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Re: Ford Freestyle 1.2L Petrol : Official Review

Originally Posted by The Rationalist View Post

I have a Aspire 1.5L AT, which does 0-100 under 11 sec, I had timed it crudely to be 10.3 sec. The Figo and Freestyle diesels are way faster than mine for sure. I badly wanted to buy them, but the congested city roads made me opt for the petrol AT. So a below 10 sec time for diesel Figo/Freestyle is very much possible. It's poor man's hot hatch for sure!
I do know about the 9.72 sec claim of Motorbeam. This as far as I know, is the fastest claim ever for the Aspire diesel. However, the timing of 9.63 seconds for the Figo/Aspire was a new for me, which is why I asked for the source.
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Re: Ford Freestyle 1.2L Petrol : Official Review

Just completed the 4th year servicing over the weekend, for my 2019 Freestyle petrol Titanium+.

The total cost was around INR 5,000, which is highly reasonable. Opted for extending Warranty for 5th & 6th year (I purchased warranty for 4 years when I bought the car itself) with RSA for around INR 16,000.

Over the years I have driven my Tomato from Delhi to Kolkata (shifted during the pandemic) and back (shifted back to Delhi post pandemic), and on various long drives. The car also does daily duty of office travel.

It has been an absolute peach of a car with zero hassles!! I still love the product and I intend to own the car for another 3-4 years, unless Ford service worsens during this period.

I know I have a loss at hand; will not get much price for it when I dispose it. However, as long as it lasts, it is proving to be a really good purchase.
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Re: Ford Freestyle 1.2L Petrol : Official Review

Originally Posted by kaushikduttajsr View Post

I love the Freestyle to bits. Despite the creeping itch to upgrade, I haven't found a worthy replacement. I find the Slavia/Virtus to be the only ones in market I think can hold a candle to Ford's driving dynamics. However, 23l for an unreliable machine is simply not my cup of tea. Also, given my experience with Scarlett and Ford in general, I shudder to think how to reset expectations with any other car and service brand. I have decided to hold on to her until she lives. It is our loss that Ford decided to quit India. If they ever come back, my next car will be a Ford again.
I completely understand. I recently bought an EcoSport TDCI in Titanium S variant from the pre-owned market. Primarily because I always wanted to own an EcoSport, and also because there was nothing else that I could make myself "want" to own. And having driven about 10k, I can completely understand how difficult it is going to be to replace this car. There's just something about how the experience is more than the sum of its parts. Just the way everything comes together when you start driving, it then starts making sense on why Fords are driver's cars.

While there's a next to nothing chance of Ford ever coming back, one thing's for sure, they've got my respect for making such wonderful machines.
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Re: Ford Freestyle 1.2L Petrol : Official Review

Originally Posted by hgps View Post
My 3 months (650KM on odo) old freestyle had an odd malfunction yesterday. Its TCS and Hill hold assist lit up and were constantly on during my 250KM/5 hour journey. I stopped the engine 7-8 times during this time and these lamps were constantly glowing. Note that TCS icon isn't showing "OFF". That means i didn't press TCS OFF button accidentally. Hill hold wasn't working at that time. Surprisingly. Both lamps disappeared during last leg of my journey. What could this be? I was constantly annoyed during my journey as i wasn't happy with such malfunction on a brand new car.

Did you get any solution by updating the software? I am getting the same errors intermittently. It goes off and comes back after a few days.
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Re: Ford Freestyle 1.2L Petrol : Official Review

Originally Posted by Tuisha110HP View Post

Did you get any solution by updating the software? I am getting the same errors intermittently. It goes off and comes back after a few days.
Nope. During last 4 years of ownership. It issue appeared 3 times, and solved by itself the next day.
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Re: Ford Freestyle 1.2L Petrol : Official Review

Hello BHPians, posting this on behalf of my cousin. Any suggestions are highly appreciated. Apologies for posting a Freestyle Diesel query in this thread..


I bought a pre-owned mid 2018 Ford Freestyle Diesel TDCI.

