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Re: Jeep Compass : Official Review

So finally the much awaited review is out! Thanks for the detailed review. No better way to spend sunday afternoon except reading this review!
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Re: Jeep Compass : Official Review

This is an amazing review and it was worth the wait. It gives us a complete picture of what the vehicle is all about. Tempts me further to go and get this beauty.
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Re: Jeep Compass : Official Review

Excellent review folks. Voted 5 stars. This a special car from FCA. The build quality is amazing and safety features are standard across the variant. My duster AWD interiors look a generation older compared to Compass. Dont see any reason to go for Creta/Duster now. If you are looking for 4x4 on tight budget then Duster AWD otherwise Compass all the way.
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Re: Jeep Compass : Official Review

Awesome review. Thank you. The review and pictures definitely make it seem an excellent product, but as GTO mentioned, I guess this is one of those products that needs to be experienced for the real competency and value to shine through.

I wish manufacturers would stop this trend of selective feature and variant availability depending on engine and transmission. A particular variant should be exactly same whether it is petrol or diesel or manual or automatic. Leave it to the customer to decide if he/she wants to pay for it.

The staggered launch is also a concern.Considering the overwhelming response the compass has received, hope they react according and ensure the other variants are made available as per commited timelines.
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Re: Jeep Compass : Official Review

Excellent review with crisp details. I was waiting for this review for a long time and wait was justified. Rated well deserved 5stars.
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Re: Jeep Compass : Official Review

As Rush said, there are cars to drive and there cars to drive which have a soul. I dont know how to describe it, but you get that feeling when you drive the right car. And then there are some cars which give you that even without driving them! Compass sure is one.

Few big ticket items which make you think twice: 4+1 capacity ; Boot size and 2 airbags (instead of 6) for the top end 2-WD

But other wise, the color, the cuts, the lines, the presence and the soul..! Nothing more to say!

Brilliant review!

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Re: Jeep Compass : Official Review

Finally, the most awaited review is out !
And what a review ! Totally Worth the wait.

These kind of reviews sets Team-Bhp a level above the rest. They maybe fast in giving a review , but the details and sheer class of review only to be found here

Beautiful car , Certainly a game changer for FCA group.

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Re: Jeep Compass : Official Review

Finally! Finally the official review of the Jeep Compass is live on Team-BHP.

@Omkar sir, take a bow. Many thanks for giving us all bhpians a detailed and elongated report on the Jeep Compass.

IMO, for the first time I've seen a vehicle from FCA which has got all the competitors worried. Add to that your post on the various campaigns launched by our own homogeneous car manufacturers has really impressed me and looking back in time will make us understand how the car makers have evolved and evolved for good.

Kudos to FCA on launching a capable product which is shaking the segment up. Though I've got my own apprehensions about the after-sales service. Being an ex-owner of quite a few FIAT's in the past, I faced quite a few problems with both TASS and FASS. Hope they've evolved from that stage.

Slightly OT, I had placed quite a few TD requests on the official Jeep India portal. I received a mail from Jeep India with the contact details of their dealership at Hyd and requested me to contact the showroom and coordinate for future processes. If this is the case, I'm afraid that they'll loose some potential owners like me. I'm still waiting for the call and it's more than 20 days.

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Re: Jeep Compass : Official Review

Thanks for the review, many of us including me were eagerly waiting for this.
Finally seems FCA has got this one right, ticking all the right boxes.

They focused on giving an attractive launch price at the cost of skipping some attractive features like sun roof, cruse control, auto headlamps, wipers etc. and seems this strategy has worked well for them. Once the product is established they can/should add the same (which i think they announced as well for sunroof, based on demand).

Originally Posted by CrAzY dRiVeR View Post
However, they really need to bring in the diesel automatic on schedule - currently announced for an early 2018 launch.
As per Paul Alcala, COO, Asia-Pacific, FCA, I think they are localising the auto transmission as well and hence the delay. Hopefully they give this right from base variant at reasonable premium over manual versions.
We have a localisation level of 65% in India (on the Compass); we are going to scale it up further. We have localised one of our engines (the diesel engine), we will be localising one of our transmissions at the beginning of 2019
Source:ET Auto

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Re: Jeep Compass : Official Review

There's no other way to say this - I bow down before the attention to detail shown here by Team-Bhp.

This was always the case, but this (below) took your game to whole new level! At best, I would have thought that the dead pedal has good grip! . To think that there would be some logic behind it, that too in Morse code, and to decrypt it! That's super-human levels of attention to detail!

Jeep Compass : Official Review-img_20170827_173150.jpg

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Re: Jeep Compass : Official Review

Originally Posted by Omkar View Post

The rear gets a multi-link suspension. No cheap torsion beam setup here:
Do all variants have rear multi link or is it just for the all wheel drive version?
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Re: Jeep Compass : Official Review

Finally its out. The long wait ended. Excellent review. Nice pictures give good understanding about the vehicle. This review is worth the long wait.

I feel the smart cap-less fuel filler system slightly embarrassing. Indian fuel pump attendants are not accustomed to this type of systems, and they may not wait for 10 seconds after filling the fuel.
So, we need to be more attentive while filling the fuel.
This type of system is more suitable for self filling fuel stations, which are seen abroad.
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Re: Jeep Compass : Official Review

Awesome review, as usual. Unbelievable attention to detail! Rated 5 star!

And what a beautiful car we have here! The exterior of the Compass sets the benchmark for how a modern SUV should look like. Nice and clean lines, not a single disproportionate part, and the vehicle still looks completely modern without resorting to any funky lines. Jeep should teach a lesson in automobile design to other manufacturers who sadly keep coming up with awkwardly shaped vehicles under the excuse of being contemporary.

With that looks to die for and the sweet 170bhp diesel engine, this car pulls the strings of the heart like no other, in spite of the obvious shortcomings in the features (and also the interior space) and those ridiculous dummy buttons.

One quick question, based on this comment:

Originally Posted by Omkar View Post
With all the lights in action. L-shaped LED lights aren't DRLs; they are pilot lamps:
If these are not DRLs, then where are the DRLs? The official feature list clearly mentions both "Signature LED pilot lamps" as well as "Daytime Running Lamps" as two separate features. So there must be DRLs somewhere else. The question is which ones are the actual DRLs?

Originally Posted by SunnyBoi View Post
Do all variants have rear multi link or is it just for the all wheel drive version?
If I can take liberty to answer this, the suspensions are exactly the same across all variants (Sports, Longitude, Limited), both diesel and petrol engines, and 4x2 as well as 4x4. So all of them offer the same multilink rear suspensions.

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Re: Jeep Compass : Official Review

Is there any review on the quality/performance of OEM halogens on Sports variant?
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Re: Jeep Compass : Official Review

Superb review! The attention to detail in the review matches that of the designers who worked on the Compass!

The only deal breaker for a hatchback owner who might want to upgrade to the Jeep is the fact that the back row cannot accommodate the 3rd passenger comfortably. Quite surprised that this is the case in a 20 lakh car.
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