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Re: Honda Amaze : Official Review

Wow...what an excellent review. Though driving my D CVT for last 10 days, I have truly discovered the car now after reading the detailed review. Thank you!
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Re: Honda Amaze : Official Review

Originally Posted by ToyotaFan View Post
I know it's not an apt comparison but I wanted to know which would make a better buy Amaze Diesel CVT S at 8.4 lakh or the Maruti Brezza VDI AMT at 8.54 lakh. I had read somewhere that the mating in the Brezza is much better then the DZire though not sure.
I was in the same boat a few months back.

I tried the Amaze Diesel CVT and BREZZA AMT Extensively.. ~50Kms Test Drives in urban, rural, good and bad roads.

And. I went for Nexon AMT.

Amaze: The combination is fantastic. The diesel engine, smooth gearbox, surprisingly sufficient ground clearance, rear-space, boot space. The only fly in the ointment is the soft rear suspension resulting in a wallowy ride. If you frequent non scientifically designed state highways, rest assured the rear seat passengers will not thank you.. Also comparatively speaking the Brezza / Nexon appear 'Bigger' cars at a similar length.

Brezza: It makes the most sense on paper, untill you get into that pig ugly cabin and really weird and painful Engine + AMT combo. The engine has little low end, which means the gear box is confused most of the times.. It makes a lot of un-pleasant sound for the limited speed it generates..

Nexon : The surprise package which was not in my consideration list at all and solved for the above two short comings. Engine + Gear Box combo in Sport Mode will give you a grin, though it is far from perfect, but can live with it. Recently Tata has released the XMA variant. Would recomend to check this out before signing on the dotted line..
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Re: Honda Amaze : Official Review

I took delivery of Amaze V CVT (D) on Friday 7/27). So far have driven more than 300 kms. I am absolutely loving the ease of driving the car. No stress whatsoever. Like many have said before, Creeping with only the brakes is very helpful in bumper-bumper traffic conditions. Apart from that, the mileage reading in the display is about 19 kmpl, which is impressive. Yet to check the tankful to tankful readings, will post here once I have the same. Everyone who has seen the car has complemented me about the choice of color (Golden Brown) and I am loving it.
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Re: Honda Amaze : Official Review

A very crisp review @blackwasp sir. Excellent attention to detail. Honda has surely made a segment best diesel automatic. It doesn't feel like a sub 4m sedan from inside. Honda is focusing more on volumes than quality considering the interior quality of facelifted city. It should keep a balance of both like Maruti has done with its Nexa products. Manufacturers like Honda and Ford are targeting volumes instead of quality which is not a good sign as Tata and Hyundai has upped their games significantly.
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Re: Honda Amaze : Official Review

Super review @blackwasp.
This is a good sensible family car.

By all accounts the Amaze Diesel CVT is the pick of the crop and if I was in the market for this - then would wait till Diwali for a VX variant.

What troubles me is - where is the Hondaness in this car?

Is it a Drivers Car - NO

Does it lead on innovation - NO (would the diesel CVT combo have been this impressive if there was another diesel CVT combo on the market) - but yes Honda deserves the first mover advantage for this.

Is it a premium offering - NO - i consider the Dezire as more upmarket in terms of styling and interiors

Does it have an appealing exterior design - NO - merely different.

Does it have innovative interiors - NO - the old Amaze was so crappy, that it makes this look better than it should be for an all new model

Does it lead in terms of fit and finish and paint quality - NO

Does it have outstanding engines - the gravelly diesel is ok and I deeply dislike the 1.2L petrol after living with it for 6 years.

This is a competent car by all accounts - but I do not see anything in this car that will generate the same fan following as the first 3 generations of the City, the first 2 generations of the Accord and CRV and the first generation Jazz.
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Re: Honda Amaze : Official Review

Just drove my cousin's Amaze Diesel MT a few minutes back. I had great hopes from the car but I was highly disappointed by it. The built quality is flimsy and the fit and finish could have been better. The steering was almost dead and it was no where close to being precise. On the positive note, it has great legroom, the width is sufficient for three passengers at the rear and the clutch is light. The gearbox was smooth but I missed a few shifts initially. The NVH levels were below satisfactory according to me. For the enthusiastic drivers, it is not the best car and one have to consider other options. As said in the review, the rear headroom is lacking. I am 5 feet 10 inches and my head touched the roof when I sat in my regular posture.
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Re: Honda Amaze : Official Review

I think Honda has hit a home run with the Diesel+CVT combination on this car. A complete urban use package if there ever was one. And the fact that it looks good doing it and has all the other basic areas covered this one is a no brainer. I cannot think of a single other car more suited for our CITIES than this.

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Re: Honda Amaze : Official Review

Awesome detailed review for new buyers like me!
All nitty gritties are covered and makes me wonder if we should have a TBhp "Behind The Scenes" post.

I have been mostly confused between Baleno Delta Petrol CVT and Amaze V Petrol CVT.
Having driven both, it's difficult to choose specially when a premium hatch is eating into CS segment car, at least on the Vitamin M factor.
Baleno Delta Petrol CVT costs nearly 70k less than Amaze V CVT and with Amaze prices going up from 1st Aug, that difference is only go northwards.
I haven't driven the Xcent petrol AT but 3 adults in rear seat is a criteria for me.
So what do you suggest for segment cross shoppers like me?

