TD experience - Disappointed
From my experience, I would recommend Concorde motors over Aadya and Prerana any day. I don't know what's wrong with the car dealers these days, but it has become very common to see the folks being indifferent. A very few companies like Maruti and Toyota seem to control these dealerships better.
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Re: Tata Hexa : Official Review

Originally Posted by m3_07 View Post
PS: When i casually told the SA that Hexa perhaps might not cut through & i could settle down for a VX4x4, he mentioned that TM has stopped production of Safari's to push this Hexa genius.
Ok now this is complete bull...

Aadya used to have good staff members and so did Prerana. Concorde was the worst followed by KHT. Wondering where things changed.

BTW, are you seriously considering the Vx 4x4? Looks like quite a few people here are, after experiencing the Hexa first hand.
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