It has a low oil pressure warning and wanted to change the oil pressure sensor myself to check before sending to the service center but it isn't available at the local Ford parts distributor.

Could someone from the esteemed forum let me know the part number to order?

The connector had three pins. Does the sensor also have three pins?

Getting this error
P06DA(00) [0x06DA00]
Engine oil pressure control - circuit open
Status: Pending, Confirmed, Test failed since last DTC clear, Test not completed during this operation cycle, Warning indicator requested
P2279(00) [0x227900]
Intake air leak
Status: Test not completed since last DTC clear, Test not completed during this operation cycle
P1889(85) [0x188985]
Status: Test not completed during this operation cycle

Please let me know.
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Re: Ford Freestyle 1.2L Petrol : Official Review

Resolution to the left pulling issue plaguing most freestyles, alas. After attempting to consultant numerous Ford's ASS's, and having driven close to 52k with the issue, since day 1 of purchasing the car, this has (with a deep breath) finally been resolved.

All credits to - A humble Ustaad ji, with years of experience in alignment, from one of the tyre shops in my city.

Like most who have mentioned here, this is purely an alignment issue, and for the most part, is almost always screwed up by ASS's tinkering. Have lost count on the number of times the car has been lifted, strapped to the alignment bench and flashed for steering software update at Ford, which only proves - they have no clue of how to deal with this.

Would suggest all here, facing the left pulling issue, to also consult any experienced alignment mechanic using laser apparatus and having freestyle reference data in their system.

However, while visiting several shops, learnt that, after fords exit, the revised data logs most tyre shops reference, don't have the entry for freestyle anymore. They were offering to align using a thread, instead (:O).

kills me to realize - it took me 4 years and a fresh pair of tyres to solve this.

On the bright side - I have stronger right shoulder now, from all that counter steer!
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Re: Ford Freestyle 1.2L Petrol : Official Review

Mod Note : Please quote ONLY the relevant bits of a post. Quoting a full, long post inconveniences our mobile readers.


Originally Posted by kaushikduttajsr View Post
After 30kms of love, the rear suspension started showing its age. I could hear the suspension mounts everytime a fully loaded rear hit a bump or rough road. This made me feel bad in an otherwise silent car with zero rattles.

My only grouse is the poor fuel efficiency, but I blame myself for not shifting before 3.5k ever I usually get 10kmpl in the city and 15kmpl on road trips.

Cauvery Ford maintaining their super awesome service quality agreed to replace my rear shocks within warranty. I've had an amazing time maintaining Scarlett with them. Service cost has so far never exceeded 5k annually and she comes back spick and span, looking better than I handed her over after every annual service. She hasn't given me anything but 30k of smiles.
Hi Kaushik,

Couldn't relate to your post more. I too own a freestyle petrol titanium in absolute black for 4.5 years and it has clocked around ~35k kms. Get it serviced in Cauvery Ford as well.

Just like you, I have no plans of selling my freestyle anytime soon and am planning the following upgrades to my vehicle. Wanted to check if you or anyone else you know has done something similar on this vehicle ?

1) Tyres - Planning to slightly upside by using the Figo sports 195/55 R15s

2) Alloy Wheels - This is purely for looks. Want a better looking set of alloys

3) Audio System - The built in audio system is decent but you cannot help but aspire for a better sound system. Since I am planning to keep this baby for a long time, I thought now would be the right time for an upgrade.

Haven't found any useful threads on the right kind of upgrade for this car. Saw one video on YouTube by Motor Concept which was as per my requirements. But this is in Delhi. Would appreciate any leads in Bangalore who can do something similar

4) Headlights - The current set definitely needs an upgrade. Initially thought of just upgrading the bulbs, but this fancy set caught my eye. Would appreciate if anyone has any feedback about these ?

5) Front Grille - Always felt the front could do with a more aggressive looking grille. Really liked the aston martinesque grilles on the prev generation figos. Planning on something similar

6) ECU Mapping - I saw a couple of threads regarding ecu mapping making a world of a difference in perform in some of the ecosports. So was planning to explore this option as well.

Would love the community's help with this.


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