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Re: Honda Amaze : Official Review

Superb review - the Diesel CVT is really a game changer for Honda.

Originally Posted by blackwasp View Post
In a glaring omission, the Amaze petrol CVT doesn't get an 'L' mode .
I remember seeing the 'L' mode on the Petrol CVT S variant during test drive prior to purchase and yesterday during service in another customer vehicle. I guess only the Petrol V CVT does not get the 'L' mode due to the paddle shifts.
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Re: Honda Amaze : Official Review

Originally Posted by redeye10 View Post
All nitty gritties are covered and makes me wonder if we should have a TBhp "Behind The Scenes" post.
Here you go - Behind the Scenes: How Press & Media Drives Work
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Re: Honda Amaze : Official Review

Excellent Review, was waiting for it for quite some time.
Honda has made a major improvement in terms of:
+ Styling
+ Packaging Brilliance as always
+ Much better interiors with updated feature list
+ Diesel + CVT combo. USP and providing good sales.
+ Improved ICE and Cruise Control
+ Standard Safety Features
+ A bigger car feel
+ 4 Cylinder Engines (Ford and Tata listening?)

- Cheap, Cheap, Cheap pasted at right places to tell you have paid less than City.
- Unfinished and non painted areas under boot, bonnet and that area with sealant near front struts is simply yuck!!
- Non adjustable rear headrests
- No LED elements anywhere, barring parking lights.
- 140 KMPH speed limit
- Non illuminated CVT markings
- Illogical deletion of L mode from Petrol CVT. Some inspiration from Hyundai variant feature deciding dude!!
-Cheap and loose fitted headliner

Name:  AmazeHeadliner.gif
Views: 8072
Size:  2.22 MB

I was looking forward to buy this car since it's reveal in Auto Expo however I can't live with the cheapness that Honda has highlighted at right places. I sat inside Dzire and it felt premium. (cost cutting is there but not so evident)
All hopes on upcoming Aspire facelift now!!
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Re: Honda Amaze : Official Review

Originally Posted by GTO View Post
I wouldn't consider it to be the segment best because:

- Whatever VW says, I don't believe that the DSG's inherent issues have been magically sorted overnight with some oil change. Its still an unreliable gearbox.

- The Ameo has no legroom at the rear (Amaze can seat one 6 footer behind the other).

- The VW's boot is the smallest in the segment.

- The basic car (Polo) is now 10 years old.

- I'd much rather deal with Honda's dealerships than VW's.

Hence, IMHO the Amaze is the segment-best Diesel AT.
I beg to differ. DSG may be unreliable but it’s still the most high tech offering in any this segment and many segments above. CVT maybe smooth but it’s not sporty at all. The rubber band effect is very much present and it’s very frustrating as an enthusiast.

And though the space in Ameo might be limited, build quality is definitely better compared to the Honda. It’s solid, high quality german engineering compared to the Amaze based on a low cost platform (as speculated by your review). And I feel service has nothing to do with the car itself.

IMHO, yes, Amaze is the best choice for 9 out of 10 people thanks to it’s spacious interiors and smooth drive. But for that 1 enthusiast, I’d recommend the Ameo anyday! As a BMW owner, I’m sure you can relate.

Amaze is the segment best for the general population. But I wouldn’t rate it as the best in technological prowess.

Also, do note..I’m a Honda and a Mercedes owner myself. So my views aren’t biased towards Volkswagen or BMW at all.

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Re: Honda Amaze : Official Review

Superb review @blackwasp. Well done mate.

Just a couple of nitpicks
- In the image with the windscreen washer spray it is evident that the car is being driven on a highway and the pic is taken from the driver side
- the pic of the Speedo whilst doing the limit on the car (140).

Both these I feel are safety risks and against forum rules. Also not sure if you did that speed on a closed road or circuit in which case it's okay else it is illegal speeds.

And the image where the phone is placed below the handbrake it looks like a 6 (caption says 5s) I could be wrong though.

Else good review!

Would I buy a this car though - Nope. Simply because of the horribly evident cost cutting in the areas you will see daily. The plastic near the charger looks like from an erstwhile 800. The headliner flexes, etc. I feel the Aspire (Diesel Manual) and Ameo DSG make a better case for themselves. The DZire feels desirable and the Tigor interiors and exteriors beat this hands down

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Re: Honda Amaze : Official Review

Originally Posted by torquecurve View Post
Superb review @blackwasp. Well done mate.

whilst doing the limit on the car (140).
If you look closely, it appears to be a photograph that has been clicked when the needles were in the midst of their full sweep. The dashboard indicators show The doors are open. Further, the review said the car is limited to 140kph, but the picture shows it to be well above that.

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Re: Honda Amaze : Official Review

If I ever get hit by an Amaze that is reversing, I might break a rib or two.
That bumper is there for a reason and sub 4-m sedans are making a mockery of bumpers.

Had Honda followed its 'quality standards,' this is what the first car would have been. Honda is not a newbie manufacturer.

The diesel CVT is a defining feature. I'm sure anyone wouldn't mind the 20 BHP less for the convenience of a smooth AT.
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